Before we delve too deeply into my words, I want to say a quick something about this story. First off, these were the first erotic stories that I'd written, in 2012. I haven't read it since, and I'm sure it has some errors of some types.

My Magic series gets better over the course of the 10 stories, each set in the same world (a present-day world very similar to ours) but with different characters.

Enjoy, and please feel free to comment! And remember, the series gets better as it goes!

From his perch on the edge of the roof, he looked down at the woman walking down the street side. She was a little thing with a short, blood red dress and red leather boots that went almost up to her knee. Her light brown hair was long enough to sway back and forth behind her ass when she moved, proving to be quite alluring in its own right. With a cute little nose, laughing green eyes, and light freckles on her cheeks, she was one of the rare sights around this part of town. She was physically striking, but what really made him target her was the aura of innocence around her that he could sense; it called to him, not letting him think about anything but her for the past day. He knew he had to own her. It was another star filled night, some would call it beautiful; there were no real clouds, just the slight wisps here and there, accentuating the city's soft night glow. Silently, he kept watch, moving when he needed to, keeping her in his sight always, and waiting for her to get someplace safe for him to make his move. Long blocks came and went before he found his opportunity, but when he saw it, he knew he had to take it. Walking along the street, she came to the corner of the block, and as she looked down the street, she saw a figure walking towards her. He had close cropped light hair that was brushed neatly, complementing nicely with his white dress jacket with the long tails, black slacks, and shining black dress shoes. Something about him both caught her eye and made her want to run away instantly. The curiosity was too much. Coming closer to her, the man put on a sly half-smile, walking up disarmingly with his hands in his pockets. "You're quite the brave one, wandering around alone at this time of night, need some help?" It was a smooth voice that came out of his mouth, just low enough to send tingles up her spine. Something about the way he put his question sent warning bells off in her head, but the voice drew her in closer. "I-I always go home alone at night," she sounded almost sad as she said it. "Always? That's no fun for someone as pretty as you. How about a walk home? Let's change that for ya, shall we?" Came the smooth voice once more, coming up next to her and offering her his arm. With a shy smile, she came to him and took it gently, still unsure a little but her curiosity was getting the better of her. Her home was another few blocks and they made it there with no problems and a little small talk along the way. Walking up to her front door, he came to a slow stop as he spun her to look into his eyes. "If you don't have anybody to walk you home tomorrow, just think it and I'll be there," he purred softly with what might have been a wink. "I-I'll..... Thanks..." she returned with a meek voice as she melted away from him and towards her door unable to get her mind off him. He sat on her roof, concentrating on her as she readied for sleep for the night, pulling all of the strings in her mind to keep him foremost in her thoughts. Her curiosity. Her expectations. Her questions. Her anticipations. And most of all her desire. Feeling her presence starting to slip itself into relaxation for sleep, he let his eyes close in deeper concentration, feeling his way around her mind and slipping through the openings he found, working his way deeper and deeper. As he felt her consciousness fall deeper and deeper, he found his opening, working his way into her dreams. He spent most of the night filling most of her dreams with subtle undertones of intrigue, curiosity, desire, and arousal. Finally done for the night, she let her thoughts naturally wander to where they wanted to go... which just so happened to be about him after all that work. In the morning, she woke up, wiping the sleep from her eyes and still a little wet from her dreams, anticipating her walk home this night where she'd think of this man, bringing him to her. ************* This night was cold, especially for a summer night. A slight breeze and another cloudless night brought shivers to her shoulder. Or, at least that's what she'd tell anyone who would ask. As she started on her way home, she suddenly felt a little nervous; unsure if she should think the words that would bring her companion from last night to her. Mentally slapping herself, she began her journey home, thinking about him and her dreams from the previous night as she began to feel a slight tingle inside her. When she was a few blocks into her trip, she started wondering when and if he would show up, but then reminded herself that she didn't believe he would anyway, that it was just a fantasy. Turning the corner, she saw a solitary figure looking her way. The two locked gazes briefly and she knew it was him as she hurried up to catch up. "I told you I'd come if you thought about it." The voice entered her mind, spreading guilty pleasures throughout her body as she began to think again about her dreams from the night. "I-I know," she looked down at her feet shyly. "It's j-just that...." "You didn't believe me," he finished for her in a sad voice. When she looked up to him, she saw him smiling, though. "It's fine, I understand." As he finished with a wink, he offered her his arm which she took gladly, pulling herself as close to him as possible. As the pair of them came in sight of her house, she slowly came to a stop, halting him with her. Looking up into his eyes, she whispered with her shy, meek little voice, "I'd love for you to come in....." Suddenly feeling shy all over again, she looked down to her feet once more. "But....?" he urged. "But... I don't know how my family would feel. Could we- Do you-" With an effort, she calmed herself back down, taking a few deep breaths. "Is there a place you have that I could stay at for a while?" Giving her a grin that showed he'd known what she was going to say already, he nodded his head. "I have something to tell you. You won't believe me, though, so I'll just ask you to close your eyes, the first few trips can be rough. Now close your pretty little green eyes for just a moment." As she did, he let out a quick breath and suddenly the cold night got much colder as the winds kicked up around the two, sending shivers down her spine. She felt like she was flying for a moment, felt like she was falling, and then suddenly everything was still and warm. There was no wind, no chill, no night time smells; just warm. She opened her eyes to see herself alone in a room that had no door or windows, and the only furniture it had was a couch, matching chair, and a bed. When she looked up, she saw the sky in it's perfectly clear splendor. As she looked around at the room a second time, she began to wonder where her consort was; not only that, she began to wonder what was going on. In her scanning of the room, she noticed wisps of clouds, almost smoke-like, beginning to band together, quickly taking shape on the other side of the room before he emerged from the mass. Her look of wonder transformed into a look of trepidation that gave way to a mix of curiosity and desire. "M-magic!" she stuttered excitedly, yet still mildly fearful. All her life, she had been told to be ware of these people, but this one couldn't be so bad, could he? Biting her lower lip, she slowly looked him up and down, thinking about what may lay in store. With a slight nod, he began to walk towards her, catching her in his overwhelming gaze. "And do you know what else I can do, little one?" She blushed a deep red color as she realized that he could read her mind as if she'd said it aloud. Looking down at her feet, she squeaked a quiet "yes" as she shuffled her feet in towards each other nervously. When she finally got her nerves back to look up, she saw that he wasn't in front of her anymore, but felt a light hand on her shoulder, spinning her around to him and his kiss on her neck. "Mmm, so sweet..." he purred lightly. "Do you know what comes next?" Another shy nod came from her as she pressed herself into his body. She looked up to his eyes again and saw the power gleaming in them as his hand slipped down between her legs, nail rubbing up and down the zipper of her pants. A tremor made its way up her spine, bringing pleasure to her mind, making her stand on the tips of her toes to reach his mouth for a kiss. With a soft bite, he let them go, letting her back down to the flats of her feet. One hand still tracing her zipper slowly, he brought his other to caress her breasts gently, flicking a nipple here and there. As they got harder and he felt some moistness seeping through her pants, he worked his hands to the bottom of her shirt as she helped him get it off of her, leaving her naked from the waist up. She smiled a meek smile and asked "these too?" "Mmhmmm." He started kneeling down, trailing his hands down her sides to hook on the hips of her pants, slowly pulling them down as he pulled the zipper with his teeth. His hands continued after the zipper was down, leaving his mouth to suck on her clit, flicking it with his tongue and feeling her spasm slightly with each flick. Making his way around her pussy and to her inner thigh, he felt her disappointment without having to look up as he smiled to himself. As he made his way back up, he felt both of her hands tangling in his hair, pulling him up higher and higher until he got to just under her chin, bringing her head back. A blink of his eyes brought him behind her, mouth at the side of her neck, purring so softly she could hardly hear it, but she felt it easily. Sighing, she reached behind her to grab at the sides of his shirt, bringing it up over his head before dropping to her knees in front of him. She gave him a look almost pleading for instructions before she felt his words in her mind, echoing around sensually and causing tingles to come and go through random parts of her body. Fighting for control, she slowly worked his zipper down and got his button undone before bringing his pants down and off, leaving her staring into his hard cock. "I.... I c-can't," she stammered shyly as she began to stand before she felt his hands on her shoulders and his mind entering hers. Her struggling stopped quickly, sinking back to her knees to take the head into her soft mouth. She felt him tense up as she grabbed his hips, nails poking into his sides. Twirling her tongue around his head, she slowly began to take him deeper until she got to the back of her throat where she curled her tongue up and licked her way back to the tip. Their eyes locked again as she took him in her mouth again, head twisting side to side, tongue exploring everywhere, teeth lightly scraping on occasion. Soon enough, she felt his legs starting to twitch, so she eased his dick out of her mouth again, smiling as she watched the saliva trail hang from the tip to her tongue. She shot up to give one last lick to it, cleaning it and the precum off. Smiling down at her, he reached a hand down to bring her up, guiding her to his bed where he laid her down, feet on the floor with her face down on the bed, bent over at the waist. He crouched down for a better view, sticking his tongue in her pussy and bringing a moan from her mouth. His tongue vibrated as he let an "mmmm" escape, bringing more moans from her. As he stood up, he looked forward and saw her hands twisted up in the blankets and grinned, leaning over to kiss his way up from her ass all the way to her neck. She flinched and let out a gasp when she first felt him in her as a spasm of pleasure made its way through her body. As he pushed deeper, she felt her head snap up as the ecstasy became greater and greater. She felt his body pressed up tightly on her back, and the pressure there did nothing to take away from the experience. Her gasps quickly turned to moans, and her moans to screams as she gave in to him and this pleasure. Her muscles tightened and loosened around him as he slowly pushed forward and came back, her hands grasping behind her to get ahold of his hips. The pressure on her back eased up and she felt his strong hands find her waist as he slid out of her wet pussy and she felt herself being rolled over onto her back. She looked up into his eyes as he whispered "your eyes are too beautiful, I can't not look at them," and bit her lip in embarrassment for just a moment before she felt him back inside of her, loosing it in a gasp. Her eyes rolled back as he bent his back to get his face down to one of her nipples and took it into his mouth, flicking it hard with his tongue. He caught her as her back arched up, bringing her whole body with it and sliding gently down to lie on the floor with her on top of him. She felt her body moving on its own, sliding forward and backward, side to side, up and down, feeling his body tense under hers. He'd never felt someone so good before, and her with such an aura of innocence around her; he could hardly stand it anymore, reaching up to grab her wrists and pull her down to him to kiss her hard, biting her on her lip once more. He moaned as she cried in pleasure, both of them feeling the waves of euphoria course down their bodies as their desire rose higher and higher. She disentangled herself from his hands and his lips, placing his hands on her hips as she put hers on his chest. He felt his dick throb more and more, twitching every time she came down on him, ready to release until she suddenly slid herself down, his cock slapping his belly as it came out. She grabbed his hands and pulled him to his feet before pushing him back down onto the bed there. Trailing her finger nails down his body, she kneeled down on the floor, taking him in her mouth once more. Her tongue sliding up the underside of his throbbing dick, she felt him spasm as the pleasure became too much for him to bear, releasing him inside her mouth. Sucking hard as she pulled her head up, she smiled at him before gulping it all down, watching his eyes close as he quickly fell asleep, enjoying his dreams. "Now you are mine," she whispered softly in his ear before standing up and with a silent chant, she found herself back in her bedroom, enjoying the night's game.;area=summary;u=10657