About a week ago I had left home for a small trip through Europe. I had bought one of those Interrail passes so I could travel pretty much wherever I wanted by train. I had traveled to Paris first, and had the time of my life. But somehow, despite me being flirting with pretty much every cute guy, I hadn't gotten laid a single time. I guess the Paris vibe was killing it? Well at least on the sex front that is.

Don't get me wrong, I had a great time in Paris. Saw the amazing sights I'd only seen on TV; I went to the Latin Quarter pretty much every night and had a pretty good time. But honestly, I went on the trip to experience not just the cities, but also the guys!

I decided to move on, I'd been here long enough and it wouldn't happen. I went to the train station and booked a night-train ticket to Rome. Perhaps a Mediterranean vibe would work better. It was summer after all, the weather was great, and perhaps so were the guys.

It was about 23:00 when the train departed from Gare de Lyon. I hadn't even booked a hostel yet in Rome but I figured it wouldn't be too hard to find a place to stay the following day, considering I'd arrive in the morning.

When I entered the cabin I was going to sleep in, I saw there was only one other person present. It was a girl about my age. She had long red hair, slim posture, and thanks to the clothing choice I saw she had nice perky boobs. Yeah, she was wearing a small shirt and I think no bra beneath it, which is how I figured that one out pretty quickly. So also appeared to be slightly smaller than me, probably somewhere around 1.60.

Wait, had I even told you about me yet? Guess not huh, let me introduce myself.

Hi! My name is Anna. I'm a 19-year-old, 1.65 tall (or short, if you prefer) girl from Sweden. I have long blond hair reaching below my breasts. My breasts are rather small, just a handful, but they can still bounce (trust me, I checked).

I'm actually quite happy with the size, I don't need bra's so that just saves me money. But sometimes when I'm cold, or horny, or both, my nipples do poke through the fabric. But honestly, I don't mind that at all, it gives a form of freedom.

So alright, back to the train. I entered the cabin and introduced myself to the redhead. She introduced herself as Lisa from the UK. We quickly hit it off and continued talking about a lot of topics, and before we knew it we were talking about sex, ex-boyfriends, travel plans and hookups. It appeared she recently got out of a relationship with a guy who just couldn't satisfy her needs.

She was talking about how he didn't even have any attention to her boobs, and how she always loved it when guys would play with her nipples. From licking, squeezing and sucking on them. And this is when my hand went up to her breasts, with her shirt clearly revealing her nipple.

I grabbed her boob, squeezed it and ran my finger over her nipple. She froze in place, and stopped talking. We looked at each other and it was clear, I got the go-ahead to continue.

I pulled her shirt over her head. I was right, nice perky boobs, and no bra! A bit bigger than mine, but not even by that much, and very perky indeed! I bend forward and ran my tongue over her nipple. She shivered while I was doing that, but seemed to love it. I pressed my lips against her nipple again, circled my tongue around it and over.

Meanwhile her hands had ventured under my shirt and she pulled it over my head as well.

From then on it didn't take long before neither of us had any clothes on. I ended up on one of the seats and she pressed her mouth against my vagina.

She moved her tongue from my clit slowly down, and then pushed it in, before returning back up to my clit again. Meanwhile her fingers found their way into my pussy. She expertly fingered me, and touched me exactly where it felt best. It wasn't long before I had my very first orgasm, ever, thanks to another girl.

I, of course, had to return the favor. I pushed her to the opposite seat. I kissed her on her mouth while my hand ventured towards her clit. I started rubbing the clit while our mouths were strangled in a French kiss. My other hand ventured to her nipple which I started squeezing.

When our lips stopped touching I moved down and sucked her nipples hard. All the while I was expertly rubbing her clit.

I again moved down with my mouth and found her clit with my tongue. I slowly started circling around it and over it. Meanwhile I moved, first one, then two, then three fingers, in her pussy. It wasn't long before she had an orgasm and then collapsed.

We both laughed after we relaxed a little. How going from being complete strangers to full-blown sex in a mere hour happened in such a public place as a train was beyond our comprehension. But we loved it!

After a bit we started getting cold from being naked and we decided to get dressed again. It was meanwhile past 12 so we figured we might as well collapse two of the beds and lie down. We kept on talking about so many topics, one of which was where we were going to be staying. It turned out she had found a nice small hostel pretty close to central station of Rome.

I decided to check their website right then on my phone and booked it as well. They had the choice of 2,4 or 8-bed rooms. I decided to go for the 4-bed room as then I hopefully could get some sleep while also not spending a huge amount of money.

It was settled, I was going to be spending my time in Rome, with Lisa. A cute redhead which I met about 2 hours ago and who had let me cum already. This was going to be great.

At that point I fell asleep thanks to the swaying of the train, and because Lisa really had tired me out. I slept like a baby.

I woke up around 6am, with still plenty of time left before we'd arrive in Rome. Lisa was still sleeping and I was wide awake, I decided to have a little stroll through the train.

I walked into the hallway and before I even set 2 steps the door of the cabin next to mine opened up. It was a man, probably somewhere in his 40s. Normal build, dark hair and probably a few days without a shave. He was also wearing PJs so he probably also just woke up.

"I heard you girls yesterday, it sounded hot", he said.

I blushed, unsure what to say.

"It's alright, I won't report anything. I loved listening to it!"

I could see he was getting hard just thinking about what he'd heard yesterday. His PJs were very revealing and I started to doubt if he was actually wearing anything under it.

"Yeah, I know, something is growing, I can't help it. Now that I know what you look like I am trying to picture what happened last night."

I knew what was going on and it made me slightly horny again. This guy was obviously trying to fuck me, and I've been trying to get fucked the past few days without success. Obviously excluding what had happened only a few hours ago, but that wasn't a dick inside me, that was passion.

"Do you want to know what is hiding in my pants?", he asked.

I knew it was an incredibly cheesy line... but I didn't care.

It was then when I realized I had been staring at his crotch since I noticed it started growing and hadn't looked away anymore. I just had to have it. I couldn't look away now, not with my urges.

The man pulled down his pants slightly, revealing he indeed was not wearing anything underneath. His cock got stuck under the band for a bit and then bounced up. His foreskin was pulled back from the head a bit already due to being fully erect. His cock was standing slightly up, it glistened, it was not long nor big, but it looked delicious. There were no pubes visible, so he had shaven there.

Without a word I moved forward, not taking my eye off his cock. I came close enough to touch it, so I grabbed it and pulled back his foreskin a little more. I slowly moved my hand up and down while squeezing his cock. I wasn't touching him besides just his cock. He slowly moved back, back into the cabin and I followed while holding on to his cock.

When we entered the cabin fully, I closed the door behind me. I kept stroking his cock tightly and with my other hand I pushed his pants down. When it passed his hips, it fell to the ground automatically and he stepped out with ease.

I dropped to my knees and ran my tongue over the head of his cock. It was wet and tasted salty.

Ever since I had looked him in the eyes in the hallway when he talked about Lisa and me, I hadn't taken my eyes of his cock. I actually didn't care about the person that was attached to it. To me it was something I had wanted when I started my trip, what I wanted when I was in Paris, and what I wanted now. I wanted to taste the salty cum, I wanted to feel it in me, and honestly, I just wanted to cum myself from being taken.

I took the cock in my mouth. It wasn't too big so I could envelop my lips and mouth around it without too much trouble. I bobbed my head up and down and with every down I took it in deeper. And because it wasn't too long, I managed to take it in full. I always had trouble deepthroating my ex, because he was bigger and longer, but I had managed. This was just the perfect size for my small head.

I suddenly felt some cum flow in my mouth, he had precummed a little and this was my sign to take it down a notch, I wasn't going to deflate him just now without having received something myself.

It was at this point I felt hands on my hips, and it was then that I realized I hadn't looked in the cabin at all to see if he was alone. He clearly wasn't as there was no way he could reach my hips with his standing position.

I let it happen, I didn't know who was behind me, and I didn't care. And instead of taking my mouth of his cock I decided I might as well continue with what I was doing. I wanted to stop because I wanted to feel him inside me, but if someone else took that on them, then why would I stop?

The hands on my hip pulled down my shorts, and within the same motion also took down my laced panties. I felt myself getting wetter just because of the mystery, and the slutty thing I was doing. I had always been conservative, and this is the first time I had a cock in my mouth of who I didn't even know what his name was. And now someone else, who I didn't even know what they looked like had pulled down my panties.

A hand was placed on my ass, I felt a squeeze, and then the hand moved forward, around my hips, towards my pussy. When the hand touched my clit it started rubbing it. I was dripping wet at that point. Never had I thought I'd got that horny.

Then I felt it, the tip of a cock pushed against me. I felt it seeking for my entrance, and when it had found it, it slowly slid in me. I was already so incredibly wet it slid in with ease.

This cock, in me, was of I guy I had never seen his face of. I didn't know if he was 18 or 80. I did not know if he was handsome or ugly, or if he was my type or not. I did not know if he was black, Asian or white. All I knew was his cock was inside me, it was bigger than the one I had in my mouth, and probably bigger than I had had before.

I focused again on the cock in my mouth. I realized I had not moved my hand nor my head in the time between a hand touching my hip and me being penetrated. I'm sure the sight of it all happening with me fully cooperating must've been hot as hell to see so I'm sure he didn't mind. It also gave his cock the time to recover from the precum to be less sensitive, which would allow him to continue longer.

I took the cock out of my mouth and rubbed it with my right hand. It was wet from my saliva and his cum. I saw a little more flow from the head and I licked it right off. With my left hand I massaged his balls while with my right hand I massaged his cock. I moved my tongue around the now fully exposed head, and around the ridge.

The guy who'd penetrated me hadn't increased his speed. He very slowly pushed himself in me, pulled it almost completely out and then slowly pushed it back in. Was he preventing himself from cumming early like my ex had sometimes done? Or was he giving me time to suck his friend, or what I presumed was his friend.

I took the cock again in my mouth, taking it in full. And at that point the cock in my pussy slammed in fast. The guy who I was giving a blowjob grabbed my hair and started fucking my mouth, the guy behind me sped up and starting properly fucking my pussy.

I now had 2 cocks in me, double what I wished for. And they used me as their fuckdoll. I didn't mind, I loved it. This made up for the days of wanting it, the months of being single and hopefully a precursor to the rest of my trip to come.

Without warning I felt the guy behind me cum inside me. And when it slowed down, I felt it run out of my pussy, onto the floor. The cock I had in my mouth started as well and I took it less deep in my mouth, allowing the cum to flow onto my tongue.

Suddenly my pussy was empty again and I felt the cold air rush over my it, which caused me to start leaking cum. At the same time my mouth was filled up, and it was obvious the size of the penis didn't relate to the amount of cum, as in no-time I was completely filled. He had been building up his load for sure, perhaps already when he heard us fucking in the cabin next door.

I swallowed the cum, pulled up my panties and shorts, stood up, kissed the guy on the cheek and turned around. The guy who'd fucked me was gone and there was no way to know who he was. I only knew his cock felt amazing inside me.

I walked out the cabin and continued my journey that had only taken me a few steps so far, in my search for some food. I already had an unexpected snack along the way but now I was properly hungry.

Two wagons further was the bistro. There wasn't much, but some chips were available, as well as some candy bars. I bought a few little things and returned to my wagon. When I passed the cabin, I had just properly been fucked in, I saw it was empty. I had no idea where both of the guys had gone.

I went into my own cabin and saw Lisa was still asleep. She hadn't heard a thing, or at least I assumed she hadn't. I sat down on my bed and started eating some of the chips I'd just bought. They were the paprika flavor chips in one of those small bags. Way too little for an improvised breakfast, which is why I also bought a few candy bars. All the fucking had made me hungry.

Half an hour later Lisa woke up thanks to her phone alarm. I guess she truly was deep asleep, perhaps thanks to the swaying of the train, or perhaps she was a natural deep sleeper. She greeted me and eyed the candy bar I was eating. I had bought her one as well so gave it to her.

We discussed our Rome plans as if nothing had happened. I decided to omit this story from her, I guessed she'd perhaps even would be envious because I'm sure she'd wanted to join if she'd knew.

An hour later the train pulled into Roma Termini, only half an hour late or so. We walked a few blocks to get to our hostel where we were allowed to check in early. It was off-peak season so most beds were still unoccupied. We both had booked the 4-bed room and because of the low occupancy we were allowed to check-in the same room.

When we had put our bags in the room, we decided to take it easy for the first day there, and figured a shower was a good start after the long train ride. We obviously were going to shower together.

We had an en-suite bathroom and by the looks of it no roommates as of yet. I unpacked some of my toiletries, clean panties and also chose a small summer dress I wanted to wear that day. Despite it being only May there were some record-breaking temperatures.

When I had gotten most of my stuff out of my bag, Lisa had already undressed. I hadn't seen this, but when she grabbed me from behind, I noticed. She slid her hands under my shirt and grabbed both of my breasts. She then pulled the shirt over my head. Then she pushed her hands in my shorts and right under my panties, pushing her finger right over my clit.

I was already wet from just thinking about showering together, something I'd never done with a girl before. Hell, I had never had sex with a girl before yesterday. Lisa was my first, and I'd totally exploit her (and my) horniness this trip.

She bends to pull my shorts and string down, leaving me standing completely naked. She then run her hand back up and pushed her finger right up my vagina. I moan because of the sudden penetration, and moan even louder when she replaces her one finger with three.

She then stops, stands up, and guides me towards the bathroom and right in the shower which she already had running to get up-to-temperature.

We step in, face each other, and let the water run over our bodies. I then grabbed the peach body wash, and squirted a bunch right on Lisa's cute breasts. I started rubbing her breasts, and spread it over the rest over her body as well.

Lisa pulled me closer, and then against her, spreading the body wash from her body to mine. From then it wasn't long before both our bodies were completely slippery and smelled like peach all over.

Besides some kissing and washing we didn't actually get to anything else. The shower isn't the best for sexual adventures, though I'm sure our trip was going to be full of it.

We got out of the shower, I got dressed wearing just my panties and a summer dress, and Lisa wore a short skirt, a laced crop top and a tiny thong. We walked out and started exploring the magnificent city, looking for adventures.