I have psyched myself up for days leading up to this moment. I have had no end of angst and nervous energy, and I think my heart will just explode if anything were to startle me before I walk into the room that I know you're sitting in right now. The lake house was out of the way, and I fretted about getting lost or missing the party. I couldn't care about the party, but at the same time, I care because you care and you're waiting for me.

You're sitting on a chaise lounger still in your black suit jacket and gold tie with a tumbler of scotch swirling around in your hand. I have seen you this relaxed on other occasions, and I feed off the relaxed state you exude. However, when I have seen you like this, it was usually when you had the intent to make me into a puddle of endorphins on the floor by the time you were done. This time is different, though. I've never done anything like this, but I knew it would please you to no end, and I put on my brave face for everyone else to see. I know that you know differently because I'm scared and nervous.

I recognize a few people in the room, everyone is chatting with someone, but I see you sitting quietly. I sit down next to you, I'm almost afraid to say something, but your hand finds the small of my back and caresses reassuringly down my left cheek. I take a deep breath and settle, focusing on the feel of your hand. I look back at your eyes, and I see nothing that indicates you want me to do anything. I begin fidgeting when I feel your hand move up my back to my neck. You squeeze lightly, and I lean back onto your shoulder slowly. My face nuzzles into your neck, and I find the familiar scent of the scotch soothing as I try to breathe slowly.

"You know what I want," you whisper into my ear, and I feel my heart begin skipping and sputtering.

I nod, looking around the room; my jaw clenches when I feel the pit of my stomach churning as I wonder who might be offended or who wouldn't care at all. I decide that this is the kind of party that this sort of thing happens, and I feel my throat go dry. I've never done this kind of thing before, but I'll do it for you. I wore the button up blouse and a plaid skirt that you like; I braided my hair into pigtails and wore a pair of matching thongs and bra. My fingers find your tie and loosen it; my hand is trembling while I feel like the entire room is looking at me. You're still watching my hands and reassure with a nod.

The noise in the room fades away as I slide down to my knees at your feet. I feel the silk tie loop around my wrists, and I close my eyes. Your hands move to familiar places that I crave. I feel the thong slowly slide down my thighs. I lift one knee and then the other; my ankles then remain tangled in the thongs. Your hand moves under my chin, and I stand up, eyes closed, because I know if I see the people in the room, I'll panic.

I'm trembling and feel chilled until your breath is on my neck and ear,

"Settle, baby."

I swallow hard as you bend me over the chaise lounger and lift my skirt for the whole room to see. My hands are behind my back as I feel you standing against my thigh with the soft fabric of your pant leg and your hand rubbing sweetly before I hear the room quiet. Your oak paddle lands on my cheeks, my hands automatically lift away, even though I know you won't hit them accidentally. I suck in a breath and hold it, focusing on remaining still and quiet.

"Good girl."

My eyes are watering, and I feel your hand playing in the wetness between my legs. I mewl like a kitten, remaining calm. I begin to blush all over, feeling scarlet as your fingers find my mouth to clean them off with my tongue. You paddle a few more times, and I begin to lift onto my toes; I can't go anywhere else at this point, and I begin to settle more. No longer counting the strikes, I feel myself surrender to the thought that this act pleases you more than I can understand.

I feel hands that are not yours unbuttoning my top, and I look for your touch again. I keep my eyes closed, I trust you implicitly, and I'm feeling nothing but strangeness until my head is tilted up by your fingers under my chin. My blouse is fully unbuttoned and pulled down to my elbows. I have less mobility this way; I feel off-balance and awkward. Your beard brushes my neck and ear, I know I'm struggling, and I'm ready to change my mind until I hear you whisper again.

"You're doing great, baby, just the way I want you. I've got you."

I sigh, feeling the calm wash over again, and your hands move over my breasts, now dangling without the bra to hold them back. There's someone else putting their hands on me, and I can hear the whispers in the room grow faint. The toy slowly prods my ass, and I feel myself becoming tense until your hands rub my cheeks, soothing and parting me until the toy slips in completely. Both holes are stuffed, and it's a disconcerting feeling that I've not felt before. It begins to vibrate, and I gasp, buckling at the knees at first. I'm back on my tiptoes when I hear your belt come off the loops, it's always a distinct sound, and it loops around my neck like a collar.

"Stand up," you tell me.

You lead me into another room, and I'm trying not cum. Your laugh is soft, and you touch my face again. My eyes open, and I feel like a deer in the headlights.

"Daddy," I gasp.

"Shhhh, let it wash over, kitten. Be still."

You lay me down, and I feel the squirm begin; my legs are shaking as I watch you pull out your cock, and I open my mouth. I won't play or tease; I will take it all into the back of my throat. Your thumb is in my mouth; I know you like to draw it out, make me show you how I will please you with my tongue.

"Are you hungry, little girl?"

"Yes, Daddy."

"That's good. Daddy likes to hear that. I want you to cum, quietly for me, baby."

I try not to squeal, your hand on my throat is squeezing delightfully, and I try not to moan while your mouth takes in a nipple roughly at first.

"Does that feel good, baby?"

"Yes, Daddy. Yes," I'm panting, trying to breathe slowly.

"Good girl," you go back to my breasts and tap at the vibrator; I gasp, finally cumming. "You did good, baby."

I nod quickly, feeling that vibrator is relentless as you continue to play with my breast and squeeze my neck until the room fades away and another orgasm contorts my body into yours. Your cock is tapping my clit, and I struggle to remain quiet.

"Shhhh, baby. Relax."


I begin to struggle against the tie on my wrists; my feet are off the floor, so I cannot lift or shift quickly; I'm at your mercy to find relief from the vibrator.

"Where should Daddy put his cock, baby?"

"Wherever Daddy pleases," I respond, shaking harder as you continue this tango between my breasts and clit just enough to torment me.

I feel your cock touch my lips, and I'm engulfing it like my life depends on getting you off. I hear your pleased growl and relax. The back of my throat is filled, and I can longer breathe until you pull away enough and start all over again.

"Such a sweet little mouth, baby."

I find myself filled and trying to swallow without spilling out of my mouth. I sputter a moment until I feel you curling me into your arms feel your warmth become reassuring.

"Good girl. You did well. I'm pleased."

I nod, feeling my hands come free so that I can curl up around you like a little koala bear.

"Thank you. I really tried."

"I know you did, baby. Next time, we can try something else."

I close my eyes to listen to your heart beating steadily and reassuringly before I nod in agreement.

"What about the guests?"

Your laugh is so light that I can almost hear your smile before telling me not to worry about the houseguests; they can amuse themselves. I fall asleep, knowing I've pleased you, and I find myself smiling while you pet my hair.