Marius prepared his coffee in his drawers. Cassia walked in without comment and reminded him of the girl Nadia, who she discovered was either an orphan or had lied about who her parents were. Gleefully, she explained to Marius that this woman might be a Ministry agent and that, if they could seduce her, they would score a victory for corruption. Marius drank his coffee without reacting.

"Ok," he said. Cassia watched him dress while she drank the remainder of Marius' brew. Sitting on his bed, she imagined herself spending the night. She knew Marius wouldn't put up a fight at all. She was delighted to know that the option was open to her.

Marius felt a wave of seriousness come upon him. He didn't think the Ministry would act so fast. He hardly considered how they discovered him, he decided not to think about it. Since last night he decided to trust the forces that seemed to be working in the background. As a result, he thought that whether Nadia was an agent or not, he would be happy, he would succeed.

His office door was unlocked when he arrived. Cassia warned him not to open it at all, but he continued as normal. Inside, everything was as he had left it. Perhaps it was the janitor, he thought.

Monica arrived early in the day to speak with him. She needed his permission to join the acting classes offered at the school since they weren't strictly military classes. He obliged. Otherwise, he was left alone until lunch.

As he stood looking for where Cassia was sitting, she snuck up behind him and said, "Let's find Nadia."

Nadia was sitting alone in the pavilion. Cassia quickly introduced herself and Marius. Cassia told her that she always took an interest in new students and began asking about Nadia's family. Nadia, sensing that Cassia had already figured out who she was, admitted that her parents were dead and told a story about her orphanage. Her parents died in the war and she hinted that she joined this military camp as part of her path to vengeance. Cassia, pursued both the theory that she was an angry young woman and the theory that she was a Ministry agent by inching closer to her. Nadia, who had concluded that Cassia did suspect she was an agent and decided not to react to her advance, despite finding it disgusting.

Nadia knew that she needed to escape the situation before she was forced into a game of seductive chicken. She baited another advance from Cassia by shifting closer to her under the guise of adjusting her sandal. Cassia compliment Nadia's hair, to which Nadia feigned a blush. She controlled the muscles of her eyes so perfectly as to hide the disgust she felt as she looked into Cassia's eyes. As Cassia brushed Nadia's hair back during her onslaught of compliment and girlish laughter, Nadia leaned in to touch Cassia in return but pretended to wake herself from her slumber and disengaged abruptly.

"Thank you so much, I just realized I forgot something in my tent," she said before walking away.

In Marius' office, Cassia sat on the edge of his desk and began to speculate. She's either an incredible agent or a young girl ripe for corruption, she said. I'm worried we've given ourselves away, though, she continued. Marius was hardly focused on her discussion; he was enjoying the ride. Cassia reasoned that after their interaction, Nadia would be forced to continue the game of chicken at a later date, but next time she would be prepared. We need to catch her on our own terms, she decided.

"Marius, I have a plan."

"I'm listening."

"When I come back to get you at the end of the day, we're going to leave to your tent together as normal, but this time we'll pretend that I'm staying over for the night. Once we're inside, we'll sneak back into the office and hide in your closet."

"Sounds good to me."

"Great, I'll leave you then."

Before she could leave Taylor entered the room after knocking.

"I'm sorry for barging in... Oh, am I interrupting something?"

"No, no I was just leaving, see you Marius," she winked.

Taylor sensed that there was something going on between the two of them but decided not to think about it.

"Professor, I'm going to join the acting class to catch that woman and I need you to sign the form to let me."

"Sure," he said.

"Wow, that was easy. Can I also have all A's?"

"I would if I could," he joked.

"Awww, even if I ask real nice?" she pouted.

"Especially then," he continued.

"Good, 'cause I totally wouldn't do that," she said, feeling more confident. Marius was happy to see her smiling. "Anyway, thanks for signing, I'm definitely going to catch her," she exclaimed.

"Great, looking forward to it," he said.

Later that evening, Cassia came to his office and took him by the arm. She leaned closely on him during the walk and laughed at everything he said. Marius couldn't tell if she was faking it for her scheme or if she really liked him. He didn't want to know, really. When they got to the opening of his tent she laughed "Oh, Marius," before leaning in and kissing him sweetly and pushing him inside. Rather than stopping once they got inside, she pushed him closer and closer to his bed and fell on top of him onto it. She continued kissing him and told him to kiss her neck. She quickly lifted his cock from under his robe and shoved it under hers. She quickly jerked herself on his cock and began screaming. Cassia worked herself into a frenzy. If before she was only half-serious, she had become seriously into this, hoping that Marius would do what he did to her last time. Marius was caught off guard by this.

The green light lingered in his view. It didn't advise Marius to do anything as Marius struggled to hold on. Cassia became louder and louder. Marius stared at her full breasts. I'm so lucky, he thought. The green light quickly turned red and showed him a hand twirling Cassia's hair. He followed the position exactly, overlapping the hand and its motion in space. Cassia bit her lip, "Marius..." she trailed off, lowering her head and hand to his chest, slowly pressing herself against his cock. Cassia kissed him passionately and moaned in his mouth. The two of them noticed how sweaty and hot they were but continued to enjoy their pleasure. The red light guided Marius to brush Cassia's side repeatedly. Cassia sighed softly. "Marius, I've... I feel so connected to you," she confessed. "Please," she begged.

He saw that the red light indicated for him to turn her over and get on top. Once on top, the light told him to reposition his legs and extend his body over Cassia's face. She kissed his chest and rested her hands on his back. She kissed his arms as he gently pushed inside her. Once his cock had entered her, she began flailing against Marius' body, gripping his arms and back with superhuman strength. She cried out as he gently resumed his efforts. The red light told him to hold her as she orgasmed. Cassia felt as if her head were going to pop. She knew she had let her guard down for this man, something she swore she'd never do again. She was happy to learn that she was helpless when it came to Marius. She loved being his life this, the thought exciting her almost more than her incredible orgasm.

Afterwards Cassia said she felt too tired to continue with her plans but decided to do it anyway. No doubt, her performance would have convinced any listeners that she and Marius would be staying the night together, she reasoned. Instead of going through the door, Cassia wanted to enter through the window. She checked the door, it was still locked. She hurried Marius into the closet beside her.

It was hot and stuffy in the closet. She found a comfortable position to rest for the night. She was no stranger to stakeouts. Unfortunately, Marius, the poor specimen that he was, did not have the stamina to stay in the closet long. Cassia held him close. She sniffed his hair and pressed her breasts against him. Marius felt so comfortable he nearly fell asleep.

Eventually they heard the sound of the door unlocking. They waited to hear if it was the janitor or someone else. When they heard the person toying with the drawers of Marius' desk, Cassia leapt out, pulling Marius along with her.

Nadia had caught them in her sights. "Hands up," she said, pointing a pistol at them. "Who are you and what are you doing in this town?"

"We should be asking you the same thing," said Cassia defiantly.

"I'm the one with the gun here," explained Nadia. Cassia, who had only seen a gun in her training, was much more afraid than Marius. "Marius, is it? I don't know who you are, and I don't care. You reek of evil and I see no reason not to kill you now. If it's not you that triggered our alarms, then so be it."

The green light took hold of Marius, "You should absolutely kill me, I am the chosen one."

"Marius, no! She'll kill you."

Nadia quickly fired her pistol at him and hit him in the shoulder before Cassia sliced the pistol out of Nadia's hand with her dagger. Cassia jumped on Nadia and overpowered her. Get the rope, she yelled. Marius came over with the rope and helped tie Nadia up.

After setting her on the chair, Cassia began her interrogation, which quickly turned into a seduction. Unfortunately, Nadia could not be interrogated or seduced. Cassia was not a violent person and could not torture Nadia, even though they were mortal enemies. Cassia, who had felt extreme love from Marius, had lost whatever violence she had inside her.

"Marius, I can't do this," she sighed.

"You're weak, you don't deserve to live. Human scum," yelled Nadia.

By this point Marius had grown sleepy. He walked up closer to Nadia. Don't touch me you scum; the Ministry will end you. Kill me now, I'll tell you nothing."

Marius sat on the ground in front of her and began to tell her a story. He told Nadia about his life. The story contained many details that enchanted Cassia. She was amazed to learn about what most people would consider boring details about Marius. Nadia, who knew details of the Ministry in the future, was not impressed by Marius at all, but she was impressed by how in love Cassia seemed to be. Only a woman in love could feel so strongly about such a boring story. I want to feel love like that, she thought before stifling it with all her might.

As Marius went on with his life story, Nadia found herself becoming bored. Marius, who had also become tired, laid on his back to continue and stared at the ceiling. The green light appeared and instructed him to lift himself up to his knees and ask Nadia "Will you please not kill us?"

"Sure," she laughed.

"Great," he said as he stood up and moved to untie her.

"Wait, what are you doing?"

"She said she wouldn't kill us," explained Marius.

"She's lying!"

"Oh well."

"No..." relented Cassia,

As Marius fiddled with the knot, the green light told him to stand behind her in a specific way, as well as instructed him exactly how to untie the knot. The light contact he had with Nadia's back surprised her. She had stopped focusing on preventing seduction, since she found Marius so unappealing and boring. When he stood close to her, she felt the heat of his body and relaxed into it. As he struggled with the knot, she leaned her head back slightly. Marius gently pulled her hair to the side to kiss her neck while he tugged on the rope. Cassia, sensing that Nadia was in their reach, crawled towards her and ran her hands up Nadia's legs.

Marius continued to kiss her neck and ear, sending shivers down Nadia's spine. Cassia tongued her inner thighs politely before accosting her pussy with her tongue. Nadia moaned in pleasure. Cassia and Marius fell deeper into the moment as they mutually agreed to give Nadia incredible pleasure. Nadia turned her head back to kiss Marius while Cassia stuck a finger in her pussy and ran her hands down her calf. Marius finally undid the knot and Nadia reached her hands up to grab him by the hair. Nadia fell on top of Marius and climbed on his cock. Cassia positioned herself behind her to lick her asshole while Marius held her and pumped into her. Cassia grabbed her ass cheeks and relentlessly complimented Nadia on her body. She called her a sweet girl, which made Nadia whine.

Nadia lifted herself up and, seeing her opportunity, Cassia positioned herself above Marius mouth so that he could lick her. The two women kissed and touched each other, occasionally stopping to smile knowingly at each other. Marius' green light told him to make some slight adjustment which caused the two women to shriek in unison. They nearly fell into each other as they blissed out. Nadia came first, Cassia consoled her as she did so, I know, she whispered before kissing her chest.

While Nadia peaked, Cassia's orgasm started to fly out of her. Marius came hard in Nadia, who had almost forgotten his cock was inside her. She felt so warm and girly being filled like this. She had never felt so good, she thought.

The three of them rested together for a short while before Nadia told them how much she enjoyed that. She rolled over towards the pistol and pointed it at them.

"But now I definitely have to kill you," she said before bursting out in laughter. "Just kidding, let's do this again," she squealed. "I thought you were both so lame and gross, but now I get it. I've been missing out my whole life."

That night Marius gave thanks to a supreme being.,5947921