Chapter 11 - Feminine Hygiene Product Training

And yet, it turned out that Eveline's luck was not entirely bad. Mr. Newhart, the school janitor, secretly sympathized with her plight. That sympathy didn't mean any clothes were in her future, but it did mean that she was about to be spared a huge indignity the other senior female students would have to endure over the next month.

Mr. Newhart spent the morning working with county sanitation employees to shut off the water supply and the sewage drains to the school locker rooms. When all the water was shut off, he knew immediately the entire section of the gym area was a total loss. The lockers and their contents, sporting supplies, cleaning supplies, the walls, the floors, the ceilings, heating and air-conditioning units, and lighting: all of it would have to be ripped out and hauled to a landfill. The girls' locker room would have to be demolished and re-built. A preliminary loss-estimate was around five million dollars. Mr. Newhart spent the morning mumbling to himself:

Well, that'll jack up them insurance rates... fuckin' lazy rich-bitch girls... not knowin' what a fuckin' trash can is for... and I told 'em, over and over, don't put them damn lady products down the toilets. I told 'em that...

Mr. Newhart took a break in the middle of the day to visit his boss and give him an update concerning the disaster in the girls' locker room. Principal Donovan and the receptionist were ready with some stiff drinks and snacks. After what he had endured since coming to school at sunrise, the janitor was happy to have a shot, and then another.

While the receptionist served the employee and smiled with her idiotic Barbie grin, the principal and the janitor discussed how to prevent a "lady product disaster" from happening again. Mr. Donovan wanted to paddle all of the senior female student athletes on their bare bottoms in the gym, make them participate in the site clean-up, and then make them do fund-raisers for the rest of the year to recoup the money. Mr. Newhart liked the clean-up and fund-raising ideas, but he disagreed with the corporal punishment portion of his boss's plan.

"Jack, I don't think hittin' all them girls is gonna do you no good. What you gotta do is walk 'em through usin' them trash cans properly, and embarrass 'em real good so they don't forget. If they give you any sass, then you paddle 'em. But I have an idea, and they ain't gonna forget about them trash cans, I guarantee ya."

"OK, so let's hear it."

Mr. Newhart told the principal what he had in mind. Mr. Donovan smiled wickedly and commented:

"Ha-ha-ha! You old perv! That's awesome! Yeah, we'll go with that!"

"One thing though. The little naked blond... the one on Coach Strickland's team... "


"Yeah. I wanna keep her out of it. She's a good kid, and I'm pretty sure she wasn't one of them flushin' them lady products."

"I'm good with that. I'll let Strickland know."

The janitor proposed a "100% accountability system" for all feminine hygiene products brought into the school. Anyone who wanted to use the female locker room or any of the bathrooms had to turn over any such products to the school nurse upon bringing them onto the school property, who in turn put them into a large box. School policy officially stated that any hygiene items not turned over to the nurse would be considered contraband, in the same way illegal drugs were considered contraband. As with drugs, any student caught with unregistered feminine hygiene products in her possession would be expelled from the district.

The janitor and the principal then set up their plan to seek revenge for the locker room mess. Any student who needed to change a tampon or pad had to report to a table operated by the nurse at the end of an unused hallway. Before entering the hallway the student had to strip from the waist down, leave her clothing on a table, and walk down the corridor bottomless. If there were other students, she had to wait that way in line until her turn. Sometimes there were as many as 20 students standing in line.

In front of the nurse, the janitor, and at least one other faculty member, the bottomless student would be required to change her tampon. After she was called to the table, the girl received her new tampon from the staff members and signed for it. Then she had to position herself in front of an automatic camera, which was set up to record the event and pull out the used one, in full view of the staff. She had to hold it up to the camera and then deposit it into a large trash can. She then had to face the camera and recite:

"This is a trash can. This is where I always put my unmentionables, and never in the toilet. It's simple to understand, really it is, even for me."

The blushing culprit then had to return to the spot in front of the camera, put one of her feet on a small table, and insert the new tampon as the device continued to record. The procedure was totally humiliating, which was the intent.

The students did not dare object. With a five-million dollar repair bill floating around and the threat to send it to the family of any student who did not cooperate, there was plenty of motivation for the females to be totally compliant with the bizarre arrangement.

The girls completely forgot about their naked classmate Eveline. Each of them had her own humiliation to deal with.

Life would not be getting any easier for the female students at Eveline's school for quite a while. To make absolutely sure the sewage backup crisis never happened again, Mr. Donovan granted permission for Mr. Newman to take down all the bathroom stalls in the female restrooms and remove the doors so the users could be monitored.

Mr. Donovan knew the females might try to avoid using the restrooms during their time at school by not drinking any liquids during the day. Doing that would risk dehydration, and the students could not be allowed to put themselves in that type of danger. So, to keep them healthy, the district set up water coolers in each classroom and all female students were required to drink a cup of water at the beginning of each of their classes. After several cups of water, not going to the bathroom was not an option.

When you gotta go... you gotta go...

Eventually the girls got used to the new routine, but none of them were happy about it.

Did any of them ever object?

No. As Mr. Donovan said:

"We've still got this five-million-dollar clean-up bill that someone's going to have to pay. I'd say the best candidate will be the first person who has any complaints."

On the first day of "feminine hygiene product training ", Coach Strickland told Eveline to skip lunch with the other students and to report to her room during the noon hour. The student was enormously relieved that she would not have to be the only naked person in the cafeteria among hundreds of classmates.

Eveline badly had to pee, but she was trying to avoid using the student bathrooms in which the stalls had been removed and cameras were set up. It turned out she was in luck: she wouldn't have to use the students' bathroom after-all. The coach informed her about the principal's decision to exempt her from the "lesson" being taught to her classmates. Instead, there was a teachers' bathroom next to Strickland's classroom and because the coach was the only female teacher in that section of the building, no one else used it. Eveline would have permission to go in whenever she wanted, upon getting the key from her mentor. She was in a much better mood after she exercised her bathroom privilege.

Eveline returned to the classroom and noticed her teacher sitting on the desk. She approached Strickland, who patted her leg and invited Eveline to sit on her lap. The student knew better than to turn down the offer. Strickland seemed in a much better mood than she had been in the morning, and her student intended to keep it that way.

As she felt her mentor's hand caress her backside, Eveline was still extremely stressed about her situation. She still wished she could get dressed, but it was becoming increasingly obvious that wasn't going to happen. She would remain naked into the foreseeable future, and the sooner she got used to the idea, the better off she would be.

Since she would never be allowed to cover her bottom, she knew that it was important to avoid any corporal punishment and not risk having to run around with welts or bruises visible on her butt. That meant doing everything possible to keep her hostess happy, to never give her any reason to spank her. It would be hard, but Eveline knew it could be done. As much as she enjoyed disciplining young women, Coach Strickland never did it without justification. The trick was not to give her any justification. So, if Strickland told her to do something, she would do it without question and that would be the end of it.

There was another detail that Eveline understood. In spite of the relationship she would be forced to have with her hostess, she would be encouraged to pursue other relationships as well. She would be free to continue her love interest with Lance, for example. It was interesting that, as domineering as she might be, Strickland seemed not to be particularly jealous.

It turned out Eveline was encouraged to have her own life, as long as she did not complain about being naked and was careful to do what she was told. That really wasn't so bad.

The student also understood that, if she had to be naked in school, the timing couldn't have been better. Her classmates were dealing with the embarrassing group punishment for the sewage back-up, so they were in no position to ridicule her. They had their own public humiliation to deal with.