A month ago...

"Here, kitty kitty..."


"Stupid cat...come out from behind there." 18-year-old Shawn grabbed for the new kitten, but she buried herself deeper behind the apartment's furnace. "Damnit!" He went to the other side of the furnace, but the cat just retreated to the opposite side again.

Then he saw it: a barely noticeable square, about a foot-and-a-half across, cut into the gyprock of the wall behind the furnace. "What's this?" He tried to use his fingernails to grip the edges but they were too small, so he pushed on it.

Click. The square pushed itself out from the rest of the wall, where he was able to pull it free. A hidden cache, Shawn realized. Maybe his mother used it to hide her extra booze. He reached in and started pulling things out.

An old book, a bundle of money in a plastic bag, and some file folders. He counted the cash: $5,000 in $100 bills! He jammed those into his pocket.

The file folders seemed to be police reports; dull. He opened the old book. Many pages were torn out, but he read the ones remaining.

"No fuckin' way..." he whispered to himself.


Shawn stood over his sleeping mother's bed after finishing the circle. "You make it so easy, Mom, gettin' dead drunk and leaving a lit cigarette right beside you," he whispered, careful not to wake her. He spilled the rest of the bottle of whatever the fuck she had been drinking all around her, and then tossed the cigarette into it. The flame started easily, and within seconds the bed was a conflagration.

What he hadn't counted on was his mom waking up once her flesh started to burn. She sat up screaming and tried to flee the bed.

Shawn rushed forward. "Stay in the circle!" he yelled, and punched her straight in the face. The woman fell back into the fire, stunned long enough for her available oxygen to finally run out, and then she collapsed.

The building's fire alarm had started shrieking at some point. Shawn covered his mouth against the smoke and backed out of the room. He had to make sure that she died so that her soul would be sacrificed, but he didn't want to die as well! The flames ran up the walls of her bedroom and he panicked, running out of the apartment after grabbing his jacket. He didn't care about the stupid fucking cat, wherever it was. He was outside with the other tenants, waiting for the fire department, when he remembered that he had left the book in his room.


"Problem, Master?"

He turned, and a slim female form stepped out from the shadows of a nearby alleyway. She looked like a sexy anime girl, wearing black and red! He had a huge anime and hentai collection that was currently burning up with his mother's body. It had hurt to leave that, but it would have looked suspicious for him to escape the fire with any of it.

"Master?" he asked.

Eudora stepped up to the pudgy, dark-haired young man and caressed his acne-scarred face. "Yes, Shawn, I am the servant that you summoned. What would you have me do?"

He looked her up and down. "First, call me Shawn-sama."

Emergency Services put the survivors of the building fire up in motels until they could find alternate lodging. Shawn's dad had skipped town while his mom was still pregnant, so the young man was alone. Well, except for his new, strange Asian "girlfriend".

He sat on the motel bed. "So what now?" he asked.

"First, Shawn-sama, a safety rule: don't try to kiss me or you'll die." Eudora admired her new form in the room's mirror.

"Ew! Why would I want to kiss you?"

She looked at him. "Okay...you're not a kisser...that's actually good."

"Why are you talking like that?"


He turned the TV on. "You should sound like anime girls. Here, watch..." He switched to a pay-per-view anime channel. Eudora sat and watched, as commanded.

"Ooh, Shawn-sama, you are sooo handsome. Can Eudora-chan make you feel good?" Eudora asked in a high-pitched, melodic voice as she posed, showing off her amazing curves. Her eyes screwed up in delight as she approached him.

"Heh, yeah..." he answered as he sat up in the bed.

She pulled off his pants and was only a little disappointed. Shawn-sama's penis was average, but not small like her last summoner. She could make this work.

"Eudora-chan will taste you, okay?" At that, she licked his member and got it to full size.

"Get rid of those clothes," he commanded. Her outfit, except for her tights, disappeared. She remembered Tom liked her to keep her nylons on while he fucked her. "Hey, all of them!" Her tights disappeared.

She climbed into his lap and rubbed the head of his cock along her bare slit. What was it with this guy and zero pubic hair, she wondered. "Shawn-sama, you will feel sooo good..."

"Turn around," he commanded, and she did so. "Don't want you looking at me."

She stroked him a few times and then sank her new pussy down around his cock. About halfway down, the young man grunted and she felt him filling her up with his cum. She made sure not to make any sounds of disappointment as he finished his orgasm. Then she ground her crotch against his, hoping that he could go again. Instead, she heard snoring. Turning, she found her new master fast asleep. She could feel his penis softening inside her.

Virgins! she thought. That was definitely not enough energy! She was going to have to go out and consume a few souls in order to not waste away like last time. Or...

Her cute schoolgirl anime outfit reappeared and then she left the motel room after finding a map of the city in a drawer. She'd give Tom-kun a visit, and he'd give her enough energy...

"Was my mother here?"

I startled awake, naked. Demie was standing next to the bed, sniffing the air. "You can tell by scent?" I asked.

"Yeah, as shapeshifters, that's how we can tell who each of us are when we're in different forms."

Oh...that made sense. "She came, multiple times, and went." I smirked at her.

Demie rolled her eyes. "Did she say where she'd be?"

"Actually, no. She jumped me hard and then I blacked out." As I dressed, I looked to see if Demie's mother had left a note. Nope. Then I had a thought: "Hey, how did she know where we live now?"

Demie headed into the living room and I followed. "I told her," she called back.


She sat on the couch and I joined her. "I sometimes tell my prey what they should tell her when they arrive in Hell. After we all moved here, I had one pass that info along. Since we never found the book, I figured she'd turn up again."

I went silent. Demie was awesome, but her need to kill people to feed was terrible.

She noticed. "What's up?"

"How many people have you killed since I summoned you?"

She thought for a moment. "About a dozen? I only take the ones that would be going to Hell anyway."

I shook my head. "That's it? You've been here for months."

"I don't need to kill that often anymore, Tom. Sure, I had a feeding frenzy when I arrived, but when your energy level ramped up to compensate for my needs, sex tides me over, for the most part." She licked her lips and gave me a sharp, toothy smile.

"But you keep going out to feed..."

"Oh, you thought I was killing someone every time? Man, there'd be a mountain of bodies by now if I needed to hunt daily! I just go out to get fucked."

"Oh." Was that jealousy I suddenly felt? Did I prefer it when I thought she was out killing people, rather than fucking some other dudes? Or dudettes as well, I guess.

She sat up and looked at me pointedly. "I did say we weren't exclusive. Did you think that was just for your benefit?"

I kinda had, and my face showed it.

"Oh, that's priceless!" She slapped her knee. "You fallin' in love with me, dummy?"

I remembered how she had acted after her brother Eros had forced us to kiss and I had almost died, weeks ago. She had seemed distraught, and after we disposed of the Eroji disc she had actually made love to me, not just fucking. "I want to feel close to you," she had said. I didn't imagine the look in her eyes then. Why was she pretending now?

I took Demie's hand in my own and brought it up to my lips. I kissed it.

"What are you doing, dummy?"

I kissed up her arm.

"Tom..." Her breathing had increased.

I was right; I knew it. I had reached her shoulder, and my hand caressed her cheek. I kissed up to her neck.


I kissed her cheek and turned her face to mine. Her eyes were full of wonderment, and did I see fear? I leaned forward.

Smack! My head rang from the slap, and I couldn't stop Demie as she bolted from the couch and pulled the front door open. As she turned back for a moment, I could have sworn I saw tears in her eyes before she ran out.

"So what else can you do?" Shawn asked Eudora as they walked to the motel's hot tub, him wearing trunks that didn't flatter his chubby form, and her wearing a black and red bikini that had passersby gawking at her impossibly shapely anime-inspired body.

"I can command the minds of anyone I lock eyes with. I am stronger and quicker than humans, and I can transform my body in any way you wish, Shawn-sama."

He paused as a cute Latina employee passed them, pushing a cleaning cart. "Can you make her boobs bigger?" he asked a little too loudly. The employee's spine stiffened but she kept walking.

Eudora moved closer to him, whispering conspiratorially. "No, Shawn-sama, I cannot transform others."

"Well, that's stupid. What good are you, then?"

She twisted her mouth in frustration. "I can transform myself to look like her, but with larger breasts, Shawn-sama," she said, gesturing to the retreating employee.

Shawn glanced over his shoulder, and then back at Eudora. "What would be the point? You wouldn't be her."

"Well, no. What about if I convinced her to follow us back to your room?"

He looked at her as if she were stupid. "But her breasts would still be too small."

Frustrated, Eudora followed him to the hot tub. They found a dark-haired young man of about 20 there, in good shape, enjoying the hot, bubbling water, but otherwise they were alone. The man nodded at them, his eyes naturally drawn to Eudora's impossibly sexy form.

They joined him in the tub, and after a few minutes in the water, Shawn told her, "Go fuck him."

Their companion heard this and his eyes widened.

Eudora paused only a moment. "Hai, Shawn-sama." She moved forward, manipulating her body to seem like she was removing her bikini top, but that part of her body just shifted to her hand, and was then reabsorbed through that hand when the man's attention was diverted to her monumentally perfect boobs. When she reached the man, she felt for his crotch through the bubbles and found that he was already hard.

"Are you going to give me what I want, Irootoko?" she asked him.

"My name's James, and hell yeah!" He tilted his head to Shawn. "You're fine with this?"

Shawn gave a dismissive wave.

Eudora pulled James' trunks down, freeing his above-average sized cock and made her bikini bottoms disappear under the bubbles as she climbed into his lap. As she settled her hot pussy around his member, he leaned forward to take one of her little nipples into his mouth.

"Mmm..." she moaned as he sucked and nibbled at her, and her wet pussy slipped further down his hard cock. Soon she was riding him and they were both gasping.

She felt Shawn come up behind her and start to push his hard cock into her ass. "Oh, Shawn-sama..."

James pulled his mouth from her nipple. "Gonna double team her, huh? Nice! I really appreciate you sharing, dude."

"Mm hm..." Shawn hummed as he managed to get his full length into her rectum. After some awkwardness, they managed to get a good rhythm going.

"Ooh, Shawn-sama, James-kun, you make Eudora-chan feel so good!" she gasped.

"Oh wow, you even sound like an anime character!" James informed her. "Incredible!"

Eudora could feel James' cock getting bigger. "Oh, James-kun, you will give Eudora-chan your cum soon?"

"Oh yeah, ohh yeahh..." he groaned.

"Kiss him," she heard Shawn command her from behind as he picked up speed. She instantly moved her mouth to James', kissing him passionately and causing a chain reaction.

First, James groaned in hellish ecstasy and Eudora felt the final orgasm of his life splatter her insides. This, combined with the extreme pleasure of sucking James' soul from his body, pushed her over the edge into her own release, her body shaking in rapturous frenzy. Then she heard Shawn groan as her undulating insides sucked his cum into her ass.

She felt Shawn pull out of her and clamber out of the hot tub. "Okay, that was cool. Clean up and then meet me back in the room."

Eudora finally got her body under control and looked around. James was dead, of course, a rictus of euphoria upon his face, and she pulled off of him. Then she noticed the brown mess spreading out from under his body, the result of it no longer having the living strength to keep its own excrement in. "Ugh!" She quickly stepped back, using the remaining clean water to try to get as much of the shit off of her before she climbed out and headed back to her master's room.

To be continued...