Angela was nervous, actually she revised that she was terrified, this was not where she expected to end up. She had fantasied, and dreamed, then told her husband about it, but never believed it would become real. But here she was sitting in a hotel bar, her birthday present from her husband, waiting. Her clothes were not a million miles from what she would normally wear, her white blouse was one she liked wearing, but the skirt was unusual, she did not wear them at all normally, and certainly not this one that she had not worn for a good few years. This skirt only came down to about 2 inches above her knee, and she was very aware of how short it was because she had no knickers on, stockings too, when was the last time she had put them on, she questioned herself. Her bra was one of her favourite white ones, her 36 G cup breasts always needed good support, and her small heel shoes and jacket were from her everyday collection.

As she looked over at her husband, who was sitting across the bar in a comfortable seat watching, she thought to herself, I look good for a 48 year old woman, sexy, classy, definitely not slutty, and with no hint of where the night was going. She was trying to give herself some confidence, because she was really not ready for this, she was concerned that she could not go through with it.

Angela, with her husband, had been speaking to Daryl for about a month, he was a 24 year old black man, and today he was going to fuck her, her husband was going to watch. She had agreed to several things for tonight that she was not sure about at all, to let Daryl do things to her that she normally did not like, she certainly did not let her husband do them. They had exchanged a few pictures but the one that stuck in her head was the one of his cock, it was a monster, he said it was 9 inches, and from the photo's she believed him. Her dream was to be fucked by a big black cock and Daryl was definitely a big black cock. They had chatted a lot, and while she could not say they had a lot in common, they got on, and she definitely found his strong muscly body sexy and was very attracted to it.

She saw him approaching, and tried to relax, she had no idea what he saw in her old, chubby body that had borne several children, but he seemed very excited about the idea of fucking her.

'Hello Angela,' Daryl said, sounding very relaxed, more relaxed than she was, as he took the chair next to her.

'Good Evening Daryl, how are you?' she asked, nerves really fighting her desire to sound calm.

'I'm very well thanks,' he said as he caught the barman's eye, 'you want another drink?'

'I will have a vodka and coke please,' she replied.

Angela did start to relax as small talk progressed, and probably the vodka started to kick in, then Daryl leant over and put his hand on her thigh, it was a large man, the strong looking hand of a young man. She looked at him, silently giving him permission to touch her, as he slowly ran his hand up her inner thigh, until it was millimetres from her pussy, she could feel him moving, her minge hairs moving.

Angela had a trimmed pussy, she did not like the fashion for bald, but also wanted it to look nice, tidy, but there was hair there that Daryl's hand was touching. She was completely focused on his hand, it had pushed her skirt up a little and there were two or three men in the bar that could see her pussy if they looked now, that turned her on.

'You want me to go a little further,' he enquired.

'Oh yes,' Angela replied, waiting for his fingers to enter her, she took a gulp of her drink.

Daryl's fingers touched her pussy, it was wet already, and he very gently stroked a finger across her clit, as another finger parted her lips, sliding down towards her wet hole.

Angela relaxed back and let his fingers slide inside, she looked around at the guys that might have been able to see but none were looking this way. What was happening between her legs felt good, it was certainly getting her excited, she looked to her husband, who was intently watching now, and the thought of his frustration made her feel good.

She was brought back to reality with a bump, the barman lent over the bar, and said, 'I think you two should retire to a room before somebody else sees you.'

Angela, was a little embarrassed, but also turned on that Barman had seen, she looked at Daryl and said, 'we should,' as she hoped off the bar stool that she was on.

Daryl followed, and they walked out the bar together towards the elevators, as they exited Angela looked back and saws her husband down his drink and follow them. The three of them stood waiting the got into the car when it arrived, Angela pressed three, and the doors shut.

Angela opened her room door, and went through, she was followed by Daryl and her husband, the door closing behind them. Her husband took the seat in the corner as he had agreed with her that he would, and watched, photos and maybe film later too.

Angela knelt on the bed and turned to face Daryl he put his hand down and his fingers touched her pussy, as he kissed her. She felt so wet, her mind kept going to the thought of his massive cock, he played and she fantasised in her head the thought of him pushing that cock into her. He moved away slightly, still paying her pussy some attention and started to undo her top, he pushed it off once it was undone. Then he slipped his hand around the back and unclipped her bra, he was so skilled at that, her big breasts were released as he threw the bra across the room, immediately moving to unbutton her skirt, this disappeared across the room too. She was naked apart from her stockings, and thought this the right time to start on Daryl.

Angela undid his belt, and the top button of his jeans and pushed them down, he had tight Under Armour underwear on, and his massive bulge was so obvious, but she left this, pulling up his t-shirt and lifting it over his head, exposing his muscly chest and flat toned stomach, god he had an amazing body. She guided him around to the bed as she got off, and pushed him back to lay on it, she slipped off his trainers and his sports socks, before completely removing his jeans, and climbed back onto the bed and onto Daryl.

Straddling him she moved her hand to the only item of clothing he still had on, she wanted to be subtle and gentle, but her excitement got the better of her, she slipped a hand down and grabbed his cock. It was semi hard, but it felt massive in her hand, she released it out the top of his underwear and stared at it for a moment, she had agreed to anal tonight, something she did not normally do, and it had been at least five years since she had let her husband. She was regretting agreeing now, that cock was a monster and she was not going to take it easy.

Angela pushed the thought from her mind, and eagerly pulled his boxers down and off, she returned to his cock, taking it in one hand and wanking it, licking the end, then taking the head into her mouth. She wasn't really able to take much more than the head in her mouth, as the cock was so fat with a girth that belonged in porn films, but she played and sucked as best she could, licking the head with her tongue and teasing the banjo string. After a few minutes she moved around lifting a knee over Daryl, he eagerly pulled her down and drove his tongue into her pussy, as she continued her suck on his cock.

Angela relaxed, Daryl's tongue was amazing, he flicked just right here and there, the tingles in her pussy were perfect, as she took more of Daryl's huge cock into her mouth, she looked at her husband, he looked happy and content her pleasure the only thing that had seemed to worry him since they arrived here. Daryl's tongue danced across her clit and she moaned, that felt good. For a minute or more he continued, until it got to the point she as unable to suck his cock any more, her moaning and squirming preventing it.

Daryl moved her and she found herself laying on the bed, diagonal across, her feet pointing at her husband, that didn't last long, Daryl was between her legs and licking again, he held her legs tight. She squirmed his tongue pushing her quickly towards her first orgasm of the night. She fought to get away as the first spasms of the orgasm twisted her body, and the electrical energy fired across her midriff, still his tongue pressed into her clit, her moan got loud and she tried harder to pull away, but he held her tight, she shook her whole body reacting now, she felt like she had no control at all, she heard herself say, 'no, please, I can't take it,' but he just pushed his tongue in harder.

Angela felt like she was watching her body shake and fight, not like she was in it, the sensations completely overwhelming her, it was the loudest orgasm she had ever had, and as she was released, she lay still, heavily breathing, but feeling very satisfied. However, she had no time to relax, her legs were hoist up and before she knew it were on Daryl's shoulders. The tip of his huge cock pressing against her lips, this was it, this was the moment she had wanted, his cock slipped in, it felt massive, but so good.

There was a moment, there was nothing else, just her body and this huge cock sliding into her. She felt so full and he was still pushing in, it got to be painful, but as she started, to recoil, and mouthed the word,' Jesus,' he started to withdraw.

She heard Daryl say to her husband, 'not bad, she can take over 8 inches,' but she was focused on it sliding back in, she moaned it was everything she wanted.

Daryl started to thrust with a steady rhythm, Angela had never been pounded like this, her husband was not a small man, but he also did not have the piston like action of Daryl, she leant into it loving the feeling of this enormous cock thrusting her. He held her legs with one hand as he thrust, the other hand coming down to press her clit. She fidgeted, the intense feelings making her mind flick about, stopping her concentration settling on anything. Before she knew it, she was flipped around on all fours, and his long pole was probing deep again, she flinched as it reached the very limit of her capability, but the thrusting was harder now, she loved it.

As Daryl thrust, his fingers played, then the part she was dreading, his fingers played with her arsehole and one slipped in. She tried to focus on the thrust in her pussy, pushing back to make it harder, and then moved one of her hands to rub her clit. She could feel her next orgasm coming, but was also aware of the finger stretching her arse.

The thrusting and pressure overwhelmed her and she climaxed again, as she relaxed from that Daryl pushed another finger into her arse, she tried to relax it was over five years since she had done anal, and never liked it.

Suddenly, she was distracted, by her husband, he was taking pictures, they had agreed to this, and she was sure he took some when she was 69ing, but this was slightly more intrusive. Actually she was sure he was filming her. She liked that, she would want to relive this.

She felt cold lube drip onto her arse, and then Daryl's fingers gently massage that in, inside and out of her arse, as he continued to pump her pussy, she ached now, he had been piston-like for over 10 minutes now, she was not used to one position lasting so long or with such constant thrusting. However it appeared he was ready for the next bit and his cock slipped out, she felt her pussy contract, mourning the loss. Her husband was right in there filming this bit, as she felt is hard head press against her arse, she tried to relax but knew she was doing a bad job, but she felt her little brown hole start to give way, and the head started to slip in.

Angela supressed a yelp as the head made it in, thankfully Daryl stopped. The head of his cock felt massive in her arse, and the head was about an inch, there were 8 more to go up, and she had said she would take it all. She relaxed as much as she could and let Daryl push up, it felt like most of it was in but she knew it wasn't.

She took a deep breath as he withdrew to the head, then pushed in again, a lot more went up this time and she did yelp, she guessed six inches were in now, and she relaxed a bit when Daryl started to withdrew and pump in, tiny amounts more went in with every thrust, but there was nothing like the first couple.

Angela held herself firm, she looked around, Daryl was focused on her, and her husband was revelling in watching her arse filled this way. She moved her hand and rubbed her clit, feeling proud of herself for taking this massive cock in her arse. She began to feel it in her guts, his cock was way past where anything had gone before now, and she was getting pressure on her stomach. She could not believe it was not all in, she discomfort was overwhelming and her arse felt like it was about to break open. Then she felt his balls slap her pussy, his cock must be in, she had taken it. He withdrew slowly all the way to the head, and then thrust in hard until his balls slapped again. Angela yelped again at that, god that was uncomfortable, but it was replaced with a hard rhythmic thrusting, harder than anything else she had every experienced.

As the thrusting continued Angela, started to lightly grunt with each thrust, a 'huh...huh...huh' as she coped with pressure on her insides. She rubbed and tried to focus on her clit, she was sure she could take herself to another orgasm as she tweaked and squeezed. Daryl really was an engine he just kept pounding, but between her 'huhs' Angela started to moan, she was getting there, she felt it, she felt her midsection tighten, Daryl moaned she would feel his dick being squashed by her tensing. Angela let rip again, her breathing heavy as she moaned through her orgasm, Daryl couldn't hold it either, her squeeze had pushed him over the edge, she felt him unload in her, the force was incredible, and as he withdrew, he sprayed over her arse, and up her back, she didn't care and fell to the bed, looking every bit the satisfied woman. Daryl flopped down beside her, and took a moment to catch his breath, then he said, 'give me ten then we can go for round two, and I am definitely doing that again tonight, can't believe you took it all, not many can, and it feels so good for me.'

He took Angela in his strong arms and pulled her to him, she snuggled into his big muscly chest, wanting ten minutes to be up so she could experience that again.