This is the first part of a probably three part series around the couple Damian and Elena. This story will contain masturbation, anal and bdsm. All characters are above legal age. Enjoy!

Chapter One

"The next day I received a call from the detective, telling me he would call the guy in for questioning in the next few days."

This is the third time I am reading this line. I absolutely cannot concentrate on reading this book at the moment. My mind continues to drift away from this story, fantasizing about other activities. I am frustrated and decide to act on these other activities, even though I initially wanted to take a one or two day break from them. I get up and put the book aside, then jog downstairs to the household room.

I switch the light on. I see some shelves, filled with various boxes, a broom, a bucket and a vacuum cleaner. On my right, at the wall, there is the power box and right next to it a key cabinet. I open it, pick up a key from the top row and close the cabinet, switch off the light and leave the room.

I make my way upstairs, back to the bedroom, and put the key into the lock of another door within the bedroom. I turn it around and hear the satisfying noise that reassures the lock opened. My fingers rest on the handle of the door. I have slight pangs of conscience.

My name is Elena. I am 22 years old, currently spending a week over at my boyfriends' house. His name is Damian, he is 29, a successful entrepreneur, lecturer and coach and -- what's important right now -- not at home, but working at the moment. It's 11 o'clock in the morning. He might be home for lunch at 12:30 so there is practically no risk of being caught.

My hand pushes down the door handle, with my right hand I switch on the light. It is a small completely windowless room, built within the bedroom, and it has two entrances. Three of the rooms' walls are brown, one is white. The ceiling as well as furniture items are dark brown oak wood or black leather. There is a dungeon bed with attached steel frame at the top left corner of the room, a St Andrew's cross in the right corner and a spanking bench in the middle of the room. The rest is shelves and a closets plus some riding crops, floggers, ropes and items of that nature, covering the wall. The little space of the small room is well used and the design really aesthetic. My boyfriend has really fine taste.

But today I don't appreciate the design of that room. I aim straight at the closet, browsing through the drawers. I find a small wand vibrator and a dildo, which is just slightly bigger than the one I own myself. That would be fine, but I feel frustrated, opening and closing all other drawers, unable to find the lube. Damn it. He owns what seems like every sex toy known to the universe, from anal beads, to spreader bar to handcuffs. Sure there will be some lube anywhere? I frown and let out a frustrated sigh.

Should I just call Damian? Ask? Because that was our initial agreement. I am allowed to use the stuff from this room, but not without asking. I picture myself calling and asking him for a moment, then blush at the thought of doing that and decide that it will have to work without external lubrication. It's a silicone dildo. That should be fine, I tell myself.

I set up my laptop on the bed and lie beside it. I open Literotica, having found a promising two part anal story.

I lie sideways on the bed, the toys behind me, and start reading. My left hand is supporting my head, while I already use my right hand to slowly explore my body.

The top two buttons of my blouse are opened. I slip my hand underneath the blouse and undershirt and slowly caress my left breast, drawing circles, but making sure not to be too close to the nipple yet. My hand is covering my breast, carefully squishing, then gently caressing again.

I feel my arousal building as I slowly shrink the circles and then touch my nipples. I massage them, sometimes pinching, then flicking against them. I suck my finger and caress my nipple, spreading some wetness over it. I blow some air on it, which makes me shiver, before deciding my right side needs some attention as well.

My brain slowly shifts my focus to my downstairs area, so I let my hand slip into my panties, sliding over my clitoris and labia.

Mhhhhh... That feels nice. I do it again twice, thrice, enjoying the pleasure, imagining it's HIS hands discovering my private parts. Imagining his thicker fingers in my panties, opening the top button of my pants and pleasuring that oh so sensitive part of my body.

I open the button of my jeans, then drag them down and wiggle out of them. I take off my panties, too. I am already wet. The guy in the story has tied up the girl and is fucking her ass, massaging her clit while doing that. Again I replace the random guy in the story with Damian and the girl with me. I am tied to a spanking bench and he keeps pushing into me.

While I read these lines and circle my clit my ass screams for attention. It is like these lines written down are directly addressing that part of my body. I lick my index finger and start massaging my sphincter.

Holy cow how can something feel this good? It's arousing and relaxing. In this moment I just wish I could fully relax and have Damian massage my back entrance, while I would just have to lie down, close my eyes and enjoy.

I picture myself on the big dungeon bed in the playroom, candles are burning, the LED strips underneath the shelves are set to red light and I am lying on the dungeon bed. With his body weight he pins down my legs, sitting on them. I feel his warm body and his expert fingers at my behind.

I long for this experience.

I am still a virgin you have to know. Damian is my first real boyfriend(no, we're not counting the six week relationship with Robin in seventh grade) and we could not be further apart in our experiences. He has been a dom for eight years and has had, with two exceptions before me, only sexual relationships, no romantic ones.

And then there's me. With no boyfriend comes no sex. At least that is for my case, since I did not want to lose my virginity to some random stranger. So I spend my time waiting, exploring my wishes, my body, reading stories, watching porn. I feel like I know a lot about sex and about BDSM for a virgin. I know there's so much to explore, but I have a rough idea of what I am willing to try and with Damian I have been dealt a lucky card. We have talked a lot about our wishes and he respects me wanting to get to know each other better, before having sex.

We're now four weeks into our relationship and within the last couple of days my desire to finally sleep with him has risen and I know my first time is awaiting in the near future.

I slowly push my middle finger into my vagina, picking up as much wetness as possible and then spreading the wetness around and on my anus. I repeat this procedure a couple of times, then push that finger inside my behind.

I let out a long and deep sigh. Fuck yes. That is what I want. I lubricate my index finger now too, sinking it into my front hole, fucking myself using one finger in the back, one in the front, while my thumb is circling my clitoris. I can already feel myself built slowly, but I don't want to be done yet.

I make my index finger join the party in the back, slowly adding it and enjoy the sensation of pleasuring tightness. My thumb is now at my sphincter. I am massaging myself from the outside and inside simultaneously.

I have reached the point where I have forgotten about the story I was initially reading. I am lost in my horny day dream of my boyfriend and me doing it. I imagine it being his fingers inside me. It just feels so damn good. He opens his fingers as if to make a scissoring motion, opening and stretching my anus further.

I let out a rather loud moan. "AAAAAAH". The feeling is exquisite. I feel it in my ass and vagina at the same time.

My left hand is now kneading one of my nipples while I continue to stretch my butt hole and alternate by pushing my fingers against my vagina wall. Yes. This is what I want.

I grab the dildo behind me. I put it in my mouth, warming it up and then quickly sink it into my vagina.

Mhhhhhh. Two fingers in my ass and a dildo in my vagina. I push it in and pull it out a handful of times. I then take my fingers out of my ass and take my ring and little finger to spread my pussy juices to my back hole.

The dildo is covered in my wetness, though it is not as slippery as mine when I cover it with actual lube. It might be a little early to put that thing in my ass already, but I am eager, impatient, a slave to my needs and so I position it at my entrance.

I slip it up and down once, enjoying the smooth surface and round shape, then slowly, very slowly, push. It is a quite indescribable sensation. Intense pleasure mixed with a bit of pain, a burning of my anus, that is more present than usual. It is easy to ignore though, since so many of my other nerve endings are singing with the stimulation.

My eyes are closed, there is a slight smile on my face and I groan, again in pain and pleasure, as I shove the fake dick in as far as possible.

"Mhhhh" I take it out slowly, the burn more present. Yes, that sure was too early and not enough lubrication, but all the other feeling are so much more intense, so I shove it back in.

I'm repeating the process, my movements becoming more urgent as I forcefully push that dildo into my ass and onto my G-spot. Yes Yes YES. Everything becomes more intense, my breathing is now much heavier and louder.

My moans become more and more vocal over the next couple of minutes in which I continue the process. I realize that I want to come. And I know I will. Hard. But I am impatient. The vibrator will bring me there faster and I know it will make the final orgasm stronger. I pick it up and turn it on.

The sound of it is much more comfortable than the sound of the cheap vibe I have at home. I hold it onto my clit and "Oooooaaaaah". It nearly pushes me over the edge immediately.

I take the vibe away, steady my breathing and slow down on my frantic rhythm in the back, before carefully speeding up again. Everything is very intense. I have completely lost sense of reality and my surroundings.

I put the vibe on my clit again, while working my back and this time I'm keeping it that way. I feel myself climbing fast, before I fall. I almost scream with the intensity of the orgasm. "FUUUUUUUUCK. OH MY OH MY --- AAAAAAAAAAAHHH".

Loud and vocal moans escape my mouth as I enjoy the sensation of a long and intense orgasm, one of the best I ever had.

As I slowly come down I turn off the vibe and slowly pull the dildo out of my ass. It leaves an unpleasant emptiness and light burning: I lie on the bed, breathing heavy. I am completely satisfied and close my eyes for a moment, imagining Damian cuddling me from behind.

I realize I am ready. I love him and I want him. Now I only have to think about how to tell him that.