My man, my Brett, isn't a normal man. Until he met me, he was one of those guys whose cock led him everywhere. He used it so much that he called it "he" and "little Brett." When Brett met me, "little Brett" became "Betty" and a "she." His ten inch long, six inch thick stick of masculine pride was now feminine, wrapped in lace panties, and only allowed to cum by my command.

I gave you an introduction to Betty last time although I never told you her actual name. As with all girls, she's changed. Now, she stayed in the open around the house with a little bow wrapped around her. She was shaved and lathered with floral scented lotions regularly.

Betty had a friend who lived a little below her, Veronica. Veronica was a high strung girl who went by many names. Some days she was "pussy" and other days she was "mancunt." Veronica was Brett's asshole. Before me, Veronica was unnamed and untouched. Now, she was a shaven pussy that regularly took dildos and fingers. Naming Veronica was the best. Brett was a masculine, manly man who'd never call his asshole a pussy. Now, he not only called it a pussy, he used her quite often.

Tonight was date night and a special one at that. You see, Betty is a big girl and she needs to stay in shape. That's why I jerk her once a month. The sperm that comes out goes into a cup which is then drunk by Brett. Once every three months is when Veronica gets a workout. It's either through a dildo, fingers, or cock. Tonight, both Betty and Veronica get a nice, long workout session. This rare opportunity made Brett very excited. Betty had been hard a!l day.

Brett sat on a chair, nude. Betty stood there pretty and erect. She smelled like fresh roses. Veronica, today going by her stage name of "pussy," was out and exposed. Brett had shaven her recently and had even sprayed some perfume down there. I hadn't told him to do so but it was nice to see Brett take care of his pussy.

My tight, femboy body was wrapped in a sexy nurse's uniform. The little plus-sign hat sat gently on top of my pink dyed hair. I even wore a white, cloth mask and latex gloves. Brett thought I was the sexiest girl alive.

"Tell me, Brett, which is your favorite?" I asked, rubbing a gloved finger around the lips of his tight pussy and a finger up and down the length of Betty.

"My pussy," he said. The words seemed to naturally come out of his mouth as if it was totally normal for him to say that.

"You mean this hole?" I asked, popping a finger inside him. "Aren't you a man? Men don't have pussies."

"I'm not a man," he moaned. "I'm a fucking bitch with a pussy. Ever since you made her into one, I've loved her. Please fuck my pussy."

Brett's little confession turned me on. "You mean with my cock?" I asked. I liked where this was going.

"Fuck, please. I love using her. I've been practicing with some of your toys."

"Ok," I told him. "But, Betty here," I said as I grabbed her with one hand, "needs to be put away."

"Cage that bitch," he moaned. "I have a pussy. I don't need her."

I took the cage off my cock (whuch sprung to full size once I freed it from its long slumber) and, after getting her to go flaccid, caged Betty. It was a little tight, seeing as Brett and I weren't exactly the same size, but he felt no pain so it was fine.

I kissed Brett on the lips and told him to get up. Rubbing his chin, I told him that he was going to give me a blowjob. It was going to be long and sloppy. Then, I would fuck his pussy. He needed to prove to me that he could service me. I sat in his chair and watched as he began kissing the length of my eight inch long, six inch thick cock. It seemed a bit funny seeing this ripped, tanned, blonde frat boy-looking bitch about to give head to a pink-haired femboy. I smiled from the sheer absurdity of the situation.

Brett had never given head before. Even as a submissive top, he'd never even got close to doing it. However, he seemed a natural talent. He kissed and licked the sides of my cock and took me down his throat. He reached my crotch, his nose brushing against my stubble down there. This little bitch had talent.

His tongue was flicking against the sides of my cock while held it in the warm, wet pussy he called a throat. He had this low hum going on that was massaging the head of my cock. He soon slowly let my cock fall out of his throat before kissing it all over. Even in the cool summer air, my saliva slathered cock still felt warm.

"Brett, baby, what was that? Are you secretly Sarah Vandella?" I asked before he swallowed me like an anaconda.

"I watch a lot of porn," he laughed. He said between cock kisses, "I've also been practicing a lot. Every day, for the past six months, I've been swallowing this ten inch black dildo we have. Last month, I took it to the balls. I was so excited that I then fucked my pussy with it."

"Speaking of fucking your pussy," I said, "How you swallow my cock and cum and I can fuck you afterwards? Your head game is fucking fantastic. I can cum twice"

"I was about to say the same thing," he mumbled with my cock in his throat. "I never realized how much fun sucking dick was."

Brett let me fall out of his mouth. My cock stood there, glistening with Brett's spit. He then put his soft lips on the tip of my dick and swallowed me whole in one move. That magical tongue of his was exploring the cock in his mouth. His throat was squeezing my head. It was like his whole mouth was a warm, wet machine with the sole purpose of pleasing cock.

I felt like cumming several times, but Brett seemed to always stop before the point of no return. He'd always let it plop out of his mouth before kissing and licking it. The licks were the best. Brett's tongue was long and wide and had a mind of its own. Tonight, it became my favorite part of him.

Brett gave me a look. He was going to swallow the six months of cum in my balls. Six months in a cage were well worth this. He started sucking the head, that tongue dancing around the tip. As more of me went into that warm, wet mouth - a place that felt like being in the best pussy you'd ever been in - that tongue continued its dance. Brett's cheeks had caved in from the intense suction he was applying.

With the tongue, the suction, his throat, and the nirvana that was Brett's mouth, I was nearing the point of no return and Brett wasn't stopping. The second before I hit the point, Brett took me all the way down his throat. Even my balls found their way in his mouth, wanting to join the party I guess. I'll never forget seeing my entire cock and balls swallowed by this amazing man. The tongue that I keep gushing about? It was lathering my balls in spit. I hit the point.

My cock exploded, sending what felt gallons of cum into Brett's stomach. It didn't phase Brett a bit. My cock stayed sealed in his mouth and he seem to have any trouble swallowing such a heavy load. After what felt like an hour, I was done.

First, Brett let my balls, soaked in spit, plop out. I could swear they looked smaller. Second, the shaft came out inch by inch with spit dripping off. Third, the head slid out on a red carpet, Brett's tongue. Within seconds, I was flaccid.

Brett smiled. "I love the taste of your cum. That was the best thing I've ever experienced. Why was I ever a top?"

I was exhausted and fell asleep after hearing Brett say this. When I woke up, I was in bed with a still nude Brett. The cock cage was still on. My own was rock hard. I kissed Brett and drifted back to sleep in his arms.