Toni was quickly leading me out of the cinema, and back down the stairs to the changing rooms. Once in the changing rooms, I noticed a door that had a little sign hanging on a hook saying "Powder Room". I was certain the sign said something different. I thought it was a door marked as something else.

Walking towards the door, I turned to Toni, "I thought this room was private?"

"It is if you turn the sign around," she chuckled.

She opened the door and pulled me through. There were a set of lockers along the longest wall in the room. A dressing table at the far wall with a big mirror above it.

Walking towards one of the locker doors, she unlocked it. Looking inside, it was neatly filled with many sexy outfits.

"Are these all yours?" I asked her.

"Yes!" She smiled proudly. "Alan bought them for me. Every week I come here and meet him for fun. And every week, he buys me something to wear."

"Is Alan the guy upstairs?" I enquired.

"Yes, but he loves being called Sir or Master. Especially if we are to have sex with him. But in this room here, he's called Alan."

I was shown various lingerie items in Toni's locker. I was drawn to a black satin basque with turquoise trimmings.

"I like that one." I told Toni. "Do you think it will fit?"

"Looks like it does." As she holds it up to me. "Let me help you put it on."

It was a bit of a snug fit. However, as soon as I saw myself in the mirror, I felt like something I have never felt before. It felt very soft on my skin. The black lacy thong that came with it was delicate looking. It barely covered my cock and balls, but it did pull nicely up the crack of my arse.

Jokingly, I said. "Do you think this makes my bum look big?"

Toni laughed. And passed me some stockings to put on.

I took my time not to ladder them, and fastened them to the straps hanging down from the basque. I was getting horny just by what I was wearing. The feeling of sheer smooth material was giving me shudders of joy and excitement. I couldn't stop running my hands over them.

"One more thing to put on." Toni said, passing me a blonde shoulder length wig. Together we got the wig on straight.

Another look in the mirror has transformed me into something sexy.

"There you go sexy!" Toni smiling at me. "You look good enough to be ravished by all those horny men out there. Especially Alan."

Toni grabbed my hand and started to go towards the door, I froze. Looking back at me, she noticed that I was nervous. She moved back to me and gave me a gentle, long kiss. I kissed back twirling our tongues around. One of her hands holding the back of my head, her other hand playing with my buttocks. She pulled away, looking into my eyes.

"It's ok hun." She said reassuringly. "Stay with me, I will look after you."

"It's just this is the first time for me to.."

"I know, but you do look sexy as hell in them."

Toni guided me out through the doorway. I was very aware that there were guys around, their eyes on us as we walked out of the powder room towards the door leading to the stairs.

We got back to cinema. In the darkness we made out Master was sitting in the rear tier watching the porn. He looked across and beckoned with his hands.

"Come here you two!" He commanded. "And sit next to me!"

I sat to his left, while Toni sat to his right. His hands was rubbing my stockinged legs, murmering his approval.

"Very nice." He said looking over me.

He reached both his arms around us, pulling Toni down to suck his cock with his right arm. With his left arm, he was pulling me towards him for a kiss. As soon as my lips touched his, my tongue darted into his mouth. His kissing was very rough. His tongue darted back into mine as if he wanted to taste my tonsils. I took the hint that his tongue is stronger and started to suck his tongue like if it was a cock.

The slurping sound of Toni sucking on Master's cock was sexy. With both of us playing with Master like this, it didn't take long to get an audience. Master noticed it, and pushed my head down to his cock. Now both Toni and I are sharing his meaty rod with our mouths. Toni and I were basically kissing each other with the added bonus of a big cock in between our lips.

"Gentlemen!" Master called out to the audience. "Why don't you have a go at these ladies asses!"

I suddenly felt movement from behind me. A pair of hands grab my waist, and my arse was hoisted up. I was also aware the same thing happened to Toni. We both looked up at each other and smiled at the same time. Master's hands pushed our faces back down on to his rock hard pulsing phallus, wanting our mouths to give his cock and balls the attention he demands.

My thong was pulled out of the crack of my arse, promptly replaced with a greedy tongue. Lapping around the entrance and occasionally probing into my eager sissy hole. I wiggled my bottom into the face of the man who has licking my entrance to show how much I was enjoying it. I could feel the bristles of his face scratching into my arse, giving me a different sensation. This was absolute heaven having my fuck hole explored like this.

"Your pussy tastes lovely," said the guy behind me. "Can't wait to fuck you ,you filthy slut!"

Moments later, cold gel was pushed into my arsehole. Fingers easily slipped into it, accepting anything that goes in. A hard cock was then pushed up between my buttocks, and then shoved hard into me. The force of the thrust pushed my head forwards towards Toni. Thankfully we didn't bang heads. My mysterious fucker got himself into a rhythm, slamming his cock into me at a reasonably fast pace. Toni was getting similar treatment.

It was a bit awkward for me and Toni trying to suck Master's cock and be fucked at the same time. We both raised our heads up, and kissed each other deeply and passionately. Master leaned forward to join us on a 3 way kiss.

Out of nowhere, a hand started to rub my already hard cock through the front of the knickers. My precum was seeping through the lacy material. The fingers worked their way to hook under the edge, and gripped my swollen meaty rod. I looked down at it to see the hand belonged to Master. I looked back at him with a smile. His hand strokes are in synchronisation with the thrusts of the cock behind me.

"Oh this is good, Toni said you had a nice one." Master grinned.

I am gifted with a slightly larger than average sized cock. 7.5 inches long about 4 inches in circumference is a size that many guys like about a guy like me. Now I am dressed up with a nice size cock.

He moved his hand away and got Toni to back her arse up in order to be side by side. He straddled behing Toni and slammed hard into her. She yelped as it must have hurt a bit. He built up a fast rhythm fucking Toni's little butt making her cry out for more.

"Uummm Master, I love your cock in me. Your cock is so big and lovely. "

My butt fucker has started to quicken his speed. His grunting tells me he wants to cum.

"Shoot it in me hun. Make me feel dirty." I called out to the person behind me.

With a massive thrust he held his cock deep in me to give my insides his creamy load. I felt his cock spasm many times as he was cumming hard.

"Thanks Alan," was the words from the dirty hole breeder behind me as his cock plopped out of my wet hungry hole.

Toni said her safe word. She must have been hurting. Master pulled out of her, moved behind me. Slamming his cock hard into me, I groaned with pleasure.

"Mmmm Master, I love your hard cock slamming me. Please don't stop."

Toni got in front of my face, offering her sissy cock to my mouth. I greedily took it in and sucked it deep. She gripped the sides of my head and I was being face fucked with wild passion. Master was slamming my hole hard, telling me how much of a slut and whore I was. Finishing each name he calls me with a hard thrust deep in my anus.

Toni pulled out, and crawled underneath me so she could get to my cock. We were in a good 69 position with me whist still getting my arse slammed.

Toni's mouth surrounded my cock, and started to slide her lips up and down the shaft. My cock was punching the back of her mouth with every effort of her taking me deep throat. I pushed my dick harder into her mouth seeing if she could take it. Like me, she can take it deep too.

I sucked down hard on Toni's cock, and started to bob my head up and down fast to show how much I want her to shoot her cum in my mouth. She matched my speed. Master started to go faster too. His meaty beast pushing deep hard and fast like a steam engine at full speed. This was telling me that he was about to cum, which was getting me close to Cummings too. The faster and harder my arse was being pounded, the faster I was pumping my cock into Toni's hungry mouth, the faster Toni was bucking her hips to feed me her cock too.

"Here it comes!" Master said out loud. "Feel my cum inside you!"

He gave a final few thrusts. The last one was held deep in me as his cock twitched multiple times. With each twitch, I felt a warm sensation inside me as his cum is oozing deep in my arse. This has made me in turn want to cum myself. Toni frantically sliding her lips up and down, desperately wanting to make me shoot. My cock gets that sudden stiffness, and I blast Toni's mouth with my cum. This gets Toni to cum in my mouth too. I greedily swallow her hot salty cream, and there was a lot of it. Not wasting a single drop, I took about 3 big swallows. Master pulled his cock out of me and offered it to Toni to lick clean. She happily did it without question.

We separated ourselves and sat up next to each other feeling satisfied of our session in front of an audience.

"I knew you would like to be slut dressed up," Master said. "I want this to a be regular thing every Thursday!"

"I would love to Master." I replied.

"Now we need to call you a name." Toni said. "I think Andi is a nice one."

So this was the start. My sex life has taken a new direction. A direction from what I only briefly knew about, to what I am participating in.

I have been seeded by this man who I now call Master. I am owned.

I am Andi.