Epilogue 03 - Ruthie's affair with Marla

While Mike was trying to figure out how to deal with the sudden reduction of his income, there was another development in Ruthie's life that helped her overcome her traumatic childhood and the self-hatred she had as a result of struggling with non-verbal communication disorder. She was able to fulfill a lot of her old teenage fantasies by having an affair.

The affair turned out to be one of the luckiest things to ever happen to Ruthie. Ironically, cheating on Mike also greatly improved her relationship with him. The problem that Ruthie had with Mike is that she deeply loved him as a person and as her partner, but she was not sexually attracted to him. He was a loving and dependable companion who filled her emotional needs, so she never considered leaving him. But the disconnect between her need for companionship and her sexual fantasies was a major frustration throughout her freshman and sophomore years in college. Then, after she had been with Mike for nearly two years, Ruthie met Marla.

Ruthie was not the sort who enjoyed going out too much, and certainly not alone. However, when her Mike needed to go across the country to attend a week-long conference of lower-level parking department managers, she was in a rare adventurous mood and she decided to take advantage of his absence to check out a new club which had opened up a few blocks from where they were living. She couldn't explain, even to herself, why she wanted to go to a club alone. She definitely was not a club-type person. She was no good at making small-talk, which meant that she had a hard time making a good first impression. She was not interested in meeting any men. She already had one man, and one man was more than enough for her. She really wasn't sure what she wanted.

Ruthie noticed an attractive, tall, middle-aged woman when as soon as she entered the club. The woman was alone, drinking and sending texts on her cell phone. Ruthie kept glancing over at her. Because of the college student's sexual fantasies, the woman was the sort who most attracted her. She looked in her late '40s and was dressed in a no-nonsense business outfit. She carried herself with the air of a person you would not want to cross. Ruthie found her intimidating, which was precisely why she found her so sexy. However, as always, she was too shy to approach her.

The professional noticed Ruthie continuously glancing at her. The college girl couldn't have been any older than 20. She was totally cute. It was also obvious she was shy, nervous, and out of her element in the club. The professional felt a strange desire to comfort and protect the girl, but she realized she would have to make the first move. The whole thing seemed absurd, because she was more than twice the girl's age and even had a 20-year-old daughter in college.

Hell, my daughter and this girl probably sit together in class. This is totally insane. But... oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained...

The professional walked up to Ruthie and gently touched her shoulder. "Hi there."

Ruthie blushed. "Uh... hi, ma'am... "

"I was just about to get myself a drink, and was wondering if you'd like one. My treat."

"I uh... yeah... sure ma'am... I'd... uhh... I'd like that... "

"Come along then, you can tell the bartender what you want."

Ruthie had to order a non-alcoholic drink because she was not yet 21. That detail embarrassed her, but her companion found it cute. The professional touched her arm as she handed her the drink. It was obvious, even to someone as oblivious to non-verbal cues as Ruthie, that the woman was coming on to her.

"Ha! How silly of me! We haven't even introduced ourselves! My name's Marla. And you are?"

"I... uh... Ruthie, ma'am. My name's Ruthie Burns."

Marla quickly assessed the situation. She was encouraged that Ruthie had seen her up close, realized she was not young at all, but still did not seem to be put-off by her age. Judging by the girl's nervous manner of talking and awkward behavior, Marla correctly guessed that Ruthie had a non-verbal communication disorder, which would affect her ability to make small-talk. She also correctly guessed that Ruthie was submissive and attracted to authority figures, especially women. Assuming that was true, Ruthie would actually be more attracted to older people, especially if they had a strict demeanor in their personalities. If Marla took charge of the relationship from the beginning, Ruthie would follow her anywhere. She put her hands on the collage student's shoulders. Ruthie trembled and her heart beat very hard, but she did nothing to discourage Marla's advances.

"Do you like this song? It's one of my favorites from when I was in high school, back in the ancient times... "

"Yes, ma'am. It's kinda nice."

"Good. Then let's dance."

They danced for a couple of slow songs. Ruthie was content to stay quiet, because she couldn't think of what she should say. Marla made a few comments about the club, mostly to avoid too much awkward silence. Then Ruthie felt Marla's hands move lower, slowly, until they were on her bottom. Marla was careful to monitor Ruthie's reaction to every advance, to make sure she wasn't pushing the girl too hard. Ruthie was nervous, but full of anticipation. The older woman's hands explored her bottom, as though trying to verify something.

"Wow, you are a naughty little thing, aren't you?"

"I... I dunno ma'am, I 'spose."

"Yeah, sweetie, you are. Don't even try bullshitting me." Marla patted her bottom over her skirt. "And, look at this, you aren't even wearing any panties."

"No, ma'am."

Marla gently turned Ruthie so that her back was facing the wall and out of sight of other club patrons. The erotic tension between the two women quickly escalated. Marla caressed Ruthie's bottom throughout their third dance. Then she slid her hands under the waistband of Ruthie's skirt. The skirt was loose-fitting, so she had no problem moving her hands underneath. It was dark in their section of the room and Ruthie's backside was facing the corner. Marla pushed Ruthie's skirt halfway down her hips and put her hands on the upper part of her now uncovered bottom. Suddenly Ruthie was extremely aroused. She was dancing in a public location, with her bottom partly exposed and the hands of a woman she had just met exploring her bare skin. Ruthie hugged Marla and made no effort to pull her skirt back up. She was completely submitting to a woman she had just met. There was an unspoken agreement that Marla would be the one to pull the skirt back up, not Ruthie. After another song, Marla lowered Ruthie's skirt further, exposing her entire bottom. It was thrilling to be like that, with her bottom exposed in a crowded room and no one realizing it, and her companion's firm hands touching her bare skin. Ruthie trembled with anticipation, especially when Marla patted her bare bottom, hinting that a spanking was in the works.

"Shameless girl. And to think, that cute naughty butt of yours, with nothing covering it."

Marla patted Ruthie's exposed bottom several more times. They were not really pats, but more a series of a light slaps. Ruthie was wet with excitement. There was no doubt, none whatsoever, where Marla was going with her advances.

Marla pushed forward. She so badly wanted the girl she was dancing with that her usual caution vanished. She kissed Ruthie. Ruthie was so shocked and so excited that she didn't think about trying to pull her skirt up. The cool air conditioning felt good on her bare backside. Marla was in charge, so it was she who would decide when to pull up Ruthie's skirt. And, maybe she wouldn't want to pull it up at all, which would be fine with Ruthie. She was enjoying the feeling of total vulnerability.

Ruthie accepted Marla's invitation to spend the night at her house. She so excited she couldn't think straight. She had fantasized about this so much, and now finally, it was going to happen.

Ruthie had walked to the club, so she didn't have to worry about leaving a vehicle behind. However, she was taking a risk because Marla's house was five miles outside of town. If anything went wrong, she would have to walk several hours in the middle of the night just to get to the closest bus stop.

Marla stripped Ruthie within seconds of getting through the door, before taking off her own clothes. She knew what was going on with the young woman, but still, she was flattered and excited that a 19-year-old college student found her desirable.

Marla grabbed a dining room chair, sat down, and had Ruthie sit on her lap. She sweet-talked the student, continuing to tease her about being such a naughty girl. She caressed and patted her bottom to let her know that, as a naughty girl, she was likely to get a spanking later on. Through watching her guest's reactions to her flirting, Marla confirmed that Ruthie was a total submissive.

Marla took charge of her guest. Using a gentle, but firm voice, she told her naughty girl it was time to go over her lap. Ruthie was trembling, but she immediately obeyed. Marla touched the student between her legs. Already she was very wet. She continued rubbing and patting her bottom in anticipation of her upcoming punishment.

"Sweetie, you are such a bad girl. I really don't know what I'm gonna do with you."

Marla started spanking. Ruthie did not resist. She obediently held her hands in front and was fully cooperative. She made no effort to cover her bottom, nor did she clench the muscles in her backside. It was obvious that she was where she wanted to be, having an experience that she was thoroughly enjoying.

Marla was the mistress that Ruthie needed. She gave the girl a nice long spanking, but she avoided slapping her too hard. She wanted Ruthie to enjoy her experience, so she did not try to over-do it by inflicting too much pain. Finally she stopped, mostly because her arm was getting tired. She massaged Ruthie's warm bottom. When she touched her companion between her legs, Ruthie shuddered and gasped from pleasure.

Marla told her lover to stand up and embraced her. When she touched Ruthie's vulva, it was obvious the girl was more aroused than she had ever been in her life. The spanking had stimulated her and now Marla's fingers were working magic between her legs. She wanted to surrender herself, totally and completely.

After Ruthie received her spanking, Marla did something that totally shocked her. Without saying anything, the older woman picked her up, lifted her over her shoulder, and carried her to the bedroom. She lay the younger woman on the bed, got on top, pinned her wrists to the mattress, and kissed her. Ruthie never would have guessed that a woman in her late '40s was strong enough to pick her up. Later Marla would laughingly tell her: "Sweetie, are you kidding? I've spent years lugging around a pair of twins. And all their stuff. So yes, I can do some heavy lifting."

Ruthie spent the next several days re-living her night with Marla. She was obsessed with her new lover and couldn't stop thinking about her. She was elated when she got a text asking if she was free the following Friday afternoon. Yes! Most definitely, yes! She was surprised, because she figured that a married woman with three kids would have no free time.

Marla made the time. Her younger daughters wanted to go to a friend's house for a sleep-over and she said: why, yes, of course. The twins were surprised. Well, that was easy. First time Mom didn't ask a bunch of questions, only then to say no, you can't go. Same with her husband. He was off on one of his business trips and for once his wife wasn't badgering him with a bunch of text messages and suspicious questions.

When Marla picked her up, she had a gift for Ruthie, a pair of expensive, thick bracelets. They felt strange on the student's wrists, because normally she never wore any jewelry. When Ruthie entered Marla's house and got her clothes off, the bracelets made her feel much more vulnerable. She felt incredibly sexy wearing them and nothing else.

"You look so cute in those, Sweetie. From now on, whenever you're over here, that's gonna be your outfit."

Marla had other surprises for Ruthie. She had bought a fetish harness and a leather paddle. As soon as the student saw them, she was totally aroused and gasped with anticipation.

Marla told Ruthie to put her hands on the back of a living room chair and to spread her legs and arch her back. Then she felt Marla's fingers exploring her vulva and bottom.

"Would you look at this, my naughty girl! You're already wet! Shame on you!"

The spankings that Marla gave Ruthie with the leather paddle were much more sensuous than painful. Between swats, Marla massaged Ruthie's shoulders, fondled her breasts, and teased her vulva. The combination of such intense sensations drove the student wild with pleasure. Ruthie loved the erotic discipline sessions with her lover and never wanted them to end.

Marla enjoyed the sessions as much as Ruthie. She delighted in looking at her attractive lover and touching her body. Watching the girl's bottom turn red and her skin glistening with erotic sweat brought as much pleasure to Marla as it did to Ruthie. It was very pleasing to watch the student react and so totally surrender herself.

The raw passion between Marla and Ruthie was the most intense emotional experience of either of their lives. There was no doubt that, had they been able to see each other on a daily basis, had they had the freedom to spend as much time together as they wanted, they would not have been able to sustain that level of emotion. However, they were lucky if they could get together once a week, so they never had the opportunity to settle into a routine. Their life circumstances, and the fact they needed to spend most of their time catering to the needs of other people, made them idealize each other.

Marla had indulged in a couple of previous trysts with other women, but they had been with women more like herself, in both age and in life circumstances. Ruthie was different, and for that reason, oddly enough, it was easier for Marla to figure out what she needed, even more so than Ruthie herself.

For example, Marla had been very careful when choosing the paddle she'd use on her young lover. It was leather, not wood, and designed to inflict the maximum amount of sting with the minimal amount of bruising. It was just the right balance for Ruthie, given that her fantasies often exceeded the level of physical sensation that would really arouse her. Somehow Marla figured that out.

There was a more practical reason to avoid bruising Ruthie: she had a boyfriend and the last thing anyone needed was for him to see her with a bruised butt and wonder what happened. Also, Ruthie's nude modeling was another reason Marla knew that she had to be careful to avoid leaving any marks that lasted for more than a couple of hours.

The same was true for Ruthie's bracelets. They were thick and heavy, felt lot like cuffs, but they weren't. It was easy enough for Ruthie to fantasize they were cuffs. However, if she wore them in public, they were obviously just bracelets and wouldn't draw attention. Maybe at the heat of the moment Ruthie wasn't worried about stuff like that. However Marla had led a secret life for years and was used to hiding what she wanted to from her family. She would have to teach that skill to Ruthie.

Marla never had any desire to put Ruthie in restraints. Instead, she dominated her by carrying her from the living room to the bedroom, grabbing her wrists, and pinning her down. Ruthie was strong enough that perhaps she could have resisted had she wanted to, but she never had any desire to do so. She loved it when her partner took control.

Ruthie was starting to mature, and so she was able to accept the limits of her new lover. She knew not to push Marla. The woman had made it very clear from the beginning that she could never have a full-time relationship. Marla cared for Ruthie and would do everything she could to make time for her. However, she had an extremely busy schedule and a family life she was unwilling to give up. As long as Ruthie could understand that limitation, she would give her young lover as much of herself as she could. Ruthie knew that. Marla loved her in her own way, and the best way Ruthie could return that love was to respect Marla's circumstances and accept her for what she was.

Ruthie's lover taught her another important lesson, that it was unrealistic to expect a single person to satisfy all of her emotional needs. As Marla put it:

"The only reason I'm not insane, drunk, or dead is because I've learned to compartmentalize my life. That's important, Sweetie, you've got to compartmentalize. It's unfair to expect one person to give you everything. That might work OK in the movies and romance songs, but you can't expect it in real life. That is simply impossible. Your boyfriend can't do it, and I sure as hell can't do it. But, what we can do is satisfy different needs."

Marla had an interesting perspective on her affair with Ruthie: "We're not really cheating on my husband or your boyfriend. Our time together has nothing to do with them. This is totally separate. This is ours, no one else's. So there's no reason to feel guilty. Nor is there any reason for them to know, either. Always remember, compartmentalize."

Mike would remain the most important person in Ruthie's life. She completely depended on him emotionally. He was Ruthie's best friend, her protector, her family, as well as her boyfriend. However, he was not able to satisfy her sexual needs. For that, she had to go elsewhere. Now that she accepted that reality and better understood herself, she no longer resented him or the fact she had to "go along" with having sex with him to maintain the other parts of their relationship.

Ruthie now understood what she needed. She was involved in not one, but two long-term relationships. Over time she would love Marla as much as she loved Mike, but for totally different reasons.

Mike never found out about Marla. Nor did he ever really figure out his girlfriend. He just saw what he wanted to see. Now that Marla was in her life, Mike's cluelessness about her sexuality was fine with Ruthie.