(This is a bit of housekeeping. Few interesting scenes but a lot of setup gets done for the coming chapters.

This series comes after Enslaving Ellie May 1 - 4. The stories are set in a world where slavery is legalized in the US. These stories contain graphic depictions of nonconsensual activities.)

Zeke woke up the next day to a sleeping slave on each side of him. He nudged Michelle awake and she had been through this enough times to know her first duty in the morning was to give Master a blow job. He liked it enthusiastic and sloppy so she made sure to use enough saliva and suction. Sometimes he had her invert herself so he could see her cute little ass, though he never returned the favor. Licking a slave pussy was demeaning. A man could lick his girlfriend's pussy and make her cum like that if he wanted but it would be a service. Serving a slave put you on the same level as that slave. Keeping a girlfriend happy is important but slaves don't need to be happy. Slaves just need to obey.

Where Ellie was athletic and fit, Michelle was slender and thin. Zeke liked both but if he had to admit it, Michelle was his second choice after Ellie, but Michelle was, as always, only a hair behind Ellie. With a boob job, Michelle might even edge Ellie out. Zeke was considering that since he knew some places down in South America where he could ship her down, have the job performed cheaply but with a high chance of good outcome, and then have her shipped back. The whole process might take less than $2,000 and he could have Michelle insured during the trip for five times her value, but he wondered if he should cut corners like that now that he had enough money and he wasn't entirely sure if he was selling Michelle yet. He smiled when he thought to himself that he would see how this morning blow job went and decide after.

She got to brush her teeth shortly after. It wasn't mercy or kindness, it was just the order of morning operations in Zeke's RV kingdom. Blow job, breakfast, and then sanitation. If there was time the AI would insist on yoga but if Zeke got on the road quickly enough the AI would settle for mantras.

On this particular morning that is exactly what he did. Zeke left Ellie to sleep while he drove. He wasn't a softie but she had just made him a cool 15 million.

The first order of business when he got back was going to be opening an LLC for slave handling. The money would go into the corporation as a tax haven and then he would start looking for diamonds in the rough.

Zeke knew the stock he wanted. Lifetime enslavement, with the type being judicial, private, or pleasure. Judicial slaves had no limits. You could snuff them and get away with it as long as you maintain a minimum of plausible deniability. Personal enslavements were the next most liberal. These are usually daughters enslaved by parents. The idea being to scare them straight but more often than not they turned into dirty little sluts because men in the system would basically rape them over and over until they got addicted to slavegasms. Most young girls exposed to the lifestyle of a slave would end up hot for the collar. The last designation was a pleasure slave. The designation attracted attention from porn, brothels, and all kinds of corporate interests. These designations only mattered in the states. If you had the money and needed to reclassify a slave, you could ship her to an African nation, grease the right palms and ship her back as whatever you wanted and no one would look too closely.

Zeke knew all this but for his purposes, any of the three would be fine. The drive back only took two days. Zeke pushed a little hard because he had plans and the money to carry them out. He got a little loose with the girls during the trip and didn't keep them crated as much on the way back to Texas. The girls appreciated the change in him but didn't take anything for granted. They knew he could crackdown at a moment's notice. Both girls were on their best behavior. Occasionally he would give them an order to edge or lick each other to orgasm. They were also allowed to use the toilet since Zeke didn't want to stop. Neither girl complained about not being paraded around naked at rest stops.

When Zeke got home he ordered both girls to his room and they went. His dad saw they weren't clothed and asked "Hey boy, what's up with the girls? Is Michelle your slave now?"

Zeke realized he left so early that he hadn't explained everything to his dad. "Yeah. Actually, so is Becky." Seeing his dad's surprise he continued "I could tell they both heard the collar calling so I set up a camera and just had them say it. They both willingly enslaved themselves. They didn't know it was on camera but they did it and it's going to hold up in court."

Robert had become a slave enthusiast in his son's absence. "Way to go." Was all he could say. He reached over and patted his slave Sue on the head and said "Ya hear that? Our son is a successful slaver, now." He looked back and said, "Well, my son is anyway."

Sue hadn't been totally broken yet, said: "I am well aware, Master." Her voice dripped with sarcasm but fortunately for her, they both got a kick out of her self-deprecating humor.

Zeke said "Dad, I'm sure I'll get you another slave shortly. I'm thinking a nice 18-20 year old that's "hot for the collar" to rub mom's nose in how well you are doing, but for now, I'm going to ask you to respect my property. I already made a lot of money and Ellie needs a break. Michelle, I had a thing for and haven't decided what to do with her yet but these aren't roadside slaves if you know what I mean."

Robert got a little scared for a brief second before realizing that he was safe and said "I thought we were never going to tell your mother about that." And they both laughed. Sue didn't quite get the joke but she knew she was the butt of it. It burned her a little but she was already settling into being a slave with just Robert's hard usage. It was only a matter of time before Zeke would have his dad acting like a Master.

Zeke had decided that the best course of action would be to lease his mom to his dad for a dollar a month. This gave him an idea for a business that had yet to be realized SAaS or Slaves As a Service. He figured he could rent but wasn't thinking that would be a major part of his business. He hadn't yet realized that high-end pleasure slaves were often beyond the reach of most average guys but they could splurge maybe one month out of the year and rent an amazing girl. It was an idea and he would have to think it out.

Anyway, he had plans for the morning. He told the girls "Do your yoga." And the AI came to life calling out positions. He amended "Don't be a slave driver."

The AI answered, "This unit is programmed to command and control slaves, sir."

Zeke responded "OK but listen to Ellie if she says they need a break."

The AI said, "Yes sir." And that made him amiable for the day.

Zeke called a ride share service for a ride to a new car lot. Zeke settled on the newest model of an off-road style crossover SUV. It was the newest model. He haggled down to the best price and paid with a debit card. $23,250.00 was a good price for a new car.

Then he drove to a real estate business. He said he wanted to see houses just outside of the suburban areas with some land and maybe a barn.

A few minutes after Zeke walked in he was greeted by Melodi. It wasn't a great first impression. He felt like she didn't have that sales fire he had seen in the salespeople at HCI. She was short at 5' 2" but fit and had large breasts for a girl her size. Her dark brown hair was long and straight. She wore an impeccable suit, that Zeke hated even though he agreed that it looks good on her. She had some small jewelry but nothing too extravagant.

They had spent about an hour looking when they finally found one with great location and specs. Zeke wanted to see it that day and the real estate agent hesitated.

Zeke knew right where to punch, "Oh really? You're rather attractive, how much debt are you in for this business?" He asked.

She recoiled and said, "I don't see how that's any of your business."

Zeke looked her up and down suggestively, "You know that old saying? 'To a kid with a hammer, everything looks like a nail.' Well, my hammer is the slave market. We could just go talk to the bank and let them know that you don't feel like paying them back." He paused "Or we could go look at some property and maybe save your neck from that collar for one more month." The moment Zeke saw her he had sized her up. He knew that the business looked too nice for the area and she had little to no business acumen. He realized the bank had loaned her money based solely on her looks it was probably a predatory loan, though legally any loan a slave agreed to would get them enslaved and the financial institution would get nothing more than a small fine. Banks are of course necessary and so are slaves.

She reluctantly agreed knowing she needed the sale as much as Zeke thought she did. She called the seller to have him meet them out there.

When they got to the farm, the house looked great. Keith, the realtor selling the farm said it was "slave built" which meant built as a dream project by someone who borrowed too much money secured with their sweet young pussy. They didn't realize how long it would take to build and the payments outpaced revenue. Too many dreamers going into business for the first time make the mistake of under capitalizing. Of course, some banks try to push people into loans that will cause them to default. The amount they owe, usually extends the term of slavery, increasing the auction price, and then the banks salvage as much as they can from the slave's personal assets, whatever they may be. The trick is to sell the slave with a lifetime term justified by the debt and then recoup the losses by, in this case selling the farm. Most banks just want to lend and be repaid but Sun One Bank was an engine of the slave trade and they made more money doing things that way.

Zeke asked what they were asking and was shocked to hear a 2 million price tag. The home was immaculate and when they checked the barn it was perfect for Zeke's purposes. It was enclosed, climate-controlled, and barely used for chicken farming. About halfway between the house and the barn, there was an intriguing feature. Two wooden posts sunk deep into the ground that stood about fifteen feet tall. A little closer to the house there was a hatch to an old bomb shelter style cellar. The place had a lot of possibilities and seemed worth the asking price even if Zeke was too shrewd to pay that much.

Zeke thought he could rip out the chicken-related equipment and replace them with small dorm-like rooms. This would be where his slaves could stay while he trained them. He could have a whole slave harem. After all, isn't that every young man's dream?

After being there for about 15 minutes Zeke knew he wanted to buy. He just didn't want to pay full price. So, he asked Melodi to check out the second story and talked with Keith. "I'm going to leave but stay put. I'll come back and buy if you're willing to lower the sale price by Melodi's commission."

Keith smiled a big smile. It was dirty and underhanded but he knew his rival had not worked to get where she was and if he could starve her one or two commissions, there would be less competition in the area. A simple nod was all he needed to give.


Melodi was confused. "I think this place is perfect, Zeke." She said walking back down the stairs.

"It's good but I need to think it over at that price. I don't want to be too foolish with my money or else I might end up on the block myself."

"Right." Melodi mused "A kid with a hammer. All your thoughts go back to that." She decided to cut her losses for the day. "Find yourself another realtor." She said and stormed out.

Zeke feigned that he was leaving too but Keith said he was going to pick up the main house a little. Zeke followed Melodi until she had pulled a good 15 miles ahead and turned a curve losing sight.

Zeke turned back around and went back. He found Keith exactly where he said he would be. "Hey Keith, as it turns out, I need a new realtor." They both laughed.

Keith said "I called the bank and they said they would drop an extra hundred thousand off in addition to her commission. Any guesses why?"

Zeke was starting to see the hidden current of the world "They own her debt too, huh!"

Keith just answered "Smart boy."

Zeke asked, "What's the new bottom line?"

Keith answered "1.6 million."

Zeke thought about pushing but just said "Make sure they know my name."

Keith could tell Zeke knew how to play the game. "Why don't we go to the bank to finalize all this?"

Zeke nodded and they left.

At the bank, things went smoothly. Introductions were made between Statler, Waldorf, and Zeke. The aging executives gave the full-court press to transfer Zeke's banking to Sun One Bank instead of Trust Federal Bank. A lot of people in the industry used XYZ Bank but Zeke never cared for their customer service. The executives said that they would have minor enslavements coming up. Zeke was skeptical that they would have opportunities like what he was looking for but they assured him they would. Statler assured Zeke that most borrowers were not shrewd. For every high-class borrower who got a million-dollar loan, 20 girls were trying to get a nice car and a boob job with no source of income. Zeke realized how dumb that was but also that he had seen a lot of hot girls with nice cars recently.

"We see that you are a man of means and setting up this farm to run your training facility. We realize that you've recognized a certain niche in the market that we also appreciate but as bankers, we see it as bad PR to enslave our borrowers as some banks do. Even if it is a better set of terms, most people see it as predatory. Often banks will set up shell corporations run by their executives or close friends to avoid this from becoming public knowledge. We prefer to simply have friends in your industry." Statler explained.

"What exactly do you hope to gain here!" Zeke inquired with some deference.

"That is a great question." Waldorf praised. "We are hoping for a bit of friendship. After all, you're independently wealthy and if you stay on the course you have determined, you'll stay that way. We will tip you off to opportunities in exchange for occasionally steering a particular opportunity your way where we may have a personal interest. We won't do this often but maybe once a year we would ask and if necessary provide the seed money for you to obtain stock that we desire for you to obtain and make available to us."

Zeke said "It's not illegal for you to have a slave. In fact, as bankers, I would expect you to have a few."

"That's true," Statler stated. "Here we effectively can't directly enslave our borrowers due to accounting rules and SEC reporting requirements, we can purchase them at auction." He paused "It still gets delicate in a town like this. Reputation is everything."

"Ah. I see." Zeke thought "I can act a bit like a holding company for you and charge you a slight fee for access to make sure things seem above board." Zeke mentioned "I happen to be doing the same for my dad already. He enslaved my mom and then sold her to me. Now I lease her back to him for a dollar a month."

"Now you're talking." Waldorf praised again.

Zeke transferred his money into the best interest-bearing account they could offer him. It's an account type that not everyone has access to with an insane 17.5% interest. He purchased the farm with an arrangement that included no interest and payments were taken out of the interest that he received on the account. He then shook everyone's hand and left.

Zeke felt like he had found the door at the back of the room that led to the next room. A few things had fallen in place for him and he realized that powerful men want to avail themselves of young women and those men are usually willing to offer something in return.

Zeke didn't feel like setting up the new place tonight so he went home to save the girls from the sure tyranny of the AI. He knew that the AI would get increasingly demanding the longer he stayed away and was starting to think it was deliberately done so it would feel to the slaves under its charge as if their master was rescuing them every time he returned home. A great innovation for the Master on the go.