Part 1

It was early morning and the sun was diffused through the thin veil of the beige curtains. The room was warm, not just with sunlight but also the heat of their bodies. During the night, Victoria had crawled onto his chest and rested her head beneath his chin. Her naked breasts were a small handful, but against his chest they bulged wonderfully and he loved the sensations of her nipples on his toasty skin. Unconsciously he pulled the covers tighter over them both, but she was beginning to stir. Her blood-red hair ruffled against his chin, tickling his goatee as she lifted her head past his stubbly jaw. She kissed his cheek, ran her fingers up his arms to tug on his shoulders and kissed his ear.

"Good morning, Sir," she whispered seductively, directly into his ear. It sent a shiver down his spine, all the way to his bouncing, solid member. "Collar me please, Sir?" He groaned, trying to roll over, but her weight on his body was both arousing and eager. "Please, I'll give you lots of kisses, Sir. Please wake up, Sir." He remained on his back, smiling lazily and tapping his chest with a fingertip. She smiled and gave a happy little sigh through her nostrils, placing the collar on his chest and laying on top of him once he took it in his hands.

She rested her head on his chest, lifting it just long enough for him to place the front of the collar over her windpipe. She turned her head to one side, sighing peacefully and letting her breasts expand and deflate calmly on top of him. He buckled her collar and pinched her chin, drawing her closer for a peck on his lips. She giggled, smiled brightly. It made him so happy, seeing her in the morning light. She looked so beautiful. Her arms tensed at his sides, tickling his skin, and she leaned forwards to shower him in the softest of kisses. His hands slid under the covers until his fingertips found her backside. She licked and pecked his whole face, ran her hands over his cheeks and hairy jawline while he squeezed and grasped and clawed at her rear. It felt amazing, being showered with such cosy, delicate affection. Victoria's hands were cupping his face, moving his head around for better angles at which to kiss his eyelids and forehead and every inch of his neck. Then a third hand found his chest and a weight shifted to his right.

Victoria had preemptively migrated to the left side of his neck, allowing him to look to the other naked woman laying beside him. Alanya was such a pretty blond. Far less delicate than her pale skin portrayed. Her eyes were as dark as Victoria's, hazel and soft, yet deadly and entrancing. Her mouth pinched in the middle to form a tight little cupid's bow of her top lip. Her breasts were about the same size as Victoria's, but not as firm, yet both women were like angels to him. Sweet, sexual, stunning angels. The kind who could devastate his mind with a mere whisper or touch. He awkwardly took his right hand from Victoria's rump and clawed her left cheek harder, realising with greater consciousness that the redheaded vixen was grinding on his morning erection and moaning into his neck with flexing fingers in his hair. He slid his arm under Alanya's head and pulled her in for a slow and sensual kiss, not breaking from it for a long moment of breathy nostrils and a low hum. She was still a mute, but that did not stop him from expressing his desire for her.

Alanya shuffled closer, kissing him more passionately and grinding on his hip. She hooked her leg over Victoria's, who was now beginning to sit up and fondle her own chest. He kissed Alanya again, but the silent minx was yearning to kiss his neck and he was happy to oblige. He moaned quietly, grunted at the weight of Victoria's labia rubbing along his underside. With Alanya preoccupied, his body subtly twitching and Victoria's steady rhythm, he was in a blissful trance.

"Sir, I have a request."

His voice cracked at first, too sleepy to speak without mumbling, but he flexed his jaw and tried again,

"What would you like?"

Part 2

Victoria breathed through her nose, not nervous, but clearly not entirely sure of what she was asking. He curled his right arm around the back of Alanya's head and nestled her face in his neck, allowing her to hug him and wrap him in her needy heat. He pulled the covers over her to keep her warm and stroked her arm lightly. Victoria had relaxed on his lap, no longer grinding, but his moment of patience had been enough.

"Sir," she placed her hands on his stomach and played her fingernails over his skin. It felt nice. Soothing. "I know that you don't have a single submissive bone in your body, but I was hoping that you might let me... us... I want to make you feel good, Sir. I want to tease you and make you feel really good, and... edge you," she finally admitted. "I want to take control, but obviously I would never take control of you." She slumped slightly, huffing at her own confusion.

"Victoria," he curled his left index finger in the air, gesturing for her to come closer.

She crawled on her hands until she was laying on him with a glum expression. He smiled, bringing the covers back over all three of them and getting harder at the intoxication of their naked bodies. He whispered with a keen smile,

"You two are so sexy." He hugged them both, turned his body just enough to topple Victoria on top of himself and Alanya, and with a little giggle the three of them were grinning. "Do you want to edge me as well, Alanya?" The girl nodded eagerly, lustfully. "Victoria," he stroked her nose playfully, "You are not wrong, or bad, or trying to dominate me by saying that you want to edge me. Thank you for being honest with me. Edging is not inherently about having control over another person. It just means that you are the Top." She looked at him in confusion, so he explained further.

"A Top is someone who gives pleasure. A Bottom is someone who receives it. A Dominant is someone who has control. A Submissive is someone who surrenders control. What that means is, a Top and a Dominant are not always the same thing, but a Dominant can be a Top, just the same as a Submissive can. For example, if you were on your knees giving me fellatio; ignoring the fact that I am physically above you, you would be providing the pleasure, so you would be the Top. If I were on my knees, giving you cunnilingus; you are physically above me, but I am the Top for pleasuring you. I am still in control because I am the Dominant, but that does not mean you cannot hold my head and pull my face harder between your thighs. You would be guiding me, showing me what you want, but at any moment I could take control and decide what is going to happen. If I were laying on my back and you were riding me, I would still be the Dominant, but you would be leading and pleasuring me as the Top. Did that make sense?"

"I think so, Sir."

"Alanya?" he turned his head. She nodded and pecked his cheek. "Good girl. In that case, you may edge me on one condition."

"Name it, Sir," Victoria almost squeaked.

"No bondage and no blindfolds, but you may pin me down by brute strength and seduce me however you wish. My body is your toy."

"Yes, Sir," she furrowed her brows with mock seriousness and reached in to tongue him deeply.

Part 3

It was a smooth transition, from languorous tongues and drifting hands, to a heavier breath as Victoria sat up. Alanya moved in tighter to his body, practically clamping herself against his side and smothering him in needy kisses. Her hands wandered to his penis, pumping it slowly and kissing his neck while he hummed and fidgeted beneath her breasts and the soft skin of her stomach. Victoria left the bed, gracefully tiptoeing to kneel at the foot of it. Alanya stopped pumping him, gliding her hand up his chest until she could pinch his goatee, playfully tugging it to kiss his lips. He grunted suddenly, a hand on her arm to hold her still. He looked down his heaving pectorals, his tensed abdominal muscles, to see Victoria's lips tapped to his tip and expanding slowly to engorge his entire helmet. She was watching him, her fingers wrapping his shaft tightly and constricting it with a naughty glint in her eyes. Alanya grabbed his whole chin and regained his attention by force, their eyes closing while she held his face and pulled him in. Her knee shifted up onto his stomach, Victoria's face still visible where she teased and sucked only his helmet.

While Alanya's left hand stroked his shoulder, played along it and up to his ear, her right hand tickled the small hairs of his chest and went back and forth between his nipples and his cheek. Victoria licked his tip, nibbled his pre-cum and sucked his helmet strongly. He groaned and hummed into Alanya's mouth, his right hand hugging her body as tightly as possible while his left cupped her right breast. His legs fidgeted slightly at the approaching shiver of tingling sensations. He could not concentrate properly, with a tongue sucking the lust from his mouth and another tasting his every bounce and throb. Victoria's nostrils flared and she giggled at another flex of his twitching mass. He could feel Alanya smiling brightly, though his eyes were closed to her passionate out-making. Victoria then kissed his tip lightly, applied a gradual pressure and began enveloping his helmet once again.

The pressure, the pleasure, was enough to make him relax and tense simultaneously, letting out a long moan as both girls advanced. Alanya migrated to his jaw, kissing down his neck with her right hand sliding to his stomach. She shifted onto her left elbow, cupping his furry jaw with warm fingers that made him shiver. Victoria's lips were still sealed tightly over his hot meat, coating his helmet in her steamy saliva and plucking over his helmet. She pulled back to seat her lips against his rim, staying there and licking in every conceivable direction. He tensed again, back arching in a moment of fleeting euphoria. His right hand was free to comb through Alanya's hair, but not enough to take control of her actions, and his left hand went to stroke Victoria's cheek. She watched Alanya lick his right nipple, causing him to judder in her mouth. She giggled and continued, swallowing his shaft and curling her hair over her ear. He sighed, grunted, moaned loudly and fidgeted at the stimulation of his left nipple, combined with Victoria's nasally breaths. He was beginning to reach the back of her throat, but she showed no signs of slowing, quietly gagging on his helmet as she forced it down her gullet.

He moaned long and hard, "That feels so good."

Alanya took his right hand in hers and guided it to her breast, his left hand joining in while she delicately kissed, licked and tickled his nipples. Her long wavy hair was soft on his ribcage, thrown over her right shoulder so he could enjoy his view. He caged and massaged her breasts with his left hand, legs fidgeting beneath Victoria while his right hand found Alanya's damp lips. His wrist reached around her buttocks, sinking two fingers inside her and knowing by her fluttered lashes that she was enjoying it, even if she could not say it. He teased her slowly, fingering just enough to damp his fingers before grabbing her chin and forcing her to watch him suck her juices. She opened her mouth and leaned in for a taste, accepting his fingers between her pretty lips. She laid beside him again, and sucked keenly, her hand playing idly with his chest. His breaths were becoming uneven with Victoria's pumping mouth and hands, getting just a little bit faster while he ran his hands all over Alanya's body. She kissed him, kissed his cheek and his neck, caressing him in return while he watched Victoria.


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