Tonight, a young woman showed up at my door clutching her stomach. She told me she was not pregnant but her stomach was hurting and someone told her of my special skills. I am not a medical doctor, but have learned how to listen to the body in order to try to locate the source of pain.

I led her to my exam table, had her lie down, and lifted her maxi dress up to reveal her belly only, no higher. She wasn't wearing bra and I noticed her nipples bud underneath her dress in the cool air as goosebumps raises on her stomach. I noted that her panties were practical cotton, with a hint of lace on the front.

I rubbed and patted her tan stomach, noting each time she winced or arched her back in pain. I pushed further on a problem area and placed my other hand lightly under her so that it was cupping her bottom. I needed to feel if it was reaching into her rectum. I asked her if she had tried an enema, and she said she had but it didn't help.

I told her I needed to feel further and asked her permission to feel inside of her rectum. She nodded shyly. I snapped a glove on and brought the exam table into a chair position. I told her "Please straddle the chair backwards" and when she did so I tilted the chair up so I could position her better. I had her bunch the skirt of her dress up and hold it away from her fully exposed lower half.

Pulling the cheeks of her noticeably supple bottom apart, I observed that her small anus was slightly red and irritated. I blew on it to test the reflex and she tightened. I noted that her pelvis twitched as well. Satisfied, I gently circled her anus with lube and slowly inserted my finger. She moaned and grinned a bit, giving her secret away.

Suddenly, I realized she had only been pretending to be in pain so that she could live out her doctor fantasy. Not to be taken advantage of, I roughly removed my finger (causing her to yelp) and angrily grabbed her wrist and pulled her over my knee. Her panties were already around her own knees, so I began to spank her on her bare bottom.

She cried "I'm so sorry mistress! I had just heard about your magic fingers and wanted to see for myself!!"

I said "And now you have, and you need a spanking for being so devious!"

I've stopped the barrage of hand spanks on her now-pink bottom. "You like this, don't you?" She squirms and shakes her head side to side slowly, without looking back at me. My pulse starts to race. "Let's prove or disprove my theory, shall we?" I said.

I continue to spank her poor little ass until tears start to glisten in the corners of her eyes.

Feeling charitable and less angry, I take the lubricant that previously allowed me to finger her rectum and lightly drizzle it on her slightly pink butt cheeks. She gasps quietly and I rub my warm hands over her bared bottom. I started to rub her low back with my right hand, then cup underneath her with my left.

I rub my middle finger down from her anus, going slowly and feather-light over her pussy lips and resting on her clit. Without warning, I leave my hand there and spank her once on each cheek with the hand that previously rubbed her tan back.

Her clit starts to throb and I shift her so that her wet pussy straddles my bare knee. I smirk. "You can rub on me if you want to.." I see a hint of a smirk in her own eyes and feel her slide against my knee. I grip her bottom with my left hand, and my right reaches under her dress and closes around her left breast. She gasps as I circle the nipple with my thumb. Her pussy begins to wet my knee as she straddles it, and I feel her the muscles working in her legs and low back as she gyrates.

I sense her impending orgasm and stop my hands. "Not so fast, young lady..."

She almost whines but thinks better of it.

I say "I noticed your little asshole was red, what is that from?" Her eyes grow wide and she looks away. "Well?" I say, impatiently. "M-my boyfriend wanted to try anal, and it was very rough," she says, choking back a sob.

I tell her to get back on the exam table (still in chair position). She obliges and I tilt her to me again. I wash between her butt cheeks with warm soapy water and pat it dry.

"W-what are you doing?" she tries to ask casually, but I can hear the devious curiosity in her voice. Without speaking, I grip her by the hips and lick from her clit to the top of her bum where it dimples.

She lets out a guttural but sweet moan, and I gently flick at her small anus with my tongue. Passion grips me and I flatten my tongue over her hole and press my face into it, as if I can take away the sting of her boyfriend's cock in her former virginal asshole.

She moans again as I pull her dress up her back, over her boobs, and over her head. She is still straddling the chair, naked and shaking with goosebumps on her skin.

"I'm going to show you how he should have treated you during anal", I say slowly, watching her reaction.

She nods, and I sense some fear after her last attempt. I've decided it's my mission to make sure she knows what to ask for next time, if she even stays with her man at this point. I smile to myself.

I begin to kiss the cheeks of her bottom where I previously spanked, noting the fever still burning from them. I splay my hands and rub my thumbs on either side of her asshole, making her utter a sigh of contentment.

I warm the lube in my hands and put a generous amount where I'm about to enter. Rubbing where her low back dimples with my left hand, I take my right and slowly insert my index finger. This time, she moans and pushes into me. That is a good sign, and I crook my finger and start to rub inside of her.

Good girl, she did her enema properly. Just imagining her athletic, tan little belly full of solution while she readied herself for me gets my own pussy wet. I move my left hand to her belly and hold it there, making her tighten. I kiss her back. "Doing okay?" I almost whisper.

"Yes, mistress."

What a good girl.

I tell her I will insert another finger if she's okay with it, and she nods again. She trusts me. I lube up my middle finger and open her anus wider. She winces a little, but I enter slowly, my middle joining my index finger. I hold it there for a long time and we just enjoy the moment. "See, this isn't so bad," I say.

I feel her tighten around my fingers, so I slowly begin to move them in and out. I make sure to watch her face for any signal of pain or discomfort. She seems content with a soft smile gracing her face, so I kiss her back and reach around her in an embrace. I nibble her ear, and she surprises me by slowly pulling my fingers out of her and turning to face me.

"I want you to keep going, but I want you to see all of me," she says.

"Mmm I'm so glad you said that..." I purr back.

I wash my hands with warm water and take my own clothes off. If I can see all of her, she can see all of me, too. I stride back to her and run my hands from her thighs, hips, middle, and shoulders. I grab her neck in a light choke with my right hand and kiss her deeply, pushing up her left breast with my left hand and circling the nipple with my thumb as I did before. I feel cliché, but she tastes like honey and blueberries.

Now we're both wet, but I'm not done pleasing her. I am content to save me for next time, since I have a strong feeling there will be a next time. I look into her eyes and kiss down her body until I'm hovering over her pussy. I feel like a wolf about to bear down on her prey.

Her pussy glistens as I lightly move my tongue over her clit, and she tilts her hips to meet me. I put my mouth over the top of the lips and begin to suck softly, allowing my tongue to feel every inch of her. Hearing her sweet moans amps up my desire to give her more. I draw her to the floor and we make out for awhile, our soft lips and tongues writing their own sensory language together.

Unable to help myself, lying beside her on her left, I use my left thumb to massage her clit and slip a finger inside her pussy and another inside her asshole. As I'm massaging her, I pull my right arm behind the small of her back and take her left breast in my mouth. She begins to writhe in pleasure as I feel her getting close to orgasm.

"Sweetie..." I say, breathily.

"Mmm... yes Mistress?" she says, equally quietly.

"Would you like to finish now, or try to please yourself on top?" I ask.

"I would like to try on top if you don't mind", she says, blushing.

I delicately pull my fingers from inside of her and slap her pussy with the same hand, enjoying her cry.

I lay on my back with my legs spread apart and she crawls on top of me, positioning her pussy above mine. She lowers and starts to rub herself back and forth, making both of us moan. She leans her head down and takes my red-lipsticked lower lip in her teeth, making my hips buck and her ass bounce.

I grab her ass, pulling her even closer to me. Our wet pussies begin to pulse together as orgasm for both of us looms. She starts breathing heavier and screams a few "oh yea"s as her orgasm takes her and her dripping sweetness coats my own pussy lips, causing me to orgasm as well as I grip her hair in my fists and tongue-kiss her deeply.

After laying there panting for several minutes, I turn over to her and say "So, how are my magic fingers?" with a smirk.

"Just magical, everything I was told they would be..." she sighs happily and closes her eyes.

"Same time next week?" We laugh at my cheesiness.