Spreading my legs opened up a 'hole' new world.

In high school I was a redheaded tomboy, and wrestled with my cousin Tim. He usually tried to feel up my tits. But one day we wrestled in the gym, and my shorts and panties fell down.

Tim stared at my furry red pussy and pushed his finger in. He fingered me good.

The second time it happened, Tim begged me to let him poke his thing in my hole. So I let him. It hurt, and I didn't like it very much. But my cousin loved it.

After that, Tim poked me every time we wrestled. Soon I had my first orgasm... WOW—That was the best feeling ever! So we skipped wrestling, stripped off our clothes, and screwed like horny teenagers.

Tim told me I was born to fuck.

Boy, was he right...

In college, I met this cute guy, Clay. And I went to a kegger at his place. There were lots of other cute guys there. I was horny as hell and out to get laid.

Yep, I was born to fuck. Besides fucking my cousin, I'd had a few boyfriends and a few one-night stands. With teenage guys, it's more like five-minute stands.

I'd fucked or sucked off several of the guys at that party... on dates and dares. The frat party rocked. Free booze and bud gave me a good buzz. Most girls were there with their boyfriends, so I got lots of attention from the stag guys.

Clay suggested we go for a swim in the pool. There were already a few guys in there, skinny dipping, of course. I had the hots for Clay, so I took off my dress and bra but kept my panties on.

In the water, Clay was all over me like a horny octopus, squeezing my tits and ass, rubbing his lump on my mound. I let his tentacles roam freely. I'd already decided he was going to get lucky.

He pressed me into a corner and pushed his hand into my bathing suit. Clay fingered my fuzzy red twat in the swimming pool, right in front of his friends

It was so naughty, my pussy trembled in a hard orgasm. Clay grunted with a smug laugh and got out of the pool to get us a drink. The other guys circled around me like pussy vultures. But it was just harmless flirting.

While waiting for Clay, me and the guys got into a splash fight. The horny guys used that as a way to cop a feel. One guy tried to finger my slit, but I wiggled away.

Of course, they all managed to fondle my plump tits.

I had hands going everywhere and only two hands to stop them, but It was still just harmless fun. Soon I realized Clay was gone way too long. Despite the protests from the guys, I went looking for Clay.

On the deck, I picked up a T-shirt and slipped it over my naked tits. I checked the bathroom. He wasn't there, but I had to go potty, so I locked the door. While peeing in the toilet, I heard noises coming through the wall. Fuck noises.

Then I heard Clay's voice.

I wiped my twat and ran to the next room. Clay and some other guys were gang-banging a blonde bimbo. Clay had his cock in her mouth, and the other guy was fucking her twat. A third guy squeezed her jumbo tits.

Shit. My man was getting sucked off by another girl—right in front of me. Clay looked up stunned, and started to explain. "SCREW YOU, JERK!" I was pissed. Screwing a bimbo, right after I let him finger me.

I ran back to the pool to get my clothes and leave. I found my top but couldn't find my dress. Then I saw a guy waving my bra in the air like a pink flag. Another guy waved my dress around.

"Give those back to me. Now dammit."

"No, you come and get 'em baby." I didn't have much choice. Taking off the T-shirt, I jumped in. Of course, the guys loved watching my naked boobs bounce. And when I tried to get my clothes, it turned into a game of Keep-Away.

I was pissed at first, but soon I laughed with them. My goal was to get my clothes back. Their goal was a bit different.

We had a splash fight. I jumped up, trying to get my bra from Justin. I could tell he enjoyed my naked nipples rubbing against his chest. Soon my bra was tossed to someone else, and the game started again.

Everybody got a good feel of me.

When I jumped for the bra again, two guys grabbed my tits, and a third guy yanked my panties off. "Nooo." I squealed and tried to stop them, but soon I had groping hands all over me.

Now I was totally naked, and the game changed.

Two of the guys, Justin and Beto were friends of Clay. They had me pinned against the wall, kissing and touching all over my body. I knew both of them from college, and I was seriously thinking about letting them screw me.

Fucking two of Clay's friends in his own house... seemed like an excellent way to get revenge. Justin gave me a drink of something way-too-strong... After that, things got fuzzy.

I felt a finger shove into my slit. I jumped, and my naked tits bounced out the water. Soon all the guys took turns fingering me, making my pussy burn. I broke away.

Justin handed me another drink, and moved behind me. He slammed his prick in my pussy—and I choked on my drink! Justin kept fucking while I choked.

Then Beto yanked my head down, shoving his dick in my mouth. Before I knew it, I was getting screwed from both ends. I was so drunk, it felt like an erotic dream. Beto held my red hair in his fist, yanking my head up and down on his cock, I didn't resist.

Maybe I needed a threesome. Beto shoved his boner all the way down my throat. Most girls would gag, but I was born to suck. I deep-throated Beto's prick and heard him groan.

Justin thrust in hard and spurted inside me. When he pulled out, I felt the cold water rushed into my fuck-hole.

I thought Beto would fuck my pussy, but he kept jamming his cock down my throat. Someone squeezed my tits and pushed into my pussy again. I thought it was Justin.

But I looked back and saw a stranger, a line of strangers, waiting to fuck me. Shit. Suddenly the threesome turned into gangbang. Beto still held my hair and wouldn't let me go until he spurted.

So I bobbed my head faster on his prick, pulling his balls and tickling his peephole with my tongue. And the guy behind me, whoever he was, just kept plowing my pussy.

Soon I felt the stranger spasm, and I got another load in my cunt. He pulled out, and another prick took his place. This prick was huge. Even after two guys had just fucked me, I felt his fat prick stretching my pussy walls.

Reaching between my legs, I grabbed his cock and balls. They were massive. The stranger's big prick, pounding me deeper and faster. I had my first orgasm just as Beto spewed into my mouth. I swallowed his gunk, and screamed with another orgasm, screaming like a porn star.

Beto's prick was replaced by another. Once again, I found my head pulled up and down on a cock. I had two pricks inside me, and I didn't know the owner of either.

The monster cock behind me finally unloaded, and boy did I feel it. He thrust forward so hard I thought he was going to split me in half. I felt surge after surge of cum, splashing inside me.

Finally, Mr. Big Dick pulled out, and I felt the cold pool water rushed into my sore cunt. Not for long, though. Another guy, Anton shoved his cock up my asshole. "Ouch!"

A minute later, the guy in my mouth pulled out, painting my face in cum. I recognized him, a guy named Anton. Then everybody came out to watch my fuck-show, watching me get buttfucked.

I rinsed the cum off my face. Soon, the guy fucking me spewed into my asshole, and I groaned. A couple of the guys lifted me out of the pool and carried me inside.

They threw me on a bed. Soon someone was in my pussy, and a black guy shoved his foot-long dong up my ass. "OUCH!!!" The guys took what they wanted.

Once again, a bunch of strangers used my body as a cum dump. I saw a guy taking a video. As guys took turns banging my pussy and, more guys fucked my mouth. I wasn't really sucking cock anymore.

The jerks just held me down and fucked my pussy. Another guy shoved into my mouth.

It was Clay! And I tasted pussy juice on his prick, from that blonde slut! So I had to suck her cunt juices off his cock.

Soon, the guy fucking my pussy spewed, and Clay took his place and drove his cock deep inside my cunt. Now I finally had what I didn't want, Clay screwing me... the bimbo fucking jerk!

It wasn't the romantic evening I'd planned. I had no idea how many guys screwed me that night. But my Fitbit read five miles.

Yep, I'd fucked five miles of hard dick.