All the next day, I couldn't stop thinking about the scene in my daughter's bedroom. Seeing them doing normal teen things, like breakfast at the kitchen table, contrasted with the naked spankings they were giving each other at night, made my cunt simmer. Twice during the day, I had to excuse myself and masturbated myself wildly, keeping the howls of release inside, to relieve the burning horniness.

While they were gone for a few hours to the public pool, I sneaked into her room. Nosing around, I discovered the yardstick hidden away, and a pair of red lace panties, trimmed with black around the edges. I recognized them, we had taken a mother-daughter lingerie trip a few weeks back, and we had bought 4 pairs of matching, sexy panties, I had a pair exactly like those also. Watching them wearing the black skimpy panties last night when they were the whipper, I guessed that it was almost like some uniform perhaps. Looks like the red panties are tonight's uniform. My cunt was once again wet, my mind suddenly thought that I could march in there, and give them the paddling they enjoyed. I had the same style of panties, after all, and as the mother of the house, I should have the right to discipline my daughter and her friends. Oh yes, such bad little girls, and tonight, Momma's gonna give you the spankings you need. It just my cunt even hotter, to think of spanking the tight, sexy teen asses of my daughter and her friends. Since they were out, I wasted no time in stripping down naked, and on my bed with my legs spread wide, I quickly rammed 12 inches of my double headed dildo deep up my sopping cunt. I love the feel of my cunt being split open, and I grunted with satisfaction as I buried it deep up me. As I fucked myself wildly, I replayed the incredible scene last night, my cunt was buzzing wildly, ready to explode. I imagined myself in that scene, paddling my daughter's ass, and I exploded, my cunt spasming crazily, clamping around the hard dildo, as my howl of orgasm filled the bedroom.

That evening, I pretended to be tired again at 10 PM, said goodnight to the girls, and went upstairs. In my room, I quickly stripped down, put on my red panties, and stretched out on the bed. After about an hour, I heard the girls troop upstairs and listened carefully as the sounds diminished. I pulled on my bathrobe, peeked out, and crept down the hallway. At her door, I listened carefully, I could hear a few giggles.

My daughter said quietly, "Assume the position girls, I think you need more discipline."

I opened the door and strolled in. Again, the overhead light was turned down to a dim setting, Courtney and Judi were again both naked, on the bed with their asses raised up. My daughter was wearing the exact same set of panties that I wore and was just about to swing the yardstick. All 3 of them looked at me and froze. I strode over to my daughter and took the yardstick from her.

"What's going on here?" I demanded with mock seriousness, "Rita, you'd better tell me now!"

With the fear that I'd found out on their faces, Rita quickly told me. They'd tried spanking each other at the last sleepover at Courtney's house, and discovered that they liked it, it felt really good. With a very red face, Rita told me about how the spankings turned them on so much, they all masturbated to a huge orgasm right after all of them had received a good, hard spanking. When I asked about the panties, Rita told me that they called them the "spanking panties", the one delivering the spanking would wear them, and when they took their place for spanking, the new spanker would wear them.

I barked, "So you thought it was all right to spank your friends and have them spank you?"

Rita looked down at the floor, her face red from shame.

I continued, "Not in this house! Mom dishes out the discipline in this house, and it looks like you need some discipline from Mom! Rita, you bad girl, get your ass naked, and get up there! Mom's gonna give you and your bad girlfriends what you need!"

As I was saying that, I stripped off my robe, showing them I was naked except for the same pair of panties that Rita was wearing. I smiled as I saw the expressions of fear disappear, my daughter looked up and gave me a sexy smile as she stripped off her panties, and took her place next to her girlfriends, ass up on the bed.

I took the yardstick and put it in my right hand. Three sexy sets of tight teen asses, so ready for spanking, made my pulse thump. With my left hand, I caressed the tight, sexy cheeks of my daughter.

"So Rita, spanking your girlfriends, tsk tsk. What a naughty thing to do. What do you think a fitting punishment would be?" I cooed playfully at her.

"I think you should punish me the same way, Mom. Spank me, I've been bad, and I need a good spanking," she whispered.

With a grin, I drew back the yardstick and whapped my daughter across her ass. She let out a startled yelp from the sting of the yardstick hitting her.

"Umm, that felt good, spank me again!" she whispered.

Drawing back, I whapped her a little bit harder. She let out a moan of pleasure.

"Oh yes, that feels so good, spank me hard, tan my white ass!" she grunted.

Encouraged, I proceeded to do so, spanking the tight cheeks of her upraised ass. Every time I whapped her, she would beg for another. I lashed the hard yardstick against her ass 10 times, she got a good hard spanking, leaving long red marks against the whiteness of her ass.

I moved over and stroked at Courtney's sexy bottom. She let out soft moans of pleasure.

"And you Courtney, I always thought you were such a good girl, and here I catch you urging my daughter on to spank you. I will take care of that, and I want you to count each time I whap you!"

I drew back and whapped the yardstick against her ass. She let out a grunt and counted out one.

"Yes, oh yes, it feels so good! Whip my ass, spank me hard!" Courtney cried.

I was happy to do as she asked. Courtney counted out each stroke, as I paddled her upraised, very sexy teen ass hard 10 times, drawing grunts of pleasure from her, as I tanned her ass to a deep fiery red, crisscrossed with long red marks from the yardstick.

My pussy was creamy slick with my juices. As I spanked the girls, my mind kept wondering what it was like, would I want to be spanked, would I find it as enjoyable as it was to my daughter and her friends? My mind kept thinking I'd have to find out for myself. Judi was next.

"Judi, another bad girl, who needs a good spanking! You know the drill, count out each stroke!"

Judi squealed with pleasure as I whapped her ass, hard. She counted out the one.

"Fuck yes, spank me hard, whip my ass hard!" Judi grunted.

"Such language!" I playfully scolded, "Yes indeed, you will get a good ass tanning!"

I gave it to her good, spanking Judi's upraised ass hard, giving her sexy teen ass the good tanning. She squealed and grunted with pleasure, and counted the 10 firm strokes I paddled her ass with.

"Rita, get up here and take the yardstick. Your mother's been bad, and she needs some discipline!"

Rita gave me a wicked smile as she got up, she quickly pulled down my panties and pulled hers on.

"In that case, assume the position, on the bed, ass up!" she growled at me.

I was quickly in position, ass upraised and ready.

"Mom, you've been bad, spying on us, and busting in on us that way! You certainly need a lesson!"

"Yes, I do", I whispered, "I've been bad, spank me!"

My daughter drew her arm back, and I felt the sting as the yardstick whapped hard against my ass. I let out a yelp from the pain, but the sting almost immediately started to feel really good. I could feel my horny cunt juicing up.

I gasped, "Yes, I've been really bad, paddle my ass, spank me hard!"

Rita obliged, as the yardstick beat my ass a little harder this time. Fuck, it felt incredible.

"Yes, oh yes, just like that, give it to me, tan my ass!" I growled.

Rita delivered 3 more hard strokes, making my ass sting so good.

I heard my daughter say, "Courtney, would you like to deliver the next 5 strokes?"

Courtney was only too happy to do so, she got up, donned the spanking panties, and I felt her hand stroking my stinging cheeks.

"Bad Mother, busting in on our fun! You certainly need a lesson! Count out the stokes! " Courtney growled.

She drew back, and I felt the sting against my ass as I took a healthy whap from Courtney.

I grunted, "One, yes, it feels so fucking good, whip my ass!"

Courtney playfully scolded "Such language!"

I felt the yardstick whap my ass again, I squealed with pleasure. I counted out two and made sure that I counted out three more, as Courtney spanked me with three more firm, hard strokes.

"Judi, your turn to give this naughty mother a good, hard spanking!" I heard Courtney say.

Judi put on the panties and took the yardstick from Courtney. She turned to my upraised ass, ready for the next stroke.

"Yes indeed, such a naughty mother!" Judi growled.

She gave me a good hard whap against my ass, I squealed with pleasure, and with me urging her on, she paddled my ass 5 times, making my ass a stinging, glowing red. The throbbing of my well-whipped ass was making my cunt throb like crazy with a very different feeling.

"Girls, get up here," I grunted, "I'm going to masturbate, and I'm sure you'd all like to join me!"

In a few seconds, Rita's bed was full of the four of us, on our bellies, with our glowing, well-whipped asses up. We all buried our hands in our pussies, and went to work. I was so horny, I exploded on the second rub of my clit. Fuck, the feeling just exploded, I shrieked, loud, from the explosion of pleasure. I could hear grunts and moans from the three girls and the squishy sounds of nimble fingers in sopping cunts. I started again, and all 4 of us were masturbating furiously, and the sounds of my daughter and her friends howling with pleasure as they hit orgasm pushed me into another gut-wrenching orgasm.