Author's Note: This is a submission in an 'Author's Challenge'; the challenge is to write a story using exactly 750 words. Under the constraints of this writing challenge, may you find it short and sweet - just as I intended. No less, no more.

I noticed she'd been sitting at the table with a distant look in her eye. Her laptop sat open in front of her, showing a blank screen. She'd not written a thing.

"Hey kid. What are you working on?" I asked from the kitchen.

"Or, what am I not working on; might be the better question," she answered in a dejected voice.

I walked into the dining room, "Let me rephrase it. Hey kid, what are you not working on?"

Still looking off into the distance, she puffed an audible sigh through her lips, "I'm wondering if I can write an erotic story in exactly seven hundred and fifty words."

I stood behind her with my hands on her shoulders, "I'll bet you can. How hard can it be?"

"Well, you know me; sometimes it takes me a while to get going," she reflected in a distant voice.

I slid my hands off her shoulders, burrowing under her blouse and below her bra, searching for her nipples. "Yeah, I know you, sometimes you just need a little inspiration," I whispered into her ear as I teased her buried rubies.

"Ooh! Your hands are cold."

"There you go kid, that's a great beginning. Write that down, it's a catchy opening line. And now you have four words, just seven hundred and forty-six to go."

She moved her wrists to the keypad, "You're a failure as an editor, that was five words. Seven hundred and forty-five to go."

"I think you're so hot when you scold me like a prudish schoolmarm," I growled into her ear as I gripped her erect nips. "I'm not good at tallying up numbers, I'm better with other kinds of figures - Ma'am."

She giggled as I groped. She tried to type in a few lines as I rolled her nips between my fingers. "Excuse me, I'm trying to pound out a story here and your hands are in the way." She used her best schoolmarm scold on me because she knew it made her sound sexy.

I blew my hot breath into her ear, "Yes ma'am. But don't worry about writing everything down right now. I'm only here to provide inspiration; I'm your muse. I'm going to give you some naughty ideas to add to your little erotic story. Oh, and by the way ma'am, I'm also going to help you find some words to put in your story."

She took her fingers off the keypad and began unbuttoning her shirt. Tipping her head up at an angle to throw me a glance, "Let the vocabulary lesson begin," she said with a gleam in her eye.

Undoing the four hooks, I told her, "This over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder will hang on the back of your writer's chair."

She laughed, "That's a new one; where'd you get that?"

"Fourth grade recess," I answered as I scooped her out of her seat and laid her on the table, before unzipping her jeans. Off came her blue polka-dotted bikinis, dropping to the floor on top of her pants.

I pushed her legs apart, sliding her hips to the table's edge. I took a seat in the chair and leaned into her moist crotch, poking my tongue onto her bud.

"Ummmm," she moaned.

I held her soft lips open, giving her long, lascivious, lashing licks, making her squirm and squeal with purring sounds of "Ah, ahh, ahhh."

"Your story's coming together nicely, between the first 'Umm' and this series of 'ahs'; I'd say you've got another dozen words added. Let me hear you cry out another seven hundred of those and then you'll have finished your short erotic story." I brought her along quickly with two fingers, stroking the wet underside interior of her secret sanctum, just the way she likes it. As I stroked her G-spot, I rolled my thumb over her engorged clit. As I rubbed, she went from a set of long groans, building into a series of staccato orgasmic screams.

"Slow down kid, I can't keep count of all those words you're screaming."

She collapsed in a post-orgasmic pool of jelly.

"What's next?"

She wiped the perspiration from her brow, "We're going to write a sequel. Only the next one is going to have more than seven hundred and fifty words."

"Sounds like a challenge," I said, unzipping my pants. "I'm up for it though." Mounting the table, I slid into her lap, thrusting my aroused writing tool between her legs. Together, we pounded out one steamy laptop composition.;area=summary;u=16457