Our sex life has always been great. We've always fit well together, sexually at least... From our first fuck in her bed, 3 dates in, we've made each other cum every single time, and if she cums less than 5 times in one night, it counts as a quickie.

A little about my girlfriend, Tess, first. She has a cute face with glasses, shoulder length brown hair, delicate neck sloping down into what can only be described as huge, round, perky tits. They're great, I love her tits, they're so soft and perfect. She has that cute little bump in her belly most girls have, not fat or even chubby by any means, just not too skinny. Then we come to her ass... God, what an ass... Round, phat, pawg, juicy, thicc, whatever you wanna call it, it's a great ass. Perfect shape. And I never tire of burying my face in it and going to town on her cute, pink little asshole. She has nice, shapely legs and a lovely, delicate pair of feet. What can I say, just a great body all in all!

One night, during a nice long fuck, we started getting into dirty talk. Tess loves dirty talk, it really gets her going. Growling in her ear, telling her what a dirty slut she is, pounding her into the bed from behind and burying her face in the pillows, I can make her come over and over again like that.

This particular night, I tried something different. I've always been at least a little into cuckolding and the thought of sharing partners. Early relationships had shown me to be a little jealous when other guys were sniffing around my partners, but there was always a little something there, a little spice added in the pit of my stomach that I didn't quite understand. It took a few more years and a few more relationships to realise I kinda liked the idea of my partner getting fucked by someone else... Male or female was good for me!

"You're a dirty girl, aren't you?" I whispered in her ear. She was face down on the bed, ass pointed up in the air, and I was letting a steady rhythm take her where she wanted to go.

"God yes, fuck me hard, I'm such a dirty girl..." she moaned, grinding back on my dick.

"You'd do anything for my cock wouldn't you?" I said, slowing down, just easing in and out of her wet pussy.

"Yes, fuck yes, pleeeeease!" She whined, trying to look back at me, tilting her ass further up to try and get more in.

I decided I was going to try my luck with her, reveal a kink that I hadn't before.

"You'd do anything for a cock wouldn't you? You'd get down on your knees and suck the biggest cock you saw, wouldn't you?" I slowly thrust my dick into her, going as deep as I could.

"Fuck yes, keep going" she breathed, lifting up a little so her nipples just grazed the bed.

"Say it, say you'd take a big hard cock, tell me you'd suck a hard cock while I fucked you from behind!" Big moment...

"Fuck, baby, fuck, I'm so close..." she pushed back on me hard, trying to make me go faster.

"A big hard dick in your mouth while I'm hitting you deep inside, making you cum..." I said, still easing in and out.

"Oooh fuck, yes..." she groaned "Yes, I'd take a big, hard cock in my mouth while you fucked me, I'd suck on it so hard while you pounded me!"

"You'd take his big cock down your throat" I said, picking up speed, coming out to the tip and slamming back into her, forcing her down into the bed "and swallow every last drop of his cum while I made you scream"

"Ooooooh FUCK!" and she screamed, juices flooding over my cock as she shook beneath me. Her pussy was clenching and unclenching around me, trying to suck up the cum I wasn't ready to give yet.

As she relaxed and went limp, I stayed inside her, leaning down to her ear and kissing it lightly.

"You liked that, didn't you?"

"Maybe..." She said, not lifting her head from the pillows

I stayed deep in her, not moving my weight off her.

"Did you like imagining another dick to play with?" I whispered.

"Not fair..." she said, still not looking at me "I was so close to cumming, you could have got me to say anything..."

"But you said you'd suck it hard down your throat" I teased, "You said you'd swallow his cum..."

When I said the word cum, I felt a little clench in her pussy, a little spasm, telling me she liked what she was hearing.

"Do YOU like the idea of me sucking someone else's dick?" She finally lifted her head and looked at me, a little smile on her face. "Like the thought of your girlfriend with another man, huh?"

The jig was up.

"Maybe..." my turn now.

"So..." she started, wiggling her ass back into my swollen prick, "You like the thought of me, on my knees, another guy in front of me, laying his big, hard, penis on my face, and I'm just sitting there, naked as I am now, slurping and licking my way around it...?"

The tables had turned a little, but I was more than ok with it.

"Yeah, yeah I like the sound of that..." I groaned.

She was working her hips now, and I could feel her pussy gripping me, still wet, still hot. The dirty talk was working on me too, I was hard as a rock. She pushed back hard, moving me off her, and then flipping round so she was on top. She guided me back into her quickly, and sat down, making sure I felt every nook and cranny of her cunt.

"So let me get this straight..." she said, a slight smirk on her face, she began slowly moving up and down on my dick, "You like the idea of me, your GIRLFRIEND, slobbering over another man's cock, taking him deep in my mouth, and sucking on him until he cums down my throat...?"

"Yes... Fuck yes..." I was into it. She was into it. This was fucking hot.

"Hmm..." she moaned, starting to bounce up and down on my cock, "What if he couldn't cum from a blowjob? What If I had to do other things...?"

"Oh fuck, like what?" This was working very well...

She was still smirking at me, I'd never seen this side of her before, a little dominant. It was a huge turn on. Coupled with her gorgeous tits in my face and that tight, wet pussy around my dick...

"What if I had to bend over, spread my ass for him, show him how wet I was for his big dick...?" She was riding me faster now, really riding.

"What if I had to play with my little pussy, bent over, right in front of that big, hard dick I'd just been sucking? What if i started pushing back towards it...?" She knew what she was doing, and I was very surprised by how well she was doing it.

"What if..." she was moaning again too now, bucking up and down on my dick, tits bouncing, "...fuck... what if the tip of his... ugh... cock started pushing into me... oh fuck... what if it kept going up my... oooh... tiny, wet hole... what if it... aaah... started fucking me baby... uh... what if he started really fucking me, hands on my hips... uh... ramming me hard into the bed, fucking your... oooh... girl right in front of you..."

I lost it. I came so fucking hard I'm amazed she stayed on my dick. I came, and came, and came into her hot pussy, and I could feel her doing the same, could see her face scrunched up, cumming hard, squealing.

We stayed like that for a little while, catching our breath, as I slowly went soft inside her.

"That was new..." she said, with a crooked smile on her face, "Have you always been into that?"

"Uh, yeah, I think so. I kinda just wanted to see if you were, trying to be sneaky, you know?" I grinned sheepishly at her.

"Hmm..." she mused, slowly getting off me. I moved to get out from under her but she kept me in place.

"Ah ah... you stay where you are..." She said, an evil look on her face. She shimmied herself up the bed, and planted her freshly cummed in pussy right on my face! She was always a little kinky, but never like this!

"Lick." She ordered.

I stared up at her, my nose pressed into her trimmed pubes, and gently stuck my tongue out and into her waiting folds.

"Mmmm, yeah..." She moaned, "Now, suck the cum out baby."

I started licking and sucking, and shortly could taste my own cum on my tongue, sliding out of her.

"That's his cum baby, you're licking his cum out of your girlfriends pussy. I want you to think about that, that I've been freshly fucked by him, that he had me, that I came over his hard dick." she was so intense, she almost had me believing.

Then she got off me.

"That's all you get right now, maybe you can have more later, when we get a guy in here for real..." and she left the bedroom, grabbing her underwear and heading for the shower.

Was she serious?

Was I about to have one of my wildest fantasies come true? Or was this just a little post-sex high talking?

Either way, I'd have to wait to find out. And I'd have to join her in the shower to help get rid of my newly throbbing hard-on...

Part two soon if you like it!