The previous evening's activities had taken their toll on Lucy, who slept soundly and deeply all night. As she slowly opened her eyes, the morning light shining through the cracks of the curtains towards her bed, she began recalling what she had done. Sitting up to find herself naked under the sheets, tasting the strange taste on her tongue and the feeling between her legs, she flushed with embarrassment.

Lucy reached down between her legs, remembering how she had allowed Amy to pleasure her. She then stroked over the slight bruise and red welt on her ass from taking a punishment. And finally, how she had kneeled between Charlotte's legs and made her cum before orgasming herself in pleasure. The memories both filled her with humiliation and arousal; what must Nathaniel think of her she thought to herself.

Throwing off the sheets, Lucy jumped into the hot shower and cleaned herself down. She brushed her teeth and the taste of pussy from her mouth. Drying off, she returned back into the bedroom to find the bed already made and lying out ready were two outfits. To the left, a simple blue dress taken from her luggage with her underwear and shoes neatly laid out on top. To the right lay simply a pair of black stockings and suspenders, identical to the ones worn by Amy and Charlotte the day before. A pair of higher black elegant heels lay on top aside nothing else, no top, skirt or even underwear.

Lucy looked over at the outfits curiously and a small note sitting between them, reading: "Ms Johnson. Please take your time to dress as you see most comfortable for the day and join us for breakfast when you are ready. Mr Black".

She froze nervously caught between the two outfits. Instinctively she reached for her own clothes, picking up her bra but found herself hesitating, thinking it over. She had enjoyed the previous night, despite the embarrassment and apprehension. Could she play along a little longer, just for the weekend and see more of Mr Black's interests up close. She was not a slave, she had not agreed to or signed anything and could surely back out if she felt uncomfortable at any point.

Pausing for what seemed like an age, Lucy eventually took a deep breath and put down her bra, picking up the stockings and suspenders. She slid them up her legs and attached the clips, before sliding her feet into the heels, raising her a few inches. Lucy turned and stood in the mirror staring at herself now presented, breasts and pussy exposed, a tingle of excitement ran up her skin as she looked over herself.

Lucy then sat down to dry off her hair and adjust her make up. She remembered Amy's comments, how Mr Black liked a tight ponytail, pulling her hair behind her head. As usual, her make up was light and merely used to show off her natural beauty, but she took her time over it and chose the brightest shade of red lipstick she had to try and present herself well.

The young reporter composed herself, standing at the door, her body filled with tension as she turned the handle and left the privacy of her room. She walked slowly, heels clicking against the wood of the floor, so conscious of how exposed she was in nothing but the stockings and suspenders. Descending the stairs and down the hall before quietly entering into the dining room.

Nathaniel could hear the clicks of the high heels coming down the hallway and lit up recognising the unmistakable sound, turning to watch as she entered. He was sat at the head of the table, to his side was Charlotte, afforded the honour of a seat, as well as clothes; she wore a tight figure-hugging red latex dress with long sleeves, high neck and a cut out showing her cleavage. She still wore the stockings, suspenders and heels as Lucy did but with a thick leather collar still affixed around her slender neck.

Lucy shyly entered taking in the scene before her and approaching the table, panic rushing through her mind. Had she made the wrong choice, was it just a game to make fun of her. Noticing a now clothed Charlotte made her all the more worried.

Nathaniel eyed her up and down silently for a moment smiling as she stood awkwardly before him. Finally breaking the tension, "Good morning Ms Johnson, my my you do present well for breakfast."

He stood up and approached her, Lucy's heart beating faster. He slowly circled her, placing an arm on her shoulder as he looked over her pert b cups, her exposed pussy, turning to see her ass, her pale freckled skin trembling slightly. "And you fully understand the choice you made in wearing this outfit?", he asked firmly.

Lucy nodded shyly, feeling his eyes linger over her. "I think so," she tentatively responded.

He smiled, "Good girl, I am very proud of the choice you made and the courage it must have taken to come down dressed like this, you clearly enjoyed last night's activities". He now stood in front of her and lifted her chin up to look into her eyes. "I could see that you were much more of a submissive than one to take charge and I felt it would be more appropriate for you to experience my proclivities first hand whilst you are staying with me".

He could see how nervous she was stood naked and exposed, "For clarity, unlike my other girls here, you can choose to opt out at anytime you like, you only need say the word and we can return to our roles as interviewer and interviewee. But until that time, I will treat you like one of them, as one of my personal slaves, is that understood?"

She had presumed this was his intention when he laid out the outfit but hearing it made it all the more real as she nodded, "Yes, I understand". He looked back at her sharply, "Yes what slave?". She thought for a moment taking a breath, "Sorry, yes Sir".

He smiled stroking her hair softly, "Good girl". Lucy stood still as Nathaniel vanished behind her for a moment and she could hear the sound of a drawer being opened. His footsteps approaching close behind her again, she then felt a thick leather band wrap around her neck as a collar was firmly fastened in place, her heart beating. She locked eyes with Charlotte who lit up smiling at the sight of the now collared redhead.

Nathaniel then took her arms and raised them behind her head, his feet then kicked open her legs to spread them, "Whether standing or kneeling, you are always to have your body presented to me. Legs apart, chest out, head up. Hands either behind your back or head, or open palmed rested on your knees if kneeling, understood?"

Lucy felt herself positioned like a mannequin, her pert breasts pushed out, legs spread shoulder length, "Yes Sir."

"You will always address me as Sir, and at least for today Charlotte as Mistress. You will follow each of our commands without hesitation, you will not touch yourself without permission, you will not cum without permission." He stood facing her calmly and methodically listing out his rules. "And as you saw yesterday, we have remedies for any indiscretions." Smirking playfully.

Lucy nodded, her body exposed and under his control, "Yes Sir".

He turned back to the table and took a seat sipping his morning coffee as Lucy stood silently still for his amusement. A few moments passed before Amy entered, dressed in her maid attire from the previous day, carrying a tray of food. She silently placed two plates of pancakes before Charlotte and her Master and beamed smiling as she watched Lucy standing to the side. Left on her tray were two dog bowls filled with porridge which she placed on the floor, one in front of Lucy.

Amy placed the tray on the table and stood by Lucy's side mimicking her posture, legs spread, hands behind her head. Nathaniel looked them both over, another slave girl under his control, at least for a little longer. "You may eat slaves". Amy kneeled to the floor and leaned in on all fours to begin eating.

Lucy slowly dropped down to her knees as well, filled with embarrassment at what she was about to do. She noticed how Amy had already come prepared with two bowls of mush, as if they had already known what her decision would be. Amy looked over at her smiling with encouragement and nodding towards the bowl. Tentatively Lucy leant forward, now on all fours like a pet, naked and collared. She dipped her head down into the bowl and licked up her first bite, porridge covering her nose and lips.

She was relieved that it seemed to be porridge and not actual dog food. It was drizzled with fruit and honey and didn't taste too bad, even if she was forced to eat it with her mouth messily from a bowl. Hungrily she began to eat her food, only to look up enviously as Charlotte was adding more maple syrup to her pancakes. Nathaniel noticed the glances of the reporter up to the table, "Don't worry pet, if you behave and impress me you'll be back at the top table in no time".

Amy finished long before Lucy had, licking her bowl clean. Eventually the redhead finished up her meal, porridge over her face and she knelt back up. Mr Black nodded at Amy, "Clean her up, they are always messy the first few times." The slave took a napkin from the table and wiped Lucy's face clean, she also adjusted the new slave's posture as she knelt, spreading her legs even wider, straightening her back and lifting her chin, before planting a soft kiss onto her lips which startled but pleased her.

She sat kneeling like that as Amy began to clean up around her, taking the bowls and plates to the kitchen, clearing the table. Nathaniel sat sipping his coffee and reading the newspapers catching up on both international and local news. Lucy even watched as he read her own Tribune, likely reading the work of her close colleagues as she knelt spread on the floor.

He turned to Charlotte, "Please take care of the stables this morning, we will likely join you this afternoon as I show our new slave here more of the grounds later." She nodded and left walking past Lucy, patting her on the head softly as she did, the shiny rubber of her dress squeaking in Lucy's ears.

After another fifteen or so minutes reading the paper, ignoring Lucy as if she wasn't even there, he finally stood, approaching her, towering over her. She looked up shyly, his crotch level with her face as she expected she would now be used. Would he be forced to suck her where she knelt? Bent over the table and fucked? Maybe taken down to the dungeon and used for hours?

Her mind and heart racing as he ran his hands over her ponytail. "This morning you will be shadowing Amy. First the bedrooms, the lounge and the study." Lucy pondered what he meant. Was he going to fuck her in every room of the house she thought to herself nervously but aroused at the thought. "Then the bathrooms and kitchen, I expect everything spotless, but Amy will show you how I like it."

Lucy blushed embarrassed at what her mind had led her to. Dressed like one of the slaves her previously naïve mind had already succumbed to slutty desires. He leant down and kissed her on the forehead before leaving to his office to attend to some work.

The redhead kneeled embarrassed, taking a deep breath at what she had let herself in for. Amy returned moments later excited and stood her up, wrapping a thrilly maids apron around her waist and taking her hand guiding her up the stairs. "Most new girls start as maids like us, we'll do the first few rooms together and then spread out." Her smile beaming at having a partner for the morning.

Over the next hour Lucy and Amy began cleaning the large manor home. Dusting, making the beds, putting on laundry. Each room took some time due to the size and age of the rooms. Lucy felt slightly embarrassed as she cleaned scantily dressed and collared, reduced to the role of a house servant for the day.

Amy pointed down the hall "If you take the master bedroom down the hall and on the left and I'll head to make a start on the lounge. Meet me in there when you are done." She went to leave Lucy but turned back at the last minute, "But don't head into room opposite Sir's bedroom. That is off limits at present."

Lucy nodded but her curious mind was already running. For a house that had a dungeon, what would be "off limits". She entered the large master bedroom, taking it all in before getting to work cleaning. A large four poster bed dominated the luxury room, which was more like a suite than a room, with an en suite bathroom, desk and couch area to the side.

As she cleaned the bed, she noticed hooks and notches along the pillars, similar to what she had seen in the dungeon that could be used for chains and restraints. As she lifted the covers to change the bedding another feature took her by surprise. The mattress of the king size bed was lined across a large cage with a cushioned floor. She opened the cage door looking inside the snug area, briefly wondering what it must be like to sleep locked away under a Master's bed.

Lucy composed herself, finishing her cleaning in the room. As she left, she heard soft moans coming from across the hallway. The hallway empty she tentatively pressed her ear against the door only to hear silence. She paused listening wondering if she was just hearing things. Just as she was about to pull away and leave, another loud but muffled groan echoed from the room.

She had been told it was off limits, but the young reporter could never not follow a lead. Looking around to see the hallway was clear, she slowly opened the door and stepped inside. The room was in darkness and she felt against the wall finally finding the light switch and flicking it on.