It was late afternoon in the middle of summer, the sun had been shining down all day so it was uncomfortably warm. I didn't mind too much though, I had the windows open and had worn my shortest shorts with just a simple bralette to stay cool. It's not an outfit I would wear outside as people tend to stare at my body enough without me showing it off. I hope that doesn't sound too braggy, it's just that my boobs are well above average and my ass has always been big.

I work out a lot to stay in shape and keep everything toned but there's nothing I can do to make them any smaller. Often I opt for baggy clothing to try and hide them though because I don't like the attention I get from guys, and it often makes my girl friends annoyed at me.

It was too hot to work out today, though I have been dancing around the flat singing along to the radio since my flatmates are all on various vacations. I'm enjoying having time to myself even though it can get lonely, especially at night. I have another week of this to go, but at least it's nice weather so I can get out during the day to sunbathe or so for a walk.

The doorbell rang out, only just making it to my ears over the music. I wasn't expecting anyone but it was probably just a package that I'd forgotten about or someone who needed in the building. I buzzed them in, and went to grab a top so that I could answer the door, I didn't want to show the mailman my bra!

I turned down the music and walked towards the door just as I could hear footsteps coming up. I opened the door with a smile, hoping to cheerily greet the delivery man and see if it might be something fun for me. Instead when I opened the door my jaw dropped.

It was Owen, my ex boyfriend! I had no idea how he knew where I lived, we had broken up a few years ago and I'd moved since then. He didn't look surprised to see me, in fact he looked very happy. I was speechless and ended up staring at him for way longer than would be socially acceptable before I spoke.

"How, what, are you doing here?" I managed to stumble out, sounding about as confident as I felt. Owen and I have a looooong history, we dated for just 6-7 months but ended up sleeping together afterwards, on and off for close to a year. I'm not proud of it, but it turns out I'm pretty kinky and I didn't want to have to explain that to someone new.

Eventually he started getting too possessive, messaging me all day, wanting to know where I'd been. I had to end it and finally move on. But now here he was, standing in front of me two years later. His blonde hair had grown out to a kind of surfer look, and his muscles were not well hidden under his tight t-shirt.

He took me by surprise, stepping forward and pushing me back so he could close the door behind him. "I think you know exactly why I'm here." He snarled out, pushing me up against the wall with his face right in front of mine.

I had no idea, he had sent a few messages over the years, but the most recent one was over a month ago. I had ignored it, not wanting to enable him to seduce me again. Now all of a sudden he's in my flat, pressing up against me, making me wet. Yes, I'm wet, but I can't help it having a guy towering over me and overpowering me is hot!

Owen leaned in to kiss me but I twisted my head to avoid him, his hand flew up to grab my jaw and turn it back to face him. "Oh, so that's how you're going to play it." He looked almost pleased that I was rejecting him. As if that's what he wanted to happen all along.

My heart was racing, no one was home, he was way stronger than me, and he was blocking the only exit. I tried desperately to think of a way to escape, should I try to bite him, or kick out in between his legs? I didn't have time to get very far before he was grabbing my hair and pulling me away from the wall.

"Which one's your room?" He barked out as he picked up his duffel bag with his other hand. I hadn't noticed it before, just a simple black bag, the type someone might take to the gym. Remembering our time together I had some idea of what might be in there, but I hoped I was wrong.

I shrieked as he pulled harder on my hair, pointing towards my door as tears rolled down my cheeks. He pulled me towards it, opening the door and throwing me down on the unmade bed. My dildo lay out on my side table from this morning, I spotted it and prayed he somehow wouldn't notice.

He didn't at first, he was too preoccupied. My bed was a simple metal frame double bed, with a flowery pattern made from the metal for the headboard. I had it pushed up against the back corner of my room so that it was cosier, but this meant I had no way to run that wasn't past him.

"Owen, please! Get out." I pleaded, as he looked down at me from beside the bed with hungry eyes. He stayed silent, opening his bag and pulling out a bundle of cable ties before he climbed on top of me, using his weight to hold me down.

I was overwhelmed by him, almost my entire body had his weight pushing it down, holding it in place, I could smell his aftershave, I could feel his erection pushing into me. I tried squirming out from under him, kicking out my legs and arms, but it was no use. Each limb that was freed was soon wrangled back beneath him.

He tried to kiss me again, first kissing up my neck before moving up to my mouth. I turned to the side trying to escape his lips, so he kissed my cheek, moved over to suck on my earlobe, then bit down, hard. I screamed out in pain as I felt his teeth digging into me, trying to pull away but only tugging on it and causing more pain.

As I was distracted by the agony in my ear, Owen slipped a cable tie around my left wrist and pulled it tightly. He sat up and forward so that he was kneeling over my chest, holding down my arms with his knees. He attached a tie to the other wrist, and then to either side of the headboard.

Releasing one arm he forced it up and into position, connecting the two ties together with a third. While he was following suit with the other side I truly began to realise the trouble I was in, no one would be around for at least another week. Did he know that? Was this all planned so that he could come over when no one else was home?

"Please, stop. Please, please let me go," I started babbling as I continued to cry, I was completely helpless and now both of my hands were tied to the bed. Owens bulge was staring at me, right in front of my face, and sometimes pressing against it when he bent down to pick up extra ties.

When I tried to move my face to get away from it I ended up rubbing against it and I felt it twitch in response. Owen looked down at me, "Don't worry, you'll get to taste him again soon." He grinned wickedly.

His body turned around and moved so that he was sitting on my shapely hips, so that he could bind my legs. These each got a tie around the ankle, and were then attached to each other, before being tied to the pole which ran along the bottom of the bed.

I was now stuck in a 'Y' shape, only able to wriggle and lift my hips slightly. I noticed that my pussy was soaked, stuck in muscle memory of getting wet when I'm held down and tied up. Normally this would be exactly what I wanted, and Owen knew that all too well. He stood up to admire his work, happy with his bound and defenseless ex girlfriend.

He dropped his trousers and boxers to the floor, revealing his hard eight inch cock that I remembered vividly. My vagina twitched at the sight of it, wanting to feel that massive wand inside of her once again. He climbed back onto my chest dangling it in front of my face.

"Hungry?" He asked mockingly, as he ran the tip along my lips while I tried to turn away from it. I felt him pull back and looked up expecting him to have given up on his hopes that I would willingly blow him. I saw his hand swinging towards me, then felt the impact on my cheek as the burn ran through my face.

He didn't hold anything back, it was harder than he had ever hit me when we would role play, this was real anger, and real pain. I screamed out my face tingling where his hand had met with the skin. Now I was well and truly scared.

"It can get much worse than that slut." His words were spat out at me like I was scum, "now open up and play nice or this is going to be a very unpleasant week for you." His voice was raised and angry, a tone I had never heard him use before. It was not the kind of command you ignore, not with the heat radiating out from my cheek after just one slap.

I turned my head up and opened my mouth obediently, allowing him to push inside with a sigh. "Mmm, yeah that's a good girl." Those words hit me hard, he knew how much that would affect me. My nipples started raising up to show my arousal, not that it wouldn't be obvious if he checked my panties anyway.

I briefly considered biting down, but couldn't even imagine what he would do to me if I did. I was totally under his control and would just have to play nice until I could find a way to escape. He continued to gently rock his cock in and out of my mouth, It felt just as good as I remembered, so thick and delicious (giving blow jobs is another kink of mine, something about being filled in any hole just turns me on).

I was beginning to remember just how good the sex was between us, he knew all my turn ons and soft spots so well. There was a reason it took so long to break things off, no matter how much I knew that he wasn't the right guy for me, he would send one dirty message and I'd be at his door.

My mind was busy turning myself on, replaying old sexual scenarios as his speed picked up. I could feel him pushing deeper too, his head hitting against the back of my throat trying to get further each time. He always preferred fucking my face to blow jobs so he could control it, and he could push my limits more than I would on my own.

He was groaning as he started slamming into me, his hands now on either side of my head, holding it still so he could choke me with his dick. There was nothing I could do, my hands were stuck, my legs were stuck, now even my head was stuck. The rest of my body was under the weight of him as he knelt over me.

I was basically just a sex toy at that point, my only purpose was for his pleasure, in his eyes. Just because the thought crossed my mind and turned me on, did not mean I gave into it, I would never be okay with him forcing himself on me! I was gagging and choking around him, trying to suck in any oxygen I could get in the brief moments when he would pull back.

He told me before that he likes hearing me struggle to breath, it was one of the many red flags that lead to me properly dumping him. I tried holding my breath so I wouldn't make those sounds just to spite him. But eventually I had to breathe and it ended up being ten times worse.

Suddenly his thrusts stopped, he pushed in deep and held still as he moaned out. I knew what was coming next (excuse the pun). His seamen pumped into my mouth splashing against the back of my throat and spilling out over my tongue. It was a huge load, like he had been saving up for this moment.

I didn't know what to do with it, I didn't want to gulp it down, but I was scared of what he would do if I spat it out. His eyes met mine as they raced for a solution. "Swallow it." He ordered, I sighed and obeyed letting the thick load slide down my throat. "That's a good girl." He said cheerily, stroking the side of my face which was still red and sensitive from his earlier slap.

He wiped the saliva and cum off his softened dick onto my top then picked up the dildo from the side table. I cursed myself inside for not putting it away properly as he inspected it, looking amused. "Tell you what," he started shuffling down my legs and pulling down my shorts. "I have to go collect a few things," he brought the dildo up to my very wet opening, running the tip over my slit to confirm that it was well lubricated.

"If you're good, I might let you cum when I get back." He sounded triumphant at this conclusion, as he pushed the dildo into my hole. I bit my lip but still let out a small moan at this, feeling the cool rubber fill up my pussy and the bunny ears press gently against my erect clit.

He turned it on, the sound of the vibrations filling the silent room and spreading a pleasurable heat throughout my body. He played with the controls, then left it on the lowest setting, pulling up my tight shorts to hold it in place. I clenched around it, feeling my desires start to take over and my hips reaching out to rub against it.

Owen laughed, watching me squirm for pleasure as he pulled on his trousers. His boxers he left off, he brought them to my nose letting me smell his scent. It was intoxicating, making me miss having that cock deep in my throat. They were then forced into my mouth which opened involuntarily at the thought.

"That's it, take it all in." He teased, using a saying he previously said when he would fuck my face. I felt like I was going crazy, I couldn't remember the last time I was this horny, but I couldn't quite push against the toy hard enough. My hands pulled at their restraints desperate to push it deeper, to turn up the vibrations!

My brain barely even acknowledged him as he walked out of the room, picking up my keys as he left. I didn't know where he was going, or for how long. All I knew was that I NEEDED to come and I would do whatever it took to be able to.