Oscar's fist moved abruptly, hitting the kneeling jock and sending him to all fours. Boy, freed from the massive meat blocking his air supplies, didn't even complain. He started coughing and spitting long threads of saliva that filled places where only air should be going. Matthew, who was watching this, could definitely relate. His own throat was sore as well, just like it was expected after sudden invasion of such huge monster.

"I've felt this fucker's teeth," Oscar explained his aggression and then he slapped David's head again. "You're lucky there's no blood, as you would be on the way to a hospital by now," he added, carefully checking his huge dick, holding it up with only his index finger. Matt figured he refused to hold it firmly with his entire hand, due to his dick being covered with a thick layer of disgusting, slimy saliva from their throats, that was now dripping on the floor. "Get his ass ready."

"Come on, boy," master Goldman turned his focus to the kneeling Matthew, gesturing him to stand up and come closer. Matthew obeyed, intimidated by Oscar's anger. Goldman invited boy into his hand and pointed on David's ass. "Spread his cheeks and dive deep with your tongue, come on."

"What...?" asked Matt, surprised.

"Lube him up. And better do a good job, because he will be lubing you up later. Oscar's dick is not your user-friendly butt plug, it's a fucking dragon dildo."

"Seriously, Frog, stop advertising my dick like a sex shop toy." Oscar shook his head in disapproval.

Matthew got closer to David, who was still lying on the floor. He awkwardly patted guy's foot, to somehow approach this weird situation. Jock looked at him with red eyes, still choking a bit.

"No fucking way, that creepy faggot is not going to touch me!" he protested, almost immediately.

"Honestly, your choice, mate." Oscar shrugged. "To be honest, struggle does sell better." Club's boss made Matthew move and slapped David's ass cheek. "Up, buddy. We will do it doggy style."

"Nooo... listen, I can pay you. I have some money, I could get another job, maybe..."

"Sponsors in our club will pay us much more for turning you into a nice fuckhole," master Goldman responded.

Finally, reminded about spicy blackmail material, Dave offered his ass to Oscar. With pure fear in his eyes, he was trying to look back. Oscar placed his huge meat rod against his hole and let's just say it was a battering ram completely inadequate in size to the doors it was supposed to break. Oscar applied pressure and it just wouldn't go in, which made David gasp in pain.

"Wait!" he squealed. "I changed my mind, I want to be lubed up."

"You've made your decision, boy. Now you will enjoy every painful second of it," master Goldman said firmly.

But it seemed like Oscar had different idea in mind, as his monster cock has withdrawn for now.

"Kneel and beg me," club's boss demanded. "But no longer with your bratty attitude. I want to see respect in your eyes, a realization that you've lost and we're your superiors now."

Matthew's cock was throbbing again and even his sore throat couldn't ease it. He wished he was bratty and rebellious from the start, to deserve this treatment. David, completely red on his face, knelt in front of Oscar, looking up at him, with pathetic puppy eyes full of fear.

"Please... sir. Don't do this to me," jock whispered, beaten and desperate.

"Don't do what?"

"Don't make me take that monster cock when I'm dry... sir," he added that "sir" after a moment of hesitation. Oscar was silent. "Please, master. I'm sorry for my behavior. I understand now that I'm your bitch." Oscar was smirking down at him, still silent. Dave clearly didn't know what he was expecting him to say, so he just kept flooding him with all humiliating things that were coming to his head. "I promise to be good. I beg you..."

Oscar placed his heavy meat on David's face, clearly using it as a dickrest. Few drops of drying saliva dropped on his nose and cheek.

"Matthew, rim his asshole," Oscar finally made his mind. Master Goldman and him were laughing for a while in amusement. "Know my generosity, boy."

Split with his dickrest, Oscar sat on a bench. Horny and submissive Matt was more than pleased to finally dive between Dave's ass cheeks. First thing that he noticed: master Goldman didn't do a very good job shaving him, his ass crack was full of small, but noticeable hair that he didn't fully get. Second thing he noticed came with his nose: even though David was mostly clean, the musky stink of sweat could already be detected. It made Matt's dick only twitch harder, as he gave his hole a quick lick with his filthy mouth. What was driving Matthew insane right now, was the thought that saliva was one of the shittiest lubricants possible and yet they still used it to fool David into obedience. Self-destructive in nature, Matt wanted to be exploited in a similar way, that would prioritize somebody's base needs over his dignity.

"Look at that excitement." Master Goldman squatted to grab Matthew's fully erect, red and veiny cock. He started stroking it gently, like a farmer milking a cow. "He has a pretty nice dick for a slave."

"That's why we will have to close it in chastity after recording. You have any cages here?"

"Sure thing, let me grab one really quick."

Matthew was hearing them quite well, despite blissful jolts of submissiveness that were filling his mind with each move of his tongue in Dave's dirty hole. They wanted to strip him off the ability to pleasure himself, but there was so much more behind it. After all, quick jerk off was like a fast reset button for one's brain, that allowed to clear all the filthy thoughts with few quick loads of cum and get back to working or studying. He was about to have his entire life set on a higher difficulty level and they were planning it so bluntly, right next to him, completely aware that he was already defeated and couldn't do anything about it.

None of these thoughts have made him worried, on the contrary, this display of power only made him serve more enthusiastically right now. His brain was chilling in a warm soup of horniness, not ready to defend him from frustration he was about to endure every day after he refused to react and just obediently accepted a cage around his cock.

"Look at you, two boy whores," Oscar commented, slowly jerking his monster cock, to keep it stiff. "So much protests and now you're hard as well. Enjoying Matthew's tongue work?"

"Yes, sir," he muttered. Slow, deep breaths were escaping his mouth.

The door has opened. Master Goldman returned with chastity device, but soon after him, two men in their twenties has entered. Gym's attendees, no doubt, judging after sweat stains under armpits.

"Whoa, Oscar. So that's the legendary monster cock of yours," said one of them, smiling. Somehow, it was clear in his tone that it was attraction-deprived kind of curiosity. "New slaves?"

"No, they're practicing in ancient fighting sport. Got more stupid questions?" Goldman asked, impatiently, not really concerned that they've entered.

"Can we stay and watch?"

"No, we will need silence for recording, so fuck off." But before strangers left, master Goldman smirked all of the sudden, apparently having a new idea. "Bobby, wait a second. Your sneakers look awful."

"Yeah, wanna buy me new ones? I've heard you get lots of dough from Club."

"I'm not exactly a charity type of guy. But leave me these ones and I'll give you... ten bucks."



"Alright, ten is good enough..." Stranger pulled his shoes off and left them without care, focusing fully on catching ten dollars flying at him in the air. "Hey, give me ten more and you can have my boxers, too, with fresh dick cheese."

"I'm good. Now get the fuck out." Goldman left the chastity device on the bench and came back to the boys. "Yo, enough of this, you will suck his fucking soul out," he said, pulling Matthew away from Dave. Boy's face was wet with saliva. "Okay, it's time to put this investment to a good use. Take a sneaker and make him breathe through it."

Matthew picked up one of the shoes and fulfilled the order, pressing it against David's face. His nose and mouth slid into the hole for foot and had no room for escape. Boy gasped, but didn't try to fight it.

"Well, aren't you a smart Frog?" Oscar seemed pleased with his friend's idea. "Why bother with lubricating ass, when you can lubricate a brain. Don't hold your breath, Dave. Inhale deeply." He aimed his monstrous dick at boy's hole. "This is the smell of an alpha male. It's full of pheromones that send one simple message to submissive's brain: master is tired, he worked hard and I must worship him." Obviously, it was some bullshit with no science background, but it was still dirty and exciting. Broken jock could no longer pretend to not crave this treatment. Oscar's cockhead entered him with ease, making him only moan a little bit, in a sensation that confused pain with pleasure. "Ohh, soft and welcoming like a knife entering butter." Oscar seemed pleased. "Nothing beats the brainwashing enhanced with a sweaty shoe."

"Who is a faggot now?" Matthew whispered, smirking. David's gaze was full of empty, helpless lust. If he even recorded these words, he didn't seem to react with anger anymore. He was a slut now.

"Okay, I've recorded it," said master Goldman, but Oscar wasn't stopping. It clearly felt too good. "Well, it would be unfair only for you to have fun. Hey, lad." Goldman approached Matthew, who couldn't be more excited about it. He craved this man so bad... he had this arrogant demeanor of a sadistic bully that drove him insane. "Your hands might be busy, but your mouth is free." He pulled his sweatpants down, revealing that he had no boxers under.

Matt couldn't be more happy. It wasn't a monster dick, just a very regular, nicely shaped and very pleasurable one to serve. He kissed the head of this beautiful cock, hungrily. Then he licked the shaft and rubbed his face against his hairy balls. His cock smelled amazing and it's warm touch was making boy only hornier. He craved nothing but his warm, salty load filling his mouth. The more disgusting taste it would have, the better.

"You can put the shoe down, Matthew," Oscar advised, watching them, wanting the boy to commit fully to the cock worshipping.

Boy listened and dropped the shoe, willing to fully take care of his master now. David, pounded heavily, sweaty out of exhaustion, found the shoe in front of him anyway and willingly pressed it against his nose.

In the end, Matthew got what he wanted -- mouth full of warm, salty cum. He also had a great opportunity to enjoy it, as master Goldman forbid him from swallowing it for a while. Now he wanted only one thing: to finally reach for his own, veiny dick, throbbing in excitement. Unfortunately, his new masters had a slightly different idea.