*Note: Everybody in this story are 18 and over, even magically so.

Also, I make reference to the Program or Naked In School genre. This takes the viewpoint of the teacher, but may right a spinoff series with these students later. I poke some fun at it, but all in good fun and with respect to the original creator*

I walked to the high school where I would be serving as a student teacher. From the outside, it looked like any other high school, but one major difference. Everyone that attended was an 18 year old senior. Also, this being an astral realm, everybody here died, usually while young and horny. OK, two major differences. To recap, my friends and I died in a car crash, and this porno realm was where we ended up. Apparently I had heightened spiritual awareness, and I know where I am. Most people here, including my friends, don't even know they're dead.

My spirit guide, Becky, helped me explore other astral realms. I saw Tupac in concert, and the hype was real. I met my ancestors, who were, for the most part, nice people. It was good seeing Grandma again, though a little disorienting seeing with her a hot twenty year old body. My older ancestors, like my great great grandparents who I never met before, were prepping for their reincarnation. I went to the physical realm and spent time with my family. Mostly it was a one way interaction, but a couple times, I feel like they felt my presence.

But now I'm back here, in what I have referred to as the Porn Realm. Becky knew I would come back. She calls this my astral home. My 'home' was a little unimpressive, being just a college dorm. But then, it did feel right.

In the high school, the students looked great, just like at the college. Everybody had mostly fit 18 year old bodies. Jocks were still built a little bulkier than most, and there were skinny guys. Some girls were curvier than others, but not a single one could be honestly called 'fat'. On the way to the principal, I passed a pair of cheerleaders and they whispered to each other. No way to know what they were saying, but this being a Porn Realm, I could hazard a guess. When I pushed open the principal office door, I saw none other than Becky, my guide.

"You're just all over the place," I said. She was originally a nurse when I first arrived, then a student advisor at college, and now a principal. Maybe it was easier when she was mostly a spirit guide and not actually doing any of these jobs. Or was she doing them in her own way?

"Hi Sean," Becky said with a grin. "Have a seat."

I sat down and Becky went over some of the information on the class. As she explained, I'd be going over sex ed for the week.

"Sex ed?"

Becky nodded with a grin.

"So, this being the porn realm, will I be giving demonstrations?"

"If you like." Becky tapped a stack of papers. "Feel free to use these as teaching aids. By third period, you will have two live aids from The Program."

"The Program?"

Becky handed me a brochure with a guy and a girl on the cover. All they wore were shoes and socks, and backpacks. The girl was a blonde with perky tits and light pink nipples. The guy had darker skin, and rippling muscles. His dick was half-erect, likely from being in the presence of the naked girl.

"Pairs of students are randomly chosen, a guy and a girl," Becky explained. "They will go naked the entire week."

"Naked students?"

"They are to submit to reasonable requests, which include striking any pose for no more than 5 seconds. They are able to seek relief if sexually frustrated within first five minutes of class. You can't make them actually have sex, but if it happens, well, I trust you know what to expect in this realm."

"This doesn't seem realistic at all. The students believe this?"

Becky chuckled. "You'd be amazed the reality people here accept. You and your friends boarded a cab with a naked assistant."

I nodded. "True."

Becky gave me the room number and told me to go prep my class. The teaching aids she gave me were all porno mags. One of them even had her in it. I guess that's an ultimate teen fantasy, seeing your hot principal naked during sex ed. This would be my first class, and I was nervous to prep it. I only had a half hour to get my lesson in order. Something told me this isn't at all how it worked in the physical realm, but I never got that chance. Maybe next incarnation. Becky said there's no rush and I could do that whenever I felt like it. For now, I'll enjoy my time here.

My first classes went reasonably well. My nerves quickly settled down after talking about sex, a subject everybody in this realm was eager to hear more about. The guys in the class whooped when I showed the naked pictures of their principal, as well as a video of her getting fucked by two guys at once.

A lot of the topics of sex ed weren't relevant in this realm. No STDs and no chance of pregnancy made birth control an irrelevant topic. So I focused on the pleasure aspects, which the class was definitely eager to hear. About what pleased women, and what pleased men. I discussed how woman like their nipples stimulated and while clitoral stimulation feels great, they need to be warmed up first. I called on a few of the female students to verify and they blushed and nodded their heads.

In second period, halfway through class, a girl in the front row wasn't wearing a bra and her hard nipples poked through. I called on her and asked her name.

"Susan," she said.

"Are you horny listening to me talk about sex, or just cold?" Things I knew I could only get away with in this realm.

"Well," she stuttered. "I'm horny, sir."

"Excellent! Mind stepping up here and showing the class what happens when a girl gets horny?"

"Well, I'm not in The Program, but ok." Susan's boobs moved in her shirt as she stood up from her desk and she nervously got to the front of the class. She lifted her shirt when I asked her to, and her large tits were exposed to everyone. Rock hard red nipples showed her arousal, and I pointed this out to the class. She was shy and a little embarrassed, but made no attempt to cover up. A couple guys shouted their approval of her titties.

I reached up to pinch Susan's erect, yet soft flesh. She squealed a little bit, but didn't push me away. "How'd that feel, Susan?"

"It felt good, Professor." Susan smiled nervously and her eyes traveled over my body. Her hand grazed my hard cock through my pants. "Looks like you're aroused too."

"Well, with a beautiful student like you here, how could I not be."

"Can the class see your arousal too?"

I swallowed and hesitated for a second before I shrugged. "Yeah sure, seems fair."

I unzipped my pants and released my hard dick. Susan's eyes went a bit wide at the sight of my cock, and some of the girls in class gasped. Most of the guys were uninterested. That is, until Susan grabbed my hard cock. Having her soft fingers wrap around my member was incredible, and her tits bounced as she stroked it.

"OK class, this is a hand job," I told them. Susan leaned down to spit on it and stroked it faster. "As seen here, Susan knows what she is doing as hand jobs are always better with some sort of lubricant. In this case, a natural lubricant like spit works great."

"Oh, that's not the only natural lubricant I have." Susan winked at me and then to the class.

For a moment I imagined getting inside Susan's tight pussy, and it rocketed me toward my finish. "Class, what other natural lubricant is she referring to?"

A redhead raised her hand. "The lubricant in her pussy. Also an indicator of arousal."

"Very good," I panted.

"Sounds like you're about to orgasm, Professor," Susan said. "Now class, where should our teacher put his cum?"

A chorus of suggestions rang out, some were in her pussy, in her mouth, on her face. A boring student said a towel. A voice said on her tits, to which Susan pointed as the best answer. "Our professor will be coming on my tits."

Susan spit on my cock some more and jerked faster. She knelt down so that my cock pointed at her chest and finally orgasm hit me. Semen blasted out onto her chest, leaving white streaks all along her beautiful pale tits. She used one glob to rub onto her aroused nipple and stood to show the class. Many guys clapped and she scooped up another sliver of cum to taste it.

"Professor's cum tastes amazing," Susan told the class. The redhead in the front row wanted a taste, so Susan bent down and let her lick my semen off her tits. Susan squealed in pleasure, and now would've been a great time to teach the class the importance of getting your partner off too as Susan was clearly still horny. Unfortunately the bell rang. Many wanted to stay and watch Susan and the redhead, but apparently the redhead was efficient at cleaning Susan off. She put her shirt back on and grabbed her books.

Susan stopped by my desk on the way out. "Great class. I can demonstrate blow jobs tomorrow."

I cleared my throat and nodded. "Sounds great. Sorry to leave you hanging."

Susan giggled. "No worries, I think Amanda will help me out between my classes."

The redhead, apparently Amanda, put her arm around Susan's shoulders and led her out the class. The last of the students left and the next class began to trickle in. This wasn't so hard.

Speaking of hard, the male member of the Program participants walked in. He was naked except for socks and shoes, and his cock was rock hard, bobbing in front of him. He was clearly embarrassed to have it waving all over like that, but the rules stated he couldn't cover up. He set his backpack down and requested relief. I informed him that his arousal would make for a great class demonstration and asked if he could wait. He was reluctant, but nodded.

A couple minutes passed, with more students entering, and behold the female participant of the Program. Her red hair was wavy and she had a petite frame. Her pussy had a short trail of red pubes above it, indicating her hair was natural color. Small titties jiggled with each step and guys turned their heads as she walked in and found a seat. She too asked for quick relief, but I explained the situation to her, and she also agreed. The bell indicated the beginning of class.

"Now class, as I'm sure you've noticed, we have two participants in the Program here." I gestured for them to stand up, and told them to say their names.



"Thank you, Robert and Lindsay, now please come to the front of the class."

They sighed, but obeyed. I instructed them to face the class. Robert's cock was standing up even more than when he first arrived, and his eyes were on Lindsay as anybody else would be. Lindsay's arousal was less obvious, but from her hard nipples and request for relief, she was horny too.

"Now, I'm sure you know what the Program is." The brochure said that the students had been given a presentation. "These students are to be naked all week and can strike any reasonable pose outside of class. Another clause is they can request relief at the beginning of class. Both of them requested it, but I asked them to wait for class discussion."

I found two folding chairs and asked them to get in them for comfort.

"This being sex ed, it's important to learn about self pleasure. Robert and Lindsay here will now demonstrate male and female masturbation."

"You want me to masturbate in front of the class?" Lindsay asked. She was clearly shy about the ordeal. I nodded to her that she was to do precisely this, and she began rubbing her clit and nipples. Her breathing deepened and her nipples were stiffer. She spread her legs to show the class her vagina more. Taking the role of the professor, I pointed out the things she would do to maximize pleasure.

"See how she rubs her nipples as she pleasures her pussy? That's how girls get the most out of their experience."

"Oh fuck," Lindsay breathed.

"As you can see, females get vocal when pleasuring themselves sometimes."

"Professor, can I have some lube?"

I went to my desk and of course lube was there. Not one to pass on teaching, I explained male masturbation is most pleasurable with some lubrication. "Sometimes females need lube too, but Lindsay did not ask for any."

"I was already too horny," Lindsay said. "I made my own lube!"

"What had you so worked up?"

Lindsay was barely able to speak between her panting. "Boy locker room. Showers. Brad has a huge dick."

"Ah, so while guys are more visually stimulated than woman, sometimes women will feel arousal from sight," I explained. "In the Program, guys and girls go to their opposite locker rooms, so Lindsay here was surrounded by naked, sweaty cocks."

"Big dicks."

"And I saw the entire cheer team naked," Robert exclaimed. He was hammering on his own cock now and breathing out silent moans. "Fucking hot tits and ass!"

Robert was nearing his climax and without warning, Lindsay shot up and leaned near Robert. She opened her mouth and let Robert blast her lips and mouth. She didn't make contact for a blow job, so the entire class saw Robert's jizz, but nearly every drop went right into Lindsay's mouth. She showed him the puddle of cum on her tongue before swallowing it.

"I needed to taste that cuuuuum!!" Lindsay seemed to go weak and her muscles writhed. She nearly collapsed on the floor from her orgasm, giving the class a great view of her asshole.

"That was a perfect demonstration," I told the pair. Robert was still surprised Lindsay gulped down his cum and his cock began to go to half mast. "As you can see, upon completion, the penis begins to return to its regular flaccid state."

"Not with Lindsay around," Robert said.

"No, I suppose not," I laughed.

Lindsay just grinned and shook her tits for the whole class. For the remainder of the class, I went over other techniques, occasionally using Lindsay or Robert's bodies as visual aids. I reviewed the erogenous zones, taking advantage of the situation to feel up Lindsay's soft tits or her trimmed pussy. Lindsay took the chance to explain that she especially liked her tits licked, which I happily demonstrated. Before she could unzip me like Susan did in the previous class, I let her show off the male erogenous zones of Robert. He was rock hard by the end of class, and I took the time to stare at Lindsay's ass as she walked out.

The class day was over, and I was grabbing my stuff and preparing to head out when the cheerleaders from earlier walked in my class. They were in my first period class, but didn't say much, and I barely noticed.

"Hello ladies," I said. "Can I help you?"

"We hope so," said the blonde. "I'm Tiffany, and the brunette is Rachel."

"Hi Tiffany and Rachel."

"You see," continued Rachel. "We paid attention in class, but something didn't quite make sense."


"Yeah," Tiffany said. "You explained one on one pleasure pretty well, but what about a threesome?"

"You see, Tiffany and I have a lot of fun together, but we never involved a guy yet. We weren't sure exactly how it would work."

My cock was immediately hard hearing this line of question. "Well, that can take some good communication."

"Good communication?"

I nodded and reached out with both hands to cup their boobs. I felt Rachel's bra through the thin fabric, while Tiffany apparently wasn't wearing one. Instead of reacting like many girls would, they instead reached behind themselves to unzip their cheerleader uniforms. Rachel had a matching black and lacy bra and panties. Tiffany was completely naked without the cheerleader outfit.

"I find underwear restricting," Tiffany said. "Plus, I like giving guys a peak."

"You're so naughty girl," Rachel said before leaning in to kiss her girlfriend. Their hands explored each other and I helped Tiffany undo Rachel's bra. She took the straps off her shoulder and Tiffany moved to suck her nipple. I took care of the other nipple and Rachel just leaned back and moaned. Her fingers went through our hair and I reached to caress Tiffany's bare pussy. She was completely shaved, and I took a moment to rub her smooth skin before feeling her moist folds.

"Fuck professor."

"See, I have to pleasure both of you." I kissed Rachel on the lips and then Tiffany. "And you take turns pleasuring each other."

"This is amazing, professor." Tiffany helped Rachel out of her panties. I asked them which one can take my cock, and Tiffany volunteered. She tore all my clothes off and bent over for me. Her asshole and pussy were perfectly presented to me, and I guided my hard cock into her sex. Tiffany let out a loud moan that echoed through the hallways. Rachel lied back and I massaged her clit. Tiffany took the time to suck her nipple.

"See, I can pleasure both of you without neglecting either one."

"I see, professor." Rachel's pants turned into moans as I rubbed her more. Tiffany caressed her naked body with her hands and her lips. The latter being difficult with me slamming in from behind over and over.

"I need dick too," Rachel exclaimed.

"See, communication." I took my dick out of Tiffany, earning a pout, and stuck it into Rachel. She was so wet and horny that I slid right in. She shouted out a moan as I fucked her, and the whole time I massaged Tiffany's clit.

"Professor, your cock is so big!"

"It is," Tiffany exclaimed. "So big it filled me up."

"I'm about to fill her up, alright," I told them. Rachel's cunt squeezed tighter and her hands explored Tiffany's body. Both their moans got louder until mine joined theirs. Waves of pleasure exploded within me as I filled my young student up with spurts of semen. Our moans echoed through the halls of the school, and anybody staying after school knew what was happening.

We all collapsed on the floor panting. White semen oozed out of Rachel's pussy. Tiffany reached over and got a finger of it to taste. "Yum, professor with a hint of Rachel. Delicious."

"Amanda and Susan made it look so good."

"It is." Tiffany took another glob from Rachel's own pussy and offered it to her. She licked her girlfriend's finger clean.

"He really does taste good."