Samantha Pt 15

Please go read part 1 through 14 before reading this...


As I explained in my previous story, as the summer was drawing to a close, I knew Kaitlynn would be heading back home to St. Louis and I was going to find myself all alone. I wasn't so worried about being alone, or not having sex, but I wanted more out of a relationship then people like Anna or Kaitlynn and my heart still longed for and wanted Ashely. Just before Kaitlynn left, I mustered up the courage and texted Ashley. She was so happy to hear from me and admitted she had been thinking about me all this time too, but didn't know where I was in life, so she didn't want to interfere with anything. Ashley was glad I reached out and we agreed to say in contact.

After a wild last sexual weekend with Kaitlynn, I was back at school teaching and working with the after-school programs. Life had gone back to "normal" for me and I was actually rather sad and alone now that Kaitlynn had gone home. But over the next few weeks past Ashley and I were communicating more, sending messages and actually talking on the phone. We did write about and confess our attractions for each other, sent dirty text messages and every now and then I'd get an erotic pic from her (not fully nude) but surely something that left little to the imagination. Of course, I responded back, flirted heavily and sent her some kinky pics back. I even got a video from her, taken by her husband -- I'm assuming -- of him fucking her in the ass. P.S. he has a very big dick. But unfortunately, our schedules clashed due to her work, husband, family responsibilities and her teenaged kids' sports activities, leaving her little time to hang out with me. Finally, one evening we agreed to make time for ourselves and have dinner this Saturday night. Ashley decides she's going to pick me up because she wants to see my place and maybe have a glass of wine before we head out for the night.

Saturday night arrives --

I have my place looking spotless and I am ready to go. I am dressed in a soft flowing long length summer dress. It's sexy, but not slutty. I have the wine chilled and I am as nervous as can be. My stomach is doing flips. I haven't bene this nervous awaiting a dinner date since maybe my first night with Jennifer. I am so anxious, that I was chewing my fingernails to the core. I hear the doorbell ring and my heart leaps. It's her and I can't wait to see her. I rush to the door, whipping it open. There stands Ashley. Her hair and makeup done perfectly. She is wearing a tight pair of blue jeans and a light colored free flowing summer shirt which is hanging over the top of her jeans. She looks amazing. She's put on a few pounds since I've last seen her, but nothing that is disappointing for me. A big smile comes across her face as she says, "Hi."

"OMG, Hi." I reply back.

As Ashley walks in, I reach out for a big hug, as the door closed behind her. We embrace and just hold each other for a while, as she whispers, "It is so good to see you," as my head rests upon her right shoulder.

"It's good to see you too." I reply.

Ashely pulls me in deeper hug wrapping her arms around me tighter just embracing in silence, until she whispered, "I've missed you."

"I missed you too." Spills from my lips.

As we pull from our hug our hands grab each other's and we are standing there face to face holding hands in disbelief that we are finally able to get together. Ashely apologizes at least 5 times, for not making this happen sooner. I dismiss her apologies, because I can only imagine family life with children. She looks amazing and I cannot believe she is standing in the doorway of my apartment. Our eyes meet again and the conversation stops. We just stare deeply at each other, still holding hands, both of us working up the gumption to make the first move. I pull her towards me and our lips meet. A soft closed lip kiss, erupts into a passionate French kiss. Our hands break and I wrap my arms around her back. I feel her bra straps against my arms as her right hand caresses my face, while her left hand sits on my left hip. I smell her sweet perfume as our bodies touch.

Our mouths move in unison as we kiss deeply getting more and more tuned on. Ashley breaks from out kiss and says, "I have thought about you and thought about this a lot. I couldn't wait to see you."

My heart skipped a beat because she has no idea how long I have wanted her here. I reply, "I've never stopped thinking about you Ashley."

I pull her in closer and we start kissing again my mind thinks back about all those dirty texts and erotic pictures and I want her right now. I slide my hand just under the bottom of her blouse and start pulling at her belt buckle getting it open. I hear her moan as her hand starts caressing my breast over my shirt. I get the buckle open, unbutton and unzip her jeans and I'm dying to have her right now. I was so turned on that I couldn't get her pants open fast enough. And since she's not stopping me, I'm going for it. I slid my hand down into her pants over her panties as she pulls from our kiss, leans her head back and moans. Her panties are already soaking wet and I can feel her lips pulsing as my hand cresses them. I pull my hand upwards a bit as our mouths meet again and I slide my hand down inside her panties to feel her little patch of hair and then her wet, wide open shaved pussy lips. My pussy throbs feeling how wet and sensual she is and how long I have waited to touch her again.

I rub my fingers up and down her lips, making her wetter and hornier as the tips of me fingers just slightly penetrate her opening, teasing her a bit. I pull my hand from inside her panties and place them on the sides of her hips. I push her jeans down as she starts to wiggle out of them. I push her panties down; both end up resting just above her knees, as my hand slides right back up in between her legs. Ashley dips her face downward and begins kissing my lower neck and upper chest area. Her hands cupping my tits. I get down on my knees and help her out of her shoes, pants and panties. She is standing in my doorway, bottomless with a huge smile on her face. I spread her legs apart, dip my head down and start licking her cit. Her patch of hair resting at my nose, while my tongue and mouth start pleasing her. My hand slides up and in between her legs rubbing her open lips and her asshole, as my tongue swirls around every inch of her sexy hot pussy. Ashley opens her legs further, almost lifting one from the floor as I dive in deeper. She moans out, "Holy Fuck Samantha."

I continue slurping, sucking and licking every bit of her pussy, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. Her hands resting on the back of my head as she starts thrusting back and forwards, screaming out, "I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum."

I feel her legs start shaking and her body quivers as she releases her first orgasm all over my mouth and tongue. I taste her juices and want more. Ashley pulls me up onto my feet and brings me back face to face with her.

"Bedroom." She blurts out.

I smile and guide her across my apartment to my room. When we get to the edge of my bed we embrace deeply again and we being kissing. I pull her shirt over her head while she manages to unhook her bra. I slide my dress over my head as she is reaching behind me without haste, to get my bra off. Ashley's face immediately drops, as her mouth and tongue swirl around both of my nipples. Her hands cup, pull and caress both my tits sending pleasure throughout my entire body. I am in absolute heaven as I feel her mouth pleasuring my tits, her long flowing brown hair gently guiding along my body as her hand slides up and down over my panties making me so wet and out of control. Ashley pushes my panties down and as kick out of them. She pulls me down on the bed on top of her. We kiss passionately as her arms wrap around me. We shift positions lying on our sides as her hand slides back down in-between my legs as my hand does the same to her. Her pussy is wide open and dripping wet as I slide two fingers inside her. She returns the favor while moaning through our kiss sliding her fingers deep inside me. We are both thrusting our hips forwards towards each other as we are finger fucking each other to orgasm. I explode in seconds screaming in pleasure as she continues ramming me hard. Her pussy is so warm, open and deep that I feel I could get my whole hand inside her. Ashely pulls from our kiss and works her way down the bed. She lays flat in between my legs and softly starts licking up and down on my pussy. I still haven't come down from my first orgasm and she's already working on my second. "OH MY GOD Ashley!" I moan out. "Lick me."

Ashely pushes my legs upwards towards my chest and dives in deeper. Her tongue swirls around my clit, up and down my lips and dives inside me as deep as she can. Her hands holding the back of my thigh up as I pull on my nipples moaning in absolute pleasure. I feel Ashely leave my pussy as her tongue hits my asshole. I almost scream in pleasure as she starts eating my ass out. Oh my fucking god I bluster out. My legs shake in her hands as she brings me to a second and even deeper orgasm.

"Ashley, Ashley, Holy Fuck Ashley! Finger me." Ashley lets go of my legs as I feel her slide two fingers deep inside my throbbing pussy. I have wanted this for so long. Wanted her for so long and now she is going to finger fuck me to my third orgasm. "Ashley Oh My fucking God!" I scream out as my body quivers and I explode for the third time. "Holy shit!". My legs lock up and shake like never before. "Fuck!!!!" I shout out.

Ashley pulls her face and hands from my pussy and looks up at me. I stare at her beautiful face, with overwhelming passion in my heart while I lye here trying to catch my breath. My body is trembling in pleasure as I reel from my orgasmic pleasures. "Come kiss me," I tell her.

Ashley slides herself up on top of me and kisses me deeply. Our bodies intwined with each other. "Holy fuck you were amazing," I tell her. Ashely smiles and says, "I had a good teacher."

I want her pussy so bad, but I lacked the strength and coordination to eat her out. We laid there for a while just cuddling, talking, softly kissing and caressing each other's bodies.

I have absolutely fallen for her. To be honest, I think I fell for her the night she watched Jennifer and I. If not, I surely feel for her the night we fooled around in her car. I am absolutely enthralled with her and want her constantly. She is all the woman, I'll ever need.

As I laid there with her in my arms, I slide my hand in between us and softly started rubbing her clit. Ashley kisses and sucks on my neck as I start bringing her closer to another orgasm. My fingers swirling around her as I pull her body in closer to mine.

"Don't stop Sam, don't stop," rolled from her mouth as her body started to quiver and shake.

Ashley's mouth was wide open and she was groaning deeply as I felt her explode her second orgasm of the night. Her hand reaching down, cupping over mine stopping me from rubbing her, as she continued to shake and release from her orgasm. Her head rests on my chest as she catches her breath. I can feel how soaking wet she was. I really wanted to go down and lick her pussy until she came again. But I think that second orgasm, took it out of her. Ashley and I lay together for a while when she lifted her head from my chest and said, "Samantha, can I tell you something."

"Sure." I reply.

"I have thought about this for a long time. I have thought about you since the first time I saw you. Do you remember the night at the bar?"

"Yes." I reply'

"I fell for you that night. And when I saw you and Jennifer kissing in the parking lot, I wasn't angry or spiteful, I was jealous."

And with that she leaned forward and kissed me softly on my lips. My heart just melted hearing those words and my body screamed for more. When she broke from her kiss, I slid my hand along the side of her face and whispered to her, "Ashley, I haven't stopped thinking about you since our night in the car and I too have wanted you and this for a long time."

Ashley eyes lit up and she climbed back on top of me further as our lips met again. Her naked body pressed against mine, her big perfect tits, pressing up against mine, her sexy ass and pussy just there for the taking. I wanted her again. We started kissing deeply again and getting more involved with each other when she pulled away and said, "Oh, shit."

"What?" I questioned.

"We missed our dinner reservation." She replied.

I laughed out loud and said, "Guess will have to find other arrangements."

As much as neither of us wanted to leave the sanctuary of my bed, warm, naked and alone we did need to eat. We headed to the local dine in pizza place, had a cheese pizza and drank a few beers, chatting for hours before Ashley drove me back to my place. It was getting late and she did need to get home. We kissed in the parking lot of my building for a while, before we parted ways. I was so wet and horny when I got out of her car, but I think we both new if we kept it up, she'd end up back inside my apartment and we'd spend all night screwing. Not that it would be a bad thing, but why get every passion and desire out on the first night. I was so happy I finally got to be with her, in the way I wanted and even more happy that our feelings for each other was real and not just sexual. I was as giddy as a school girl walking back into my apartment and couldn't' wait to see her again. Funny thing about that night was that Ashley never did get a tour of my apartment and we never touched the wine.

Ashley and I chatted on and off daily planning our next time together, with a little bit of trickery and a "Sick Day" we spent all day together. I'll tell you all about it in the next chapter.

To be Continued...