(Disclaimer: I refer to women with a cock and balls as 'shemales' because of kinks, fetishes and fantasy. I don't intend to insult actual transgender people. This story is tagged in Transgenders and Cross dressers because of the limited category options.)

Coco's Craving: Coco for Cock

Coco's grip on the arched steel bed frame tightened as the man behind her thrust with renewed vigour. Soon, he came for the second time, leaving her ass cheeks and thighs a mess of dribbling jizz. She felt him rest his enormous guts on her back as he softened inside her, giving her firm, massive breasts another squeeze.

"Amazing as usual, Coco," Lucas said, licking her ear. He reached down and caressed her swollen cock with the back of his fingers before gripping her smooth nutsack. The yelp of discomfort and pain the woman made as he squeezed caused him to throb again inside of her, and soon enough, the rattling and squeaking of the bed indicated a third orgasm was on the way.

Several minutes later, Coco lay on her stomach with cum dripping from her asshole, down to her balls, and eventually pooling between her thighs. He was rougher with her than usual, but the way he got off on her pain aroused the masochistic side in her. "Three times is a record, Lu," she said, wincing slightly.

Lucas laughed and slid off Coco's form and began dressing. He gave the hooker another look, admiring how her asshole puckered repeatedly. "I will see you next week, gorgeous.

Coco laid there for a while before checking the time on her phone. 9:00 PM. She got up off the bed and did not concern herself with the cum leaking on the hotel carpet as she limped to the bathroom, the feeling of thick dick still fresh in her behind. The blonde bimbo had to relieve herself. She gripped her semi-erect cock and jerked herself off. After barely thirty seconds of tugging, Coco was moaning and shuddering as thick globs of cum splashed in the toilet water.

With her urge taken care of, it was time to clean herself up with a warm shower. When she got out, she changed the cum-drenched bedsheets and poured herself a glass of water.

Soon, Coco laid on her back; head rested on two pillows as she searched through her phone -- the light from her device faintling illuminating the room. She logged onto one of the many adult dating sites she used and checked her messages. There were more requests for her than she could be bothered to answer tonight, so Coco looked through the new profiles on the site. Her business was profitable, so she could afford to be picky with her clientele.

One profile that stood out belonged to a user named Ven -- his About Me caught her attention. 'I am looking for a gorgeous lady with a dick who will let me fuck her, and suck me off as much as I want.' Coco's cock hardened. There were other minor details such as Ven's interest in anime and video games, but Coco did not care about that right now.

Coco messaged him: 'Hi, I'm a dick girl! My cock is big and fat, and my balls are bloated with cum just thinking about having you in my mouth." She attached heart emojis and kissy faces at the end of the sentence.

Surprisingly, Coco received a message a minute later. 'Is this a bot?'

Coco considered her response as she took a drink from her glass of water. She knew merely saying 'no' would not be very convincing. So, she hit the camera button on the bottom left of the screen and snapped several pictures of herself. Coco made sure to take a picture of her now rock hard cock pitching a tent under her pants. She sent them through and found herself rubbing her dick again. 'I'm jerking off right now,' she entered under the photos.

Less than ten seconds later, Ven sent her a message. The sight of his girthy, erect cock standing proud made Coco throb with want. A few seconds later, he typed: 'How about you jerk off to sucking this fat thing before coming to my place and enjoying it for real?'

Coco zoomed in on the image and imagined Ven's cock sliding down her throat and gagging her. Despite only blowing her load ten minutes ago, she was close to cumming again. Stopping just before her climax, Coco wanted to enjoy the orgasm and edged herself. As her cock pulsed and oozed precum, she wondered how Ven's cum would taste. 'Keep yourself nice and hard for me. Gonna cum and then I'll drive over to your place. What's your address? I have a hotel for the night, so maybe you would prefer to come here...?'

Coco headed for the bathroom again and continued jerking off while admiring Ven's picture. Then, her phone vibrated, so she scrolled down to the current conversation. Ven texted: '12 Javier Street, Kelly Park.'

Coco recorded her orgasm and sent it through to her new friend. She giggled when Ven sent multiple drooling emojis in return. Yellow shirt, black jeans, shoes... Coco was not the type to dress fancy, even as an escort. That was okay though -- Coco's breasts were enormous, and her turtle-neck shirt clung to her chest, making them irresistible. Her ass was so round, and tight men and women alike found their eyes glued to it either out of jealousy, lust, or both.

Coco headed downstairs where she saw Tracey reading a book. "I'm going out, Trace," Coco told the receptionist. The bespectacled girl blushed when Coco winked at her. "Feel free to come into my room when I get back tonight..." Coco was lucky to meet Tracey because on the nights she worked in the hotel, Coco was granted discounts in exchange for letting Tracey blow her. The blonde smirked, knowing the receptionist's eyes were glued to her ass as she walked away.

On the way to Ven's house, Coco's dick hardened again. Precum soaked the front of her jeans, as one thing dominated her mind. Ven's house looked the same as all the others on the street, and she pulled up behind a blue Sedan. The grass was maintained, but there was damage to the fence on the right side of the home. Coco figured that was due to the recent storm.

As Coco approached the front door, she wondered if Ven lived alone and if she was potentially interfering with another woman's love life. She ignored the thought as her cock swelled even more at the idea of giving him a proper blowjob. Besides, that sounds kind of hot... Not that I want to ruin someone's love life! She knocked three times.

When the door opened, Ven welcomed Coco with a grin, and she proudly let him undress her with his eyes.

"Coco, you're even hotter than your photos," he said, standing aside.

"Thank you," Coco smiled as she walked in. "So, we're alone, right?"

Ven closed the door and locked it. "Yep. Do you want something to drink?"

Coco noticed a lack of confidence in his voice, and he seemed shy. He seemed to sure of himself in the texts. Well, I can't blame him -- I'm a fucking smoking hot bombshell! "You already have a big drink for me right there," she teased. The hooker giggled at the uncomfortable blush that crossed Ven's face. He liked it though because an unmistakable bulge showed on the front of the robe. She noticed the sash keeping his body dressed and considered pulling on it to embarrass him just a little more. But man, I can't wait to see that monster he's hiding under there.

"Sorry if I seem a bit nervous. I haven't done anything like this before..."

"You mean... with a dick girl, right?" Coco asked, sensing the trepidation in the man's voice as she followed.

"Uh... Yeah, or with anyone in general." Ven chuckled sheepishly.

"With a dick as big as yours I'm shocked!" Coco couldn't help teasing men like Ven -- maybe she was just a bit of a bully. "Well, come on, let's go to your room!"

"R-right," Ven said, and headed for the stairs by the kitchen. "Uh... So, you just want to suck me off, right?"

"Yeah! I love sucking dick. You can fuck my ass if you want to, though."

"I'm just happy getting a blow job from someone so beautiful and if you enjoy sucking dick that much..." Ven's voice trailed off as if he was embarrassed by what he was saying.

When they entered his room, Ven allowed his brown robe to fall the floor, then sat down on the edge of the bed. "I bet women love your dick," Ven said while slowly stroking himself.

Coco giggled and performed a little dance, letting her ass sway for the man. "Well, yeah -- there's this girl that lets me stay at a hotel in town at a huge discount in exchange for sucking my dick."

"That is so fucking hot," Ven said, stroking faster."

The blonde chuckled, turning her head back at him. "Easy now! Don't want you cumming before I get a taste!"

Ven laughed a little but slowed his pace. "Mmm, so I can't tell... Are you submissive or dominant?"

The hooker began pushing her jeans down -- Ven was mesmerised as the tight clothing peeled from her ass. "Hmm, I just like what I like, I guess. Can't say." While Ven was busy eye-fucking her ass, and the cock that dangled between her thighs, Coco turned around to give him a good view of her massive tool. Then, she slipped her top off with some difficulty, but the final result was her tits flopping freely after being pulled up along with the clothing -- and Ven's moany reaction was priceless.

"I think it's time to put your mouth to use..." Ven said, and Coco could sense the lack of confidence in his voice.

"Indeed, but first... do you mind if I record this?" Coco asked, picking her phone up out of her pocket as if she just thought of the idea.

"Uh..." Ven seemed unsure.

"I'll only capture my face and your lower body, don't worry," the blonde said, catching on to Ven's concerns.

"Oh, yeah, that's okay then."

Coco dragged Ven's computer chair from the corner of the room and positioned it near the bed. She set her phone to video record and rested it against the backrest of the chair. "Hiiii," she waved at the lens, then gestured to Ven's erect dick in the background. "It's time to suck some cock!"

Coco wasted no time in getting to work -- she kneeled in front of Ven and pressed her nose right up against the underside of his crown. The smell of his cock made her pulse, and she inhaled, enjoying the sensation of his musk running through her nostrils. "God, your dick smells so good," she said, looking up at him before kissing it.

Ven blushed and chuckled, "Ehe, glad you like it..."

She wrapped her lips around the tip of the fat, rigid dick and used her tongue to slather it to wetness. Mmmm, I love uncircumcised dick. There's so much flavour, and the foreskin feels so good in my mouth! She could taste Ven's precum, and his light moan at the sensation made her cock throb. His salty taste and knowing she was going to suck him to climax excited her all the more.

In three motions, Coco slowly took his cock down her throat. "Ggghhhhrrgghk! Ggguuurrrlllrggghk!" She gagged hard, having to pull back twice before successfully making his cock curve down the entrance of her throat in a wonderful feeling of sliding and stretching. Thick strands of saliva oozed from the corners of her mouth. Since men loved her ass so much, Coco had little training in deepthroating, despite how much she loved sucking dick. That was fine, though, because she loved how it felt to choke on Ven's cock, and his manhood was so thick that it caused her a pleasurable discomfort.

"Oh god, I can feel your chin on my balls, this is the best!" Ven tilted his head back and gripped the edge of the bed with one hand, and Coco's shoulder hard in pleasure with the other.

More precum filled her mouth, and the way he throbbed in her throat told Coco this was going to be a quick blowjob. God his cock feels so good, it's like it's making love to my throat... I should stop, I should make him edge and make it last as long as I can... But I can't! I want him to love my throat so much that he won't even think about my ass!

Ven was lost in his thoughts and focused solely on how good the girl's throat felt around his cock as she slowly moved her head up and down on his lap. He felt saliva drench his crotch and pool around his nutsack. His bottom lip quivered, and his eyes fluttered, and soon his hands rested on the blonde's head, caressing her hair. "God yes... Yes..."

The sounds of his pleasured moans encouraged Coco. She forced her hands under his thighs, as if binding herself to his waist, then pushed her head down with all the strength she could muster. He throbbed in her throat again, and the sensation caused snot to bubble from her nostrils. Coco could feel her eyes water and knew her eyeliner was running down her cheeks as tears cascaded. However, getting her mascara ruined was just another oral fantasy she had, and one she wanted to enjoy to the fullest. She moved her head back and forth in small nods, keeping Ven sheathed in her throat and jerking him off with it. Wet gagging, sputtering and sounds of snot bursting from Coco's nostrils, as well as an occasional groan from Ven, were the only sounds in the room for a while. Precum drenched the carpet beneath Coco's cock, and more of it rubbed off against the base of Ven's bed.

"Unnngggh, f-fuck, gonna cum!" Ven groaned.

Coco allowed herself to choke on the cock for three more long seconds before slowly withdrawing and letting his member rest in her mouth. She breathed through a gunk-filled nose as she looked up at him while massaging the underside of his dick with short tongue strokes. Fill my mouth with your cum. I want to chug it all down, fill me up!

Ven opened his eyes and looked down as he came. His face reddened, and he came hard.

As sperm began filling her mouth, Coco savoured every drop by swirling it around with her tongue. Far more spewed out of his dick than Coco was expecting, and by the time she started swallowing, it was too late. Cum burst from the tight gaps in her mouth and trickled down her chin, eventually sliding between her fat fuck pillows. Most of the jizz settled heavily in her belly, and she felt like a satisfied customer in a restaurant.

"Oh god, I needed that," Ven said, laying on the bed. He panted with his eyes closed, covering his face with his left forearm. When he felt Coco kissing his balls, he looked down along his body to see her treating his dick like a deity. The sight made him smirk.

"That was the best... thank you so much. I've never gotten to suck dick like that before properly." Coco said as she showered Ven's cock and balls in more kisses.

"Phew... So when was the last time you sucked cock?" Ven asked.

"Hmm... Yesterday."

A few seconds of silence passed between them.

"But you made it sound like you hadn't sucked it in ages or something!" Ven laughed.

"Well, I don't think I made it clear about how much I love sucking dick! I'm obsessed with it! Besides, I didn't get to suck that guy to climax; he came in my ass."

"Oh... Well, you can suck me any time."

Coco noticed more confidence in Ven's voice, and it made her happy that sucking him off could improve his self-esteem like that. "I'll hold you to that," she said and began getting dressed. "I'll see you later, Ven!"

"Wait, what about, uh... your pay?"

Coco shrugged, "Eh, don't worry about it. We'll call this one a freebie. You satisfied my craving, after all!"

"Oh, awesome. Haha, well, you're welcome! But, uh... what about that?" Ven pointed to the erection Coco was tugging under her tight jeans.

"Oh, I'm saving this for a pretty little thing wearing glasses."

With that, Coco left. And she would see Ven again.