Today was the day. I had dropped the idea of going to the nude beach first thing in the morning as she gently stroked my morning hard-on. "It's supposed to be hot today, let's go to the beach." I suggested. She seemed uninterested. "The nude beach." Her body jerked and she gripped my cock as she held motionless for a minute. "Okay." was all she said, and she pumped my cock again. "Will you get naked with me?" I wanted to know. "Maybe, unless it's crowded." My cock got even harder thinking about it. She stroked me more and seemed lost in thought. I imagined her laying on her back on a towel. Shannon pushed herself down the bed and slipped my cock into her mouth. She sucked the head a few times and slapped herself lightly on the cheek with it. That is my wife's way of telling me she is really turned on. She held my balls in a closed hand and pulled down slightly while she slurped up and down. I stopped her before I came.

Getting out of the shower, I noticed Shannon had shaved her pubic hair into a tiny little triangle. I once told her that it turned me on because it looked so slutty, and she liked hearing that. "You like thinking your wife is a slut?" she teased. "Kinda", I said. But today, I got the idea she wasn't shaving that triangle just for me. She wanted to look slutty for other people. Men.

We drove in awkward silence the 30 minutes to the beach. The only reason Shannon wouldn't be talking was if she was nervous, which it really close to horny. Finally we pulled up and grabbed the beach bags out of the car.

My wife got to the bottom of the trail first and looked up and down the beach. "Which way?" she asked. "To the right" I told her.

Down the beach we could see some tan bodies, and I knew that's where the nudists started. As we approached them, we didn't say a word. We passed by a couple fat dark men who were staring at my wife's sexy figure. "How far down, baby?" she asked. "A little further" I said, taking the lead. I stopped in the middle of the beach in between two younger single guys in beach chairs. "Here."

After setting out the chairs and towels, I pulled my shirt and shorts off. Shannon watched me from her chair. "Come on baby, get naked" I ordered.

The guys on either side of us were waiting, and their eyes were fixed on my wife as she pulled off her top and skirt. She sat down on a towel and then pulled of her bikini top. The guys got a look and smiled at her, before she laid down to tan. When she rolled over I teased her.

"Are you scared to get nude. baby. You look good, show it off. Come on."

Shannon sat up and looked at the other guys. They were looking. She slipped off her bikini bottoms and rolled back onto her stomach. Her smooth white booty looked delicious in the sun. I ran my hands over her bare ass and made eye contact with the nearest guy. Unconsciously I slapped her ass while I smiled at him, and he smiled back.

A few minutes later, I got up to reach another beer, and I sat down on the towel with my cock near Shannon's head. She looked up and saw my half hard-on.

"Suck my cock, baby. Right in front of these guys."

I leaned back and sipped my beer as Shannon casually moved her head up and licked my cock. Until her head started moving you really couldn't tell what was going on. She started sucking me deeper and getting into it, and her head bobbed in a rhythm the guys around us could see. She reached one hand down and fingered herself. One of the guys stood up. He was only about 30 feet away.

"Baby get up on your knees", I ordered as she sucked me. She got up on her knees without stopping.

"Baby there's a guy behind you staring at your ass." Shannon tried to stop and look behind her but I grabbed her hair and held her still. I said nothing until she started sucking again.

"You are not going to look up. You're going to suck my cock and do what I tell you, do you understand?

Shannon liked this game. "Uh-huh" she replied with a mouth full of cock.

"Show him your pussy baby, he's jerking off."

Shannon reached an arm back and grabbed her ass cheek, pulling her ass crack and pussy open wide to the onlooker. She moaned softly and looked up at me.

"You're so hot, baby, he's going to cum for you."

She moaned again. The other guy was standing up now too, and they both moved a little closer to see the show and look at my wife's ass. I reached over into my bag and got out a bottle of coconut oil. I motioned to the two guys with the bottle and then dropped it on the towel next to me. I took my wife's hair in two hands.

"Baby do you trust me?" I asked.

"Uh-huh" she sucked me, giving me a curious look.

"Okay then just relax and enjoy this."

The first guy was already kneeling next to my wife and was squirting oil on his hands as the other guy stood back. When his oily hands touched my wife, she gasped and started sucking me faster. He spread the oil all over and returned for long strokes over her back. After a minute she seemed relaxed, and the massage moved down toward her lower back. The second guy had oil on his hands now and began to caress her legs, and she shivered again, still sucking my cock. She began to moan in pleasure, and both guys took that as as signal to rub her ass and inner thighs, and soon her pussy lips. She moaned and squirmed as both men worked toward her pussy, and they both started fingering her at the same time. She pushed back against their touch and bobbed her head. She was loving it. She never looked back, but I held her ponytail in case she tried to.

The first guy stood up quickly and started pounding his rod. I barely figured out what was happening before he shot sperm all across my wife's ass. The second guy saw this and did the same thing seconds later. My wife moaned out in pleasure from this and sucked me deeper. As the men moved away quickly, I fucked her head slowly, intently, until I blew it straight down her throat. When she finally swallowed, she sat up and turned around. "Who was that?" she asked.

"You're never gonna know."

"Oh, baby, you gotta tell me!"

"Lets go in the water and rinse off".;u=12163;sa=summary;u=18312