My entry for the Literotica Valentine's Day Contest 2021. There are elements of truth in this story, enough that those who know the protagonists well might. recognise at least some of it even with the names changed.

Five years since I had seen him. We were in the same set during our nursing training. I didn't know but the NHS had chewed him up and spat him out. Now he worked as an aromatherapist and massage practitioner. I had been back at work six months after having a tit removed because of cancer but had some blessed days off. He was back in Aylesbury for a regional meeting of his professional association. Andy spotted me first.

"Joan is that really you?"

"Andy!" We hugged. He had just finished his purchases so I didn't see what he had but he waited till I had finished. Back out on Buckingham Road he asked me,

"How long since your surgery?" I burst into tears as I told him,

"Nine months ago. How could you tell?"

"I remembered you are Left handed yet every time you reached up you used your Right hand. The one time you did reach with your left you pulled back as if it hurt. You need regular massage as well as doing all your physio exercises." After a brief pause he added our standard questions to each other every time we met, "How is your love life?" A sore point, two days after Valentines day when my date had gone spectacularly wrong.

George, had spent a large part of the evening squeezing my falsie which fitted neatly into my bra and came off when the bra came off. He hadn't noticed anything untoward either in the feel or my lack of reaction and assumed I would be so turned on by his attentions, I would be ready to fuck the moment we got back to my flat from the rather mediocre meal I hadn't enjoyed. Needless to say, I hadn't invited him in. After giving my story I asked,

"And what about your love life?"

"Non existent since Catherine died." I had heard about that but hadn't been able to get to the funeral as I was at my mother's one back in Ireland. I had sent a card and he had sent me one. "Let's go for a meal together and see if we can do better?" I found myself agreeing and minutes later, Andy was driving me to a place in Great Missenden. I don't remember too much about the meal except that it knocked the other one into a cocked hat. What I do remember is that the company had been infinitely better. We touched as we talked, not sexual touch but caring and enjoying eachother's company type touch. Andy had one small glass of wine and I had one large glass.

I of course invited him in for coffee and it was only then that we kissed. I was hungry for his kisses and more. I pulled him to the bedroom where we undressed. Andy briefly headed to the bathroom where I am pretty sure he washed his dick. Andy looked better than I remembered which made me suddenly very self conscious. He would be the first person to see me since I left hospital after the operation.

"Don't look at my chest."

He ignored me and gently kissed my scars. His kissing my scars had me more turned on than some boyfriends had managed with my tits and vagina combined in the past.

If I am going to make love, I will do it with all of you. And that is what he did. Hi kissed my remaining breast, he gloriously kissed my fanny. (Pussy to those of you not familiar with UK English.) He kissed me there to the tune of three orgasms before I took Andy inside my eager pleasure centre. As we made love to the tune of two more orgasms, we kissed some more and he looked at me the whole time with love and caring in his eyes. I am sure to some this will sound mad but even without the orgasms, the love making would have been the best ever. We connected emotionally and in such a healing way.

"Wait there." Andy told me. I heard the pop of a cork. Andy returned with two glasses of the best Champagne I have ever tasted. I later looked up the bottle and it cost him over ninety pounds. "Happy Valentine's day." He toasted. Sitting naked and unconcerned about that fact I returned his words as we clinked glasses,

"Happy Valentine's day Andy."

I realised, he must have at some point snuck the bottle into my fridge. Also why did he have such an amazing wine? Was he stalking me and planning this? I asked him about the bottle though without any accusations.

"I bought it for my parent's golden wedding anniversary next week but decided you deserved it. I will have to go back and buy another one now and as a bonus, I will have this memory when I toast them with it."