one of them there 750 word things


"I heard that!" I heard my wife say.

June had just wandered into the room where the other four wives were gossiping, apparently unaware that I'd already been eavesdropping on them.

"So my husband's a lot older than me," I heard her admitting to them. "That doesn't mean I married him for his money."

"Sorry June," Anne, the leader of the pack jumped back in with. "No offence meant, but he must be nearly twice your age."

"And he's not short of a bob or two with that business he owns," added Cynthia timidly.

"Well how old do you think he is?" June demanded.

"He must be sixty," ventured Jenny, which bought a huge smile to my face.

"And you can't be more than thirty or so," Anne guessed, which undoubtedly bought a huge smile to my wife's face.

"Well he is nearly thirty years older than me," June conceded, not correcting their errors, and perhaps deciding that the other women weren't that bad after all. "But he's pretty good for his age, don't you think?"

"I just wish my husband would look like him in fifteen years time," sighed Helen, the last of the foursome.

"I wish my husband looked like him now," giggled Cynthia, her husband like the others just into their forties, which bought chuckles all round.

"I'll admit that if my husband hadn't been quite well off I probably would never have dated him," June admitted. "But that's not why I married him."

I nodded my head in silent agreement, the chances of me even meeting a woman like June being pretty unlikely if I hadn't been fairly wealthy.

"He's so fit and good looking that I just couldn't resist him," she carried on. "He's so charming that he simply swept me off my feet."

Well that had me beaming, even though I didn't actually remember it being quite that easy.

"He certainly beats all our husbands at tennis," Anne pointed out.

"And he looks pretty good in his sports gear while he's doing it," chuckled Helen wistfully.

Beam, beam, beam!

"But what about ..... You know ...... the sex thing?" Whispered Jenny. "I mean at his age?"

"Can your husbands get it up three or four times a night?" June challenged them.

"Three or four times a week would be exceptional," sighed Anne.

"You mean a month," joined in Cynthia frowning.

"Can't remember the last time," frowned Helen.

"Don't even know what you're talking about," joked Jenny, rolling her eyes.

"Nor me," I muttered to myself, though June hadn't actually said that I could, and had left them to draw their own conclusions.

"Even better when he...." June carried on blowing my proverbial trumpet, I suspect in the same manner that my pals and I described the fish we'd caught. But they went into a huddle and I didn't catch the rest, just the gasps from the other three when she finished what she had to say.

Time to go before they catch me, I thought to myself, while I can still fit my head through the door. So off I trundled unable to keep the smile off my face, after what my loving, and beautiful young wife had said about me.

"Hi guys," I greeted the other four husbands as I joined them in the other room, all talk of how fantastic our local and rather hopeless football team was ending.

"What are them women gossiping about then?" Jenny's husband asked with a grin, guessing that I might have been listening in to their conversation.

"Probably running us all down," piped up Anne's hubby.

"More likely telling one another how useless we all are in bed," joked Cynthia's man.

"Not my Helen. She's got nothing to complain about," stated her husband, who was in fact by what I heard, the one with the greatest problem.

"That sort of thing," I commented, shrugging my shoulders, and perhaps not surprisingly, none of them pushed for more information.

"That lovely young wife of your's must take some keeping up with?" I was asked, changing the subject.

"I manage," I told them, as indeed I did ....... most of the time.

"What a body," mumbled Anne's chap, knowing that I knew how much he fancied her.

"Best pair of tits in town," grunted Cynthia's guy, who had clearly imbibed too much.

"And all those millions that she's so secretive about," puzzled Jenny's husband.

"Well at least you guys appreciate that I didn't just marry her for her money," I laughed aloud!,,,9744641&pg=91#9744641