My wife and I travelled all over the country to 60's music events, staying self-catering and never missing a session of the weekend long festivals. This was our first time at the Whitby event and we were pleasantly surprised at the range of accommodation available on the internet. One in particular caught my eye, although I kept quiet as we surfed through the options. Luckily Sue opted for the the one I hoped for, although her reasons, a well appointed kitchen, didn't match mine, a four poster bed.

First performances were on Friday evening so we'd arranged for early access to our accommodation to give us time to get changed and be at the theatre ready for the start of the show. Sue always dressed for the 60's when we were away at the shows and today was no exception. Knee high, white, boots, a black and white, checkerboard patterned, mini dress and a baker boy, white, leather hat. The late June weather encouraged her to go without tights and show of her suntanned legs.

I wore regular shoes and trousers and a shirt with a psychedelic pattern, not too adventurous but an attempt at 60's style. I remarked that we had plenty of time before the show started but got a swift reminder that sometimes the bands did a meet and greet, signing programmes and posing for photos, so we were aiming to be early. Sure enough the acts were in the foyer when we arrived and Sue got her programme signed and chatted with several stars, spending so long with one solo artist that the tour organiser came over to move her on.

The first half of the show seemed to fly past, singing along to so many well remembered hits, our front row seats providing an uninterrupted view. Sue disappeared to the Ladies room and got two ice cream tubs as she made her way back. After the interval a four piece band ran through their repertoire of hits and then the solo artist Sue had been chatting to was announced.

The screams weren't quite up to the decibel level of the 60's but loud nevertheless and several women along the front row jumped up and ran to the edge of the stage, stretching out for a handshake, To my surprise Sue joined them and as I watched passed something to the singer as he offered his handshake, he subtlety pocketed the item and Sue returned to her seat.

The singer justified his place as closing act, everyone joining in with the choruses of his hits and soon the audience were on their feet, clapping and swaying as the temperature climbed. Most of the earlier artists had brought bar matts to wipe the sweat off as they performed but this guy reached into his pocket and drew out the bundle Sue had passed him. He shook it out to reveal a pair of knickers and mopped his brow to a crescendo of whistles. I cupped my hands to Sues' ear so she could hear me over the audience noise, "I didn't know you brought a spare pair just for him.

She leant in close and shouted "I didn't!"

I looked down at her dress and as I made eye contact again she raised her eyebrows and smiled at me. Knowing that she was knickerless under her dress made my imagination go into overdrive. The rest of the concert and the encore passed by in a blur and we were soon in the scrum to get out. I made sure Sue was ahead of me and groped her bum through the dress in the crowded confusion as we headed for the exit.

As we emerged into the fresh air and finally escaped from the crowd I took Sues' hand and led her down the steps to the harbour wall. As we walked along the final stretch turned from stone to a wooden deck raised over a stone base on a timber frame. In daylight anyone on the lower level could have looked up through the gaps in the boards and seen Sues' exposed crotch but in the dark she was safe from prying eyes. The deck was deserted as we descended the steps to the stone lower level, fortunately the tide was low so no waves splashed over the edges.

Luckily there were no other people around so I embraced her and tugged her dress up over her hips, exposing her bare butt. I expected some reluctance but Sue seemed as turned on as I was and reached down to massage my erection. I released my embrace, slid my zip down and reached in and freed my cock from my boxers. Straight away Sue squatted down and locked her mouth on my bell end, her tongue swirling over my helmet, before engulfing half my length in a slow movement. She grabbed my hips to maintain her balance as I held her head still and face fucked her, driving deeper as my excitement built.

Not wanting to come too quickly and determined to give Sue some thrills I pulled her a standing position and turned her so I was behind her. My hands roamed over her tummy and down to her exposed pussy. I slid one finger along her slit, smearing her juices over her clit and massaged her distended button until she came to a shuddering peak. She held my hand still over her mound as the tremors subsided and her hyper sensitivity peaked.

The heels on her boots meant I was able to bend her over and line up easily to fuck her from behind. Her sopping pussy swallowed me easily and I pulled her arms straight behind her, gripping her wrists to let me control her movements and maintain balance. The contact between us was purely my cock in her pussy and my grip on her wrists, all our sexual stimulation was concentrated through our pubic contact. It was now too dark to see my cock plowing between her lips but the sound effects were audible over the waves splashing against the wall in front of us.

I let my cock slip out and ride between her lips, the tip brushing her clit as we continued the fucking motion. Soon she reached a second climax, aided by the stimulation of her love button and I lined up and buried myself back in her frothy core. The vaginal contractions of her climax milked me as I peaked, pumping my fluid into her depths.

The sound of footsteps overhead hastened our separation and Sue just managed to straighten her dress out and let me hide behind her to sort my clothing out as a couple of teenagers appeared down the steps. The boy seemed to guess what we'd been doing, nudging his girlfriend and winking at me. I smiled and winked, "We'll leave you in peace" I said, leading Sue to the steps. As I followed her up I could see my cream running down her inner thighs.

The thought of how the four poster was going to feature in our bedtime antics quickened my step and Sue kept up easily, the same thoughts obviously occupying her.

60's weekends, the music never dies and nor does the passion.