A few days later, Mom called us all together in the living room of our parents' home. She had told us to be fully dressed, but casual. Even Dad was there which was odd because he hadn't really been part of all of this past few months. He clearly knew everything that was happening, but had kept his distance from it all. Once gathered, she began what could only be called a monologue as we all were told to sit back, relax and she would explain what this had all been about.

"Some months back, I had begun to notice that things in your lives weren't really going the way I felt they should. Courtney was sort of taking a backseat to Bill and deferring to his judgment. Angie was sort of drifting through life with little direction or purpose. I felt I had to step in. You two had to be stronger, more willing to take chances and try new ideas. Everybody more or less makes fun of the old TV shows featuring women like June Cleaver and Harriet Nelson and so many others. They use them as example of why the 1950s and 60s idea of women staying at home and not having careers for themselves was silly and wrong. Then they bring up other shows where single women live alone and struggle through careers trying to make ends meet as a good change and a new beginning of how things should be."

"I look at those differently. I see them as life examples of how things did or didn't work out. The shows like the Cleavers and Nelsons typically depicted strong women running the households of happy, well adjusted families. The men may have made the money, but the women made the decisions. The women guided the family, kept the house in order, kept everybody well fed and dressed and were usually the ones the kids went to if they had a problem. They often interacted with the kids' friends or love interests. It was all a subtle form of what is now sometimes referred to as a fetish called 'FemDom'. Those women were not only feminine, but dominant and strong in many ways. Though it was never even touched on casually, you got the impression that they were good in bed too and kept their husbands happy. These days people watch those shows and laugh at women doing housework in heels and pearls. I look at that as a subtle way of showing their sexuality and keeping up their appearances to keep their men and their guests interested. I'm well aware that not many people see that angle, but I have to wonder if those families didn't engage in some rather risque activities off screen. Perhaps June was in heels and pearls with her hair and makeup done while doing housework just in case one of Ward's business clients stopped by for some extra special attention?"

"When Courtney came to me all those months back and told me her coworkers were showing interest in her, I saw it as my opportunity to shake things up. She didn't know that I had already been looking for someone for Angie and this all prompted me to take further steps there. I decided that I'd find someone Angie could take more control of than even he, or she would realize. Guiding Courtney through the sex on our first date gave me a better idea of the type of guy Angie should have. The two men were so easy to manipulate with two naked and willing women directing their every move. The fact that two men would be willing to have sex with a mother and daughter at the same time was very empowering and almost intoxicating. I loved it and had to have more. And I had to make sure my daughters, and their partners loved it as much as I did."

Mom knew she had a captive audience. Angie and I were in sweats, Ryan and Bill were in t-shirts and jeans. Dad was in slacks and a button down shirt with a sport jacket and polished shoes. Mom? She was a living example of what she was describing. Heels, hose, a knee length dress with a button down neckline with several buttons undone showing the string of pearls dangling between her partially exposed cleavage. Her hair and makeup done to perfection and her manicured nails toyed with her necklace as we looked on. Here is our mother, explaining her role as our family matriarch while exuding sexuality and commanding the attention of us all. Angie and I looked at each other as we listened, suddenly almost ashamed of how we were dressed. We loved casual, but we began to see her point.

Mom paused a moment, took a sip from her wine glass leaving a mark of fresh lipstick. She adjusted her position on the upholstered chair and her hemline raised just enough to reveal that it wasn't just hose she was wearing, but stockings. I think all five of us gasped at the same time. A slight grin appeared on her face.

"I see I have your full attention" she continued. "You see, Mother does indeed know best. Girls, your training as leaders of your households has just begun. I directed the interaction between you two as a means of building your trust in each other and to build your confidence in your own will. The fact that you followed through in every detail was better than I had expected. I anticipated that you would reject at least some part of it. Sisters are usually competitive and often distrustful. That Angie would be able to bring herself to expose her sister's naked body to her future husband and direct him to have sex with her and that Courtney would allow it to happen knowing that her entire family would know every detail of the encounter shows that I'm on the right path. Courtney, the fact that you were willing to hold his seed inside you for an extended period just because Angie told you I wanted you to was almost beyond my expectations. Well done."

I blushed and beamed at the same time, feeling both ashamed and proud. My mother had just told my husband and my father something most would never even think of. I felt like the cheapest of sluts, but wasn't really ashamed of it and was becoming aroused. It was pretty obvious that Bill was too. Dad? Well, he was sort of just sitting there, taking it all in, not saying anything as if Mom had told him not to. I was seeing them in a new light, suddenly understanding much of their life.

She shifted in her chair, uncrossing, then re-crossing her legs. Damn, if she wasn't my Mother! I knew that would be a move I would be practicing and perfecting as she apparently had. I wanted to be able to command the attention of a room with such a simple and seemingly innocent move.

"Ryan, you've done well so far. Having sex with your future sister in law at the invitation and direction of your future wife was an excellent step and shows you'll be a good addition to our family. Rest assured I'll be welcoming you in a far more personal way soon. Very soon." The wink of her eye was unmistakable.

"Hopefully, I won't have to arrange the lesson I did for Bill. You see, despite initially accepting his wife dating and having sex with other men, he had started to be come a bit of an ass about some things. I felt I had to step it up a few notches. I felt I had to take things in to my own hands, his cock being one of them."

She hadn't really used explicit terms in this meeting so far and it kind of surprised me.

"I seduced him the first time a few months ago. It almost surprised me how willing he was to fall into my trap. But it showed a bit of a double standard. He was beginning to balk at his wife's exploits, but here he was, in bed with her mother and enjoying every minute of it. We made an agreement that for every man that had her, he could have me. That worked for weeks, but I had also decided to take it further. That's when I started keeping him naked in my presence as much as possible. I'd done that with your father in our early years and it developed his character very well. He accepted what I was doing and took his aggressions out at the office becoming a vicious negotiator and vastly increasing our living standard. Just like those old TV shows, he ran the business and bought home the money while I ran the house and our private life. He may have been in control of the business, but I was in control at home. And he knew it. And he knew not to challenge me."

"One more thing girls before I go on telling you about Bill. Most of what I know, I leaned from my Mother, your Grandmother. Much of what you and I have done together, she and I did together. Yes, I mean that. And that too. And so has your Father."

Angie and I glanced at each other, somewhat in shock. She had died while we were younger. I recalled now that she too was always well dressed and some how commanded the presence of everyone in the room. Funny how I had never thought of that before.

"Bill, shall I continue? Are you ready for them to know?"

Somewhat sheepishly, he nodded.

"You're sure?"

He nodded again.

"I can't hear you Bill."

"Yes, Mother, go on and tell them. It's OK."

He called my mother 'Mother'? As if she'd heard my thoughts, she continued.

"Addressing me as Mother is a sign you're learning your lessons well."

They say Mothers have eyes in the back of their heads, but can they really hear our thoughts like that?

She stood and strutted around for a moment, as if gathering her thoughts. Pacing back and forth, still fingering her pearl necklace dangling between her breasts, she continued.

"The women's club meeting was sort of a set up. What I told you all at the time was true. We meet every month and one member brings a male guest that remains naked. It's true that the guest goes home with one of the members and spends the night in her bed servicing her. It's also true that I have taken your father. More than once. We've gained a few business deals that way too since some of the members are in high positions of influence. It's also true that some members have brought their husbands and other relations including their sons and son in laws. I've brought a few of them home over the years. I gave one of their sons an eighteenth birthday he'll never forget. He hasn't so far according to his wife who I've helped educate."

"But, back to Bill. That night I knew something else needed to happen and I arranged for him to be taken home by Megan, who we all know as the 'Ass Queen'. She loves asses, men's or women's and she loves anal sex. Are you getting the picture yet Courtney? Do you understand why I told you he'd be a bit tender that next day?"

Apparently I was beginning to realize where she was going from the look that must have come across my face. I'd experienced it a couple of times but wasn't really fond of it. No pun intended. I just wasn't quite ready for her to be so blunt.

"Yes, Courtney, your husband got fucked in the ass that night. As I said earlier, he'd begun to be an ass about some things and that could have derailed some of my plans, so it was necessary for the ass's ass to get taken. I have to admit though, he took it very well. She told me later that he was a very good student, though he was initially intimidated when she walked in with her strap-on phallus. It may have been his first time, but it won't be his last according to her. It seems they have left open the possibility of meeting again."

I looked at him as if to ask 'really?' He shrugged.

"So, you're all asking yourselves where we go from here. This is you chance to object. Maybe your last chance. I plan for us to continue on the same path. There will be more of the same. Much more. Though I've been on double dates with Courtney and shared men with her, I haven't with Angie. Yet. That will be happening. Also, I have one of those strap-on tools. Just ask your father."

He could only nod.

"Someday I may introduce Bill to it. I got it from Megan and she showed me how to use it. Ryan ... well, we'll see."

There was something else I hadn't expected.

"I guess I'm about done here with just a couple of more things. Are there any objections?"

There were none.

"Good. Ryan, I'm planning on taking you to one of the meetings in the next few months. Do you think you can handle being naked in a room full of clothed women you've never met, knowing you'll be taken home by one of them?"

"Yes Mother."

She looked Angie in the eye, saying "He's learning well, isn't he?"

"Yes Mother, he is."

"I think he should get undressed now and learn to get comfortable being naked, don't you?"

"Yes Mother. Ryan, do as she says."

He stood and took his clothes off as we all looked on.

"Girls, comfortable clothes may have their place, but when you're in the presence of men, even your husbands or your father, you need to learn to dress appropriately. We'll be going shopping to build your wardrobes. I know I told you to dress casual today, but I'm not impressed with what you've chosen."

It almost seemed as if she was admonishing us. OK, she was admonishing us.

"But for now, Ryan and I have something to do."

Standing in front of us, she instructed my father to remove her dress. Once he had done so and she was in only lingerie, she walked towards Ryan, put her arms around his neck, hugged him close and kissed him full and hard. Stepping back, she placed her left hand on his cock and stroked it a bit, her wedding rings glistening. Grasping it firmly, she led him away from us towards one of the bedrooms.

"Ryan, come with me. And I do mean cum."

We all watched in silence as they entered the room and she closed the door behind them.