I was on my knees, fully dressed and self-femmed, looking down at his black leather shoes and black dress pants. He's in a chair sitting right in front of me. I'm in a position I've only dreamed of, one that took me years of denial to overcome, my stomach is queasy I'm so nervous, but I'm happy too, and I hope he is. Then he said it.

"Hello, Trisha."

"Hello, Daddy."

His warm deep voice touching me somewhere in my psyche, and my soft high femme voice that I've been practicing, coming up to greet him. He reached out with his large hand, and placed it lovingly on my cheek, enveloping the side of my face with his palm. I closed my eyes, and took a short breath in, I tried not to shake as I pushed my cheek into his warm palm.

"You look very, very pretty, Trisha. I can see how hard you worked to please me tonight."

"Thank you, Daddy."

And then he did it. He pulled his hand off my cheek and slapped me across the face. I gasped, and my hands raised up to stop him. Then he gently placed his palm back on my stinging cheek and pushed his thumb to my red pained lips. I lowered my hands, my heart pounding.

"Do you know why I slapped you, princess?"

"N...n...no Daddy."

"Because you interrupted me. You are not to speak unless I ask you a question." I was silent, even though I wanted to say Yes, Daddy so bad.

Oh wow, he's controlling me already. He controlling my voice - a sign of my will power - he's owning me. Is this really happening...

"You told me during our chats that you liked the idea of being slapped across the face, didn't you?"

"Yes, Daddy I did...many times, Daddy."

And I pushed my cheek into his palm...he was using my desires...everything I had asked for and confessed to him. I realized my clitty was straining against the cage. He began to rub his thumb back and forth over my lips, I opened my mouth a little bit, breathing warmly onto him.

"Tell me again, princess, why do you want to be slapped?"

"B...because it's a sign of my..of my obedience to you, Daddy...a...a sign that i'll serve you and be good no matter what...Daddy."

"Good girl." He chuckled to himself.

Am I pleasing him? Am I doing good? Shit shit what is happening? Without a word, he pushed his thumb between my lips and into my wet mouth. I couldn't help it, I was so turned on, I started sucking - or rather, suckling - on his thumb and he started to tell me his plans.

"I'm very happy that you showed up, Trisha. I'll take good care of you, if you are good to me. Your training starts tonight, Trisha. My...special kind, so you can be the perfect little slut for me, just the way I like you."

I was sucking his thumb like a desperate child, my pulse pounding in my ears as he continued.

"I'm going to train you in different ways, and you must take 'em all if you want be my owned little bitch. They are..." - and he slowed down and said these very slowly -

"training that pretty mouth..training your pussy...cum training...and pain training."

He let me digest all that as I suckled his thumb between my painted lips, my eyes still looking down, wondering if I had thought this fully through

"I expect you to be completely femme throughout, no matter what. When we are finished, you'll be my perfect little fucktoy. Now, Trisha, this is the most important question I'll ask you: Do you agree to be trained and to obey me?"

I nodded like a child, with his thumb in my mouth, up and down, up and down quickly.

"I don't believe you, slut." And he slapped me again hard, stinging my face and making my clitty jump in the cage.

"Get your face down there, kiss my shoes and beg for it, or I'm walking out the door." And I did it, I didn't even think about it; what have I become?

I quickly bent forward, puckering up my red lips and pushing my knees back to arch my ass up in the air. I started desperately kissing his shiny black dress shoes and in my girliest voice, begging:

"Please train me, Daddy, please? Please, I'll be good and do every thing you ask, Daddy? Please please train your slut, Daddy? Please I need to serve you so bad Daddy, please train me?"

Over and over I begged, as I covered his expensive leather shoes with kisses...he let me go on and on for minutes it seemed...as my voice got more and more desperate, my kisses harder and harder pressing down through the shoes to feel his feet, moving around both shoes, the heels, everywhere. I was almost in tears, losing myself to the submission when he stopped me.

"Good girl."

I felt his hand reaching down under my chin and guiding me up, but this time, placing my face in his crotch, right onto the bulge in his pants...and omg...that's his cock...his...wait...it's too big to be a cock...but omg it moved...it's huge...it really is Daddy's cock...oh wow...

How many times have I dreamed of this moment? His pants were still on, my mouth was partially open now, over his pants, and around the shaft of his bulging cock breathing warm air through the fabric, my face pressed down on to it as he started to gently stroke my head.

Then he told me in a much gentler voice, "Now, baby, today we begin our life together. You'll worship me, princess, and I'll love you and train you, and care for you. And now, you have a new god, your only god from now on...Daddy's cock. I want you to learn every inch of it, every vein, every part of it. You'll learn it so perfectly that you could draw a picture of it from your memory. When you are blindfolded and I rent you to an orgy of guys, you will know when it's my cock in your mouth and not theirs. Isn't that what you want, babygirl?"

I was trying to hide the tears in my eyes. What he was saying, so perfect, so dominant, so...he knew it was what i needed, what i craved. But then as i tried to speak, it happened, my voice cracked, i was crying, "Y...yyyy, yes Daddy i want it. ohhhhhh."

"Shhhhhh, honey...Daddy knows you do, Daddy will take care of you, as long as you do everything I tell you and never disobey me...shhhh..."

A few tears rolled down my cheeks and he took my face in his hands. "Close your eyes, my slut."

I closed them - I remembered that he had spoken about imprinting his cock in my mind first, before his face, he was doing it! He's really doing it, everything he told me would happen - and he lifted my chin and my face to him. I felt him leaning forward and he did it; he kissed me.

Softly, gently placing his manly lips on my painted femmed mouth. I could feel his thick mustache and beard against my smooth face, his strong hand holding me there as he kissed me. I dared not offer my tongue yet, he was leading, not me.

Then he pulled away and said, "Very good, princess. It's time to train that pretty mouth of yours."

-to be continued