With one final thrust I dumped my first orgasm of the day into the pretty blond girl bent over in front of me, her cunt pulsing around my morning wood. Today I was fixated on her anal pucker, seeing it clench as I dumped my load into her tight pussy. Looking up I could see her mischievous smile in the full length mirror strategically placed at the end of the bed.

"Thanks honey, that always helps. Run along now and see if your brothers need help." I said, gently massaging her deliciously firm right ass cheek.

"Ok daddy," my youngest offspring responded. "Just ring the bell when you are ready for your shower" she sang, slowly easing forward so that my cock slid gently from her warm tight hole.

For a moment I reflected on the amazing job my wife had done training our little honeycunt. At just a few weeks past her 18th birthday, little Hanna had slid into her role as naturally as anyone could hope. I know my wife has been working with her since she was young, helping her accept her position in society, her duty to her family, and ultimately what her life would be like if she didn't accept her place.

As a student of history I am amazed at how our ancestors in the 21st century lived. Old age, disease, phony equality, random evolution. Barbaric. You see, late in the 20th century the ability to edit our genome was developed. CRISPR gave us the ability to make changes to our genes, beginning the process of taming disease and helping us turn the corner on natural evolution. Once society began treating aging as a disease we made huge strides... then of course things fell apart as one nation after the other fell back into old patterns of war and oppression

One benefit of the early 21st century struggles was a massive decrease in population, allowing the planet to begin to heal itself, aided by rapid advances in science and our understanding of the mechanics of nature. Not to put too fine a point on things, but after stressing our world for generations, we turned the corner.

With so few people inhabiting the planet, the natural role women and men play reasserted itself, resulting in the early stages of citizenship realignment, a proper caste system, and finally the acceptance that all women belong to their husbands and fathers. Today it's hard to imagine having a wife who voices her opinion without being asked, or daughters who are unavailable sexually for their fathers pleasure, or for others with the father's permission.... At least until marriage.

Of course perfecting the system took several generations, resulting in a simple two tier caste structure (upper caste, lower caste) governing women, and logical rules such as giving fathers sexual dominion over their wives, including the right to loan or consign them to others, and complete control over their daughters from age 18 until married out. States of course weighed in with minor variations governing son's rights, but generally speaking at 18 sons could be given access to mothers and sisters, but at 21 it was generally accepted that unless the father truly objected they were given unfettered access with no right of refusal.

There were silly attempts at free use, but outside of the family structure this caused chaos, decreased productivity and led to overall discontent. All such efforts were abandoned in favor of a simple collar system anytime a woman ventured out of the house. White collars for underage girls, black collars for girls of age available with permission, and red collars for low caste married or indentured women.... also available but only with permission. High caste married women wear no collars and carry similar rights, free access to sons and daughters after age 18, and with some limitations generally available with permission to males. This last being rare except with other upper caste families.

The best changes were physical. CRISPR ushered in an era of not only age and disease eradication, but also the ability to tailor physical appearance. Hair color, body hair (pubic and otherwise), body scent and best of all, pussy flavor! When a scientist accidentally discovered that minor modification to a particular pair of genes could alter how a woman's cunt juice smelled and tasted it was heralded as the discovery of the century.

We call our little Hanna 'Honeycunt', because her cunt literally has the taste and smell of clover honey! While all such attempts were not perfect, increasing the moisture of pussies, and enhancing the flavor certainly improved the lives of everyone. There are still women flavored 'naturally' of course, and over time the exotic nature of these women became valued, but still the exception. My wife Liz for example is nearly a 'natural', but with a slightly sweet overtone and the fragrance of flowers. Her moisture level is quite high, so her inner thighs are frequently damp from the juice she constantly generates.

Liz is really something special. After giving birth to our third, Hanna, we decided that while genetically repairing the damage from childbirth we would keep her in a constant state of lactation, adding an added element of enjoyment, and not to mention value. As a lower caste women, adding to her value was actually quite important! Simply put, aging stops at some point in our 20's, and we can virtually live as long as we wish.... Birth dates being removed from all public records after 50 years to protect privacy. My Liz is such a special wife, mature but youthful... with a body that literally oozes with delectable flavor, but I doubted I would keep her forever.

As I frequently do, I allowed myself to doze off for 20 minutes or so, refreshed and ready for my shower. Knowing Hanna would be running a bit longer than usual, having given her to the boys for the morning (a random reward for their behavior) I took my time heading to the shower. Not hearing any sounds from the kids' room I turned on the shower and pressed the call button.

Our shower is actually a double shower, with a sliding partition between the adult side and the kids' side. Like the good little slut she was, Hanna slid the partition open and joined me under the flow of warm water, pressing her young tits up against my back, her young hands gently groping my semi stiff cock. Having expanded our ability to generate testosterone, cuming again so quickly was not going to be a problem, and frankly I was still only two weeks into being able to fuck little Hanna, and enjoying it immensely! Cuming 5 or more times per day was now pretty normal, days off being rarely needed unless the man wanted to engage in self-denial for some stupid reason. With pussy so available it is beyond me why anyone would deny himself his rightful access.... But that's just me I guess!

"How are the boy's today honey?" I had to ask, smiling to myself. "Oh fine" she muttered.

"Good" I said, not really caring, focusing more on my stiffening cock clenched in her small hands. "I may let them use you again, so get used to them. I am proud of how well you are stepping up, good girl!"

I assume that made her happy, why wouldn't it? If the quality of my cock massage was any indication it did. Slowly lathering up her hands with soap she started scrubbing me. I was clean in no time, hair freshly washed and every crevasse clean as a whistle! Knowing what was expected, sweet little Hannah sat on the bench and spread her young legs, giving me easy access for a taste of her fresh cunt honey. Delicious! Licking her sweet young fuck hole got me all the way hard in no time so I bent her over and pushed my cock into her tight tunnel, enjoying her startled gasp.

Honeycunt has nice firm young breasts, we designed her that way. She will never be more than a c cup, perfect for my tastes! Pulling firmly on both nipples made her jump, just as I hoped, forcing my cock even deeper into her inexperienced cunt.

Fortunately her mother had taught her how to strengthen her cunt muscles, and she began pulsing around my cock almost immediately, her head lowered either in pain or pleasure, I really didn't care which.

"Ok honey, if you need me to stop you can always say 'volcano', but let me hear you talk the way your mom taught you. Do you understand honeycunt?" I asked. "Yes Ricky!" she exclaimed, smiling up at me over her left shoulder, tossing her head to move her now damp blond bangs out of her eyes. "If I say 'volcano' you will stop because you love me and don't really want to hurt me, right?" "That's right sweetie. I may want to hurt your little cunt, but I won't if you say your safe word."

Ok, confession time. I like the idea of force fucking young women, hearing them beg me to stop simply makes my head spin. From an early age Liz had taught Hanna how to say no without really meaning it, and what a 'safe' word was and when she could use it. I guess my enjoyment is why we engineered Hanna to be petite, and why her mother spent so much time instructing her. From the sound of things yesterday I think her brothers are a chip off the old block!

"Daddy," she whispered. "Could you please not fuck me now? Don't you love me daddy?" her voice quivering, almost believable! As I twisted her left nipple I heard her gasp again. "Ricky, I don't want mommy to hear me beg... but please don't touch my little titties.... Please!" Her pleading picking up a bit. "Please Ricky, please? Oh... please, please.... Oh... Ricky, my cunt hurts, please take it out... please Ricky, please? I promise I will be a good girl tomorrow... oh!" this last exclamation being the result of my well lubricated thumb forcing its way into her tight asshole as I picked up the pace of my thrusts, in and out of her young, tight cunt.

While I could easily fuck her for a long time, I did have to get to work so I let her keep begging, the filthy descriptions of her own body escalating until her final plea was for me to stop, and I had to smile at this "stop fucking my young little fuck tunnel!" Kids these days! So innocent... I was falling in deep lust with my little girl! I could feel the cum boiling in my balls, then that sweet release as I pumped her little cunt full of my cum.

"Good girl Hannah." I said, smiling down as she sucked my cock clean. Her smile being all the reward I needed.

She helped me get dressed, picking out my suit and tie while I continued to enjoy watching her nude young body.

Together we headed to the kitchen. Liz was about ready for us, her grapefruit sized breasts already damp, her light brown hair nicely brushed and hanging naturally, fully nude as expected.

Liz knows I enjoy watching her put milk in my coffee, so she immediately poured three cups and began massaging her breasts, ultimately spraying milk in several light streams, only one reaching her eager lips. "All set dear." She said smiling, tit milk running down her chin and drenching her flat belly and exposed pussy. Leaning over she milked herself into one cup after another, the boys coming into the kitchen to enjoy the show.

"Nice!" Bobby said. "Thanks Mom! Can I have some with my cereal too?"

"Of course silly!" Liz said with a submissive smile. "Coming right up." She added, turning around to reach for the bowls. We all enjoyed looking at her tight ass, the boys now sporting solid boners, little honeycunt seemingly mesmerized by her mother's cunt lips, just visible between her parted legs.

Quickly pouring in the morning cereal Liz pumped both breasts and was easily able to provide enough milk for us all. All the men that is. Hannah would feed have to feed directly as for now she was on a milk only diet. As we sat, Hannah settled into her mother's lap and began suckling one breast, Liz grimacing as Hannah became more and more aggressive, sucking every last drop before moving on to the other jug.

Liz gently stroked Hannah's blond hair, pausing now and again to run her fingers down her young back, lightly touching her pert little ass. Being the woman of the house my wife had free access to honeycunt whenever she wanted, clearly they had grown even closer since Hannah's birthday.

We did manage to eat, I was more used to this scene than the boys, so I finished first and leaned over to kiss Liz while fondling Hannah's pert breasts. "Hannah, give me some of your cunt honey to take with me." I demanded, nodding to the small containers conveniently kept on the counter. Perking up Hannah reached for one and quickly masturbated into it, cuming quickly as she was designed to do. Once done she put on the lid, licked the outside clean and handed it to me. "Here you go daddy." She said, smiling shyly. I think she understood that I would likely let a friend or two have a taste.

"Liz, I think we need some more ice cream. Do you have enough milk stored away to make some for after dinner?" I asked. Her concerned look confirming that she had not done as I asked.

"Not yet dear, but I can try..." she said, sighing softly.

I could almost hear the boys smiling! Bobby had recently turned 19 and Jim was barely 20, so they still needed my permission to fuck their mother, or their sister for that matter, but I really didn't police them with Hannah all that much. Why bother? They had shared the same bed since they were young, what difference did it make, and frankly they had all turned out nicely. Seeing that their mother was in trouble they knew I would likely give them a shot at her cunt.

"Bye dear, I have work to do today. Give the boy's access to your pussy now, I think they need it, but then clean up and be ready. I may bring some friends over later and I want you clean." " Boys, be nice to your mother!"

I would swear I saw Liz smile as the boys reached for her arms, Bobby grabbing the handcuffs off the hook on the wall, Jim reaching for the crop.

It's funny how boys like mature cunts while most men prefer the younger variety.

I think Liz is in for a long morning!