It was the last chance the girls would have to relieve themselves in Tina's ex house. It had been so much fun that they were literally bursting to try again. After arriving in the two cars, they rushed inside and stripped naked, a wonderful variety of naked breasts and pussies on display, as they got ready for a new set of naughty toilets.

The first objects to be vandalized with the girls' wet flowing piss streams was the sofa suite. Selena, who had been more than happy to join in on the action, had wasted no time, clambering up onto one of the one of the two chairs before spreading her brown legs wide to reveal her black hairy muff to all and sundry.

'Hurry up!' she urged the others, desperate to start her toilet. Her bladder was fit to bursting and the chair looked so inviting as she got ready to spray it with her hot pee fountain. The long legged Lizzy took to the second chair, placing her bare rounded buttocks down on the top of the chair before likewise parting her legs in preparation for a wee. On the sofa, a very naked Gabriella with her small pert tits had taken up a perch on wide end, perched next to a very eager Rebecca who just could not wait to start peeing. Her tits were just as small as Gabriella's but wonderfully shaped with very erect nipples as she contemplated her coming naughtiness. Fiona had taken the last spot on the top of the sofa. She was another who had yet to have a piss in Mark's house but she had had lots of experience with naughty peeing around her own home, her favorite spot being at the back of her own sofa where she would piss over the carpet with wanton abandonment. This time around, she was going to pee in front of her friends with her golden shower on full display as she sprayed it from her pussy slit.

Given the lack of space on the sofa and chairs, the remaining girls had found other spots for their toilet. Heather and Tina had taken to squatting over the carpet with their bare bum cheeks hanging mere inches over the floor they were about to soak with their respective piss streams. Nadine for her part had gone to squat with her legs spread in front of a tall potted plant, her black haired pubic triangle hovering just above the rim, more than ready to let out her pee when everybody was ready. Lizzy, the MD's daughter had her perfect pussy slit poised above the coffee table she was about to soak with her hot spraying piss fountain. Last but not least, was Penny whose pussy was poised over Mark's gaming console, ready to soak it with the hot pee squirting from her piss hole.

'On the count of three,' said Tina, who was just as eager as anybody else to start her wee. Her bladder was bursting.

'I can't wait, hurry up!' exclaimed Selena just as a quick shot of piss erupted from her lower lips, raining down to patter over the chair seat between her parted legs.

'Go!' shouted Lizzy, at the same time releasing the hold on her bladder. Barely a second later and she was pissing at full strength. From her shaven slit a fat stream of hot flowing piss was leaving her lower lips before forming an arching spray of urine to patter down over the chair seat between her long parted, creamy legs. Selena now had a similar shower of fast flowing piss leaving her black haired pussy before forming a flowing fountain to stain the seat below in a sheen of wet piss.

On the sofa, the three women started their own toilets with Rebecca starting to squirt first, before her long flowing stream of wet piss was joined by first Gabriella's fountain of pee and then Fiona as she too started to relieve herself. Three flowing fountains of semi golden piss splattered over the sofa as the women urinated all over it, purposely tracing her flowing fountains of piss up and down from their semi standing position with their wide warm bottoms resting on the sofa top.

Heather and Tina had also started their own toilets, pissing directly onto the carpet whilst eagerly switching their view from the sight of watching their own pussy peeing to that of their friends. A loud hiss and splatter announced that the younger Lizzy had also commenced pissing, a fast flowing arching stream of hot pee flowing from her lower lips to decorate the glass of the living room table with a pattering shower of fast flowing urine. Her bare bum cheeks looked so inviting to Nadine who was busily doing a piss of her own into the plant pot between her parted legs, her hot piss stream spraying over the plant stem before running off to pool in the soil before being hungrily absorbed. In the corner, on her own, Penny was enjoying her naughty toilet, a hot stream of fast flowing piss jetting from her lower lips and decorating the console with a stream of her golden wee. The carpet around it was already stained with the run off from her piss but she could not care less. Her mess nothing when compared to the two wet stains currently growing over the floor where Tina and Heather were busily pissing, their hot wet streams playing over the carpet.

It did not take the girls long to finish peeing. Water bottles were then handed around and everybody got down to the business of topping up their bladders ready for the next naughty session. Next off was a group piss session over the one living room wall. This involved everybody coming to stand on semi parted legs with their lower lips aimed at the wallpaper they were about to christen with their pee. So far, Lizzy had been the only one who had taken a piss over the wall, the stain from her previous toilet still visible in front of Penny's pussy lips. It was such a turn on for all present, to have their naked bums on full display, whilst staring past their round firm tits to the spot on the wall that they were about to vandalise with their hot pee fountains. This time there was no instruction to start. It was Fiona stood next to Lizzy who first noticed that the other girl had started to piss, a very noticeable arching flow of urine leaving the other's pussy slit. Unable to hold back Fiona also started to pee, her hot wet stream initially trickling down her bare legs until after a moment she managed to increase the force of her peeing so that she urinating with enough force to spray her piss directly over the wall.

Gabriella gained an immense thrill as her own pussy lips parted to allow her shooting pee shower to emerge, deliberately hosing down the living room wall with her hot urine shower. Rebecca, who just loved pissing in naughty places, got a similar thrill as she joined in, a hot wet spraying stream of flowing pee clearly visible between her legs and beneath her bare buttocks as she pissed for all she was worth. The wall in front of Heather, Tina, Nadine, Selena and Penny were now also receiving similar streams of pee as they too joined in with toilets of their own. This just left the younger Lizzy. Hot, wet wee was dribbling down her bare legs, the flow of piss leaving her pussy crack not enough to reach the wall that everybody in the group was busily urinating all over.

After pissing over the wall, it then became a free for all. The girls were then free to pee wherever they liked, either in small groups, giggling and laughing as they watched the piss spray from the other's cracks, or individually.

Heather, Gabriella and the older Lizzy urinated over the curtains, each one holding a section of the fabric up to their pussies before beginning a new toilet, deliberately spraying the fabric with their hot pussy sprays. Nadine went round pissing in the plant pots, holding them up to her peeing pussy as she deposited her hot wet pee. Selena used the kitchen for her next set of toilets, pissing first in the washing then and in then into the dishwasher before moving on to use the cupboards to deposit for hot pee. She would aim her hairy triangle of pubic hairs into the open doorway before sending a spraying stream of her hot piss to rain down inside. The younger Lizzy, for her part, relived herself halfway up the stairs, purposely squirting her piss so that her flowing pee stream pattered down over as many steps as possible.

Later on the women had sat down to watch TV emptying their bladders whenever they felt like it, either pissing where they were sitting, be in sofa, chair or urinating directly over the carpeted floor. It was so much fun especially given how much they had drunk. At one stage, Nadine even tried to pee onto the TV screen. Fortunately the stream of clear piss leaving her pussy hole had lacked the strength to reach the screen so she had taken to urinating behind the curtains instead, the girls laughing at the side of her womanly bum cheeks just visible beneath the under hang.

Gabriella meanwhile had gone into the kitchen. She was still completely naked, her small pert tits full exposed for the world to see along with the deep groove of her pussy crack nestled between her short creamy legs. She had a wonderfully shaped bum, much to the envy of some of the other women. She had been building up to needing another wee. It was as she opened the fridge door and was struck by a cold blast of air that nearly triggered a reflex action to start pissing that she was suddenly overcome by the naughtiest of ideas. Moving up to the open fridge door she made sure that her pussy was aimed inside before letting go on the immense urge in her bladder, waiting with glee as the rush of release moved down to its exit point inside her lower lips. Slowly Gabriella began to pee, her pussy flaps allowing an increasing stream of hot piss to leave her shaved cunt. Pissing inside the fridge was an immense thrill, coupled by being able to feel but not see her pussy as she urinated. She could feel the wonderful release growing inside as she continued to empty herself into the fridge, her hot clear stream of flowing piss falling downwards between her slightly parted legs. She was still in the middle of her toilet when Selena entered the kitchen. Her gaze was instantly drawn to Gabriella's naked bum cheeks and the sight of the moving pee stream issuing forth underneath.

'Gabriella, you dirty girl!' she laughed.

'God you startled me!' said Gabriella leaping back from the spot where she had just been pissing.

'Don't stop just because I'm here. I had never thought to take a piss in the fridge, you naughty girl!' With that, Selena went to join Gabriella, staring in at the pee puddle inside.

'I want a go,' said Selena huskily, positioning her triangular mass of black pussy hairs in the direction of the fridge. Before Gabriella could even move out of the way Selena had started to pee. From the base of her pussy shot a long powerful stream of hot piss, so unlike the gentle shower Gabriella had allowed to flow her own pussy. Selena's powerful stream splattered over the far wall, a stream of spent piss running down to merge with Gabriella's puddle of pee. Selena's flowing shower of urine spraying from her pussy was so strong that droplets of her piss were landing on Gabriella's bare left thigh. Selena's pee was so wonderfully warm that she could feel her nipples hardening with an obvious sexual tension that Selena could not help but notice.

'Do you want me to wee on your leg?' she asked, still pissing strongly from her lower lips.

'Yes please,' whispered back Gabriella barely able to believe what she had just said. Droplets of spent pee were still clinging the brown pubes around her own pussy, Selena's womanhood looking so incredibly wonderful especially given the constantly flowing stream of urine issuing from her pee hole.

'OK!' said Selena barely able to believe her luck. Slowly she began to turn, both woman eagerly watching as Selena's flowing fountain of spraying pee worked its way up the fridge wall before crossing open space to then rain down on Gabriella's bare thigh and lower leg. The feeling was ecstatic was both women. For Gabriella, the heat of Selena's pee was unbelievable, so lovely and warm as it christened her flesh with its wonderfully wet touch. Selena, on the other hand, could barely believe that she was taking a piss over another's woman skin, her hot stream of flowing relief looking sensation as it sprayed over Gabriella's bare flesh.

'Turn around so that I can pee on your bum!' she instructed, her breath hot and ragged. She was so turned on! Like Gabriella, her nipples were so incredibly hard, her tits proud on her chest as she continued to pee. The blonde haired customer care rep was keen to oblige, turning as instructed so that her peach like buttocks moved under Selena's fast flowing piss shower. The hot sensation of flowing pee running over her buttocks was so intoxicating that she could not resist finishing off her own pee. Her lower lips parted in answer to her desire, a new stream of bodily warmed piss shooting out into the kitchen air.

'Oh my!' came an exclamation from the doorway. A very naked Penny had entered the room, her tits and pussy triangle of full display to the two pissing women. Her eyes had already caught full sight of Selena's flowing urine fountain leaving her lower lips and the second sight of Gabriella's toilet spray as it left her pussy to rain to the floor beneath her feet.

'Don't mind me,' said the gorgeous brunette, 'I'm just here for a piss in the cooker!' With that, she passed the two somewhat embarrassed pissing women and went to stand in front of the object she had just named to serve as her toilet. After a fleeting moment to admire the sight of her pussy crack in the glass reflection, she bent door and opened the door wide enough to allow her aim into the dark interior. Barely a moment passed before Penny began to join in with the other urinating women, a hot spray of flowing piss leaping from her pussy lips before raining somewhat noisily into the cooker's interior.

'Maybe you would like to piss on my legs whilst I have my pee,' she brazenly suggested, squirting even harder with her own piss shower to cover even more of the cooker's innards with her toilet fountain.

Gabriella and Selena exchanged quick glances before immediately sealing their pee holes. It was too good an offer to miss. Rushing over to the still pissing Penny they positioned their pussy's up to the brunette's legs, one either side. Then, whilst cupping a hand each, over Penny's warm round bum cheeks they started to pee, squirting the last of their pussy fountains over bare flesh, feeling the wondrous warmth as the last of their urine existed their pee holes.

Rebecca was squatting, taking a long piss over the living room carpet, when the three women returned.

'Where have you all been?' demanded Heather grabbing the offered champagne bottle from Gabriella's trembling hand before taking a swig. Gabriella could not help her gaze from settling on Heather's uncovered crotch and the sight of the woman's pubic triangle nestled between her legs. Heather's slit looked so inviting, more so for the little droplets of spent pee from where the woman had taken her last, no doubt, naughty piss.

'Are you admiring my pussy, Gabriella?' asked Heather somewhat bluntly. 'You can have a lick if you like. With that, she parted her legs allowing the normally shy blonde to take a place with her tongue moving into Heather's crack. She was still applying oral stimulus to her friend when the older of the two Lizzy's piped up.

'I'm going to piss in her hair,' and with that she moved up into position behind the kneeling form of a naked and oblivious Gabriella.

'You wouldn't dare!' said Rebecca who had just finished her pee over the carpet. It was of course the wrong thing to say. Barely a moment later, a hot stream of fast flowing piss was leaving Lizzy's cunt and spraying over Gabriella's bare back. Pissing harder, Lizzy watched gleefully as her urine shower traced its way over Gabriella's neck and directly into her hair. Hot pee splatter over Gabriella's head, her peroxide blonde strands becoming drenched in Lizzy's shooting shower of pee.

'I want a go next,' said Tina, her own need to pee again painfully acute. Pissing over the floor or the furniture was one thing, peeing over another person was another entirely!

'Come and have a piss on me then,' offered Nadine, moving to sit on the floor. 'You too Lizzy,' she said to the MD's daughter. Neither wasted a moment, rushing over to get their pussies into position and ready to start showering the raven haired woman with their hot piss fountains.

'I get to wee on you afterwards,' warned Nadine, just as Tina opened up with full force. From her hairy cunt shot a spray of hot piss that landed directly over Nadine's very erect nipples. Lizzy's pee stream followed a moment later, spraying directly onto the back of Nadine's head, through her hair and onto the skin underneath.

Thus, the time in Tina's ex house came to a very wet end. The girls had become deeply enamored with their new wet hobby and could not wait until one of them gained a cheating partner who needed to be taught a very golden lesson.