I went to house party with a man named Robert I'd only been dating a few weeks. Food and drinks are underway, mingling with others in a comfortable setting. For the last 45 minutes he had been slightly touching me inappropriately for a few seconds here and there where nobody could see. Reminding me of his hunger, his desire to move on me. I have been slowly getting wet with the tease of it.

I excuse myself to find a restroom upstairs. After I exit the bathroom, I spend some time wandering the hallway looking at the art and other d├ęcor. I wander into the empty home office upon seeing some interesting sculptures. I slowly sip my drink as a move around the room. I hear a creak of the door and turn to see my date had entered, he's there observing me, a sly smile on his face as he moves in closer towards me.

The tease all evening has come to this, all the filthy comments said in my ear where nobody else could hear. He reaches out to push me against the wall behind me by my shoulders, his large warm hands drifting over my breasts to find my shirt buttons. My arousal simmering at what he'll do now that we're alone. I feel my pussy moisten as he opens my shirt and parts my lips with his tongue. He lifts my leg to his hip making my skirt rise with it, trails his tongue down my neck and bites my shoulder as I hear him unzip. I can barely contain my whimper at the sound.

He asks if he needs to cover my mouth, stifle my moan, to conceal our encounter from other partygoers. I whisper no because I like the excitement of possibly being discovered. When he pushes deep inside me, it's a mixture of gasp and moan. My hands wander him as he slowly fucks me, rock hard pushing into warm silk. I can't stop with my whimpers, I feel all of him, his body pressed against mine.

Suddenly we hear the door creak and glace over, a young woman from the party standing in the doorway. She's petite, long dark hair. She looks embarrassed upon finding us this way, but seems too paralyzed to leave. Robert shoots her a grin as he continues to push in and out of my wetness. I can't help it, but I too give her a smile and a slight motion of invitation. There's hesitation in her face at first, but then she reaches back to push the door closed behind her.

Robert whispers that we've made a new friend pushing in deeper to get a moan out of me for her intrigue. She slowly walks over, my eyes on hers the whole journey. She leans in to put her mouth on mine, she tastes heavenly, sweet. My pussy squeezes around Robert's cock at the pleasure of her touch to my shoulder and over my breast. I feel her reach under my leg to investigate with her finger tips, my clit, then his shaft moving in and out of me, my wetness seeping out. She kisses me, then him, I feel the heat radiating from her.

Robert pulls out, his cock slick with my juices and our mystery woman starts stroking him, leaning up against me exchanging kisses. I move my hands down her body over her clothes, reach under her skirt to find her sex. Robert's fingers meet mine, and we massage her lust together. She's lightly moaning between the exchange of kissing, mouths on mouths, necks, shoulders. I feel her get weak in the knees as we rub her down.

I guide her down to her knees and she puts her mouth on Robert's cock. She starts sucking his shaft slowly, I move to their side, my hand holding her hair back while I begin kissing him. Her sensual lips drawing out a few soft moans from him as he reaches for my dripping pussy. He begins fingering me, pacing at her mouth strokes. Suddenly he lets out a deep growl as he slowly drains into her throat, she keeps sucking him slowly until he's empty.

She pulls her head back, opening her eyes, then she stands up. She looks slightly embarrassed, wiping her mouth off. Then comes the smile. She offers her name "Savannah" pulling her skirt back down. Then excuses herself to the restroom closing the door behind her as she leaves.

Robert and I smirk and giggle with each other as we straighten ourselves to look presentable before returning to the party.