People take turns cumming down a tower to hit a bound girl with her pussy open.

The sound of falling rain woke her up and she immediately felt like her head would split her head in two.

"Ugh" Leah managed to groan, trying to swat the sun out of her eyes but found that she couldn't muster the strength to do so. Did she really have that much to drink last night? Why was it so cold, and why had she chosen to sleep in such an uncomfortable position?

The patter of rain continued and she was soon lulled back into malaise. Something was wrong however. The rain drops sounded heavy, thicker. Why was the sun in her eyes indoors, in the rain? She was also pretty sure the rain was falling right next to her.

As if to confirm her suspicion, she heard a droplet thud right beside her face, splattering her with cold droplets of something sticky and gooey. Groaning, she tried to turn away but couldn't. The droplets had a strange smell to them too. Slightly like bean sprouts, slightly like chlorine. It reminded her of cum.

Something was up and she opened her eyes.

It took a moment for Leah to get a sense of her surrounding, her eyes hazy with the milk of sleep. She could discern that she was in the centre of a concrete hole, the walls smoothed and painted black. A breeze sent a shiver down her spine and she realised she was completely naked. Figures flitted above her, blurry and indistinct with the sun behind them.

"Ngh" she tried to speak but her words came out slurred and soft, drool leaving her mouth. She could see that she was tied up, her knees bent and folded against her chest, her quim lewdly raised into the air. Embarrassed by her nakedness, she tried to cover herself but her bindings resisted her and she could do nothing against the naked stares that were surely falling on her private bits.

"Step right up folks for your chance to breed the pussy of the day! Caught fresh last night, see how lovely her blonde locks are, how perky her tits are! And folks, we guarantee she is very fertile! The question is, are you? Test your manhood in this trial of skill! The first person whose cum lands in her pussy will not only get to impregnate her but will also get to take this fine piece of ass home!"

Take her home? She already had a home and getting pregnant didn't sound so good either but as soon as she tried to protest something bitter landed on her tongue. Her eyes shot open in surprise and unwittingly gulped down the thick ichor.

"Good shot sir! But remember there is only one hole that counts!" said the man above her. Somebody clapped.

She coughed, trying to get the taste out of her mouth. That man really needed to eat more fruits.

Despite this, Leah found the situation to be quite hot. Leah hoped her hair wasn't in so much of a mess. She knew she was attractive and it admittedly felt good to feel the eyes of all those men above.

She could hear several breathy groans above her, an intense orchestra of masturbation. Soon more shots of cum rained down and Leah held her breath in anticipation.

The first shot landed impotently on the floor, becoming a sad white splatter some distance from her legs. Another landed close to her shoulders while another hit her hair.

Wads of baby batter rained around her, most falling disappointingly short. Soon a musky, male smell hit her and drove Leah crazy. She wanted to feel that goo on her body, and she grew red faced at the thought of rubbing that sticky substance into her skin, leaving her squirming to catch some of that precious jism on her hungry body.

Something warm landed on her left breast and instantly she moaned at the sensation of it dribbling down the inner side of her breast. It felt so good after so many near misses and she relished the sensation of the sticky ichor pooling in the valley between her breasts. Soon however it settled into her own body temperature and she could barely feel it's presence, leaving her yearning for more.

"Gentleman! She's just dying to be bred by one of you fine studs. Can't one of you please put her out of her misery! Two dollars for a shot at cumming into her pussy!"

Shame gripped her pits, but it was a good shame and it aroused her even more, leaving her huffing and moaning as seminal fluid rained about her. She felt a wad of cum hit her forehead, her auburn head soaking up the thick liquid and she nearly came, another hitting her stomach.

It didn't take long for a thin layer of cum to pool in the pit and Leah gyrated her hips trying to rub more cum onto her body as men tried and tried to impregnate her.

As the day wore on she took cum shot after cum shot, leaving her absolutely drenched in genetic material. Alas none of them managed to truly hit the mark and Leah grew desperate to appease that one final satisfaction. One had landed on her inner thigh, the crowd watching with bated breath to see which way it go. It hung stubbornly to her thighs and refused to move for some time before finally dripping down to the side of her hips, leaving the crowd grumbling in disappointment.

She glistened in the late afternoon sun, the cum made her skin feel slippery and raw. Her heart was on the precipice, her nerves aflame. She wanted to call out and beg but her voice was still soft, each missed shot made her desperately yearn for some relief in her aching pussy. Even a feather seemed like it would make her erupt.

The splatter came less and less frequently as the crowd started to disperse and she worried that the day would end without relief.

"The last shot of the night gentleman."

"I'll give it a shot" said a deep masculine voice.

The sun was no longer above her and the haze started to lift from her eyes. A handsome face appeared over the edge and her heart fluttered seeing the tall broad shoulders and striking blue eyes. The man undid his pants to reveal the most beautiful penis that Leah had ever seen and an equally handsome hand started to work its shaft. She crooned, mesmerised by the rhythmic pumping motion, wishing it was her hands around that beautiful hard appendage, her mouth worshiping those big heavy balls.

He gave her an apologetic smile and continued to relieve himself, pumping faster and faster. She started gyrating her hips, imagining herself pinned beneath those broad shoulders, goading him to finish.

This seemed to arouse him and his breathing became harsher and harsher.

He groaned, a look of strain crossing his beautiful face. A rope of pearly white liquid exploded from his manhood, arching the air and falling straight between her legs.

It happened as if in slow motion, the white tail slipping between her pink slits, the tickling sensation in her birth canal and finally landing with a heavy thud directly in her cervix, a satisfying weight falling on her stomach.

Blood rushed to her head and her eyes rolled back in pleasure. She could feel something drip deeper into her womb and knew for sure she was pregnant with that man's child and felt a deep and satisfying sense of relief wash over her.

"Congratulations sir! You win the prize" called out a familiar voice.

"Clean her off and find out what's wrong with the deflector or I'll put you in the hole instead" whispered the showman to an unseen figure, his voice amplified to Leah in the pit.

It was all a blur as she was taken to the back and cleaned by the assistant, a petite brunette who had her fingers to her nose the entire time. When she was clean they put her in an airy sundress patterned with daisies and bees.

Her head swam and her muscles were sore, her skin feeling clean and raw. The man who had won her was waiting for her, a broad smile on his face. He offered her his hand and she took it, feeling she was not steady enough to walk on her own yet.

It felt amazing to touch warm flesh again and not just white spunk. Solid and dependable. She smiled back at him and he put his arms around her waist, leading his prize home.