I especially like stories that merge multiple genres, so about 6-7 years ago I wrote some scripts for supernatural, erotic videos. This was the first erotic horror script that I ever wrote, though I've continued making small edits to it.

All actresses and the characters they play are over 18.

Episode 31: A Magical Orgasm for Eternity

Scene is in a nondescript apartment living room. All of the lights are dimmed. 4 college girls are there, Shawn, Susan, Misty, and Kennedy. All of very attractive. Misty is particularly stunning blonde wearing a colorful, casual blouse and a short skirt and barefoot. The way Misty sits, we can see up her skirt and see her bikini panties. Kennedy is also dressed sexily with very tight, torn jeans and a shirt that's tied off to show off her flat stomach and slender figure. The other two are wearing socks, a casual shirt, and loose shorts. They've all removed their shoes. There's a very large piece of cardboard flat on the floor, and a pentagram is drawn on it with lit black candles at the points.

Kennedy is explaining. "I've read a very detailed book about this, and I've prepared everything for our séance."

Susan giggles slightly. "Kennedy, this feels kind of crazy to me. Are you sure this will get us the boys we want?"

Kennedy gives her a stern look. "It's important that you follow my directions to stay safe. First, sit on the floor around the symbol and place the charm that you brought in front of you." Kennedy sits down cross-legged, and the other girls follow her lead. The other three place a crystal in front of themselves. Kennedy puts a ruby ring in front of herself. "The most important rule is not to break the pentagram or it can release the demon. He's trapped in the cage unless we break the symbol. Don't touch the charms. Don't even put your any part of your body inside the symbol." The girls nod that they understand. "Very good. Next, I want you to chant 'Frimost' and concentrate on this pentagram in your mind while I do the incantation. He's the demon who can make someone fall in love with you."

The other three girls start chanting "Frimost" while Kennedy says "Demon Frimost, by your grace, grant me, I pray to you, your favor. I entreat you to manifest before me so that I may accomplish my desired end, as is fitting for your office. I respectfully and humbly ask this in the name of your master, may I be deemed worthy." All four continue to chant "Frimost." Suddenly all of the lights in the room go out, and then they come back on. Standing in the middle of the pentagram is a beautiful woman, naked. She looks like late 20s with a very slender figure. She's taller than any of the other girls and has chestnut or cherry-brown hair. She slowly turns all the way around to examine her surroundings and has an evil smile when she looks down at the pentagram and then at Kennedy and licks her lips sexily.

The three girls all open their eyes and chatter surprised, things like "it really worked" and "oh my God." But Kennedy says "I don't believe that you are Frimost. I command you to tell me your name."

"I am not Frimost, and I will not give you my name and let you control me."

"I do control you. I have you in my cage and you must do my bidding."

The demon laughs evilly. "And from where did you learn this knowledge, girl? Did you read books written by men? Men who were under the control of demons?" The girls look at each other, a bit concerned now. "You're correct that I am trapped by this symbol, unless one of you enters to take my place, but my will is not bound by the field." She points at Kennedy. "Come here." In a trance, Kennedy stands up and enters the pentagram and the demon leaves. The other girls all get up to run. "Stay where you are and be quiet while I decide what we will do."

The girls discover that they can't move away. They turn to watch the demon. She walks up to Shawn. "Your name is Shawn, and I know your desire." She points at Susan. "Your name is Susan, and I know your desire. Come to us." Susan can't resist the command and walks over to the demon and Shawn. "Before I grant your desires, remove your clothes." Shawn and Susan can't stop themselves from undressing. Shawn has the largest breasts of the four girls. Susan has the smallest. The demon tells Shawn "the athlete that you desire has no desire for women. Not even your breasts and long legs can capture him." She looks at Susan. "The mouse boy that you desire is consumed by electronic gadgets and is undeserving of your exceptional beauty." She circles the two girls to view them better. "I have decided on my gift for you. Face each other." They do so. "The one you desire most from now on is in front of you. Kiss her." The two girls shake their heads and try to put up their hands, but the demon's control is overpowering. They embrace and kiss. The demon enjoys watching them kiss and running their hands over each other's bodies. The kisses become more intense and uncontrolled, and their hands are squeezing the other's breasts and ass and their tongues explore their mouths. "Lie down on the floor and I will help you again." The demon positions the girl so that they can scissor and enjoys watching them.

While they continue scissoring, the demon looks over at Misty, who's been staring in horror. "Why are you looking like that, Misty? You should be honored. You don't know it, but you're the whole reason for this séance? Kennedy didn't tell you all the truth. Frimost is the demon who can grant the power to control women. Kennedy has a secret crush on you and was too scared to tell you." The demon looks at Kennedy. "It's ironic, because Misty would have agreed to be your lover if you had just asked her. She hopes that her sexy legs will get your attention and always sits and maneuvers herself to give you an intimate view of her body. But instead, she will be mine while you watch." She leads Misty in front of Kennedy and takes off Misty's top and her bra. The demon stands behind Misty and plays with her perky breasts to taunt Kennedy. "Wouldn't you love to be holding her breasts like this, to rub then and feel how firm and warm they are and to pinch her nipples and make her so hot for you."

Kennedy's getting turned on watching and is shifting her weight back and forth. The demon tells her "Yes, you are turned on more than you can bear." At that, Kennedy starts rubbing her pussy through her jeans. ""Take your clothes off. Misty has always wanted to see your naked body. Kennedy pulls all of her clothes off as fast as she can and drops them at her feet and plays with herself vigorously. (Her clothes are unable to break the pentagram from the inside.) "The more you masturbate, the closer you feel your orgasm getting and the more anxious you are for the release, but you can only have the orgasm when I give you permission." The demon laughs while Kennedy is trapped in a spiral of increasing and unfulfillable desire.

The demon gives her attention back to Misty. "Now it's time to remove the rest of your clothes, Misty." The demon undresses her completely. The demon rubs her hands over Misty's body and Misty's hands are rubbing her own pussy. The demon then embraces her while they kiss passionately.. The demon gets turned on by Misty's kissing. The demon inserts a finger into Misty and just leaves it there. Misty is shaking from desire but not cumming. The demon calls out "All of you, come to me." She takes a foot and moves a candle aside so that Kennedy is released from the cage. The demon lies on her back. "All of you must serve me. Lick me. Caress me. Kiss me. Fight to make me cum. I will reward the one who makes me cum."

The four girls descend on the demon's body, madly covering her body with their hands and tongues until the demon cries out in ecstasy from her orgasm. "Now stand up." The girls stand, in a row, and the demon gets up and the demon goes up to Susan first. "I will reward all of you before I go. I will give you the ultimate orgasm, perfect in every way." She and Susan french kiss. While kissing, the demon holds her with one hand and rubs her pussy with the other. As her finger pumps in and out of the girl, Susan screams in joy from the best orgasm she's ever had. The demon has Susan suck her fingers clean, and Susan sits back down on the floor exhausted. Then the demon repeats that act with Shawn, then Misty. As she moves from girl to girl, the one she leaves feels compelled to keep playing with herself, trying to recreate that perfect orgasm.

The demon approaches Kennedy. Kennedy has been masturbating furiously while watching her friends and still unable to cum. Kennedy begs the demon for an orgasm. "Kiss me and finger me, and I will release you from this curse." Kennedy nearly overwhelms the demon with the intensity of her kisses while one hand is squeezing and rubbing the demon's ass and the other hand's fingers are exploring inside her pussy.

The demon shakes with another orgasm and tells Kennedy "your passion has made me incredibly strong. I remove the first curse from you." She places her hands on Kennedy's hips. Kennedy takes her hand off of the demon's ass and places it behind the demon's head to pull her closely while she kisses deeply and spreads her legs wider to give the demon access. The demon lightly moves her finger in a circle around Kennedy's clit then then shoves two fingers inside of her. Kennedy immediately screams as she has the strongest orgasm of her life. The demon removes her fingers, and Kennedy collapses on the floor.

After finishing with Kennedy, the demon walks back into the broken pentagram. "From this day forward, the memory of my orgasm for you will sear your memory. Forever you will try to recapture that moment of glory that enveloped you. You will disdain all men and only find pleasure with women, but no woman nor your own touch will ever satisfy you as I did. This memory will be in your mind during all of your waking moments and in your dreams as you sleep. You will spend your life searching to relive the pleasure you had with me but never be fulfilled. You will remember the all-consuming orgasm that I gave to you and forever chase women to find that satisfaction again. You will not remember this curse that I'm casting on you—only the memory and longing for that orgasm. I leave you now, but I leave you in the presence of three other beautiful, naked, horny girls whose pussies burn with lust for you." The demon vanishes.

The girls look at each other. Kennedy grabs Misty, and they begin kissing and masturbating each other, and Susan and Shawn are tribbing feverishly. The rest of the scene is a 4-girl orgy of various permutations of rubbing and licking each other. At the end, after several orgasms, they're all sitting on the floor in a circle again, cross-legged. They agree that they're too tired to continue but they're still rubbing themselves and staring at each other's pussy. Kennedy tells them that she had the best orgasm ever from the demon, and the others agree. They agree that they came close to achieving it again with each other but were too tired for it to be as good. Susan suggests that they'll be able to have an orgasm again like the one they remember after they've rested. Misty adds that she thinks if they sleep together and keep touching each other — but just teasing each other — then by the morning, they'll be rested and on the edge of cumming and ready to give each other an orgasm even better than the one they had from the demon.

They all agree to the plan and lie on the floor in a pile of flesh, touching each others' bodies but avoiding the actual pussies for now, trying to fall asleep. But the caressing of their backs soon turns into caressing butts and leads to kissing and fingering and loud and excited orgasms again.

The girls are angry and frustrated that it wasn't as good as the one with the demon. This time, Kennedy reminds them that they have to rest and no more kissing and no more rubbing each other's pussies. They lie down together, this time they keep their hands to their own bodies. But they can't help watching and being fascinated by each other's bodies. They tell each other how sexy they look and how they admire each other's body. The girls pinch and pull on their nipples to show them off. And when they compliment each others' legs and pussies, the girls spread their legs and run their hands along their thighs and pull open their lips to show off and tease the others. But once their hands are on their pussies again, they can't help but rub furiously and crawl to another girl and kiss and again try to recreate that ultimate orgasm. As they scream out with another orgasm, they immediately tell their partner "don't stop, keep going, I was so close, I'm going to get it this time" and they continue their desperate rubbing and kissing. The scene fades out as we hear the demon's evil laugh once more.