I had always been a bad girl, and I knew it. And now, at just eighteen, I was drunk for the first time in my life and I'd barged in on daddy while he was in the shower.

"Can I suck your lollipop daddy?" I laughed, as he stood there, his lovely lollipop hanging down, dripping wet, making me wet and wanton for it in my mouth.

"Louise, what the hell are you doing? Are you crazy? You shouldn't be in here."

"I want to suck your lollipop, and I'm not leaving until it's in my mouth, you bad, bad daddy." I snapped at him.

Ever since I'd turned eighteen I'd discovered I had a huge love and appetite for cocks and had worked my way through the basketball team, baseball team and even the soccer team. I had even enjoyed a few of the girls in the netball team too. And now that I had discovered cocktails, I realised it made me even naughtier than I ever had been before.

"You're drunk." He snapped back. "You're not twenty-one yet. How did you get a hold of alcohol at your age?" He demanded.

"You're no fun." I snapped back, climbing into the shower with him.

"Your naked, what are you doing. You need to go to your room right this moment." He said, chastising me.

"Not until this has been in my mouth." I snapped back, my hand grabbing a hold of his cock, as he attempted to push me away.

Daddy's cock had started out flaccid, yet as soon as he saw me, his teenage daughter, totally naked and ready for him, it had clearly grown out of his control.

"Stop that!" He shouted in shock, my hand now gliding up and down his growing cock.

"If you don't like it, then clearly your body does." I laughed. "Or your cock wouldn't be growing so thick, long and hard for me would it?"

It wasn't the first time I had shown my naked body to him. As soon as I'd turned eighteen I wanted to tempt him with every opportunity I got. I wanted to see how he would react when his own, sweet innocent, little daughter proved herself to be the sexuality growing goddess that I now am. I knew he would never enter the taboo realms of any kind of incest with me. But now, strengthened by the alcohol, I was going to make him mine.

"Louise, we can't. I'm your father." He said in shock, my hand running up and down his fully thick and hard shaft. I'd been with enough boys to know that he was already under my control. No man could withstand the sensations that were buzzing through his body now, and I had given enough guys, and guy's with girlfriends, enough handjobs to know for a fact, that I was the handjob queen.

"Daddy, you better just shut up and do what you're told. Now I'm the daddy, and I Will suck your lollipop and you are gonna like it, no matter what. Got it?" I demanded dropping down to my knees in the shower, not even waiting for his answer.

Taking his cock in my mouth, I sucked him off as wildly and recklessly as I could. As his cock popped in and out of my mouth, his muscular legs buckled and almost broke as a railed him like a street whore. Maybe one day, I would even take a job as a street whore, I thought to myself. That was how good it felt to have a mans cock in my mouth and rammed down my throat. The feeling of controlling a man so utterly, so perfectly, was something I couldn't get enough of. No matter how wild and powerful men were, when their cocks were down the back of my throat I owned them like dogs on a lead. And how better to prove that, than to have my own dads cock in my mouth and breaking the biggest taboo of taboos, incest!

Bobbing up and down on his cock, my pert breast banging beneath me, my sexy round ass all his to stare at, I dominated his thick member with my tongue, lips and mouth until eventually he was ready to release his hot white load. Realising the geyser was about to go off, I popped his cock out of the corner of my mouth, ready for the cum shower I desperately wanted. Aiming the head of his cock to shoot all over my face, I jacked him off the rest of the way until.


The white fountain erupted in front of me, my dad's thick cock in my hand, its white cum erupted, gushing into the air. Splashing down to cover my face, my lips, my eyes, nose, mouth, hair, I was completely cum covered.

"Thanks for letting me suck your lollipop daddy." I smiled from on my knees.

"It tastes so good." I smiled energetically, as I slid the bulbous head back into my mouth and to the back of my throat. Gagging on it some more, I squeezed the last drops of cum into my mouth and cleaned off the excess cum off of its shaft. Now pulling off, I stood up and took a hold of the shower head to wash the cum off my face and out of my hair.

"Thanks daddy, that was nice." I smiled, before heading back into my room to dry off and get dressed for school.

I needed to look my hottest because I had a date with Mr Taylor, the boys' Football Coach, in the boys' locker room while the seasons final game was on. There was nothing more sexy and erotic, than getting fucked by the boy's Football Coach during a game, and this wasn't just any game, it was the season Championship!

To be continued!