Patient Narrative - Christina Melendez - entry three: massages with Yvonne

The second trip to my house with Yvonne was a lot less stressful than the first trip, but it was also a lot less exciting and, to be honest, a lot less fun. We simply walked that last mile. We had our school back packs and the remains of the clothes that we were wearing the day before. We also had our cell phones. Yvonne took a couple of pictures of me on the street. Later she would use one of those pictures as the screen image for her phone.

The routine changed as soon as we got through the front door. While we were still on the street, my friend's behavior had been totally neutral, to the point I was just starting to wonder if the emotion from last night was wearing off.

As soon as the door shut, that question got answered. She kissed me very hard and then stripped me. I was stunned by the sudden change. My clothes were completely off before I had a chance to react. She pinned me against the door and kissed me again. I felt helpless, partly because she was stronger than I was and partly because she was still dressed while I was totally naked. It was scary to be dominated, but I was totally turned on.

She put her hands on my shoulders and stared hard into my eyes. I was is a submissive situation, one that allowed her to lay down the first rule of our relationship.

"I like you naked. I don't like it when you're wearing clothes. So, whenever we're here, you're gonna naked for me. Hmmm?"

"Uh... OK..."

"Uh-uh. I wanna hear you say it. Tell me what's gonna happen when I'm over here."

"I'm gonna be naked."

"All the time?"

"Uh, yeah... I'll be naked all the time..."

"That's my good girl."

I was still absorbing that surprise when she moved her hand to my vulva and ran her fingers through my pubic hair. "Now, stop being a naughty girl and spread your legs. I want to get in there."

She touched and fondled me. She totally took control of my body. I had an orgasm almost immediately. And we had not even moved away from the front door.

I didn't have much of a chance to recover, because she wanted me to strip her. She moved my hands to the bottom of the shirt she was wearing and raised her arms. My hands were shaking, so it took me a bit longer to strip her than she had stripped me. However, within a few moments she was naked and I was again in her arms.

Yvonne grabbed my hand and led me to a sofa in our den. She sat down, spread her legs, and leaned back. After what she had done for me at the door, I knew that I owed her and I was determined to give her the best orgasm I could. I still didn't have much experience, so she put her hands on my head and guided me. It took a while, but finally she did climax.

We spent an hour in the hot tub. This time, instead of sitting on opposite sides, Yvonne had me sit in front of her so she could run her hands over my breasts and kiss my neck and shoulders.

It felt so good, what she was doing to me. But, just 24 hours into our relationship, I realized something interesting. She was in complete control. She always knew exactly how to touch me to get whatever reaction she wanted from my body. She also had a way of talking in a sweet but authoritative manner, in a way that would make it very hard to cross her if we ever disagreed about something. She was never threatening, but she was manipulative and it was clear that if she wanted me to do something, she expected me to do it.

I was about to find out something else interesting about her. When we finally had enough of the hot tub, she looked over and noticed a folded massage table sitting behind my mom's exercise machine.

"Hey, how about a massage?"

"Uh... I guess, except I really haven't..."

"You're shittin' me. You got a massage table and aren't using it?"

"Uh no, it's my mom's. She got it when she was on her health kick. I'm not sure what she was gonna do with it. I'm guessing she was gonna learn how to give massages, but, I mean, give 'em to who?"

"Well, you're gettin' a massage from me, and I'm gonna teach you how to do it."

We got out and dried off. Yvonne grabbed the massage table. Within seconds she had unfolded it and set it up. She told me to get a sheet, two small face towels, and two hard sofa pillows. "They gotta be hard ones, that'll support your weight and not squish down." Meanwhile she rummaged around the hot tub room looking for massage oil. We didn't have any, but she found some lotion that would be a suitable replacement. She plugged her cell phone into a player and started a loop of instrumental music that I later found out was typical of what they play in massage parlors. She closed the blinds part-way to dim the lighting in the room. When I brought the sheet she threw it over the table and knotted off the corners so it wouldn't slide around. Even before I got on the table, it was clear my companion was used to giving massages. There was another detail that made me realize this was something she did professionally.

"Make sure you don't have to piss. That's important before we start."

I went over to the toilet and peed. As soon as I finished, she took my hand and put her other hand on my shoulder to guide me. I lay on the table, and without saying anything, she positioned me so that I was both comfortable and exposed. She put the smaller of the two pillows under by ankles and set the bigger one aside.

The massage started as a normal relaxing massage. She was very good at it and what she gave me was a professional-level session. She started with my hands and worked her way to my shoulders and back. She then moved to my feet and worked up my thighs. It was an excellent massage, and I would have been very satisfied even if had she stopped there. But it turned out that was only the beginning. Her goal all along was my bottom. When she was doing my back, she worked her way to the top of my butt, and when she did my thighs, my the lower part of my ass got special attention. Finally, when she focused on moving her hands around my butt, I knew that was where she really wanted to be.

The massage transitioned from a relaxing massage to an erotic massage. The focus of her attention slowly narrowed from my entire bottom and the upper parts of my thighs to the area surrounding my vulva and sphincter. She grabbed the extra sofa pillow and slipped it under my hips. I was totally exposed and totally at her mercy. She lubricated my bottom-hole and slowly worked her finger inside. She massaged and entered my pussy with the fingertips of her other hand. I gasped and started moving from total arousal. I couldn't believe how good it felt.

More than an hour had passed when she softly spoke into my ear:

"Stay still, naughty girl, 'cause I'm not done with you."

She had to rinse off her hands, but then she was ready for the next part of the massage. She had me roll on my back. And, again she started the massage as a relaxing massage, first with my face and neck, then my hands, arms, and shoulders, then my feet and legs, then my stomach and upper thighs, and finally, my vulva and breasts. I had not thought it was possible, but I had another orgasm that was even more intense than the one when she had her fingers in my bottom. She left me totally wiped-out; deliciously exhausted.

She folded one of the smaller towels and placed it over my eyes and kissed me. I totally didn't want to move. She knew that, so while I relaxed and recovered, she cleaned up and took the pillows back to the living room.

When I finally had recovered somewhat, she took my hand and led be back into shower next to the hot-tub.

"Close your eyes. You don't have to do anything. I'll take care of you."

She covered my body with soap to rinse off the lotion, sensuously rubbing every part of my body. It was another massage, to relax me and remove the lotion. She later told me that normally the purpose of the shower was to remove massage oil, which is somewhat harder to get off than body lotion.

We returned to the hot-tub and she sat down in the water, with me sitting in front of her. She wrapped her arms around me and her hands went to their usual spot, covering and fondling my breasts. I couldn't believe how good I felt, and how much I wanted her to hold me.

"That was... totally amazing. Where'd you learn how to do all that?"

"I have my secrets. Anyhow, I gonna teach you, and you can do it for me."

"Yeah! For sure! I'd love to know how to do all that!"

And, with that, we spend our second night together in my bed.