Hi! It's Kathy again. There aren't many holidays that I truly enjoy. They're mostly family-oriented and the same thing every year. Now, Valentine's Day is a little different. It's all mine. A day consumed with love and sex.

Since I was old enough to date, I've always made Valentine's Day special for me and my man. I can remember only one Valentines when I wasn't dating anyone and it was the most horrible day of my life. I remember crying all night! I promised myself then, I would never spend this day alone again!

I've been seeing my boyfriend Dave for almost three years and he moved in with me about a year ago. Everything was super with us and our relationship is stronger than any other relationship I've ever had. We have even talked about getting married for the first time very recently... So, things are good.

Valentine's Day was only a month away and we were already talking about things we wanted to do. Dave suggested we go to a nice Casino/ Hotel and see what kind of trouble we could get ourselves into and I loved the idea. For the next week or so, we would party in bed real late at night and Dave would whisper in my ear of all the naughty things I would be doing....and with who... Gosh! I love our sex life!

One of the sexy role-play scenarios he began bringing up was of all of his friends being so jealous around Valentine's Day because none of their girlfriends took it as seriously as I did and how they would all kill for one Valentine's night with me. I liked that fantasy! We played around forever including all his friends into our fantasy! It was hot!

Two days before our big night out, Dave tells me the worse thing imaginable has happened. He needs to leave town for our night out and he couldn't believe it. They were starting to lay people off and if he doesn't go along, he thinks he might get the axe! I didn't care if he got the axe! It was Valentine's Day!

I cried right up until he left with a couple of bags packed, promising he would make it up to me in just 2 days and to please forgive him. I was so angry I didn't even kiss him goodbye! He told me that the room is still reserved and maybe I should take one of my single girlfriends with me and have a wild time. I almost hit him after that suggestion.

Maybe I was being silly but I couldn't stop sobbing all Valentine's Day. At around 6 pm, Dave's close friend Tory called me and tells me to stop sulking and that he promised Dave he would take me out for a nice Valentine's Dinner. Before I could tell him no, he told me he was 15 minutes away and he hung up. Now I was doubly pissed at Dave! So pissed that I needed a drink! Then two, then five!

By the time Tory was at the door, I was still dressed in my pajamas but I was also drunk enough that I wasn't as angry anymore.

"Hi, Tory! So you're my Valentine? You must be! Are those chocolates in that box? And flowers! You're so sweet! I'm sorry I'm not ready yet but you sit and make yourself a drink and I'll get ready as quickly as I can. Ok baby?" I ran to the room to get ready for my Valentine's Date! I decided I was going to act as if Tory really was my Valentine and I was going to give him everything I had planned to give Dave. Which wont be difficult because Tory is one of Dave's hottest friends! Did I mention that Tory was black...

I know he had said something about dinner but I'm a little bit too tipsy for all that. I slipped on the new lingerie I bought for this occasion. Of course, it was all red and black with black fishnet stockings and black garters. My heart was beating thru my chest! I was going crazy as I could hear my dates footsteps upstairs.

I started to feel so sexy and naughty as I finished my make up and took one last look in the mirror. Tory was a lucky man tonight. I got the bag of rose petals Dave has had on stand-by and made a trail from the bedroom door to the bed. Pouring what was left all over the bed. With incense lit and soft music playing, I called to Tory to come downstairs.

His reaction was priceless as he came through the door. "Damn, Kathy... You look incredible! But I promised Dave to take you to dinner. I cant do this. Damn. Look at you. So fine."

I knew it wouldn't be too hard in convincing him. I gave him my pouting lips as I slowly approached him and whisper in his ear, "You know how much I love Valentines Day...don't you? And its just for one night... no one will ever know." Then I kissed his neck as I grabbed down at his crotch and felt a cock that was trying to burst out of his pants! It was so hard! I knew his resistance was over.

I brought my lips to his and he accepted my kiss by giving me his tongue. I practically melted as I made out with my date while I stroked his cock through his pants, in the center of my room, covered in rose petals, in my sexiest lingerie! I'd say this was another Valentines success! Little did I know how successful it would be.

I started undoing his belt and in no time, his pants fell down to his ankles as we continued to passionately kiss. I started to get distracted as his cock felt huge and thick in my hands. Much larger than any cock I've ever held! I just had to get a look at it! Then when I did, I had to have it in my mouth!

I slowly started to take off every piece of clothing he had on while we kept kissing. When he was completely naked, I playfully pushed him onto the bed on his back. I had to stand there for a second and take in the view. It all looked so delicious and it was all mine. His black cock seemed like it wanted to point straight up at the ceiling, but it was too fat and too heavy to do so! It just kept bobbing up and down. I couldn't take it anymore! I crawled up on the bed and as I got my face to his cock, he grabbed it and told me to stick out my tongue.

I'm on my hands and knees with my mouth open, tongue out as he slaps my face and mouth with his rock hard cock! First, it's kind of funny as we both laugh but, very soon it turns very frustrating and I want his cock in my mouth already. He must know what he's doing to me. He's driving me crazy! And when I got a taste from his leaking cockhead, that was it. I grabbed his cock away from him and made it mine!

I know I have never had anything that big in my mouth. I could only get an inch or two passed the head! It was massive! And constantly dripping clear, delicious fluid. It was so tasty that I was moaning so loud I'm sure my neighbors could hear. Along with such a huge cock, his balls were the size of oranges(maybe lemons)and I was gently playing with them as I sucked. Tory was moaning as loud as I was!

Having it fill my mouth just made me want to know how it would feel in my tight, sweet pussy! And of course, I couldn't wait any longer. I climbed on top of him staring into his eyes and he pulls me down for more loving kisses. I was grinding down on his huge cock and I came by just rubbing on it and kissing! It was that hot! When I felt his fat head lined up perfectly against my sweet spot, I knew this was the moment of truth. I just rest my head on his chest and reached back with both hands to stretch myself in preparing for his huge cock assault.

At the very first, it felt really good but as the rest of that fat head was making its way in, it hurt like hell. I actually thought for a second of calling the whole thing off. But he didn't shove himself in me and he let me control the pace which was pretty slow. Every time I backed out and started again, it felt less of pain and more of pleasure. I went from almost crying, to barely smiling to an actual smile because I new the worst was over and the happiest thoughts of what's to come.

Suddenly it started to feel incredible and I started to get a good rhythm, getting more and more of his master black cock inside of me. He was still patient with me and allowing me to control the movements and pace. I told him that before he leaves, I'm going to take his whole cock inside of me. "If I don't leave... you could use this cock everyday..."

Hearing that rushed a powerful climax throughout my whole body! An explosion like none I've ever felt. If a woman had access to this cock daily, she would be in heaven everyday! I want to feel like this everyday! Every second, actually! From that moment on, is all a daze. A mix of cumming, screaming, kissing and cumming....again. I was in another world. I thought I loved sex before, but this was something else. I was addicted right then and there.

It was 4 or 5 in the morning when we finally fell asleep in each others arms. Its strange but I'm laying here next to the man, yet dreaming of him as I slept. It was around noon when I slightly woke up and to say he had morning wood would be an understatement. Just looking at it was having an effect on me. All the climaxes and sweat and kisses were all coming back. This cock had taken me to places I never knew existed, and for that I was grateful. And like a magnet, I had to kiss it some more. He woke up to my trying to get more of him down my throat than I did the night before. And I did!

That started off another marathon of heavenly experiences and total nirvana! There was no way I could stay away from what I learned about BBC these past two days. I don't know how I would deal with it but I will need more and more of it. That's a fact. Dave was due back at around 5 pm and Tory left at 4:45. And it was me who kept holding off him leaving. This was the best and longest Valentines Day!