Orchid was nervous, as she always when presented with new tack. New could mean hurt, but it could not. Jason opened her stall, holding the tack in his hand. A pair of panties, with a dildo on it.

"Easy, Orchid. You'll like this. I promise this will get your legs up where they need to be." he comforted her with a grin. "Spread your legs a little for me, girl. There you go."

Once fitted into place, Orchid shifted. It didn't hurt, yet. Just made her notice something there. Secured, Jason moved out of her stall, grabbing the familiar lead and hooking it above her arms.

"We have that secondary delivery to make to the cows, Orchid. Let's get you to the cart." he promoted her. As she moved, the dildo inside her moved as well, tickling places only it could reach. She let out a whinny, telling her handler that she kind of liked this new addition. "Just wait. You won't be ten steps down the road before I hear you whinny out a cry. Let me hook this up."

Orchid shifted as she was hooked up to the cart and she felt Jason tighten up the reins. A snap of the whip told her to move, and she gave the proper step, feeling the intruder inside her shift pleasantly. Trained to the correct step, Orchid's steps were high and steady.

True to her handler's predictions, on the twelveth step, Orchid cried out as the dildo had pushed her over the edge. Panting she heard the whip crack again after a few minutes to tell her to get moving again. Trying to please her handler, she picked up her pace again, only to be stopped after fifteen steps this time.

"That's a girl. They will lengthen as it goes on. Let's go! We have delivery to make. Eventually you will be able to keep moving through them. He-ah Orchid!"

The pony struggled after the second release, earning her a snap on her leg to get her moving again. She was panting from exertion and had barely moved ten yards. The cow barn was more than five times the length to go... Determined, Orchid felt the second reproach on her ass and knew the next would not be so kind, she pushed through and started to move.

She had crested with pleasure three more times by the time she made it to the cow barn and was nearly out of breath. Finally Jason pulled her to a stop ans she shuddered with one final climax. The handler at the cow barn seemed amused at her plight as he unloaded the mix from her cart.

"Second stage delivery, huh?" he asked Jason who came up and smacked Orchid's ass.

"Oh yea. Once they know this is the lifestyle in the lower ranks, maybe that will encourage better behavior. How goes production here?"

"Decent. Only one heifer not pregnant. The bull we have seems to be able to knock them up with just a look. We are going to have a barn full and still not enough for him." the handler chuckled.

"Ours aren't getting actual sex for a long time, not that the filly seems to mind, eh Orchid?" Jason questioned and Orchid shook her head. She trembled in both excitement and a little fear for the trip back.

"Can I see her gait? For a little fun?" the other handler asked and Jason shook his head.

"Come see her workout tomorrow when there are no deliveries. Once this is in, it rarely comes out. She needs to be able to handle it while moving." Jason advised. She's one of my night fillies, so maybe eight tomorrow night?"

"I'll be there. I want to see her in action." the other handler said.

"Okay, Orchid. Time to go back." Jason took up the reins again, tightening them behind her. "Let's go!"

With a moan, Orchid took a step forward, feeling herself already building to another release. She tried to keep her gait light, keeping her knees lower but a snap on her leg told her it was not acceptable. She would complete the gait correctly or be whipped. Lifting her legs to the proper height, it wasn't six steps before the pleasure overcame her, but she managed to get three more steps in before pausing.

Another crack on her calf got her moving again, taking direction back to the stable. She finished her fourth release by the time she stopped at her stall.

Removing the pant-belt, Orchid moaned at its emptiness but gave a smile as Jason led her toward the pony showers. She had worked hard, and earned a good rubdown before resting.

Her rubdown granted her another two releases before she settled comfortably in her stall.

Rose and Peony were out of their stalls again and ready to work together. Peony knew that the handler was going to allow Rose to be the lead, and if they worked well together they would be moving up to better tack and gear. Peony hoped her companion pony could follow commands and they would get an assignment.

Rose shook her head trying to get out her nervousness and Peony came up and nudged her with her shoulder to reassure her. Rose nuzzled her back and took a deep breath.

Once attached Rose tugged her mate forward to get ready. Peony followed the lead of the other pony, determined to let the nervous filly shine.

"All right, Rose." Their handler named Pete called out to them. "This is your last chance. If you can't do this, I'll pair your friend there with someone worthy. Get ready!"

Rose, hearing her handler's words, straightened her back and waited for commands. She felt the reigns tighten behind her and she shot forward, feeling her mate scamper to keep up.

Rose was focused on her job, wanting to stay with Peony, afraid of what would happen if she failed. She struggled in the training and Peony had helped her get this far. So now, she wanted desperately to be her friend, and have this come so easy.

Sparing her companion a glance, she saw the other pony with her eyes closed, trusting in Rose to lead her and do the right thing. Following nothing but the commands of the handler.

Taking another deep breath Rose watched ahead, clearing her mind and waited to be given a command. A snap told her to speed up and she picked up her pace, feeling Peony join her simply a second later. She didn't notice the time, just waited to feel the reigns move to a side to direct her, and finally felt a snap encouraging her into a run.

A whinny, she hoped told her companion what she was about to do, she leaned over so slightly forward and broke into a run. Peony was with her, moving at a good clip, equal in stride and feeling as free as they had in awhile.

Three snaps of the whip slowed her gait in intervals until Rose slowed to a walk, feeling the pull of a stop. She shivered at the cooler air that blew over her sweaty form and she shook her head. The grin of her handler pleased her as he came before them.

"Rose, that was amazing. Perfect, actually!" Pete complimented her. "You and Peony were just in step, perfect."

Peony nudged her, and Rose nudged back, taking the compliment and blushing. Their handler continued to praise the pair as he lead them back to the stable. This time, he returned Peony to her stall first before escorting Rose to the shower stalls, turning on the warm water.

Trying to not overthink the shower like she didn't the run, Rose closed her eyes and surrendered to the sensations as Pete rubbed over every inch of her, sending her over the cusp over and over with massage and water. Finally she could catch her breath as he lathered her with lotion, and coaxed one more release from her.

"Now, you and Peony will start carrying weight. Passengers soon, but we have to build to that." Pete walked her slowly back to her stall. "You were a better leader tonight than Peony ever was. Remember that, Rose, and continue to do it. If things go well, there may be a time where you lead a team of pony's pulling something. And someone has to be the front pony. That pony could be you."

After her shower Rose was back in her stall, laying on the straw covered with a blanket, sighing in contentment, wishing Peony was closer.