It was 8pm and Carrie was nervously strolling around the highest floor of the University campus. She had planned this night for a few days prior, carefully observing the ceilings for security cameras, which there were not any, carefully checking the closing time of the library, of the nightly security patrol and so on. The floor was empty and the classrooms locked, the elevators were silent which indicated the low amount of people in the building, and the only lights were those coming from the silent corridors which she now walked, it was perfect.

Carrie entered the women restroom which was just a door away from the main corridor, and started stripping in front of the mirrors. Her jacket came off first, then her shirt, her jeans, and finally with trembling hands, her bra and panties. She peered out the restroom door and nervously yet excitedly walked out, the cold air conditioned breeze was caressing her smooth skin as she strolled into the men's restroom. To her depraved delight, the restroom was not absolutely clean, the floor was dry which felt comfortable on her bare feet, but the urinals had noticeable yellow stains on them. Carrie approached one of the urinals and knelt down, bringing her face close to it, she smelled the stale cold urine on the porcelain and could not stop herself from diving in tongue first, greedily licking up strangers' waste while furiously rubbing her wet clit. "Whose piss am I tasting?" Carrie thought. Finally, she had to bite down on the urinals to stop herself from screaming as she orgasmed and collapsed on the floor panting. Noticing her new position, she lay there for a while, imagining the students walking in and using her as a toilet, imagining the boys gathering around her and urinating on her body.

With her post-orgasm clarity, the risk of being caught dawned on her, anyone could walk in this instance and catch her, and she would not be able to run away to her clothes as that person would be in her way. Her heart pounded as she quickly got up and walked towards the restroom door, deciding to get dressed and head home, but as she peered out the restroom she saw that there was no one outside. With a sly grin and renewed motivation, Carrie turned back towards the men's restroom and caught herself in the mirror, she was no longer the shy and proper student others respected, in this moment, she was just a perverted slut, a piss drinking slut. Happily she hopped back to the urinal, sat down on it, and peed. After she was done, she wiped herself with her fingers and licked them clean before exiting the restroom and moved on with her plan.

She carefully peered out to the main corridor, which on her right were the elevators and her left, the stairwell. As her feet touched the polished floors of the main corridor, a fog clouded her mind, it was unlike anything she had ever felt before, it was a fog of absolute thrill and freedom. And the fog grew stronger as it pushed her, one step at a time, towards the elevator, her instincts were screaming at her to stop and turn back, yet she kept repeating to herself: "It's just one more step right? What could go wrong?" Finally, Carrie stood there stark naked at the center of the main corridor, a place where there would be a crowd during office hours, and it felt like a wonderful dream.

Satisfied, Carrie turned around and headed towards the stairwell, she thought about going down a level but decided that it would be too risky, instead she just sat down on the stairs, spread her legs wide apart and began masturbating. Anyone who exited the lift, or climbed up the stairs, or came out from any single one of the classrooms would immediately see her furiously rubbing herself. Yet she could not stop, the risk of being caught pushed her joy above and beyond what she thought was possible, she was swimming in ecstasy and finally orgasmed again. This time biting down on her free hand to muffle herself, as her juice sprayed and covered the stairs.

Carrie was exhausted, and realized yet again how vulnerable and exposed she was, how she was putting her scholarship, her image, and her entire future at risk for being so perverted. Quickly, she hopped back to the women's restroom and to her clothes, she dressed up and peered at herself through the mirror, she sighed, her freedom was no more.