"Well Andrew, it's all arranged," she said comfortably. She was lying on me, with my cock firmly embedded in the tightest, most fabulous pussy in the known universe and probably the Unknown one as well. As I pulled her in to me a few more millimetres with my hands around her fabulous bottom I watched her shudder at the movement.

"What's all arranged, Darling?" I said, comfortable myself. How could you not be comfortable when you're being leisurely fucked by a fabulous woman on a cold day in a warm bed.

She said, "Silly boy, I've arranged for you to have Doris tonight. We're all looking forward to it."

"What do you mean "all" Marjorie? Have you invited the London Symphony Orchestra over to witness what could be like the end of the Universe."

She laughed, "No Andrew, you don't expect to go solo with Auntie Doris, do you?" Besides I've also organised the cameras and the music. Oh, and your little friend Susan. As an entree, as it were. For me. "

I said, "Hold on Marjorie, are you saying you and Susan, a team of cameramen and possibly a string quartet and a Regiment of Lifeguards are going to witness your sister coupling with your son?"

She said, "Hm, just a second Andrew, I'm not very good at two things at the same time, let's finish this one and I'll tell you all about it." With long strokes she finished me off in short time and my white creamy cum spurted out of me deliciously, leaving me gasping. And her, she'd come again during the process.

Still straddling me, she said, "I know you've always fancied Auntie Doris' ass..."

..."and her tits" I interjected. "And will I like her pussy too?," I enquired.

Marjorie said, "Oh yes, Andrew, when we shared a bed when we were kids, her pussy made me delirious when I fucked her." You should never let Marjorie rabbit on; sometimes you hear things you don't necessarily want to hear. Like the longest cock she ever had. It put Dad and me to shame! She went on, "You silly boy, I haven't invited a regiment of the Lifeguards over. Or an orchestra either. Did I tell you that I've already had most of that Regiment. Those that weren't gay, that it. Not many I fear so the score isn't as high as it might be. But the idea of a string quartet sound like a good idea. Maybe Mozart during the main event?"

I said, "You haven't asked me whether I want to fuck Doris, Marjorie."

She replied, "Don't be daft Andrew, everybody wants to fuck your Aunt. I naturally assumed you'd want to as well."

I said, "Well I do, Marjorie, the subject hasn't come up before. And why have you invited Susan over as well?"

She replied, "Well I want someone to play with while you and Doris are fucking your brains out and I think she's cute and would like to be fingered by Auntie Marjorie."

I said, "Or screwed by Auntie Marjorie, more likely." So that's alright then. "Do I need to hire chairs, tables, aperitifs and wine for this event, Marjorie?"

She replied, "all arranged Darling." Oh God...

She told me to go away and have a shower (wash your foreskin Andrew) and wear a good suit. Well, a few hours from the main event; should I go shopping or have a haircut of something? Knowing Marjorie, it'll be an exciting and noisy afternoon. I hear the bell ring and when I opened it, there was Susan. "Hello Sweetie, it's lovely to see you. I just heard that Marjorie has invited you to an evening of seduction, brass bands, aerial circuses and clowns and Doris and I fucking each other."

Susan said, "Perhaps you can fit me in there somewhere too Andrew. I'm running all the cameras and lights tonight so I'll be busy. See you later, I'd better report to Marjorie now." She saluted and went upstairs. As I continued my preparations, I heard cries of ecstasy and orgasms from Susan as obviously Marjorie was "doing her like a dinner." I almost felt envious. So that's the entree.

There was another ring on the bell and I admitted four people two women and two men with their instruments. "Don't tell me, you're the string quartet." They nodded.

"Interesting Gig," said the lead violinist, batting his eyelashes. Where do we practice?"

I sent them on their way, wondering what was coming next. The bell rang again. Of course I was expecting the complete Guard's Regiment or the House of Commons, but it was just a guy delivering a table a few dozen chairs. Just what you need for a quiet seduction. The bell rang again. I sighed as I answered it. A Heavenly host perhaps? No it was the grog for the evening. Well that's a relief, they'll be too pissed to believe what they're seeing!

Now, should I wear a tie? I know a lot of people don't but I like the idea of a tie. I have a few good Lewin double cuffed shirt from London which I picked up in Melbourne. I have the cuff links of course. The Chester Barrie suit seems appropriate until I take it all off in front of any audience, revealing myself in nothing but black fishnet stockings and a suspender belt. Another brilliant idea by my Marjorie. I had an idea. I phoned Doris and asked her if she knew what was going on.

She said, "All I know is that we are going to fuck each other in front of cameras, music, clowns and an invited audience. Oh and I get to fuck Susan somewhere along the line."

I said, that's about all I know Doris, wouldn't it have been easier just have a nookie in your bed privately?"

She replied, "Well Andrew, you know my little sister, I'll probably end up fucking her later as well."

I said, "See you in front of the crowds later Doris, we'll probably be on TV later as well, knowing Marjorie. See you later."

Marjorie had supplied me with a fabulous pair of black fishnet stocking and a lacy black suspender belt. Am I getting into the swing of this, I wonder? But I must admit they make my legs look good, but the effect is spoiled by my cock. I wonder who the "invited guests are?" Doris doesn't seem to know either. It's 5.00pm now, all the suppliers have come and gone, Susan's obviously cumming under Marjorie, by the sound of it. I look an idiot in my stockings under my elegant dress, I'm obviously going to fuck Doris, probably Marjorie and definitely Susan. I wonder if I have to give an interview like they do at the tennis, asking how I feel and were my strokes up to scratch?

A knock on my door. "Ten minutes, Andrew." What the fuck is this? Marjorie comes into the room, pulls town my Chester Barrie trousers, admires my stockings and gives me a blow job.

"Just to settle your nerves Darling."

I said, "Sit down Marjorie, some questions."

She says brightly, "a glass of wine Andrew?" She pours and sits down looking enquiringly at me, sipping on her own glass.

"OK Marjorie, let me get this straight: Is the main event Doris and me fucking?"

"Definitely Andrew"

"Are you going to fuck me as well?" "Of course, do you think I'd go to all this trouble otherwise?"

"Am I going to fuck Susan?"

"We all are Andrew."

"Who are the 'invited guests?"

"Just about twenty cabinet ministers and industry heavies, Andrew,"

"What is the fucking string Quartet playing darling"

"Mozart's Symphony 22, Andrew. What else?" She adds, "By the way, you're on stage in fifteen. Are you happy with your stockings and garter belt Darling?"

I said, "you realise Marjorie, you're going to pay for this, don't you?"

She smiled at me and said "hopefully, Darling", turned round, flicked her fabulous ass at me and sashayed out.

Twenty minutes later I went downstairs and made my entrance into Ron and Doris' sitting room. Marjorie told me it was going to be held here as it was the biggest room in the house. Fucking Oath! The bed was in the centre of the room. The string quartet was in one corner, there was a row of chairs in front of the bed. And cameras and sound equipment on one side of the bed. There was a red carpet leading from Doris' bedroom. Susan smiled at me from behind the cameras. The fact that she was in very skimpy lingerie somehow seemed appropriate. I wonder if she was wearing it when Marjorie was fucking her earlier?

I was handed a piece of paper. Apparently I had to greet the guests who were currently entering the room, introduce Doris and Marjorie (of course) and Susan (nice touch, I thought) Seems like the audience was staying on for the whole show and even now the waiters were distributing glasses of champagne ("where the fuck did they come from?"). I wonder if I'll get one? I did. It's difficult to make a speech if you don't know what the celebration is, so I made it up, received a round of applause and I noted that just about all of the audience had their mobile phones out, ready to record the event.

They needn't bother, Susan was scudding up and down, wiggling her pretty ass ("God, I'm going to fuck her later!!") and filming everything. I introduced the lovely Doris, who made an entrance in stockings like mine and nothing else. Christ, what a body. My cock was enormous. Whoever was watching my dear sister in law was going to see her get monumentally fucked tonight!

The string quartet struck up and it looks like the show is beginning. Oh God, there's Marjorie and she's got a microphone. Surely she's not going to make a commentary is she? Yes she is.

I kissed Doris and whispered, "they're looking for a show tonight, beautiful, are you up to it?"

She giggled, "and you're asking one of the most famous club strippers anywhere Andrew? Get undressed."

We stood side by side in our stocking and garters and got a huge round of applause as we held hands and kissed. At the risk of laddering my stocking I got on my knees before Doris and Marjorie commented through the mike, "Look folks, Andrew is going down on Doris and is sucking her pussy. Is she going to cum folks?"

She did, as I knew she would and I intended her to. I had my hand around her ass so she didn't collapse and at the feel of that beautiful tight bottom, I erected to my previous four hundred and twenty inches ("whatever") and received a round of applause from the audience. Doris got onto the bed, turned onto her front and applying some oil ("a lot of oil") to her back, massaged her back and her ass, getting her ready for "the-fuck-that-was-to-come" very shortly. When Doris got onto her knees and took my by now huge cock into her mouth, the cameras were flashing and the audience clapping. As I came into Doris's mouth, the phones were recording the photos that would doubtless be worldwide hits on the internet tomorrow.

I erected very quickly under an appreciative audience (more applause) got Doris on all fours and drove my cock into her lovely wet, dripping pussy. The sound of helicopters and The Ride of the Valkyries echoed around the room ("where the fuck did that come from? Oh yes, Marjorie, of course), as Doris and I came together magnificently after a very long fuck in front of a very excited audience. We lay together and I whispered, "God, I love fucking you, Doris."

She said "it's mutual, darling. See you later, it's your date with Susan now." And she exited to appreciative shouts from the audience and my cum running down her leg.

Susan now entered with a roar of approval from that audience. It was either the lingerie she was almost wearing or the booze was getting to the audience. Bit of both I think. She played up magnificently, deftly undressing with a flourish until she was only wearing a G-String. The roar from the crowd could be heard in the next suburb. ("I think it was Susan and not the booze on second thoughts)." She leaned over a chair and she and I and the rest of planet universe knew what was going to happen next. Me.

It was glorious entering her delicious body and she wiggled her way up my shaft until I was completely embedded in her. We spent twenty minutes enjoying a lovely fuck together and every time she came, she got a roar of applause and a flurry of camera flashes.

She will be famous on the internet tomorrow too. I pulled out of Susan after a copious and very messy cum burst, to be quickly replaced by Doris, who with cheers, finished off my pretty girl with an active tongue in her pussy and shrieks of orgasms. The audience were on their feet now, shouting for Marjorie who came on the stage (stage?) with a roar of approval. Well I've done the deed on my lovely Marjorie many times and I will do so in the future, but my heart wasn't in it for me tonight. So I just fucked her mechanically and dumped two tonnes of cum into her as the audience roared.

I went upstairs and wearily stripped off and went to bed. Shortly afterwards a figure appeared at my door, pulled back the bedclothes and Susan snuggled up to me for the night.