37: Friday July 17, 2045 hours CST: Colette's Husband's Second Letter

Zach read Colette's husband's second letter.

"Dear Doctor Carson,"

"I know you've been busy. Please make contact using the public key I previously supplied to you."

"Your actions suggest that you're struggling with uncertainty regarding what motivates Colette sexually. I expect you are therefore struggling with the necessary judgment calls that arise from applying the rules. I want to make it easier for you to understand things at this point. Colette, like all human beings, is extremely complex sexually. Be aware that this description of her chosen sexual expression is broad strokes, not nuanced. Working together, we can give you a more nuanced picture as time goes on."

"Colette trusts us in an untrustworthy world. She trusts me to honestly and diligently create the framework. She trusts you to honestly and diligently execute that framework. You are being as honest an executor of the rules as we could hope for. Part of her trust, but only a part, is consent. Consent is all-important in this. Unlike most external factors in her life, we are external factors she does ultimately control with her consent. It's everything to her that she could say, for example, 'I don't want to be owned anymore,' or whatever aspect, and our response would be, 'sure thing'. Given her nature, it's highly unlikely she would ever not want to be owned. Even so, it's everything that the choice is still ultimately hers. I hope this makes sense."

"Secondly, Colette wants to be owned as a thing and used as a body. What I mean by 'owned' is that her body is owned ultimately (and consensually) by me sexually because I can request that you do anything sexual that I want to request that you do. She has absolutely no say in the matter. She loves that feeling. Sexually, simply, she is a piece of property, and I own the property, and you manage the property. She loves that. In her world, you could almost replace the word 'ownership' with the word 'love'."

"By 'used as a body', I'm saying that she loves and craves the simplicity and the fundamental nature of being seen and treated purely as a physical entity. As in, a chair is for sitting, a Colette is for fucking, or for whipping, or for enemas, or whatever I choose and you execute. It's a completely simple relationship to have. In Colette's world, and perhaps even in ours, it's much closer, it's much more intimate. I would assert that the normal world is mostly people being fake towards one another. The antithesis of this being used as a body would perhaps be a cocktail party. Being used as a body is fundamentally real if we are real in our behavior. It's like the saying 'Dance like nobody is watching.' She wants that kind of real from us. That whim. That dance. Whatever you really want, when you want. Because nobody else is there to witness it. She has the pleasure of ceasing to exist. Its just us and nothing. And within that nothing is her everything."

"She is very gratified by your sexual and erotic excitement, especially your orgasms. She can see or feel it when your sperm shoots out. You can't fake that you had an orgasm. That's a real accomplishment of hers, a real tribute to her. You demonstrate this and your other related traits of excitement, and she feels aroused by it. She wants to see your erect cock, that's a real thing that can't be faked. She wants to see your excited face, your cum shooting out, feel your body fucking and straining in her. She wants to feel your cum fill her and splash onto her and hear your ecstatic sounds. She wants the smell of your cum and excitement to pervade the room. She knows from this real evidence that as an object of sexual gratification, she authentically moves you. She is similarly gratified by my sexual and erotic excitement that I share with her through correspondence."

"She wants to depend on us. She wants to take herself out of the formula for her own sexual gratification. She craves the complete freedom of expression that comes from having her personal sexual agency completely removed from the object that is her. The toilet flushes when you push the handle. The Colette orgasms when the meat that is her is subjected to certain instructions. Then you push her handle by allowing her orgasm and she orgasms. Her complete freedom of expression is to have that turn out any way with no personal agency. The meat simply does what it is ordered to do, and we control it, like we would flush a toilet. Her agency is completely removed and completely embraced by this expression."

"In this absolute dependency is complete interdependence. We can't dominate in the unique way we do it to her without her to do the submitting. She can't submit in the unique way that she submits to us without us to submit to. That is one facet of our interdependence, and there are many others. Overtly, we control everything, and her agency does not exist in that context, like flushing a toilet. However, you could also say she covertly controls everything with her consent."

"I hope that this inadequate explanation of an extremely complex interrelationship gives you some insight. As we work together, you'll find your own more comprehensive understanding of this."

"I would like Colette to bear and raise a child. Since she is coming up on her ovulation week, please consider these instructions as practice for that. Starting tomorrow until you receive new instructions, I request that you specifically put your penis in her vagina. Move it however pleasures you without pulling it out, and then orgasm once and inseminate in her vagina in a way conducive to impregnation. I request that you do this once and only once a day. The timing is up to you. I request that you be rigorous in doing this once and only once per 24 hour cycle as of 0000 hours tonight. To prepare her, you may put the bullet vibrator she carries into her vagina and put it on the low setting for up to an hour beforehand. Once you are ready to fuck her, have her remove the bullet vibrator and clean it with her mouth before doing anything else. Those are my instructions."

"I understand that you are good at whipping Colette painfully with the belt. Modify the punishment to five lashes of the kind you are performing per infraction for the time being. These lashes, when applied, must be applied in quick succession. If there are multiple infractions, please administer no more and no less than five lashes per day until all infractions are cleared. I'm aware that you find these punishments distasteful. Over time I'm sure you'll understand what these punishments mean to Colette and therefore be able to administer them without any ambivalent feelings."

"Have Fun,"


Colette's husband was getting a lot more specific with his instructions! Well, what did Zach expect considering his inventive interpretation of the rules and instructions to date?

It was long overdue to communicate directly with Colette's husband. He followed the instructions for sending X his public key in the clear. He then started an encrypted chat with him. "This is Zach Carson. I apologize for taking so long to connect with you directly. Please forgive me." The man might be asleep or anything. He would hear from him soon.

Next Zach called Colette, waking her up. "Meet me tomorrow morning at 10:30 AM in your quarters. Be prepared."

"I don't know what was in my husband's instructions," Colette reminded him.

"Then be prepared for anything," Zach said, and hung up.

(To be continued)