(This is the 10th story in the series. This story series includes armpit fetish, incest and cum eating even if not present in all of the stories.)


My sophomore year at college was going well. I had a girl that I was dating but she wasn't exactly a steady girlfriend. Classes were fine and my friends helped me keep a good balance of studying and fun.

I had just finished dinner with her and I couldn't get her out of my mind. Mindy was sweet and beautiful. Tonight she wore a shirt that had a low cut to it and all I could focus on was her cleavage. Her skin was smooth and soft with firm breasts. She has hair was blonde and wavy. She has green eyes and is an amazing kisser.

We've messed around a bit but she lacks the flare she thinks she has. Mindy is rather vanilla in bed but she's still very fun. She's the type of girl that could definitely be long term relationship material, especially considering that she's willing to try new things. In fact, she often brings up the new things to try. Mindy was going home tonight because we had a long weekend from school so I was already back at my apartment in sweatpants relaxing. My roommates were also going home and I considered it also, but decided to stay and get some of my projects completed for my classes.

I tried to focus on my work but I couldn't get Mindy's body out of my head. With my roommates out of town, it was the perfect night to get myself off. I still had the photos on my phone that were sent to me by Mistress Lisa and my mom that would nearly make me cum by just looking at them. I made a deal with myself, I had to finish two more pages of my report and then I would jack off. Now, all I had to do was focus on my work...

'Bzzt, bzzt', went my phone.

It was one my friends texting me about meeting up later at the bar.

'Bzzt,' it went again. He must be desperate because I couldn't concentrate on my work with the amount of interruptions. I replied that I'll be there as soon as I get done with my report.


'Damn, he's relentless!' I thought. I grabbed my phone to read the text. It was from Mistress Lisa.

'I hope college is treating you well. Are you coming home anytime soon? I need some work done around here. ;)' she replied.

Well, this didn't help matters. Now I had her and Mindy on my mind while trying to focus on my work.

'I'll be home in a couple of weeks. Don't worry about me, I'm meeting up with some buddies later. I'll be sure to brag about you,' I replied.

'Used any of your newly acquired skills with the college girls?' She asked.

'Lol. Not yet,' I sent back.

My phone went silent for a while so I decided to try to finish this report I was working on so I could meet up with the guys at the bar. And relieve myself before going.


My phone buzzed again. I checked it and it was my buddies asking where I was.

'Leaving soon,' I sent back. I was done with my report and was saving my work. I need to change also. I had stripped out of my sweat pants and was digging through my shirts and pants deciding what to wear.


This text was from Lisa.

'Sorry. I couldn't wait for you. But here you go,' was her text.

A couple of pictures followed. The first was of her glistening fingers covered in what I assumed was her pussy juices. Her mound was in the background but obscured by her hand. The second picture was playing on my fetish for armpits. She had raised her left arm over her head and took an up close photo of her underarm. Her armpit was smooth and you could see the wonderful texture of her skin with her armpit lines barely visible. To the bottom of the picture, you could see where her body transitions from her armpit to her breast with her nipple just making it into the bottom of the photo.

'Send me a photo when you're done. ;)'. Was the next text.

I was rock hard at this point and needed to blow my load before going out.

'Yes, Mistress,' I sent back.

I sent the photo to my laptop for safe keeping. It also had a bigger screen. I placed the laptop on my desk and pulled up my chair. After removing my boxers, I sat down on the chair, which was cold on my skin.

As I stared at Lisa's armpit and nipple on my computer screen, I started to slowly rub my hand on my hard shaft. It only took a few seconds before I felt the tingling inside me. I wrapped my fingers around my cock and gave myself a few long and slow strokes, up and down the entire length of my dick. I made sure to rub my thumb across the head of my penis each time. After 10 slow strokes, there was enough precum that it lubed my entire hand and cock. As I looked at Lisa's armpit on the screen, I licked some of my lube off my hand while imagining that I was running my tongue across her armpit.

Again, I started to slowly jack myself off again. My eyes kept going back and forth between her beautiful, hard nipple and the soft skin and lines of her armpit. I felt my orgasm build so I stopped stroking to edge myself. I let my hand drift down to my balls as I spread my precum all over myself. After I felt my impending orgasm fade, I brought my hand back to my hard and wet cock. I was so slippery, that it was hard to hold on to. I started slowly jacking my dick again while starting at her nipple on my screen.

This time, I started rocking my hips slowly. I could feel my balls begin to tighten again as that same tingling feeling started to swell from within me. I picked up the pace, but just slightly. Every time my hand came up my shaft I would let my finger glide across the underside of the head of my dick. I started to force my cock downward to add pressure to myself and to let the cum land on my boxers laying below me. My eyes were focused on Lisa's nipple in the picture. I could feel everything begin to swell at the base of my cock.

'Uh!' I gasped as I took another breath.

As my eyes shifted to the lines and texture of her warm and soft armpit, I sent myself over the edge. My body tightened as I started shooting my load of warm cum onto my chair, boxers and my hand. I kept stroking while using my warm cum as lube. My orgasm didn't fade quickly, it seemed to drag out as I kept pumping my hand on my cock.

A few seconds went by before I realized I had finished and started to get tired. My hand was still firmly holding onto my softening dick. I remembered what mistress asked so I quickly grabbed my phone with my free hand and snapped a photo of my cum covered hand grasping my cock. I sent it to mistress as I started to clean myself off with my old boxers.

Bzzt. It was mistress. 'Ohh. I'll be needing that when you visit again. Thanks.'

I finished cleaning up and got dressed. As I headed for the door, my phone buzzed again.

'After you meet with the guys, can I ask you a strange favor?' It was Mindy.

'Sure,' I replied. About the time I got to the car it hit me... how did she know I was going out with the guys?