I came home a day and a half early from my monthly "business trip" and found my wife of 21 years fully naked on our bed in between the legs of our female next door neighbor who was also fully nude on her back with her legs spread.

My wife was licking and sucking on our neighbor's elongated clitoris in a very intense manner. Our neighbor had her eyes closed and was breathing heavily. My wife's eyes were also closed as she sucked intently on our neighbors clean shaven cunt lips.

My wife's legs were slightly spread and I could see her pussy was totally soaked and had been dripping on the bed sheets she was so sexually turned on. The two women did not hear me come into the house and it appeared they were not about to stop having sex as I stood in the doorway of our bedroom. Our neighbor suddenly let out a shivering muffled sound as she climaxed with a large amount of fluid flowing from her pussy as my wife eagerly licked up as much of it as she could.

With both of their eyes still closed my wife plunged her finger into her own pussy and violently rubbed it against her clit as she quickly began to shiver and then collapsed onto our naked neighbor as her orgasm reached its peak. The two women were soaked and breathing heavily as they slowly relaxed from their mutual sexual stimulation.

Our neighbor's name is Rose and she had lived next door for the entire time we have lived in our home which was over 20 years. Rose lived alone and never made a secret of it that she was a lesbian. Rose would have women over at her house on a somewhat regular basis. It was Rose who slowly opened her eyes and saw me standing in the doorway. A sly smile came over her face as she tapped my wife on her shoulder to get her attention as my wife was face down between Rose's ample breasts. My wife looked up at Rose and then turned toward the door and saw me standing there.

"Oh wow........What are you doing home so early? You weren't supposed to be here for a couple more days."

"Things changed. I had the opportunity to leave and I came home early. It's pretty obvious you weren't expecting me." I said.

"Well............we're not done yet. Why don't you go into the living room and wait for us as we're going to climax together again. We'll come join you when we're done." Said my wife.

I was a little surprised at how casual my wife was with the situation, but I did as she asked. My wife and I had not engaged in sexual intercourse for over ten years. After a clumsy night of fucking it was her suggestion that we stop having sex for a month or so and that month stretched into ten years.

About three years into the sexless ten years of our marriage I explored a sexual outlet of mine I had enjoyed a very long time; dressing completely as a female. It was obvious my wife had explored a sexual outlet of her own with our female next door neighbor.

I waited in the living room as instructed as I heard the two of them having sex in a much louder way this time and each of the women let out a shout when they came. Things were quiet for a few minutes afterward and then both of the women came into the living room wearing only their panties and bras. My wife sat next to me on the sofa and Rose sat across from us in a chair.

"So now you know. And I'm kinda relieved." Said my wife.

"Yes....now I know." I replied. "How long have you two been having sex together?" I asked.

"Rose approached me about six months after we stopped fucking. I told her I had shut you down as a sex partner and she told me she would love to show me real female sexual love." Said my wife.

As my wife began to tell the story I could see a wet spot forming in Rose's panties between her legs. I assumed the same was happening between my wife's legs too.

"You and your monthly business trips allowed us plenty of time to have Rose teach me what loving sex can be."

"Have you and Rose been having sex every time I'm away on business?" I asked.

"Every time. We have not missed yet. The first time Rose had me take off all my clothes in front of her was the first time I had ever been fully naked with another woman."

"And it's the kind of sex you like?"

"It's the only sex I like. Rose taught me how to fully shave my pubic area and how to enjoy the fullness of truly stimulated pussy lips. I get so wet and puffy as does Rose. The feeling is out of this world." Said my wife as her eyes looked at Rose.

"And you haven't put a penis in your cunt this whole time?" I asked.

"Oh my God, no! I'm repulsed by erect cocks. They are disgusting looking and I sure as hell don't want one inside my pussy." She replied.

"But what about my cock? Did you never like it?"

"I tried to, but it never did for me what Rose's cunt lips do for me. Besides, you're a little on the small side and you never came close to getting me pregnant when we did fuck. Your cock and balls are not what I call 'manly."

I could see Rose shifting in her chair as if she was rubbing her legs together while my wife was telling her story.

"She's a very good lover." Said Rose. "The best I have ever had." She continued.

"You're just saying that cause I'm here." Said my wife sheepishly.

"No. I mean it. When my tongue is in your pussy and I'm sucking on your clit I have never been so turned on having sex. Look at me now, my panties are soaked just thinking about you." Said Rose.

"Well then............I guess it good you found each other." I said with a sigh.

"It's better than good, it's wonderful. And I'm glad you know. I'm tired of sneaking around." Said my wife.

"Well, since we're putting all our cards on the table I have a story to share with you too, but I'd rather share it in private." I said looking at Rose.

"Don't worry about me. I have to get home anyway. I'll get my clothes on and let you two talk." Said Rose.

As Rose stood up so did my wife. The two women embraced each other wearing only their bra and panties. They began a deep and passionate kiss and it was obvious they were thrusting their tongues into each other's mouth. Then my wife lowered her hands down to Rose's panty covered ass and began to squeeze her butt cheeks and Rose did the same to my wife. They continued to kiss and then grind their pubic areas together as each of them let out a low moan. Finally they let go and Rose went into our bedroom to get her clothes. She left a few moments later fully clothed. My wife gave her a little wave and a knowing wink.

My wife came back and sat on the sofa, still wearing only her bra and panties.

"So what big story do you have to share with me?" She asked.

"Well, I have to admit, I was a little shocked to see you naked, having sex with another woman."

"Wild isn't it?!" She said with a smile.

"Yes, wild is one word." I replied.

"I'm sorry you had to find out this way, but I can't get enough of her wet pussy lips. I've never been so turned on in my life than when I am with her." Said my wife.

"I can kind of understand that, and I understand it even more with what I'm about to tell you." I said quietly.

"What do you mean?" Asked my wife.

"For the past six years my monthly one week business trips did not really involve business." I said sheepishly.

"I'm not really surprised. Who is she?" Said my wife.

"The 'she' in the relationship is me." I said quickly.

"Come again?" Said my wife.

"Four the past six years I have lived one week a month fully as a female." I said with my eyes cast down.

"Really?! How does that work?" Asked my wife as she curled her leg under her pantied ass on the sofa.

"I indulged in a long time sexual fantasy of mine of wearing lingerie. I got good at wearing make-up and a wig and I took pictures of myself and posted them on a website with girls like me. I attracted a man almost immediately and we agreed to meet."

"Is he good looking?" She asked.

"I think so, and he really thinks I am a pretty girlfriend for him."

"How does that work?" She asked.

"Well, I show up at his door once a month and once inside his home I take off all my male clothing and he locks it away from me in a chest. Totally naked and fully shaved, I go into what has become our bedroom and open the dresser to find my panties, bras, garter belt and stockings and slips. I top it all off with a dress from the walk-in closet and then I do my make-up and put on my wig. It takes about 45 minutes and I am fully and completely a female."

"Oh wow!"

"Yes. Oh wow is right. I spend the next seven days living full time as a female and performing all the traditional female roles for my boyfriend."

"Including sex." She continued.

"Yes. Including sex. In fact, right at this moment I have a large amount of his semen and sperm inside my body. I find that thought very sexy."

"So you suck on his cock?!" She said with her eyes getting wide.

"I LOVE sucking on his cock. I was really nervous the first time I put his long hard erection in my mouth, but as soon as it was in I knew this is what I wanted. I licked and sucked around the head and he ejaculated a white hot load of semen in my mouth and I could not get enough of it as I swallowed it all."

"Oh my gosh......you have never cum in my mouth at all." Said my wife.

"I know. In fact, since you and I stopped fucking ten years ago I have only ejaculated from my tiny penis two times. I am rarely, if ever, 'erect,' as I don't like the feeling I have if I get hard in my panties. I love the feeling of being a total girl." I said.

"But you said you spend the entire week as a girl. What else do you do?" Asked my wife.

"I only wear dresses or skirts, never pants. I make sure my make-up and hair are always perfect. I clean the house and cook for my man and I make sure any time he wants to have sex that I am ready."

"Do you ever go out with him?" She asked.

"At least two or three times a week. I pass in public very easily as his date and I am always referred to as 'she' or 'miss.' I never get a second look and am always assumed to be on a date with my man."

"So this is something you really enjoy?" She asked.

"I really do. Just like your pussy was dripping wet when you and Rose were having sex, I am that excited to be the female half of my man and my couple."

"So you only have oral sex with him?" She asked.

"In the beginning, that was the case, but around a year into our relationship he introduced a butt plug into our love making and in the course of a week inserted bigger and bigger ones until all that was needed was a little lube and his long hard penis slid effortless into me. I was on my back looking into his eyes as he thrust in and out of me and when he ejaculated, the feeling of warm, sticky, cum inside me made me shiver. I just loved it. I beg him to fuck me like that at least three times during our week together."

"Wow......You are a very good wife to him." Said my wife.

"It's interesting that you say that. My ultimate dream is to indeed become his wife on a full time basis. When I saw you and Rose having such intense sex together I knew at that moment it was a sign that I should ask my man if he would be interested in having me as his full time wife."

"Well Rose and I have been sex partners for almost ten years. I started having sex a little sooner than you did, but it sounds like your sex with your man is as intense as Rose and me. Do you think he would want to marry you?" She asked.

"He has been talking about it. So I think he would be open to the idea." I replied.

"What about all those times you phoned home from your business trips almost every night? Were you fully dressed when you were phoning?" Asked my wife.

"I was. And my man was always teasing me by putting his hand up under my dress and stroking my panties. More than one time when I was on the phone with you he had my hard little nubbin of a cock in his mouth. The more I talked the harder he sucked. I never came and was always proud of my control."

"And doing all this with this man is something you like?"

"I don't like it.......I love it! I love shaving my entire body smooth. I love taking the proper amount of time in the morning to put on my make-up just right. I love wearing pretty, feminine lingerie. I love wearing a pretty day dress. I love wearing a wig that is just right for me. I love not ejaculating out of my tiny penis. And I really love wearing pretty baby doll nighties or long nylon and lace nightgowns and climbing into bed at night with him. I'm in love with being a girl, and I believe I am seriously in love with my man." I said with conviction.

"Wow........it sounds like you might want to have a sex change operation. Have you thought about that?" She asked.

"We have talked about that. It usually comes up at night when we are cuddling in bed after we have made love." I answered.

"Does he want you to have it?"

"He has said he is willing to pay for all the surgery. But I'm not sure I want to have 'all' of the surgery. And I would not do anything until I was his legally married wife. I don't want him to change his mind and dump me."

"So you do want to marry him?" My wife asked.

"Yes. And I believe he wants to marry me. But I have some conditions. I want a wedding in a church and I want to be the bride complete with a satin and lace wedding gown."

"Does he want that too?"

"I haven't asked him, but I think he will want to do what makes me happy." I replied.

"And your sex change surgery?"

"Only after we are married as husband and wife for a few months. Then I first want a natural pair of breast implants so I can fill out my bra on a daily basis. For my second surgery I really want my prostate removed. I do not want to have to think about semen coming out of my penis."

"Really? You don't?" Asked my wife.

"No baby. Since you and I stopped fucking ten years ago I have only ejaculated twice. You remember how you would always tell me how you liked it that I could go so long when we were sexually copulated before I came?"

"Yes. I recall." Said my wife.

"Well I was struggling to ejaculate the whole time. And when I did finally manage to do it, it was always a weak stream. I never enjoyed the feeling and it is probably why I never got you pregnant."

"You are probably right on that." She said.

"I'm sure I am. I probably have little to no sperm inside my overly feminine body."

"Prostate removal is not a simple surgery." Said my wife.

"I know, and that is why I want to do it second so I have time to heal and to get back control over my peeing. The third surgery I want is to have my little testicles removed. It can be done easily and it will immediately stop my body from producing testosterone. I would really love that and they can tuck my tiny ball mound up inside my body so my panties will fit perfectly. It will sterilize me, and if I am lucky, the prostate surgery will make me impotent."

"Wow.....you have really thought this out." Said my wife.

"I have, with input from my man."

"What about your little penis?" She asked.

"I would like to keep it in place since it is so small, but maybe in a few years I will accept the fact I need to permanently sit down and pee so then I can have it removed. I can wait until later for that decision since it will no longer function as a male sex organ or get in our way when we are fucking."

"I guess our marriage is pretty much over." Said my wife.

"It's pretty obvious it is. Besides you and Rose seem to have found pleasure with each other."

"I do love having sex with her. I never thought I could have so much pleasure with another female but I do. Rose has been pressuring me to move in with her. It was only two months after we started having sex together that our periods began to come at the same time. We have been on the same cycle ever since. That was why I wanted to finish with her when you came in on us. Our periods are about to start in a day or so." Said my wife.

"Then I think all we need to do it get the paperwork filed so we can go our own ways. But I would like to ask you one last favor."

"What's that?" She asked.

"I'd like you to be the maid of honor at my wedding and I'd like you to walk me down the aisle and give me away to my new husband." I said with tears in my eyes.

"I'd be happy to do that baby. And I'll help you pick out your wedding gown and bridal lingerie so you will be super feminine when you say your vows." Said my wife.

"That would make me very happy." Was my reply.

Over the next three months I moved in full time with the man who would become my husband and my wife and Rose moved in together as a couple. It was only two weeks after our divorce papers were finalized that I became the bride at my own wedding.

On the day of the wedding my now ex-wife helped me get dressed for the ceremony. We started with me stripping fully naked. She checked to make sure I had zero body hair and my body was soft and feminine. Then she handed me a satin and lace garter belt which I clipped in place followed by a pair of white lace top nylons that clipped into the straps on the belt. This was followed by two silicone breast forms which fit me perfectly. I had these because I had not yet begun my sex surgery. The forms were attached to my chest using surgical glue. I was then given a beautiful satin and lace white bra that I lowered my breasts into and attached at the back. My favorite style panties are full cut and I was handed a beautiful pair of full cut nylon and lace white panties which I pulled on over my garter belt.

I was helped into a full length white nylon and lace petticoat that went from my shoulders all the way down to the ground. The top acted as a camisole and fit over my bra with precision. My wedding gown was a floor length gown that spread out with the petticoat underneath. The gown was lavished with satin and lace in a most beautiful shade of white. My ex helped me with my make-up and when my wig was put in place I looked in the mirror to see a beautiful bride, and that beautiful bride was me.

When it came time for the ceremony to begin my ex walked me down the aisle and when the minister asked who gave this woman to be married to this man she said; "I do."

I took my place next to my husband to be and we recited our wedding vows. My husband looked very handsome in a black and white tuxedo and I was thrilled to become his bride. When it came to the part of the ceremony where the minister said; "you may now kiss the bride" my husband and I embraced in a deep and loving kiss. As his tongue met mine in my mouth I instantly felt myself begin to ejaculate into my panties.

My tiny penis was completely limp and I had not ejaculated in over a year, but the emotion of the moment took over me and my body began to explode. Each time his tongue tapped against mine I felt another squirt of semen shoot out between my legs. This happened at least half a dozen times. I did not feel anything run down my legs and I was grateful my panties held all of my ejaculate. I was truly overcome with emotion and I was at last what I wanted to be, which was a legally married wife to a man I loved.