Being wanted.

She fucking craved these things - why couldn't she find it?

And suddenly, she had. Or, she thought she had - a chance meeting meant, all of a sudden, she had one shot to see if her cravings could be met. An offer was there on the table, literally a 'one time only' proposition. She hadn't been the one to make it - the random stranger she'd met earlier that day had eventually given her the choice. Afternoon drinks with her friends had by chance found her speaking to someone at the bar that she only just met, but she felt she'd known forever. They'd talked for hours - at times she detected flirting, but wasn't confident enough to tell herself that's what it was. As her girlfriends drunkenly shouted to her that they were heading to the next bar, that's when he'd made it 100% clear.

He was only there the night, he was leaving the next morning, and the adjoining hotel is where she'd be able to find him that night.

At first she was shocked. But instantly turned on. For the first time in ages it felt like someone was interested in her - nothing else, just her.

As the afternoon turned to evening, she followed her friends from bar to bar, until the evening got loud enough that she could steal away unnoticed. She headed back to the hotel she knew the man would be in.

How would she find him? They hadn't swapped numbers, she barely recounted his name. How on earth would she explain her predicament to reception given that the booze from the day, and the excitement at what she was about to let herself do, was making her extremely light headed, and her thoughts were going a million miles an hour?

She needn't have worried - in the restaurant's bar area, there he was, sat with a drink, chair angled at the door so he could watch her arrive. Her mind worked overtime... should she find the fact he'd waited for her as a sign of arrogance, or of confidence? Was this really happening? And how fucking good did he look in that suit..?

She walked over to him, but before she got halfway, he stood and walked away. Her confidence instantly took a hit - until she saw him get to the door of the lift. He walked in, and she saw his hand keeping the door open for her.

For her... nobody else - for her, she thought. Was this real?

She quickly followed. She stepped in, and went to speak. He interrupted her and said what would be his only words of the night.

"You don't need to talk. You don't need to say anything. I know this is something you desperately want, and I'm going to focus completely on you."

If she wasn't wet, she was now.

The lift reached its floor - the room was directly opposite. The next few moments were swift, and an absolute haze for her - the door was opened, she was in, the door was shut, he was already close behind her.

The next day she would barely remember this, nor the undressing that followed. He was so quick to remove the dress that had clung to her legs, so quick to push her back on the bed in just her underwear... she'd reached for his clothes but wasn't permitted. He was right - this was all for her.

Then the first kiss. He tasted and smelt amazing, she thought. His tongue left her mouth, and worked down her neck as he lifted her arms above her head. He held them together with one of his strong hands, and she melted as he upped the pace by pulling her bra downwards, exposing her breast. Her nipple was exposed only briefly - he sank his mouth onto it. If she didn't know already, she knew now how hungry he was.

And one reach down to her knickers taught him how hungry she was. She was absolutely soaked - his hand wasn't yet inside and already she moaned at his touch.

But then, with deft fingers, he was. He'd pulled the fabric to one side and swiftly thrust two fingers inside her. It shocked her - The orgasm hit hard - she hadn't come like that since the excitement of her teenage years.... she clamped her teeth down on his shoulder and held on until it subsided.

He withdrew his fingers, They were practically dripping. For the first time he started to remove his suit jacket, and again she sat up to help with his belt.

....Again, he pushed her away, so she bounced against the soft of the mattress.

And again, she was taken aback - but couldn't help but love a style she'd never experienced.

She watched him undress. Had she not come already, she likely would have done at the sight of his naked body.

When he had taken everything off, he threw himself back on top of her - another kiss for good measure - and another grab of her wrists, to ensure she kept her hands above her head.

She lifted her legs to wrap tightly around his waist - he instantly held her legs apart, stopping her from having from any sense of control. He wanted to send a clear message - he was the one dictating the proceedings tonight.

The bra was still half hanging off - he noticed this and slowly and gently undid it. He then practically tore off the knickers to make sure she was completely naked in front of him. He looked at her with absolute hunger. She paused, feeling vulnerable but desperate for him to continue.

His weight dropped down again on her and their skin touched - it was electric, it was hot, and they were already sweating. They were now truly naked, and he let go of her hands, pulled her legs apart, and gave no warning as he thrust into her.

She very nearly blacked out. He filled her in a way she'd never felt before - her entire body seemed to clamp on his cock as she rode yet another orgasm... then he took her to another level, by lifting her ass slightly off the bed, and penetrating even deeper. She screamed and he quickly covered her mouth with one hand, but it only added to the sensation of being under his power, and she exploded on his cock and soaked his thighs. It was quick, it was animalistic, and clearly her pleasure was the only thing on his mind.

He thrusted until she slowly came down, whimpering, breathing fast, moaning.

He slowly pulled out, and she saw how wet she'd made him. She yearned to reach out to focus on him, but no, he made another move to ensure he was still in charge. With lightning speed he rolled her over and held her hands against the head of the bed with one hand, and lifted her ass in the air. She knew what was coming, and quite frankly, in the seconds she'd been without him inside her, she was already missing it...

His cock drove back into her pussy, with even more ease this time, but still tight enough for him to groan at the feeling. She would have moaned too, but her moans were into the pillow her face was being forced into. He let go of her hands so that he could hold her ass with both hands, and take full control of the rhythm, watching his cock disappear into her over and over again.

Her third orgasm approached even quicker. He had found the perfect angle, and in a way she wanted to delay it, but at the same time she craved the high. For the first time she took her hand from the headboard that she'd been restricted to, and reached back to feel his legs that were controlling his domination of her. As soon as she did though she felt her body being pushed over the edge, and she couldn't help but move her hand to feel her clit. The slightest graze was timed perfectly with her pussy exploding from his thrusts - she clamped down once again on his still hard cock, soaked his thighs and screamed into the pillow.

He pulled out, let her collapse on the sheets in front of him, and surveyed the scene. She was panting heavily, her face was still in the pillows, legs were drenched, and his dick remained solid and upright.

She rolled over, exhausted from what he'd done to her. She stared up at his body with renewed lust, realising that he still hadn't come himself.

She gave a cheeky smile, lifted herself up from her groggy state, and decided that it was now her turn to ride the absolute living fuck out him....