Emma Watson has always had a magical ability to hypnotize anyone she pleases. With just a single flash of purple from her eyes and your mind will drop and surrender to her power. She's found that women are easy to command and much better at sexually pleasing when the time comes :)

Witch is why when a beautiful new neighbor came to town, named Makenna, she just had to have her...

So one day Emma invited Makenna to dinner at her place, and Makenna accepted the offer only because she was intrigued by Emma's celebrity status and wanted to get to know her.

When it came time for dinner, Makenna dressed modestly while Emma dressed quite scandalously knowing full well what she was going to do later.

But the outfit came as a surprise to Makenna "Wow! That's quite a get-up your wearing." Makenna remarked.

"Oh, this is just for a movie I'm working on."

"Ohh... okay." This only slightly made sense in Makenna mind, she would have thought that actors would take off their wardrobe before they went home. But she didn't know much about the movie industry and assumed she was telling the truth.

Even though Makenna wanted to know more about Emma life, during the dinner it seemed more like Emma was getting to know her. Emma kept asking questions to Makenna, at first they were standard question about her job and her family, but eventually Emma asked Makenna if she had ever been with a woman before?

"Ohh definitely not!" Makenna replied. "I don't swing that way." It was true Makenna had never had a sexual thought about a woman before. But Emma knew that later tonight, that would change...

Emma let her round of questioning die down for a minute before she asked an even more important question to Makenna.

"Makenna, have you ever been hypnotized?"

"What? No! That... That shit isn't real."

"No? You don't believe you can be hypnotized?" Emma responded.

"There's no way I can be hypnotized, that just ridiculous!"

"Ohh come on, why don't you let me give it a shot huh?"

"Oh your gonna hypnotize me? There's no way that's gonna work..."


Emma put one hand on Makenna's thigh and gave her a smirk. This made Makenna a little concerned that Emma was actually flirting with her. But Makenna also knew that there was no way Emma could actually hypnotize her so she didn't see the harm in giving it a try.

"All right sure, you can try and hypnotize me. But I guarantee you it won't work."

"We'll see... okay stand up" Emma replied and both of them stood up out of there chairs. Emma grabbed Makenna's thin waist and pulled her close.

"Look into my eyes Makenna... Look directly into my eyes, and do not look away..."

Emma stared at Makenna with a deep piercing look. The confidence in Emma's performance made Makenna concerned. Still though Makenna believed that this wasn't going to work so she decided to play along just for a moment.

However it was in that moment that Emma eyes flashed a deep and powerful shade of purple. This startled Makenna, but now she found that she really couldn't look away. And as she stared into those purple eyes she felt as if they were digging roots into her body and centering themselves deeply inside her brain. As if they were quickly invading her mind. Emma's thoughts started to replace her own. She felt Emma's power over her, and knew she was losing control.

In a final act of desperation, Makenna struggled out the word "Please..." As if she wanted to finish the phrase with the word don't. She didn't want to be actually hypnotized. However in that moment her eyes began to glow the same powerful purple that Emma's were emitting. And she forgot all about not wanting to be hypnotized. And instead she stared deeper into Emma eyes and simply said "mistress..."

From then on Emma would be Makenna's Mistress, and she would be her slave. Makenna's mind was now ruled by Emma and she would believe anything Emma told her. But more importantly, having Emma's thoughts in her mind, had completely changed Makenna's opinion of her. The outfit she had on, witch earlier seemed outrageous, now looked absolutely stunning. In fact Emma looked absolutely stunning... Makenna had never admired another woman before, but now she was an absolute awe her mistress. She would gladly do anything for her.

"That's it, now surrender!" Emma commanded and snapped her fingers.

As soon as Makenna heard the snap, she fell to her knees without a single ounce of resistance. And replied "yes mistress."

Emma knew that her slave would know exactly what to do. After all, her mind and thoughts were now in complete control of Makenna. She bent down to meet her new slave and commanded "kiss me" she snapped her fingers and once again as soon as Makenna heard the snap she responded "yes mistress" and leaned into her mistresses kiss. Emma had done this hundreds of time before but Makenna had never been in such deep love with a goddess and kissed Emma passionately while keeping her position on her knees. She wanted the kiss to never end.

As Emma pulled away. An upset look appeared on Makenna's face. Emma knew her slave's thoughts, she knew that Makenna wanted to continue worshipping her goddess.

She ran her fingers through Makenna's long blonde hair and proclaimed

"Don't worry my slave there will be plenty of time for worship" she leaned in close to her slave and whispered into her ear "but for now I have a cute little outfit I'd like you to put on... When snap my fingers you will stand up and go into the bedroom and put on the outfit laying on the bed"

Emma snapped her fingers and Makenna immediately stood up while saying "yes mistress" and began walking to the bedroom as Emma smirked in the corner.

Normally Makenna would consider wearing someone else's clothes taboo but there was no questioning her mistresses command. she knew that this outfit would please her. And in this state of mind, Makenna only wanted to please her mistress...


Makenna loved the outfit her mistress had provided her. A tight black shirt and jeans shorts, just like Emma's. She hoped that the outfit, and her body, would please her mistress. She thought about how foolish she had been dressing modestly in front of her mistress. She also thought about how foolish it was to think Emma couldn't hypnotize her, of course the beautiful and stunning Emma Watson could easily hypnotize her. She could easily hypnotize anyone... And everyone deserved to be hypnotized by her... At least now, Makenna's eye's were opened, and she was excited to receive more commands from Emma.

She walked out of the bedroom desperate to please her mistress with her body.

Emma knew how badly Makenna wanted to please her. the cute outfit her slave was wearing was very attractive. The tight shirt was showing off her thin figure and the shorts revealed her gorgeous legs.

"Your body pleases me" Emma remarked

"Thank you mistress..." Replied Makenna. Just knowing that her body pleased her mistress sent a jolt of pleasure down her back and through her pussy. Her knees buckled and she almost fell to the ground just from the bliss of knowing Emma was pleased...

Emma was sitting in a lawn chair with her legs crossed while she twirled one foot in the air. Makenna began to notice just how absolutely beautiful Emma's legs were... She found herself uncontrollably staring at her twirling foot.

Makenna had never thought of feet and legs as sexy before. But now she couldn't help but feel aroused, and even a bit more hypnotized, by her mistress's feet.

Perhaps this was because Emma had been silently programming her to feel that way since the moment she was hypnotized...

"Do you like my shoes?" Mistress asked.

"Yes of course I do mistress..." Makenna responded as she slowly walked closer and closer keeping her gaze on Emma twirling foot. The shoes were amazing but only because they were on her Mistresses feet. Emma's legs were what fascinated her...

Emma pointed at her slave and commanded her to kneel before her feet. Without hesitation Makenna did so. Now she was up close with her mistress twirling shoe. Her eyes were glued to her leg and she couldn't help but fall deeper into Emma's spell as she watched her foot go around and around... She wanted to worship her mistress's legs, but Makenna had to wait for her command.

Emma loved seeing her slaves like this. Wanting desperately to worship her but patiently waiting her command to do so.

"Follow my leg Makenna... Follow it as it goes back and forth... Back and forth... Nothing else matters now... Only my legs... only my body... Do you understand?"

Emma then shook her leg up and down, causing her slave to nod in agreement while she responded "yes mistress"

"When I snap my fingers, you will lose all control and you will worship my leg, it will become your whole world... Is that understood?"

Breathing heavily Makenna whispered "yes mistress" she had already lost all control. And she wanted desperately to kiss her mistress feet. the only thing stopping her now was a snap of her mistresses fingers...

Emma waited what was only minute before she snapped her fingers. To Makenna it felt like an eternity. She stood there patiently waiting to devour her Mistresses leg. Wanting so badly to please her...

Emma was testing her. The command she was about to give her slave would help her for the real test, worshipping her pussy...

Emma snapped her fingers, and Makenna barely had time to blurt out "yes mistress!" Before placing her lips over her mistresses shoes and gently kissing her feet. Makenna was in Bliss. The whole world stopped, nothing else existed in her mind except for Emma and her stunning body... As she kissed her mistresses toes she knew there was no going back, nothing would be the same. No man could ever make her horny again. She only desired mistress Emma and her perfect body. She was a goddess.

Just for fun, Emma then decide to awaken Makenna

"When I snap my fingers you will awaken"



Makenna didn't want to awaken. But she must obey her Mistresses command.


Emma snapped her fingers and Makenna woke up from her trance, the last thing she remembered was Emma's deep penetrating purple eyes. But now she was on her knees with the taste of dirty feet in her mouth?

Where did this outfit come from?

She didn't know what was going on, but she did know that Emma must have actually hypnotized her.

"Having fun Makenna?" Emma asked

Makenna still found Emma to be very attractive. And that deeply confused her, she was straight she had always been straight. But why does Emma look so beautiful? she still wanted to kiss her legs but knew that it was bizarre.

Makenna stood up and quickly began to walk out the door. Hoping to escape this strange situation.

"I'm sorry Emma I think... I think I should leave"

But before she could even take two steps out the door, Emma simply said


Suddenly the deep shade of purple returned to Makenna's eyes. Her body weakened and she slowly turned towards her mistress and delicately walked back to kneel at her mistresses feet again. Hoping that Emma would let her continue worshiping her perfect legs.

"I like you better this way" Emma remarked

"Me too mistress" Makenna replied.

"Take of my shoe."

Makenna then gently removed the straps from her mistresses high heel. And then stared in complete awe of her bare foot.

"Continue" Emma snapped her fingers and without hesitation Makenna continued to worship her mistress's feet, she sucked on her toes and kissed her soft perfect skin.

Makenna spent the time to kiss every inch of her foot. Outside of trance, feet were disgusting to Makenna, but in Emma spell, she was in the presence of a goddess. And she was lucky just to be able to worship her mistress's legs and toes.

Makenna proved to be a perfect slave, not an ounce of resistance was left in her, only obedience, only arousal.

Emma then used the bottom of her heel to push McKenna's forehead away from her. Gracefully commanding her slave to stop. Makenna then stood there, and awaited her mistresses next command.


Emma smiled at her slave as she took off her shorts and panties, exposing her magnificent clit.

Makenna stared into her vagina with deep sexual desire. a few minutes ago she would have never wanted to eat out another woman's pussy. but now she wanted it more than anything. And Emma had the pussy of a goddess, it was perfect!

"When I snap my fingers you will worship my pussy..."

Emma placed her toe on Makenna's forehead as if drilling the next command into her mind. The simple touch of her goddess sent waves of pleasure across Makenna's body.

"My pussy will become your pussy, every sensation will be 10 times as strong and 10 times as pleasurable for you. As you worship me, it will feel though my body is in control of yours and every sensation I feel... you will also feel... is that understood?"

"Yes mistress" there's was such a deep connection to her Mistress's mind that it would be easy for her to feel the same sensations as her own tongue worshiped Emma's pussy.

Makenna stared into her mistress's clit, she was eager to worship her.

Emma snapped her fingers and her slave lurched towards her pussy. As Makenna drove her tongue deep inside her mistress, Makenna began to feel a powerful sensation of pleasure radiating from the exact spot on her body that she was pleasuring her mistress at.

It was as if there pussies had become one. Makenna knew exactly how to please her mistress because she knew exactly where she wanted her own pussy to be pleased.

Makenna twitched and moaned from the pleasure. The sensation felt so strange, without any real thing penetrating her she felt as though the best orgasm of her life was approaching. Emma felt it too, her slave's tongue had a mind if its own and it was going to please both of them.

Emma used her legs to pull her slave even closer to her pussy. Makenna's hips twitched in arousal unable to control the pleasure propagating from her own tongue.

They were both on the edge of climax. And with final deep penetration of Makenna's tongue. They both felt a strong orgasm together. The twitching gyration of Makenna hips intensified as the uncontrollable pleasure of her Mistresses commands caused her to cum. Her legs were wrapped around Makenna's head, and as she came, her legs tightened and pulled her slave even deeper into her pussy. For a moment, the force on Makenna from her Mistress's legs were so tight that she couldn't breathe. But this didn't bother her. She just wanted to please her...

Makenna gave one last taste of her mistress's moist clit. She quite enjoyed the taste. It was something that she would definitely find appalling outside of trance. But under Emma spell, she would find that her mistress's entire body was desirable.

From then on Makenna was Emma's obedient maid. She did everything for her mistress. And asked for nothing in return. Emma even had some sexy maid outfits for her to wear while doing her chores. Sometimes she would even help Emma capture new slaves, so they too could feel the bliss of Emma's control. And at night, when her goddess would allow it, they would continue deepening her control with more orgasmic rounds of hypnosis. to Makenna, there was no world that existed beyond Goddess Emma and her commands. Emma owned her and that's exactly how they both wanted it...