By Aleq de Satyr


"Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Do not resist¬, that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like"...Lao Tsu

I am Marian Honeycunt, a 62 year old Pagan/Wiccan therapist/teacher, a Feminist activist and a slut. I am part Gypsy of Hungarian ancestry. I am an older woman, in my prime and I love to fuck...My thong is always filled with cunt grool...I get so fucking wet I could drown someone. Most times it is hard to find the right partners, let alone the partners with huge, hard cocks to quell the constant ache in my cunt...

That is when I turn to my many varied sex toys particularly my massive horse cock-sized dildo; and I can masturbate for hours on end, in a variety of ways...I fantasize a lot when I masturbate; about being fucked by a horse or a 10 feet tall giant with a dick the size of a boy's arm; my cunt gobbling up all that giant hard cock meat to the hilt; thanks to the one and only Betty Dodson who popularized masturbation for women...However, a real huge hard cock propelled by a very hard, muscular guy who can fuck for hours, is extremely hard to beat!! Trust me! I am also a writer of sorts and part-time performance artist for exclusive audiences... I am capable of articulating a new consciousness that includes adventurous sexuality, humor and spirituality for women...

I discovered the pleasures of sex at age 18 when I started to masturbate every day with zucchinis and cucumbers... At age 19 with my slutty Romani Gypsy mother Masika's connivance, I was seduced by my ballet instructor who fucked me regularly for a year...I sucked his dick often and swallowed his cum...After that I fucked and fucked my way thru numerous lovers and one bad marriage...I am still fucking regularly at age 62. I enjoy nudity very much and I swear a lot...The words fuck, cunt, cock shit, twat dick, pussy, asshole, piss are my staple; but CUNT...What a powerful word and so female, is my choice word for the vagina... CUNT, CUNT, CUNT, CUNT, glorious beautiful!! Let us empower the CUNT and CLITORIS!!


Nympho Escapades


After my second divorce at age 60 I became somewhat celibate for a while. Men ignored me despite my good looks hot body and slutty demeanor. I worked out regularly at the health club and looked eminently fuckable. I met Erika Slutt an awesome woman about my age, good looking with a well-toned body at the club. She had a mane of smoky hair like mine and mesmerizing green-hazel eyes. We had so much sexual perversity in common we became instant close friends.

"My name says a lot about me" she said. Erika is deliciously raw and obscene...She is a defiant seeker of wisdom who revels in her sexuality, her knowledge, her power and her ability to choose. A sex-radical woman, Erika is proud of her sexuality. A woman whose head is held high and properly connected to her shaved pierced cunt...

"Sexuality is power" she proclaims...Her strength is unmistakable and resonant. She lives vibrantly and fearlessly, renewed in spirituality and sacred female tradition...The sex-radical woman is breaking taboos which oppress and limit women in their natural desire for freedom, moving beyond dyadic relationships toward polygamy, group sex. Her pastime is sex parties.

"I'm a nymphomaniac and I love it, proud of it" she says emphatically.

She eventually introduced me to a weekend exclusive sex party at her friend's house one summer afternoon where I met a younger Black guy at the poolside called Salvador one of Erika's favorite fuck partners, a Dominican. It was a mutual attraction at first sight. His mahogany skin shone in the sunlight. His bikini briefs were filled with a huge bulge that churned my cunt and my clitoris throbbed furiously. He loved my sexy smoky hair and the way my long pubic hairs spilled out from the sides of my thong. The group was interracial-ethnic diverse. The women mostly older, the men much younger. There was a lot of food, booze and pot with relaxing new age music. The ambience was charged with sensuality. Erika smiled with approval as Sal later led the way into the house to fuck me...Inside the house I could hear the cries of women being fucked in various rooms. My clitoris throbbed and my cunt clenched and dripped copiously with anticipation. Holy shit, I was dying to be fucked I felt giddy, it was my first sex party.

Sal spread my naked body wide open on the large beach towel on top of the soft alpaca rug on the floor strewn with pillows. My cunt was already a soaking wet mess. The scent of jasmine incense filled the room. He peeled off his briefs to reveal a huge 12 inch very thick erect cock...OMG, a lovely cock I thought as he pushed all of that meat into me and began to fuck me in earnest. Just then Erika walked in with a drink smiling.

"Go deep" said Erika," fuck her deep, open up that tight pussy," as Sal sank his very hard cock into my cunt, our pubic hairs mingling...His thrusts were precise, centered, strong, slow, compelling, stretching me wide and deep while I clung to him, my cunt closed tight around the granite-hard cock...Sal fucked me relentlessly while Erika watched with satisfaction. I moaned and cried out, my body keeping rhythm with his...My gasps echoing in the room, "more, more...give me more," I wailed, coming and coming non-stop as our long, feverish fucking became intense, passionate, gloriously modulated...A breathtaking, sweetly endless fucking...Then finally, O blessed Goddess! He burst into me in long, luxurious jets, pouring, spilling his hot cum into my bowels. Our juices mingled and spilled out in streams as we continued to fuck...Ushering in the everlasting orgasm, cascading in a shower of brilliant vital energy thru our shuddering rejuvenated bodies...I never knew a cock can be so strong, so fucking hard...

"You ain't seen nothing yet baby" said Erika. I slept soundly afterwards. When I woke up I went looking for Erika, I found her being fucked sandwich style by two strong well-hung studs, the room filled with her cries and wails. I watched them for a while then went to wash my cunt and ass.

At sundown Sal brought his buddy Hugo over to meet me. He was naked, his dark body chiseled and OMG his erect dick was far bigger than Sal's; he was sexy as fuck. I shivered I was in for a treat. I grasped the cock with both hands, it was granite hard and throbbing as I rubbed the head against my clitoris. I am a woman with a need for sexual excess, a need so great and so subliminal I could not find a conscious thought pattern for it...It seemed to churn inside me with wildness. I was seized with an ecstatic delirium to have that enormous dick plunged into my wet cunt and fucked to kazoo...Hugo began thrusting into my twat in soul-satisfying rhythm, masterfully, with the consummate skill of a sex-enthusiast. Sal watched us with satisfaction. My thighs surrendered opening very wide to lust, my gaping cunt wanting to be royally fucked, to wipe out all those years of wanting out of my system.

"Ohh" I tossed and moaned..."Ahh". My pussy was buoyant, spilling juice profusely my clitoris hard and throbbing. I wanted vicious variety and searing sensation, raking my heels and fingernails along Hugo's hard body, moaning repeatedly, tossing wildly beneath him in a fierce rut. I began to sigh deeply each time he thrust forcefully into me. O Goddess, I could fuck like that forever...I felt like a total slut, our bodies bucking and hunching, welding together in an unbreakable fusion of lust, my cunt rippled and clutched around the hard cock emanating wet slurpy sounds, drawing him in as he pounded deeper and deeper into my incredible wetness...

Then my body began to jerk and quiver as the shattering impact of a powerful orgasm barreled me into a swoon of ecstasy and the hot avalanche of semen gushed from him and were swallowed by my inner caverns...We lay locked together for endless moments of time, our genitals glued together by the blinding wetness of the fucking, our minds swimming in translucent waves of unearthly pleasure.

After a delicious dish of gourmet Louisiana cuisine I felt relaxed, euphoric. The two guys began to stroke my body. Sal rubbed his hard cock slowly, quietly back and forth, against my asshole on and on, while Hugo rubbed his cock against my cunt my throbbing clitoris, making me shiver. I was sandwiched between them. My cunt felt like a tube filled with thick honey. The two men fucked my cunt and asshole most assiduously for about an hour as I screamed and farted continuously coming again and again, my body twitching with spasms for long moments while they filled me with torrents of spunk. We stayed joined, their cocks still hard in both my cunt and asshole, closeted in the darkness of dreams.

After a few more sex parties at various places I became addicted to them. I enjoyed the hard pounding and stretching of my cunt and ass by all those young bulls... I had become a nymphomaniac...Erika then introduced me to her sex club the Vixen Circle, a totally different kettle of fish. The fucking was intense awesome. Some selected bulls gained access to my bed occasionally to fuck me silly.



"Help to change the world so that no woman feels ashamed because she likes to fuck"...Joan Nestle

A woman doesn't hit her prime when she's still in her teens. You have to wait until she gets married, has a couple of kids, and then gets divorced. That's when she turns into a hot Milf and her sex drive goes through the roof. A slutty horny mature woman is ravenous, her seasoned cunt voracious. Fucking sexy older women isn't for the faint of heart. Mature sex will leave a man's knees wobbly and his cock limp from being drained over and over again. That's why mature sex clubs like the Vixen aka The Circle feature young studs who have enough stamina to keep their huge dicks hard for hours. Today they're fucking your mom, next they'll be fucking your granny! Well, I'm a 62 year old mom and a granny; a devoted member of the Circle. Which also features exclusive, private homemade amateur porn with women who are interested. I opted for the porn scene.

I've always been quite open sexually. I've been to sex parties, and I love sex. Many older women sign on to sex clubs just for the sex because they love to fuck and regularly. My friend Erika and I are two such women. And we are such gorgeous and sexy grannies to boot. Call us sluts, nymphomaenads, but we are new spicy wine in older bottles marching on to change the world for older women who love to fuck. I signed on to the homemade porn sessions where the action is.

On my very first porn session the sex only lasted 20 minutes, and it was so easy. The more I did it, the more I fell in love with it. I started doing around five scenes each month. I think my life would have been really boring if I'd become a lawyer. And I've never done anything I'm not happy with. I also don't agree with a lot of the stigma around porn. I'm a feminist and I think porn has helped my sexuality thrive. I don't find it demeaning at all -- I'm using it to my own advantage to get through life. And guess what, my cunt is mostly quiet until I feed her unlike before...Nothing could be finer than a hard, powerful monster dick pounding deep into my wide open cunt and ass and down my throat all day long.

The woman director, Clitoria Veneris a hot looking 52 year old and I became good friends. Also a sister Wiccan, a nympho and bisexual she paired me with some strong powerful well-hung studs that she fucked regularly herself. She really enjoyed watching me get royally fucked by those bulls and especially my genuine powerful very creamy multiple orgasms. One day she introduced me to Attila Hung, an awesome porn star on a visit. I enticed him to my home a week later after he confided that he loved seasoned older cunt.

Attila the visiting itinerant porn star, a muscular gladiator and former decathlon athlete, known for his sexual prowess, had fucked hundreds of women. I beckoned him to the low mattress in my parlor. His massive 15 inch very thick black cock was granite hard and curved...The room was bathed in bright sunlight, the air filled with musical sounds and magic...He entered me slowly, an inch at a time until I gobbled up his entire dick to the balls...It felt magical as Attila fucked me and fucked me relentlessly; his massive cock swollen, super hard, filling me. He licked the sweat from my nipples as he intermittently rubbed his cock head gently against my clitoris and I taunted,

"you're too gentle, c'mon fuck me harder, break my cunt"...I opened myself to everything as Attila thundered his thrusts into me, his obsidian eyes fierce, wringing more pleasure from me, the angle of his cock quite a novelty...We'd been fucking for a very long time and I'd come many times already, crying and bleating, my profuse cunt cream all over the place.

And he was almost destroying my cunt but it felt good, I was fiercely happy to have the trunk-like dick stretch my gripping pussy like a powerful locomotive piston...Attila's enormous cock was lathered with my thick cunt juices as it touched all those places inside me that other cocks never reach...He rocked my body with his dick while I grunted in my throat with each thrust, gripping the pounding cock with my strong cunt muscles, calling out "Goddess—Oh, Attila" then coming in several long blasts, milking the cock harder, my teeth clenched, riding the possession of my intense orgasmic pleasure...The muscles of my fleshy calves and thighs tensing and releasing in this magnificent sexual encounter...An unruly lust gripped me, flooding my body...My clitoris throbbed hugely, my scent inviting, my cunt all-welcoming; soaked, wide open, blood red...Attila's cock lodged in my womb, my muscles tightened around him, sucking him in, holding him there...There was something about his cock that astounded me; he could reach hitherto untouched regions in my cunt, that I never knew existed before...O Goddess it was simply divine, A magical phallus!! Attila pumped into me. His breath came faster and shallow, then with a loud cry, shot his thick hot cum; pouring it into me in powerful torrents...I came again and again in a violent rush, beating the cushions and screaming my ecstasy...

Fucking me doggy-style sent me into a different dimension; the entire length and girth of the massive granite-hard dick plundered my cunt, dredged excavated and turned her inside out...It was just awesome. I'd never had such a cock before.

Attila fucked me round the clock for two days...He was indefatigable and I was in my mettle until I could take no more. I was disoriented and sore for days after he was gone. I decided to take a break give my cunt a much needed rest despite her insane insistence on being fed some cock. Erika called to say she was being fucked mercilessly by two studs from the Circle at her house. I declined to go over and join her.

Clitoria's visit days later was a surprise...She initiated me into the delights of Lesbian sex which simply blew my mind. With her eyes closed she let me stroke her body...

"You are the Goddess, the embodiment of magic" I chanted softly as pleasure overtook her and she arched her back, moaning...

I sucked at her nipples; then at her big clitoris, stiff, erect, proud...I lapped at the juices of her ruby cunt...I sipped her slowly...Tides of water and flame surged between her legs...she grabbed my hair and pressed my face deeper into the dusky petals of her vulva and cried out...The pulse in her cunt thudding against my tongue. She moaned in primal tones in response to my deft stroking of her large clit, her creamy opening...I feel her joyous and expansive sensations, I hear the language of her moist flesh...the music of her pleasure...Her swollen cunt glistening, heavy with juice nestling beneath luxuriant hair...

She chanted with pleasure, her twat widening, dancing to the music that rippled in the room...She felt so soft so good, her inner core pulsating with sensation and color, with woman energy...I was struck by her acute sexual arousal by her dripping labia folds, vibrating, radiating her yearning...Her clitoris screaming out her desire...She came howling her body in violent spasms. Later she did the same to me and more, bringing me to multiple orgasms. The woman was an accomplished lesbian with a raging tongue and deft fingers. We slept soundly...


Sexuality is sacred and worshipped. Sacred play is a form of spiritual practice. A tradition that stands in accord with the Wiccan Rede, which states "If it harms no one, do what you will. We honor free will, with the intention that our magical actions manifest for the greater good of all". The sacred sexual arts of delicious magical fucking. We are sacred harlots, divine nymphomaniacs always in estrus and we love to fuck.