(All rights reserved. All characters and events are fictional, the participants were all consenting adults, staunch churchgoers and members of the Rotaries. All safety precautions were observed at all times, social distancing was applied etc.)

This is the story of a naïve girl who embarks in a journey into a world of mysticism and sensual discovery. Join her as she reaches for higher levels or self-knowledge and pleasure.

Elizabeth Frost: An 18 year old first year student from an extremely conservative religious background. Her first experience with sex leads her to becoming a disciple or chela of a Tantra adept, and begin to discover a world of pleasure.

Dr Bill Ogden: General practitioner and eventually lover of Elizabeth's

Sunitra: Tantra adept, healer and relationship expert, Elizabeth's teacher and master.

John Wills, retired engineer, tantra adept, Elizabeth's lover and teacher.

10 Group Worship.

The drink brought a warm glow to Elizabeth's body, and the second plate of snacks rounded it off very well. Then Sunitra asked: "Is everyone ready for a second round? Elizabeth?"

She nodded, not sure what Sunitra had in mind, and John nodded also when Sunitra looked at him pointedly. She laughed softly. "I need not ask you, you randy goat. Let me put a collection of Shankar on."

Elizabeth followed her graceful movements, admiring the movements of the slim body in the brilliantly coloured robe. Then Sunitra turned, dropped the robe, and stepped in front of Bill. Pressing his face into her crotch she growled: "Up for some heavy loving, Bill boy? Let's see if you can still perform."

Elizabeth moved against John when he pulled her closer, and they sat, looking at the two playing with each other. John slid a hand into her robe, cupping a breast, softly caressing her as Bill ate Sunitra's pussy, making her arch her back, opening her legs and keening with pleasure. A few minutes later she stood back and gasped. "Enough, you beast! How you take advantage of an innocent little girl like me! And what is that I see rearing its head? I have to investigate."

She sank on her knees to grasp the erection, presenting her backside to them, and Elizabeth saw the beads of lubrication on her swollen lips. John reached over and caressed the buttocks, stroked the pussy, and asked Elizabeth: "Do you mind if I play with her a little? I will not neglect you, but I can give pleasure without taking it from you."

She nodded, admiring the spectacle before her, and feeling a growing erection beneath her. John's hand still stroked her breast, but the other was now threading between the lips, seeking to find a way into Sunitra's vagina. She wiggled her backside in appreciation, but slurped at the erection before her. Elizabeth found and uncovered John's erection, and softly caressed it, then bent her head and kissed it. Soon she had his undivided attention.

She looked up and asked: "Is this right?" He nodded. "Yes, just be careful with the teeth. So, like that is great. A little softer, slower, and there you are. Now if you cup my balls, that would be great. Just keep on like that. Oh, that is good. Softly, he is still a little tender."

Sunitra was now sitting behind Bill, massaging his chest with one hand and stroking his cock with the other. He lay back against her, totally relaxed. She nibbled softly and crooned something wordless in his ear. massaging Bill's chest. Elizabeth took in this beautiful scene, then looked at John. He saw the uncertainty and took charge. "Let me kiss you. You have a kissable mouth, and I'm sure you have not been kissed properly."

He leant her back against the cushions and brought weight on her, his head close to hers. His lips nibbled her cheeks, caressed her nose, moved to kiss her eyes, then her lips. He brushed them softly, then a little harder, his tongue making a soft intrusion. She tasted him, feeling him, welcoming him, and thrilled at the touch of his free hand training down to her breast. A pinch at her nipple sent a small shock through her, and he broke the contact, laughing into her eyes. "That was a nice kiss. I scared you? Let me kiss it better." He turned to kiss her breast, touch the nipple with his tongue, while her hands sought and found the erection, caressing it.

Elizabeth turned and sought to take the penis into her mouth, seeking it and he obliged, sliding down and leaning on her belly. His weight on her stimulated all sorts of feelings in her and she captured the penis, sucking it while her hands enjoyed his hips, his tight buttocks and his puckered anus. Dimly she was aware of the sounds of Sunitra and Bill, both moaning with pleasure.

John was kissing and licking her pussy now and she felt the beginning of her orgasm flowing in her body. His finger probed, sending electric sparks along her nerves. She sought to reach all the sensitive points on his penis, withdrawing it from her mouth and licking the underside, seeking the frenulum, licking with a pointed tongue in the groove under the head. Another finger was stroking the root of his penis, feeling the opening into his pelvis, caressing the prostate gland from outside.

Her vagina welcomed a probing finger, reacting to the soft caresses, the suction on her clitoris. But she knew an orgasm was close. He sensed her reaction and rolled off her gasping body, held her close, and asked: "All right, little one?"

She nodded, and said: "Can you come in me now? I want a man inside me, but gently, not like them." Next to them Bill had bent Sunitra over a pair of cushions and had impaled her as far as it was possible. Elizabeth watched the cock plunging into the depths of her vagina, exiting and entering again, hearing her little cries of pleasure.

John smiled. "Trust me. I understand you had a bad experience. Get comfortable, but put more cushions under your bum, my hips are not as flexible as they were once. Oh that I had known you them, my dear, what a pleasure that would have been."

She giggled as he rubbed his cock through her pussy, and her toes curled up with the anticipation. "If you had known me when you were eighteen, what would you have done with me?"

He smiled. "I wonder. Here it comes now, tell me if it hurts." He thrust slowly, retreated, thrust again, retreated again, thrust a little further. Her eyes were closed, her mouth open in pleasure.

She felt the thrusting of his body, the stretching of her opening, and deep in her she waited for the pain. John moved slowly, a hand on her hip, the other caressing her breast. He leant forward and kissed her forehead, then thrust deep inside her, holding still.

"All right?" She had stiffened, her breathing had stopped, and she nodded. Then she uttered: "Oh, yes, it feels good, do it again!"

He thrust steadily now, seeing her pupils dilate as she looked up at him. He felt his own orgasm building and whispered: "Wait for me, little one, wait."

She nodded, sweat slicking her belly, her legs in the air, her feet clenched. |I'll try, but it is so good. I can't wait much longer, please."

He slowed his movements, long practise having taught him how to pace her. Next to them Sunitra had a loud, shuddering orgasm, then Bill flipped her over and mounted her, grasping her shoulders. Elizabeth was oblivious to them, oblivious to the world. All that existed for her was the thrusting shaft into her depths, the knowledge that John was making love to her, that he was about to come. Then he warned, speeded up his movements, and she felt the semen spurting inside her, filling her. Her body reacted to the hormones, the knowledge of his ejaculation, and she went spinning into an orgasm that would not end. John skilfully kept it going as long as his erection lasted, then he collapsed, panting, on her sweating body.

For long minutes they lay there, she teasing his hair with an idle hand as they watched Bill reaching his climax, plowing into Sunitra with what seemed like savage force. She squealed, thrusting back against him, then his body spasmed, thrusting deeply into her, and held the penis there, spurting his seed into her body. She gasped, screamed, plucked at the cushions, and they could see her vagina milking the seed into its depths. She shook in passion, her body shuddering. Then they, too collapsed and lay as if struck. Elizabeth rolled from under John, smiled at him, and found the duvet, which she draped over the panting couple.

"John, dear, do we have something to drink, to offer them? They are going to need it, me too."

He rose, still flushed with his exertions. "I can see why she wants you to continue as her chela, such a thoughtful and considerate girl. First I would prescribe a glass of sparkling water to our dear doctor and his love, then perhaps a spirit? Can you make a Mojito? I will show you. And with that I have a pack of sushi in the refrigerator. I hope that would be sufficient to restore all of you."

The companionship between the four of them was a lesson in friendship Elizabeth had never experienced before, She giggled as she wondered if, maybe, her mother's prayer meetings had engendered a similar feeling. Sometimes they did pray until they had whipped each other into a fervour. Then Sunitra's touch brought her back to the room.

"We thank our gods for a magnificent evening, don't we, Elizabeth? With your permission we will now leave you, she has to be back in her residence soon and she has a test tomorrow."