Editor's note: While you can sail to the Karmela Islands, you won't find them to be as remote as this story implies, and though you could get lucky with a local, it's not likely that they will need your seed!

Sailing the Karmela Islands

I was finally living my life long dream of sailing the Pacific!

Oh, and marrying my soulmate was big too!

We met at the yacht club when we were both looking for someone. We just didn't know we had found that special someone, until we woke up in each other's arms the next day.

A year later we were married. My second, her third.

Sailing was our passion. We were successful in our careers, her in real estate, and me as a programmer.

I had taken a hit financially, with my first wife, but an inheritance had more than made up the difference, and now I let my office manager handle my company, much more than I did previously, with most of my work being remote.

Paula had married at 18, divorced at 19, married again at 22 and now she was free again at 24. I am 29, almost old.

We only had 20 people at our wedding, but they were the best 20! We left for our honeymoon the next morning.

Indonesia was 30 hours away. Three flights, and a tuk tuk later we were at the rental agency.

Our Catamaran was roomy! We could have taken two or three more couples with us, but we had the boat to our horny selves and a visa for 60 days, with the full intention of extending it for 30 more.

First we got as far away from other sailboats as we could.

With no destination in mind, we just sailed.

Our Pharmacist had recommended a coconut based cream, after I asked for something that would not hurt our privates and we could safely ingest.

Within an hour we had doffed the swim suits, and wrestled some sunscreen on each other. I finished in the top position, but I was soon underneath again!

The trampoline in the front was not for jumping, but it was fun for bouncing my cock into Paula's hungry snatch. Her beautiful breasts would bounce with every stroke, and we were both propelled to cum! I suckled her nipples as she rode out a good one, pulsing my cock in her deepest places.

Sometimes she would blow me, while I held course, reminding me of my first girlfriend giving me my first hummer as we drove to a family cottage.

We were more mature now, so we called it oral sex, and there was no mess, no fuss, no guilt, and no consequences.

We both wanted kids though, and we wanted the conception to happen on this trip.

Paula would also sunbath, and I would jump her as often as I could.

Let me tell you, being around a gorgeous, naked woman, who wants to get pregnant, is the greatest aphrodisiac in the world!

We found remote beaches too. Some had huts that cruisers had built over the years, like a remote fishing camp, there was no electricity, just a thatched roof over some hammocks and a cook fire.

One such abandoned spot had a good mosquito net, so we decided to spend the night, making love in the hammock.

The sounds were different from those on the boat. No regular slapping of waves, but the sound of the wind through the trees was very pleasant, and we soon dozed off.

When I woke, there was a face inches from mine, and it was not Paula!

Before I could act, Paula let out a scream and all hell broke loose.

I was hit on the head, and the grey turned to black.

When I came to, I was in a hut, with the smell of smoke and food cooking. Oh was I ever hungry!

Memory came swiftly back, and I looked about the room for my bride, but there was only a stooped old while man, tending to a pot over a cast iron stove.

As the man turned I noticed that my leg was shackled to a rock. The steel looked ancient, but it had some weight to it.

"Your awake,'' the old man declared.

"Where is Paula," I demanded, "Where is my wife!

"She's fine, fine, don't worry, he rushed to dampen my panic.

"She's outside with the womenfolk sir, she's with friends!" he uttered, while grasping his hands together.

The door opened and the love of my life came surging in.

"Oh wonderful, you're awake," she cried, "you had us worried."

She went on to explain how I had hit my head when we tumbled from the hammock, and the group of locals that had discovered us, carried me to their village for help.

I looked about, at the old white dude and the dozen native looking people of various age, and my best friend, and I felt like all was good, except for one problem.

"Why am I shackled to this rock," I demanded.

"Well, that's the tricky part son," said the old guy, with his head bowed.

"And who is this guy speaking English," I sputtered.

"Oh, I'm Peter," said Peter as he brightened up, for the formal introduction.

"Charmed, I'm sure," I sarcastically replied.

"The chains are to get your seed, I'm afraid," Peter continued, as if that explained anything.

I looked to the Misses for a clear explanation.

"Well dear, the Elders have determined that you are their gift from God!" she said, while choking back the laughter.

I looked back and forth, between my wife and the senile one and wondered if I would ever know what the fuck was going on!

"They have had too many miscarriages, still born, and defects among their babies, and they have determined that they need new, fresh seed!", she informed me with a straight face, and she kept nodding, as a confirmation that she was not joking.

"They intend to keep you, and mate you as often as they can with their women of child bearing age," Peter added, again with a serious look.

"So, I'm to be held as a sex slave," I exclaimed, as I realized how ludicrous that sounded.

"Oh, it's better than that," Peter gleefully explained, "you are to be a sex god!"

Peter gave us some privacy and I had to hear Paula's version of this ridiculous tale.

"They do believe in what they are doing John," she proclaimed.

"I don't know if their reasoning is sound, there could be an environmental trigger here, but they are desperate.

"What about Western medicine?" I asked, "they need to go to their Government."

"Every village is their own government here John," Paula explained.

"They don't want Western answers, they want to use the time honored tradition, of bringing in a foreigner, to stimulate the gene pool.

They may not know the science, but they were probably right.

"Their Elders were wise enough to insist that all women must wait to be married to have children, and to wait until they are 18 so that their bodies are mature enough," she explained further.

"I think you have to do it John," she proclaimed, and I sat there, stunned.

"I've had longer to think about it John, and I see that they need your help, and you should do it."

Her face confirmed that she was serious about sharing her husband, with untold numbers of local women, over some ridiculous length of time.

"Well that's their problem, not ours," I lamented.

"Think about it darling, they need babies, and they need hope." She quietly enticed me with the idea.

"What about our plans?" I asked, "I want to make our own babies with you," I whined.

Women came into the hut, and set up a table, upon which they heaped food.

It was more food than their mid-meal would normally have been, but they were celebrating my wakening.

Paula explained that Peter came here as a Missionary, but their overly sexual attitude caused him to fall from grace, so to speak.

Their Elder's had encouraged the fall for years, hoping that he could be the outside seed that they needed.

Eventually the midwives determined that he was sterile, and then only the ones past child bearing would mate with him.

"They are very giving lovers, so I'm not complaining," Peter interrupted, with his own observations.

"So what happens if I refuse," I asked, "It's not like they can make me, ... can they?"

"Well, that is exactly what they will do John, if you think about it, you will realize that you can't really resist them," Peter resolved.

"I would see you as a hero, my love," said my beloved bride.

The chief muck-a-dee-muck came into the room and talked to Peter for a bit.

"They want to know if you will cooperate in the coupling," he asked, eagerly hanging on my response.

"I will accept on one condition," I started, "My wife shall be at my side while I service these women, and I expect their husband to satisfy my wife," I demanded with a smile.

Paula's eyes shot open with alarm, but Peter quickly turned to tell the Chief the news.

A roar started behind the Chief, and soon the entire Village was singing and dancing.

Paula started saying "No, no, no, I didn't agree to..." but it was of no use, the die was cast.

The process of using a stranger to bolster their lineage had been going on for millennia, and they would follow their ancient script to the tee.

I was to mate only once every 20 minutes to start, for a four hour period, then an hour off, and repeat. This would go on from sunrise to sunset.

"Why during the day," Paula asked.

"They take marriage very seriously here, so in order for this to be acceptable, it has to take place in the open," Peter explained.

They had handmade lounge style chairs for their guests of honor.

The children must have been elsewhere with the elders, but there was still 30 or 40 people milling about the clearing in front of their meeting hall where we were being kept.

Two middle aged women undressed me, while their husbands undressed Paula.

They were all very gentle and playful, with feathers, and gentle caresses.

When I was naked, my man-o-war was standing proud, and they touched it very lightly and giggled, while taking me to my chair.

I saw that Paula was now naked, and the two men, twice her age, were leading her to her lounger, but she had hold of both of their cocks and even with her hand, covering some of their manhood, there was still plenty to see!

There would be a ceremonial union with the Head Woman and me, while the Chief would mount Paula, then they would be replaced by the youngest couple, and it would continue, youngest to oldest, with the oldest woman being about 40.

The Chief's wife did look mature, perhaps she was 50, and a bit flabby, but I was still ready for her. She waited for her husband to start, so I followed her eyes, and watched as the Chief pressed his 8 inches, slowly and completely into my wifes love canal.

Then I felt moisture on my cock head, and the Head Woman slowly pushed down on my 7 inches, until she was balls deep, then she slowly pulled back up, and dismounted me.

At that point I realized that the Chief had not only not stopped, but he was hammering away, and within 2 minutes he quietly, but obviously had a satisfying orgasm.

While my wife was still gasping from the shock of the surprise move, a beautiful young woman was slipping my cock into her warm nest.

Her supple breasts were right in front of me, and I did the most natural thing, by cupping them both, and leaning into her face.

She did not kiss me, or offer me her nipples, she just moved up and down while looking off into the distance.

I did not leave her waiting long, as I came violently in her baby maker.

Right at the end she leaned way into me, bringing her body to me, where I took her nearest nipple to my lips.

I came hard, and she milked me until it became uncomfortable.

My beautiful young mother to be, then stood to one side, waiting for her husband to finish.

Ten full minutes later he increased in speed, and shattered out, an impressive orgasm, in my faithful wife's pulsing pussy!

They kept to the 20 minute rule. I took my wifes hand, and gave it a squeeze. It seemed as if she did not get satisfied by her first lover.

"I hope you know that I fully understand if you have orgasms,"I acceded.

The next round went much like the first for me, but Paula moaned out in ecstasy soon after I did.

The difference was, that her guy kept going, again for at least ten minutes, before depositing his passion in my girls palace!

As we headed into the third hour, I was still going blockbuster, while my wife was having two orgasms with every man.

When our four hours was up, Peter joined us while we had a light meal.

"John, have you noticed how well controlled they are," he asked me.

"What do you mean, controlled?" I responded.

"Well, the women are focused on getting you to cum, and no more," he started, "but the men simply enjoy sex, so they know they get 20 minutes with some white skinned Goddess, but they have enough control, to run it longer, not too long, cause they always want to cum!"

"It's almost like I'm being cuckold," I mused.

The evening sex went just as the afternoon sex did, and I realized I was having a good time.

Paula was having epic orgasms, which spurred me on to some of the best sex I ever had.

It was well past dark when the final woman lifted herself off of my happy pecker.

I watched as her lover sent her into another orgasm, then he enjoyed his own release.

We were both cleaned by attendants, with rags and steaming bowls of soapy water. Then they rinsed us, dried us and dressed us in colorful silk robes.

We quietly ate and drank what they gave us, then went to our hammocks to sleep.

The mosquito netting was pulled aside while it was still dark, and we were hustled outside, where a big breakfast was almost ready.

This time there was no ceremony.

The sun was up, but it was still gloomy, as the first warm vagina enveloped my rod.

I turned to my wife, and saw her suitor pushing home the last of a thick 8 inch thruster.

She turned to me, and the look was priceless, so I smiled.

"Enjoy," I offered her, and turned to enjoy my own heaven.

I had no complaints, but it seemed as if the pace was faster. Everything was so controlled that I had to shrug it off.

Peter joined us for lunch after the second set.

"How are you two holding up," he inquired as if we had a cold.

"Well, I continue to have sex for about 12 minutes of every hour, while my lovely wife, has sex for about 45 minutes and has 8 to 10 orgasms," I grudgingly reported.

"Well, don't be discouraged, your through the 18 year olds now," he remarked, as if that would be encouraging!

"It does seem as though it's going faster," I mentioned, sort of between a statement and a question.

"Ah, they shorten the intervals by a minute every session until you're down to ten, then they hold firm there," he informed us. "You will be mating 6 times per hour by tomorrow night," he speculated.

"They are feeding you both traditional foods that enhance your libido and your recovery, plus they have a special cream that they use to heighten your sensitivity and keep things moving."

I was very tired at the end of day two, but I was getting used to the pace.

I looked at my wife, but I just couldn't bring myself to get with her, after being milked by over 40 women today alone.

She might have had 60 orgasms today. I don't know how she did it!

She did look good though.

Glowing maybe?

I wondered if she was pregnant. I hoped she was.

On our fifth day of breeding, we started the same as the others, but now we were up to 72 per day.

Then I noticed a big change.

I bust my nut into yet another good looking Islander and turned to watch my wife.

That was my routine.

I cum, then I recover by watching my wife enjoy an orgasm or two.

Often she would look me in the eye, but grasp her lover like she would with me, pulling him into her, and bucking her pelvis into his.

Her lover was usually sucking on her nipples, and I could watch her eyes, as they rolled back in ecstasy.

This time, I noticed that her lover was missing a lot of hair, and even though he was well muscled, he was probably 50 years old.

I might not have thought twice about it, but the next cowboy was much younger.

We had made it through the cycle!

The weight of that really hit me.

If I had to service these ladies until they were pregnant, it might take 20 or more times each. That would take two months!

At the dinner break I asked Peter about our situation, hoping that there was a flaw with my math.

"Oh, don't worry lad, the ladies here know when a woman is pregnant, and they only expect you to make 20 babies, any more and they would have the same problem, with too much interbreeding." he replied, giving me hope that our mission would not be a summer long affair.

On the fourteenth day of our adventure, the midwives declared that our task was complete.

We had a final, ceremonial breeding with the Chief and his wife, while all of the adults watched and sang and cheered.

This time the Head Woman continued to grind me until she had a satisfying orgasm, and she kept going to steal one from their guest of honor, me!

Her husband managed to outlast me again, and with no time constraints, he kept going until Paula shouted out in relief and pleasure.

The crowd roared, and it didn't stop until the Chief completed his quest, and shouted in release.

The after party was better than the first one, with fire dancers and acrobats from far villages.

We sat at the place of honor, with the Chief and his bride, and Peter.

"So they think they have 20," I pondered out loud.

"Oh, they are sure of 20, but it could be 30. They will know more in a week.

"So, any predictions on my wife," I broke the silence on the speculation that Paula would almost certainly be pregnant after all the cream that washed over her cervix.

"Oh, she is pregnant," he responded, "They would not have accepted your condition if she were not already pregnant when you got here!" he revealed.

"The Elders would never have returned your gift, by letting her get pregnant from their men." "What kind of Citizen of the World would they be, if they thought that their own semen was defective, but they forced it on your woman."


We sailed away the next day, returning to our private bliss.