All guys get turned on by an peek up a woman's skirt, accidental or not. Guys, you know it. And ladies, you know it too. Anyway, I was at this swinger club some years back, a club in Paris that no longer exists. It was called La Plage, the beach, no idea why. Sous les pav├ęs, la plage! Maybe.

The evening was just beginning and so people were just hanging out, chatting, checking out the scene, having a look at who they might get lucky with later. I noticed this woman who was no youngster, mid-forties perhaps. I found her striking, but not in a tarty or slutty way. She was quite subtle. Quite tall, she had a long loose skirt, long light brown hair her going all the way down her back, and she wore an embroidered white blouse which was only very slightly transparent so you could just about make out that she had fairly large bouncy boobs under a lacy bra. But if she had been dressed like that on the street or even in church, people would have thought it was ok.

So as usual in France the evening starts with a light meal from a buffet table. I went up to collect some cold cuts and snacks, and then as I turned around I realised that the woman I had been admiring was right by me, wanting to get by. So I stepped aside and gently put my hand on her waist to help her slip by. She glided past, with no reaction to my hand, either positive or negative, and in fact she didn't acknowledge me at all. No problem I thought, nothing lost and nothing gained.

So anyway I sat down on a low bench with my plate on my lap, and started chatting to a friendly a couple next to me. After a few minutes I happened to look up and realised that Dorothea - no idea about her name, but she seemed to me like a Dorothea - was sitting just opposite to me, about two metres away. She had lifted her right foot up onto her left leg to create a stable little space for her plate, and was happily enjoying her dinner.

I was enjoying the conversation I was involved in so I just continued and didn't really think further about her until a few minutes later when I looked up again. It was at that moment that I suddenly realized that because of the combination of my low bench and the way she was sitting, I had a view right up inside her long skirt, almost to her crotch. And at that split second she glanced in my direction and instantaneously I felt that she understood how much I could see. I smiled but she was nonchalant, and without moving her legs she turned to speak to her partner, just as I also turned away to continue my conversation. Every so often I would glance up to see the view of her long legs under her skirt and in fact it was so disconcerting and fascinating that I could only barely concentrate on the chit-chatter with the friendly couple from Marseille. They didn't have the same view, and probably couldn't guess what I could see, and nobody else was in my privileged position either.

And then the view began to get better. Gently she shifted, never looking at me but just occasionally adjusting her position so that at each moment I could see more and a few minutes later I was stunned: she had organized her legs so that now there was nothing to be concealed under her skirt from my viewpoint, and I could clearly see her crotchless panties and her clean-shaven rosy pussy-lips. Once I managed to catch her eyes but again she didn't react, all the way exposing her cunt to me and to me alone. This is a view that I shall never forget.

Of course that didn't last forever, and as we were at a swinger club you can guess that soon people began dancing, fondling, stripping, sucking and fucking, and of course Dorothea was doing the same was everyone else, that's why we were all there. But she was different, because she was monogamous, and I enjoyed watching as she rebuffed the attempts of every guy who came close to her, except for her husband who was clearly having fun. Although she didn't allow anyone else to touch her, she was generous in exposing herself, at one point lying on a bed sucking her husband's cock, with her legs spread apart and her skirt up around her waist so that her wet cuntlips were exposed for everyone to enjoy. the whole atmosphere was feverish, and some of the guys were going berserk with the view, with their cocks out masturbating furiously as she serenely went about her business. On my side, what I remember is having a glorious time with a woman who walked up to me naked and just said "A moi", meaning come to me, as she pulled my head down towards her pussy.

Late at night, as I was getting ready to go, I thought that I would just go take a look at how Dorothea was doing. She was lying on a couch with her husband, wearing nothing but a garter and stockings, and she was still the center of attention for about half a dozen people, a couple and a few guys who were pulling at their hard cocks as they watched her. She was moaning, her eyes closed, as her husband vigorously fingered her asshole, her cuntlips red from what must have been a good fucking.

As I walked home, and ever since, what I remember most is not those crazy scenes and the delicious time with the woman who came up to me. What I remember most is the fabulously sexy view up her skirt. I'm sure she was doing it just for me.